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Author Topic: 20/02/2590 5.30pm A Windy day on the field.  (Read 92 times)

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20/02/2590 5.30pm A Windy day on the field.
« on: February 23, 2018, 12:29:05 PM »
Jaklyn as walking on the grass of the open field alone at five thirty in the evening. She had decided not to bring Nattonth although that made very little difference, after all they could feel each others emotions. But she did like the feeling of the warm wind flowing through her hair.

After a short while of relaxing in the sun, she began to do some light jogging and slowly began to pick up speed. If she was going to be Nattonth's rider she would have to be as physically and mentally fit as possible. She doubted that Nattonth would agree but even so she felt the need to keep fit. She needed to be prepared for what ever the world throws at her.

Offline Sokon

Re: 20/02/2590 5.30pm A Windy day on the field.
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 06:14:02 PM »
Spoiler for Dragon sizes:
Creath is 16.5m long, 3.25m tall and 28.6m wingspan. Nattonth is 17.42m long, 3.185 tall and 29.263m wingspan

Sokon usually did her daily exercise in the evening, after having eaten. But this afternoon had proven to be a pleasant one, and after tending to the needs of Creath and her firelizards, thought a jog before dinner would be a nice change.

Do you want to work on your wing strength? she asked her dragon, always trying to practice thinking to Creath rather than speaking out loud. Over a turn of weyrling training had certainly made that easier, though she still had to remind herself that Creath heard her thoughts as clearly as her words... the feeling of waking up and realising everything had been a dream still hadn't quite abandoned her, and it was difficult to see a time when she wouldn't have that niggly feeling of doubt.

I would not mind. The afternoon sun would be pleasant. the dragon answered with a content rumble, rustling her wings slightly as she flicked them back the way she had been taught. She filled her couch now... mostly, and made her way slowly out of the barracks after Sokon. She was much larger now than what she used to be, but the need to keep her distance from other dragons outside of training still hadn't abandoned her. Her eyes watched for any potential danger so far as other dragons went, while Sokon simply headed towards their usual starting point, more confident in her bonded's ability to keep up and no longer required to assist in making sure others kept their distance.

Truth be told, since starting actual flight training, as well as her larger size, the need for wing strengthening exercise wasn't as much of a necessity, but it had become almost a ritual for the two of them, and they'd added other little flairs to it to make it more entertaining for both of them. This afternoon they would work on their descriptions while Sokon jogged and Creath held her wings out on either side of her. Float, eager as ever to be wherever the Green Dragon was would hover nearby, and if he was in a good enough mood, would even assist in adding his own images to the conversation.

Sky, meanwhile would do his best to race Sokon, though really it was no competition, usually he'd end up distracted by a nearby faire and disappear, nut for now he seemed happy to start circling his bonded's head as he waited for her to begin.

Their first communication happened not long after Sokon had finished stretching, Creath's merry rumble in her mind prefacing the gentle Nattonth's Jaklyn is exercising too that accompanied the image of Sokon's classmate starting to pick up pace elsewhere in the training area.

Think she'll be up for a game of tag? Sokon responded with a chuckle of her own, requesting a clearer image of where the other weyrling may be. Creath would have mentioned Nattonth if she'd seen him, but his absence would make locating the other woman slightly more challenging. While Creath worked at feeding her a more precise vision of the area where Jaklyn was headed, Sokon reached out to her firelizards to see if they'd join in.

Float huffed in an immediate response to her request to find Jaklyn, offering only a lazy image of their classmate before just outright ignoring Sokon's request, while Sky, at least, seemed thrilled at the idea of chasing after someone and sped off… Helpfully leaving any accompanying impression of where he was going absent from their bond.

Just you and me then, Creath. Sokon laughed before turning to where she thought Creath was indicating Jaklyn was. It wasn't exactly the hardest activity they've ever done, and both dragon and rider were fairly familiar with the training grounds. She was slightly off course however, Creath not quite managing to predict how fast Jaklyn was going from where she spotted her, and while Sky was merrily flitting about Jaklyn's head already, there was always the chance he hadn't warned the blue weyrling of her approach.

"Good weather for a quick run before dinner!" Sokon called with a wave as she sped to catch up to Jaklyn. "Care to up the ante?" she added with a sly smile. She'd definitely gotten more comfortable around her classmates, particularly those who impressed at the same clutch she did since the turn prior, and the blue weyrling was no exception. A race would be a nice exercise for the both of them, if Jaklyn was up for it.

@Maria127 @Jaklyn

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