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Author Topic: Run Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event  (Read 1615 times)

Offline Cinnacai

Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« on: March 01, 2018, 09:55:33 PM »
It was times like these that Cinnacai was thankful for her placement at the Weyr instead of the Mine Hall. She could have an open run, without the constant judgement of family or strangers for the decision. It was more common here, and she knew many of the people who Cai thought would bring their whers out to chase Cinnask in the bowl.

And what a perfect night it was for it too. Maybe Cai could convince whatever lucky winner to spend the night out under the stars, instead of holed away in their stuffy little caves. In fact, she might insist on it regardless of her temporary partner’s preference.

Cinnask shivered a little by her hip, and Cai took a moment to probe through the tickling emotions of their bond. A little nervous, lustful certainly, excited, yes, she was prepared enough, and for her first run too, Cai was proud of the whers bravery. Especially considering her preference for the less… aggressive sorts. She’d have to keep a tight grip on Cinnask’s mind when the males came posturing in.

The two sat, side by side in the bowl, watching as the sun sank low enough for Cinnacai to remove the goggles the green wher wore during the day. The hand going to her head felt tense, rock hard muscles, and with cooing sounds and rubs, Cai attempted to soothe the whers growing bundle of confused emotions.

Well, she definitely wouldn’t be waiting too long after sunset to make her mark. “You ready, girl?” Cinnacai watched as the last of the run section of the bowl cleared of occupants. Cinnask nuzzled at Cai’s torso and started off, away from the Weyr entrance at a controlled trot, the physical distance between them seeming to heighten Cinnask’s run lust.

“You can do it baby.” Cai whispered under her breath, feeling her heart begin to tighten as Cinnask began to let go.

The bugle that Cinnask emitted however, was playful. Yes, there was a little bit of challenge in there, but the sound was perfectly… Cinnask. Enthusiastic and encouraging, the green wanted her chasers to enjoy themselves as much as she wanted to and with as little violence as possible.

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Offline Omenya

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Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2018, 03:21:47 PM »
Yannusesk and Omenya had been tired all day. With Spring now in full swing, that meant lots of new babies for the weyr, and all of the ones with four legs were being looked after by the Beastcraft. It was a wonderful time of year, but it came with its own stresses, and the schedule that Omenya preferred was always thrown off by the amount of hands needed for jobs she usually didn’t do.

Beyond that, this was an important time of the year for food stocks and future breeding stock. Not all in the weyr would have known how well, or not, everything was going, but they were all watching. It’s not like an animal handler, whether actually craft trained or not, would ever take the health of newborns for granted, but there was a lot more pressure with the amount of people relying all on their little crew.

They had more helpers than usual too, and although Omenya didn’t dislike people, she did find it uncomfortable to be around so many who may or may not understand her.

Given Yannusesk’s protective instincts, being around so many newborns had its own kind of stress for the Brown wher. A good kind, but one that brings an ominous feeling lurking underneath. Dragonkin memory being as it is, he doesn’t exactly remember the stress and fights of the catastrophe where he got scars protecting the newborns and the bees, but his instincts always heighten this time of year. He’s more prepared for danger, but when nothing happens it can just leave him feeling… tired. Unusual for the Brown wher that usually dislikes sleeping at all, he was ready for a snore today.

Omenya had just come from the bathing pools, the last thing they’d had to death with was a new woolbeast that wouldn’t breathe. But the Beastcraft can’t afford to just let that go, so they had to do chest compressions and try to clear whatever blocked passage they could. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t easy, and it was messy. But it worked… this time… and Omenya was let go with the order to bathe, eat, and stick close to the pens. Thankfully, she’d always enjoyed sleeping outside.

Hair still wet, roll in her hands from dinner, the Beastcrafter wasn’t wearing her usual long sleeves under layers. She wanted to feel a little more air on her skin today, needed a little openness, so she walked by in a thin tank looking thing, under her overalls, strolling slow.

The bungle was easily heard by wher and handler as it echoed through the caves, and Omenya pat Yannusesk her regular three times for him to head off ahead. The Brown rolled his shoulders a little, the bungle had been more of an invitation than a challenge, sweet and playful. Perhaps that was better than sleep right now? A little bit of competitive fun to shake off the ominous feelings engrained into him by Springs passed.

Trotting out of the caverns, Yannusesk answered Cinnask with a small huff. He didn’t have to yell at her in return, just announce he was there and waiting for her to begin. That would be enough.

Omenya took a little longer, mainly because she had to double check what kind of run it was, but she was still one of the earlier people to arrive. Waving to Cinnacai, though still unsmiling, Omenya pulled a roll out of her pocket and held it out, “the Brown with the spots on his head is mine, want one?”

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Offline Tayvelle

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2018, 12:59:02 AM »
It was the lust that washed into their bond that alerted Tayvelle of the run that was about to start. She didn't need to pause to consider who it was, being the sort to keep as far on top of potentially open wher runs with a female handler as she could, but it was slightly more problematic when she identified the soft brush of her baby green against her mind.

While wher handlers didn't have to adhere to the same strict abstinence of weyrlings, there was still a sense of uncertainty as to whether Tayvelle would damage the young mind of her second wher if she let Tavlesk's lust take hold. It was an... uncomfortable dillema, particularly when Vellesk was waking more often now, and never seemed too happy to be left in their room, even if Blue was still there.

It was the days work that had her deciding to leave the young wher behind and give Tavlesk a chance to chase. He would need the distraction as much as she did. "Keep Vellesk occupied, Blue. We won't be far." She said, speaking firmly to the flit who chirruped cheerily in response.

For the baby green, Tayvelle's tone was softer, caring almost and accompanied by a gentle touch and the firm need that Vellesk stay put. If the wher's were reversed, and it was Tavlesk she needed to keep behind, she would simply have him watch the woolbeast, but Vellesk didn't have quite the same affinity for them yet, and was too little to risk leaving alone among the flock lest they perceive her to be dangerous.

In any case, a quick chase would certainly help with Tayvelle's mood. So she reitterated the command before leading Tavlesk out of their quarters.

The sight of Omenya was unexpected, only because Tayvelle couldn't remember the last run they'd both particpated in, nor how she still had energy to lose. She'd had as hard a time as the rest of them, and had been put on standby for the night to boot. Tayvelle would have expected her to be trying to catch what sleep she could after helping revive the newborn 'beast. It wasn't the easiest of tasks and had a way of sapping energy from even the most seasoned beastcrafter.

She didn't mind the competition though, and with something of a crowd gathering managed to shrug off the last of her own weariness to saunter on over to the women. "My bronze'll be giving him a run for his money." She added to Omenya's words nodding in the direction of Tavlesk before giving Cinnacai a quick look up and down. "May the best wher win" She smirked, tone making it apparent that she was betting on Tavlesk iver the other males. Her Bronze may not have been the sort to posture around a female, his handler wasn't exactly the same way inclined.

Tavlesk was paying no mind to his hander, lust laced with excitement lust for the chase ahead fuelling Tayvelle's actions. He wasn't excessively violent, and was happy enough to rumble a greeting to the green nearby. The males were mostly ignored, though a blue who wandered too close got a rumbling growl that ceased only once he had stepped away again. His muscles tensed as he waited for the green to make her move, ready to chargeafter her with everything he had.

Spoiler for Ooc:
@RaynePOTM - made some assumptions so if they're rubbing you up wrong, yell out and I'll adjust.

Offline Cinnacai

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2018, 05:55:01 PM »
Cinnask waited only a little bit for the crowding of males to grow before dancing a little from foot to foot. An excited kind of shifting from side to side at the sheer size of the men who had answered her invitation. Perhaps this would be fun after all? A purr sounded for the brown, a hum for the bronze, and a yip for a little blue.

She turned her jumping excitement smoothly into a sprint, her tail lashing happily behind her as she ran, yipping at the males to entice them to follow. Cinnask didn't make it too testing at this moment, but she sometimes skipped backwards to swerve between her chasers, instead of going on a straight and steady path. It made the run more of a... group dance than a chase. More agile than any of her chasers, it was easy for her to keep with her teasing dance, and easy for her to gauge their reactions.

An blue tried to take a swing at her, attempting to end the run quickly and efficiently before he could tire, but Cinnask hummed at him, giving him a friendly but still admonitory thump with her tail. This run would end when she chose, and she'd make sure they all knew it.

Cai for her part, was enjoying the attention. She'd observed her fair share of runs where all the chasers did was stand in the corner and essentially stare at the wall until the winner was decided. Having two lovely ladies approach her personally was exactly the kind of attention she deserved.

The rolls did look good, and Cinnacai had never really had to worry about what she ate. So taking the roll with a word of thanks, she filled her mouth happily with a bite and a smile. "I'll keep an eye on him." And she did, noting the wher she thought the beast crafter was describing. When the other woman approach, Cai preened at the look, and give her a wink at her words. "You're both beast crafters right?"

Offline Quenneca

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2018, 04:27:35 PM »
Quenneca didn’t ever give it too much thought when she saw wher run postings. They always seemed like a thing to participate in, if not for her own sake, but for Quensk. It was one of those things a handler did for their wher. It never bothered her who the handler might be, or whether the run was open or not.

Either she’d have herself a good time or she’d find herself back in her bed. This wasn’t about her, it was about her Bronze. The massive, brightly colored wher tailed her out into the bowl. Eager but ever protective. There were flickering images that darted across Quenneca’s mind – proof enough that her bonded was quite thrilled to participate, but she couldn’t make heads or tails of what it was he was trying to share with her. The sky? The grass? Other wher? The colors and shapes were so blurred and distorted Quenneca really had no idea.

They were almost late. Just as the little Green, excited, turned to go. Quenneca didn’t need to encourage Quensk after he – he was gone. Roaring his enthusiasm and announcing his intent to follow, he barreled after the smaller wher. Tearing up the ground with great strides, washing over Quenneca with his heated want.

What a rush.

Quenneca lingered near the lady that must be attached to the wher. Not wanting to intrude, of course, but she couldn’t help but be close. Lots of women tonight. Not that it bothered her. A run was a run. Quenneca smiled easily and was content to watch and wait.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2018, 04:34:27 PM »
Meyelthra hardly paid any attention to the wher runs that were posted around the weyr. They largely didn’t concern her, even though she did have a monster of a bronze. Such things rarely had interested her and when they did, she’d had marks riding on whether or not she’d won.

Now, sitting on the ledge she of her weyr – or their weyr, whatever – she watched one such run in progress. Meyesk stirred at the call of the little Green but he didn’t otherwise make a fuss. He’d long gotten used to being excluded when the mood didn’t strike Meyelthra to participate. Dressed down in one of X’hos’s old shirts, one torn from a fight they’d had, she let her feet dangle in the open air while she just watched.

Decent turn out.

Hrm. One of them was oddly... familiar?

Meyesk did perk up at the idea forming in his bonded’s mind. Maybe this was one run they could participate in. Since X’hos was off doing... whatever he did with his gear when it needed replaced or fixed or something, Meyelthra didn’t need to say anything as she climbed to her feet and dashed out of the weyr.

It wasn’t long to the bowl. Meyesk was hot on her heels, nearly running her over as she turned him loose once they were out in the open. //Go, go, go.// she encouraged wickedly while she jogged over to join those gathered for the Run.

Meyelthra didn’t have eyes for the girl who must be bonded to the wher, though. Instead, she snickered and said, “Hey, sister dear.” She wanted to win if only to deny it to Tayvelle.

Just as Meyesk roared his own arrival to the run.

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Offline Elrethra

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #6 on: March 09, 2018, 02:58:26 AM »
Elrethra checked the schedule for the night shift, pleasantly surprised to see that she had the evening off. Given she'd pulled the pre-dawn shift, it was nice enough that the scheduling had worked out in her favour today. Apprentices didn't usually get the pick of the lot, and so getting anything which appealed to them was a gift. It was even more of a bonus when a look at one of the Healer Hall whers slinking around between bed legs reminded her of the notice she had seen not too many days previously.

"Hey Thrask. You feel like spending the evening attempting to catch a gal?" She asked the brown even as they both exited the Hall. Of course, Thrask's returning grunt was one which Elrethra knew as distinctly approval. A sweet young green was just Thrask's type and the Farmer was Elrethra's as well.

Perhaps it was a mistake, her family could hear word of Thrask's chase, and then hear word of the green's handler as well, but it was likely better than them hearing something more... concrete. If anything, Elrethra could pass it off as Thrask getting away from her and chasing without her permission. She wouldn't be against outright lying and say she wasn't going to participate in the run aftermath either. Her family thought she was awful enough that it might be believable too, regardless of that particular stigma.

Oh well. That would be a situation to deal with when and if it arose. For now, she'd enjoy the atmosphere of the chase, and allow Thrask to enjoy the thrill of it.

Thrask gave a final rub of his head against Elrethra's thigh before skittering across the rock floor after the green who had taken off just before their arrival, his own challenge a bugle echoing in the cavern.

Offline Tayvelle

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #7 on: March 13, 2018, 03:07:06 PM »

Tavlesk huffed excitedly, a warm thrumm souunding as the green responded to his greeting and initiated the run. He sprinted after her with the other males, trying to cut her away from the rest of them to give him a better opportunity. But then she darted towards him? He hesitated only a moment, but there was no chance to actually latch onto her as she swerved past, his agility nowhere near her standard. A Blue gave it a go, and Tavlesk growled even as Cinnask issued a friendly scolding.

He managed to readjust his direction to keep on Cinnask's tail, so to speak, charging on after as he tried once again to separate her from the other males when she swung back and darted among her chasers. It was confusing, to say the least, and hefound himself bumping one of his competitors as he used his tail to try and tighten his turn. Woolbeast didn't exactly have a habit of charging towards the wher herding them... and it took a couple more skips back among them before Tavlesk decided herding her was a waste of time.

Instead, he slowed down to make it slightly easier to mimic her movements, unable to predict where she would go next and simply aiming to react whenever she did. He should be able to last until she tired at least, and so long as the more agile wher's didn't manage to snatch her up first, was in with a fair chance.

Tayvelle's smirk shifted quickly into a smug smile at Cai's reaction, confident that winning would be as enjoyable an event as she had hoped. It was always fun when the handler wasn't concerned about her sex. An open run indeed. She nodded briskly in response to the question, opening her mouth to add that she was still just an apprentice when an unnervingly familiar snicker took her attention away.

At first Tayvelle thought it may have come from Quenneca, all too familiar with the large Bronze that had outpaced Tavlesk in a few runs over the turns. But the voice had said sister, and so far as she knew, the holder was not one of her siblings. "Meyelthra?" She said as she caught the eye of her older sister.

Her shock was immediate, with the cold chill that the older woman's face brought about throwing her off her game. It didn't last too long, her face twisting into a scowl instead and arms folded across her chest, though there was no doubting Meyelthra knew she'd been rattled.

"Why don'tcha just go back t'ya hole?" She grumbled, turning away from Cinnacai and taking a step towards her sister. It wasn't a subtle movement, and meant to cut her off from Cinnacai. There was only a slight height difference between them, but there was a certain… edge to the other woman that unnerved the apprentice crafter. When she'd walked out on her family, Meyelthra had still been a part of it… sort of. She hadn't exactly been… present from what Tayvelle could remember but that didn't stop every single one of their interactions since they'd … "reunited" for lack of a better word … from being unpleasant to say the least.

It would be nice if the older woman could piss off back to where she came from, Tayvelle would much prefer it. Nothing in Meyelthra's face indicated that would be the case, and while Tavlesk was thoroughly enjoying the challenge Cinnask was setting for them, Tayvelle was having no such luck. What a way to ruin her fun.

Offline Cinnacai

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #8 on: March 13, 2018, 08:05:31 PM »
Cinnacai noticed the attractive woman who entered with her bronze, and gave her a cheerful greeting-smile. Just because she had people already engaging her in conversation didn't mean that she couldn't spread herself around a bit. Besides, Cai would be spending the night with any one of those around her, she wouldn't want to come across as rude unnecessarily.

She was a little put off however at the woman who joined the party without even giving her a second glance. This was Cinnask's run after all, it wasn't exactly what most people would deem a social gathering. Especially considering that Tayvelle seemed to have a problem with her. Sisters? A brief squint appraised their features, and she concluded that they did indeed look similar. The tone of both women however, suggested that they were sisters only by blood, definitely not by choice. It made Cai glad that she only hated her siblings occasionally.

Not bothering to hide her interest in the encounter, she did poke her head slightly to the side, just enough that Tayvelle's head was no longer blocking her head of the entire situation. The idea that Tayvelle was... blocking her from the other woman... or that the herder was blocking the other woman from her, was an interesting one, and she certainly wasn't going to just ignore the situation.

Cinnask on the other hand, was blissfully unaware of the goings on, and was instead simply enjoying the little chase she had constructed. She set up a not-too-fast pace, instead varying it widely depending on whether she chose to swivel between her males, or keep them just on her heels.

Wanting to show off just a little, she moved their little party close to the wall, taking her own path sideways onto the rock, before pushing herself off, jumping over the heads of the males who had followed her. She wouldn't have been able to do that without a little bit of help from the wall, given the amounts of large bronzes who had taken to chase her.

Whether they chose to follow her pathway, of choose something of their own, would be up to them. However they wished to impress her was entirely up to them.

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Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #9 on: March 14, 2018, 07:57:42 PM »
Having been on the other side of the Weyr when Nerihesk’s head perked up in response to Cinnask’s call, Neriherem was later to the Green’s run than he would have liked. Most others were already gathered, and apparently there was already some… friendly… competition? Having missed the start of the interaction between Tayvelle and Meyelthra, the brewer was a little uninformed about the tenseness of the situation.

As his Bronze quickly shot past the gathered group of mostly women, Neri tried to catch Cai’s eye to give her a wink. He didn’t know her well, but Neri could identify based on name or face, most of the farmer craft. Brewers worked the closest with them after all, and a wher run was certainly a good time to get to know someone better. At least he’d know her well enough to pick her out as the Greenhandler amongst the gathered group of relative strangers.

He didn’t want to interrupt whatever was happening though, usually runs were a bit boring until the end… apparently cheering on your Bronze from the sidelines like you had money bet on the outcome was ‘inappropriate’… and this was an intriguing change. Especially because he’d seen Tayvelle, at least, at a bunch of runs before and she wasn’t usually so… vocal. He remembered her to be a bit possessive, which he found both impressive and amusing at the runs they competed against in the past.

So, attempting to be non-intrusive, Neri sidled up to another competitor that seemed at least mostly removed from the tension. “Do you know what that’s about?” He asked in a hushed voice, his head nodding towards where Tayvelle and Meyelthra were… essentially… facing off.

Nerihesk didn’t notice the subtle human emotions at this point, he was too busy focussing on trying to catch up to the others. Being at the back of the pack was not the Bronze’s favourite place in the world. It was more of a blessing for Cinnask to have a) chosen a not-so-fast pace and b) to have used the wall to show off. It allowed Nerihesk to pick a more direct line towards the Green’s new path. He mightn’t look like the most impressive Bronze, given he tried no tricks of his own, but did appearing halfway through a run count as a magic trick? Would that impress her?

Probably not, but at least he was at the back of the group now, rather than on the opposite side of the Weyrbowl.

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I left it open who Neri picked to talk to of the people outside the drama circle <3 So either of you can say he was talking to you, or not because you both have other characters in the thread so no biggie, otherwise I'll just pretend he was talking to Omenya.
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Offline Meyelthra

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #10 on: March 14, 2018, 08:21:02 PM »
Meyesk was a large bronze and not one that frequently participated in runs. Not to say he was a lazy or out of shape monster, but he might’ve lacked the finesse that others had. He was a fighter that had been out of fights for the past couple of turns. Getting the chance to chase after a female put some ‘umph’ into him, but he was still all brawn and brute. There wasn’t a lot of agility to him at all.

When Tayvelle turned to look at her, Meyelthra couldn’t help but be pleased with herself. There was no love between the sisters and the entire reason Meyel was there to begin with was to mess with Tayvelle. Winning wasn’t so much in the cards. Or, in the run.

//Do you see her wher?// It was a lot to ask of Meyesk, but he was nothing if not obedient. Run lust might be coursing through him, but he swiveled and looked. They might not be overly familiar with one another, but Meyel knew her sister and her wher.

Meyesk ran into Tavlesk. Oops. Simple mistake. The large bronze snapped at the other. A fight would be just as good as a chase.

Meyelthra’s face took on a dramatic, sweet smile. “Oh. Wow. Looks like Meyesk might’ve ran into your wher. Bit clumsy of him, huh?” She clasped her hands behind her back and grinned at her sister. Easily squaring off with her. It took a bigger man and physical violence to get her to be cowed. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

Then, just for fun, she flashed the wher handler they were both after a smile and a wave. “Hey, sweet thing.”

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Offline Elrethra

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #11 on: April 25, 2018, 06:29:42 PM »
Elrethra eyed the other competitor sideways, large, male, definitely not her type. If he thought that her being removed from the situation meant she was available, then he had another thing coming. As it was, it seemed like he just wanted to chat, and in all honesty, she had been side-eyeing the slight commotion as well.

With his grey knots denoting him as one of the crafters without a Hall, Elrethra at least deemed him worthy enough to try to converse with. "Honestly? No. I missed the beginning of... whatever this is. Do you think they're pre-emptively fighting over the handler?" Elrethra had read the notice, but didn't quite know which face matched the name.

Thrask for his own part was too focussed on the green in front of him to bother with the humans. She was delightfully interesting. Her little trick off the wall was not something he would be replicating, but he definitely could appreciate a wher who knew how to enjoy a run. Those that postured and growled about all the time were just annoying in his opinion.

Attempting to show her how much he appreciated the move, he sped up, taking a wide arc around the chasing whers who were getting far too close to each other for his comfort. They should snap and bump into each other all they wanted, he was going to chase the green.

Silent as always, Thrask put on a burst of speed to loop around the green, ending up behind her again. Simply showing her that he wanted whatever she wanted out of this run.


Offline Tayvelle

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #12 on: April 25, 2018, 07:24:35 PM »
Tavlesk hadn't cared much for paying attention to the other males joining the chase, all his attention focused on trying to close the gap between himself and the dancing green. She wasn't focusing on speed, which suited the bronze just fine, the smaller whers would have outpaced him if that were the case. He kicked up his pace though when he realised she was moving towards a wall, ready to use the solid object to trap her so he could end the run without expending too much energy when she instead used it to leap over the top of the pack that chased her. He huffed, annoyed as he watched her arc over them, his back end swinging around as he tried to change his direction so there wasn't too much distance lost when she started running again.

He would have succeeded had a solid wall of packed muscle not rammed into his side at that moment, the blow made worse by the solid thump of the wall on his other side, his momentum still too much to stop him grazing the wing that he couldn't quite retract properly in time to protect it.

He righted himself immediately to face the threat, the interruption to run lust giving him a brief moment to realise his handler wasn't quite as cheerful as she usually was mid-run. Danger crossed his mind, pushing against the lust that still urged him to ignore the threat and move on, close the gap between himself and the green before the other wher's managed to catch her. He had to deal with the threat first. What scent he could pick up stirred some sense of familiarity, but he wasn't capable of deciphering it. All he knew was that Tayvelle was stressed and a wher had attacked him. Without a thought for whether he was a match for Meyesk, Tavlesk leapt towards him, head lowered to retaliate in the same way the beast had initiated the fight - by running into him.

Tayvelle had a hard time keeping her temper at bay at the best of times, and the need to make a good impression on the potential bedpartner for the evening was eradicated the moment Tavlesk's mind went from chasing to fighting. She may not have had the harshest upbringing once she found her place with the beastcraft, but the itch to fight was always bubbling beneath the surface.

"Back off." She growled through gritted teeth, stepping closer to her sister and throwing a low punch to her gut. It wasn't done with finesse, but she didn't hesitate either. The chance for winning the chase was over the second Tavlesk's attention turned to Meyesk and there was no doubt in her mind that Meyelthra had encouraged the interruption. The sooner she could be rid of the other woman, the better she'd feel.

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@SanctifiedSavage @Inki Hope it's alright. Yell if i need to change anything. I'm aware Tavlesk is probably out of the running to catch Cinnask though. I couldn't justify either of them standing down now ^^;

Offline Cinnacai

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #13 on: April 25, 2018, 09:33:15 PM »
Cai winked back at the bronze handler's word and went to open her mouth to respond when Tayvelle decided to react as she did. "Ooookay." Cai thought now was time to carefully extricate herself from this confrontation. While earlier it had been a little ego-boosting, to think that these two attractive women were fighting over her, now that she noticed there seemed to more to this, Cinnacai was mostly pouty.

This was supposed to be the time people paid attention to her, and Cinnask, but that was why she held it as an open run. These people were supposed to want to take her to bed. Even if the fight had started out quite fun, it had turned in a distinctly different direction... enough to deter her. "Uh... Toodles ladies." Neither of their whers would win the favour of Cinnask now, Cai felt. A weariness in her biceps made her distinctly aware that Cinnask's energy was waning, and it was unlikely the fighting whers (and their handlers) would make enough of an impression to win Cinnask back. The little green disliked violence after all.

Casting a final glance over her shoulder at the sisters, attempting to win their eyes just a little with an attractive sway of her hips, but her attention was mostly focussed on finding a new group to entice. She'd noticed the wink of the brewer earlier, and had returned it, and now he was standing with the dark healer, perhaps they would be more interesting company. But the lithe blonde was still unattached as well, and Cinnask didn't seem too disappointed by her bronze's performance.

She decided to not make a decision, instead taking neutral ground to watch Cinnask next manoeuvre, which involved the little green winding in between her suitors in a sort of teasing dance. If any of the unoccupied others wished to make ground, Cai would leave it up to them to do so.

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Next time I'll choose!

Offline Meyelthra

Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #14 on: April 29, 2018, 08:57:28 AM »
Meyesk hadn’t expected retaliation. In truth, neither had Meyelthra. While a fight was just as good as a run, it still hadn’t been expected. So when Tavlesk charged at Meyesk, it caught the other bronze wher off guard. Allowing him to plow straight into the back haunch of Meyesk.

That certainly got his attention.

Green wher be damned at that point. And Meyesk certainly had Meyel’s permission to go after the other Bronze. If anything, he had her utter encouragement. So much for either of them participating in the run.

When her sister advanced, Meyel’s smile widened. Like she’d won. In a way, she really had. The punch hadn’t been expected and caused Meyel to double over, losing her breath. But rather than being angry, she sputtered a coughing laugh as she stumbled back and took a moment to right herself. Meyel had been hit before, and she’d likely be hit again. That wasn’t anything new. Instead, she gestured vaguely in the direction of the retreating wher handler whose favor they’d been chasing after. “Looks like you’ve lost this one, sister dear,” Meyelthra laughed, taking a moment more to straighten up.

This time, though, she was quite ready and squared off. Prepared should Tayvelle wish to continue the fight. Rather, she welcomed it with a wide, toothy grin.

Meyesk hissed a growl and kicked back at Tavlesk. If he wanted to fight, he’d found the right wher for it.

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Just ruining the run

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Re: Into The Dark [ 01.03.2591 // 6.30pm ] Wher Run Event
« Reply #15 on: April 29, 2018, 09:03:37 AM »
Quenneca certainly wasn’t sure what was going on over there but neither did she really care. That wasn’t any of her business. So she took steps away from the confrontation. More to the point, she was fully aware she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to deal with anyone else’s problems. Quensk was hot on the tail of the pretty, flighty Green wher who seemed more about tricks and dashing about then she was trying to out run them all.

He didn’t care about the fight either. While he was a protective wher, he’d never been about fighting others unless it was to keep Quenneca safe. Since she was fine, he was free to pursue the lady wher without worry. Quenneca wasn’t going to do anything to ruin that.

Trying to smooth over the situation, she smiled at Cinnacai and said, softly, “Some people just don’t know how to behave in public.”

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