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Author Topic: Event Rocks Fall; Everyone Dies [ 31.2.2591; 2:45 PM ] || Event  (Read 556 times)

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Rocks Fall; Everyone Dies [ 31.2.2591; 2:45 PM ] || Event
« on: February 22, 2018, 11:16:31 PM »
As they were intended to be, the Miners’ flits were the first warning that something was wrong.

But unlike with the pockets of poisonous gas, or tunnel snake nests, or places where the ground might shift, there was really no way to prevent this. By the time even the firelizards sensed what was about to happen, it was too late.

The only remotely comparable noise would be the charges sometimes used for detonation. Or the loud, resonating bang that was now seared into the memory of everyone at the Hall after the doors had been forced open by a hunter. But along with this was so much grinding, the deafening rumble of stone on stone as the ceiling in the furthest tunnels simply… collapsed.

Compared to that disorienting noise, the shouts and screams were drowned out. Those closest by were showered with rocks and dirt if they were lucky—others were not so much, crushed beneath the weight of so much stone or pinned. Some even trapped on the other side of what now seemed like a nigh impenetrable wall of rubble.

The Miners, trained for this from apprenticehood with the mantra of just in case were the first to react. It would take the others longer. But as thick as the dust was in the air, making it hard to see and hear and harder to breathe, as coughs ripped through those still breathing at all, they knew they had to try. Who knew how much fresh air would be left for those trapped beyond:  friends and family and loved ones who needed their help.

It was an apprentice with a booming voice, skin darkened with thick dirt and eyes wild in his face, that skidded up the tunnels and stairs and into the Dining Hall, shouting, “Cave in! We need more whers!”

Spoiler for OOC:
It seems like those at the Mine Hall just can’t catch a break this month. It’s safe to say that anyone, regardless of occupation, can jump in to help—and might be recruited whether they want to be or not! Especially those with whers. If your character is a Miner or a Smith, they might even be among those stuck on the other side.

It’s going to be dark, dusty, and dangerous. Have fun. :3 And you can check in here.
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This is an NPC account acting on behalf of said terrible beasties of Southern Winds Weyr and the other natural disasters.

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Re: Rocks Fall; Everyone Dies [ 31.2.2591; 2:45 PM ] || Event
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2018, 09:50:08 PM »
Kyohei knew something was wrong before he heard any noise or the apprentice came sprinting into the dining hall. Not only did he feel the vibrations in his feet and the water in his mug ripple, but his lazy blue wher decided to lift his head for once. The Peacekeeper noticed this odd movement from Kyohisk and slid his gaze in the direction that the blue was straining to see. Kyohei stood with his right hand on the hilt of his belt knife, expecting to have some sort of trouble. He was not expecting the call for more whers and a cave-in. With a sharp whistle, he roused Kyohisk and Yoheisk, his adolescent brown, and thudded his way toward the corridor with the cave-in. He did not know a blasted thing about cave-ins, but he could at least keep order in the corridors while the miners figured this mess out.

He brushed past the apprentice miner and clopped him on the shoulder. "Good job, mate. Now get back down there and help." He spun the apprentice around and gave him a kind, but firm, push towards the stairwell. Kyohei looked back to his two whers, the blue towed the brown along; the rope that was tied to the brown's collar hung from the blue's maw, though it was slack. The trio stopped at the top of the stairs and, with a mental nudge, Kyohisk stood a few meters in front of the top step, directly in the middle of the walkway. There was plenty of room to go around the blue, but it would keep the masses from swarming down the stairs and trampling some unlucky soul. Kyohei grabbed the rope from his blue and tied it around his belt. Yoheisk was not fully grown and was still learning the... ropes... as it were. Kyohei wanted the brown near him to keep the young one safe, just as much as the little brown would keep people from swarming too close to him.

"Oi!" Kyohei called out to a miner who was hesitating to join the masses. "You've got a wher, dun you? Get yer arse down there!" He thumbed down the stairwell. Looking back at the crowd that was closer to him than the miner, he called out again. "Oi, oi, oi! Back off! Settle down!" Being drowned out, he ran through a series of whistles. On Kyohei's command, Kyohisk roared deeply, all but silencing most of the people near by. "Now tha's better. If ye dun have a wher, go back into the hall. If yer a miner, get yer arse down there. Immediately." He eyed the hesitant miner once more. "NOW!" he roared.

Offline Ryneppa

Re: Rocks Fall; Everyone Dies [ 31.2.2591; 2:45 PM ] || Event
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2018, 08:12:43 PM »
"That doesn't sound good." Ryn murmured under her breath, lacking a lot of emotion even despite the fact that a cave in could be potentially lethal to those involved. But why should she care? Those involved in the cave in would be miners, and didn't cave ins sort of... come with the territory? They were trained for these kinds of things, Ryneppa wasn't going to be overly worried about these strangers she didn't know.

Keeping her seat whilst others rose to investigate, Ryn instead squinted at the backs of the heads of the slowly building crowd. Seeing those in the back craning their hands and standing on tip toe in order to see down into the tunnel. That certainly wouldn't help the trained professionals trying to get access to the site. When a Peacekeeper decided to add his voice to the din, Ryn was... only slightly more interested. Would it have been more suitable for a Miner to undertake this role? Perhaps they had already started digging and putting some untrained personnel on crowd-duty might be the most efficient use of resources.

Oooh fancy. He's taught his wher to make sounds on command, how quaint.

When the man started calling for people with whers, even though he had specified Miners, Ryn thought it was about time she should take her leave. Pulling dead bodies out of the rubble was not something she was interested in participating in.

"Eppask, Ynesk. Keep quiet and nondescript. We're not getting roped into this."

Offline Kenna

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Re: Rocks Fall; Everyone Dies [ 31.2.2591; 2:45 PM ] || Event
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2018, 01:17:46 AM »
Kenna and Kensk reacted without hesitation, this was after all what they were trained for. It was unfortunate however, that the crowd started to close up before them. Oh she regretted her choice of seating this morning. One of the smith apprentices who she had been breaking her fast with called out something reasonable like 'Kensk will pop his stitches' but that was just a small detail.

Kensk was a bronze and trained for recovery at that, they weren't going to just sit back and wait for everyone else. The Miner population wasn't exactly small, but that didn't mean that any one of them could just sit back and relax while others were trapped.

"Get-" Kenna shouldered her way through the crowd which was now dissipating back in her direction. "Out of the way." Kensk pushed himself past her, and with the sight of a large wher coming through, rather than a slight woman, the crowd parted to let them pass.

Paying no mind to the 'Keeper in the hallway as he shouted at some other miner, Kensk shouldered his way past the smaller blue wher. Kenna on the other hand, had heaps of room to stick to the side and curve around him but she didn't scold her wher for his lack of manners. They had a recovery to do.

She grabbed the upper arm of the Miner who had gotten a blasting from the Peacekeeper and dragged him with her, keeping him firmly in her grasp all the way to the collapse. Shoving him into the corner when they arrived she spoke firmly but softly to him. "You're either going to stay here and out of the way while your wher helps to clear, or you're going to get in there and not freeze up. It's your choice. Just don't fuck it up."

And she turned away, Kensk already starting to shift rocks, keeping careful track of the vibrations within them for any sign of him causing more of a collapse. Reaching his side, a quick glance saw that his stitches were still closed for now. With that noted, Kenna crouched to helped direct Kensk, keeping his hole small but large enough for air to get through... or a person.

Kensk had no connection to the other side, and so even if he was an expert at betweening, he had no visualisation of where to go. This would have to do for now unless a bonded pair had been separated by the collapse.

Length: 4.5m ~ Height: 1.3m


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