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Author Topic: Next Contestant [26.01.2591/10AM] Flight  (Read 144 times)

Offline Arlais

Next Contestant [26.01.2591/10AM] Flight
« on: March 02, 2018, 08:28:36 PM »
Arlais brought her slender arms up to curl around her as the wind seemed to have a mind of trying to wrestle her flight jacket from her body. It was a futile attempt on the wind's part. She smiled as she was heading back to her weyr, but would rather get a ride than walk. It would actually be best for her to walk. She hadn't missed the tell tale signs of her green's impending flight. She found the tunnel she needed and began her walk.

Despite the dryness in the air, there was a definite chill. Arlais shivered as she walked, but there was some warmth as she passed people in the tunnels and stair ways. She smiled to everyone as she walked. It took her a short while to get to her weyr and then she was through the door and inside. Her body began to warm as the banked fire's warmth in her small hearth battled the chilly air away and back through the slit under the wooden door.

Arlais had noticed that her lifemate's vibrant hide had begun to glow more vibrantly and brightly in places where the green was a silvery green. Aryth wasn't one to get down right mean when she begins to get proddy before a flight. Aryth would get proddy a few days before she began to glow. Sort of a heads up to Arlais from Aryth. Arlais stopped just inside her weyr to take in the sight of her nearly blinding green out on her ledge.

Aryth's head was tucked under her left wing, with her front legs tucked up under her chest. Similar to a feline that might nap and be ready to pounce or take off at the first sign of danger or need. Her wings twitched every few seconds and her long tail would swipe in furious swaths on the ground. And in the next few seconds, Aryth was fully awake and stretching sensuously like a female feline in heat. She arched back, opened her wings, and took flight, roaring to any male in the area.

Go easy on them, my love, Arlais called to her green.

Aryth snorted her response to her lifemate, broadcasting her response to all. They need not chase if they want me to go easy on them! And she was racing the wind,

Spoiler for OOC:
Open flight. No winner picked.

OOC Thread here.
« Last Edit: March 02, 2018, 08:36:26 PM by Arlais »

Offline J'ken

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Re: Next Contestant [26.01.2591/10AM] Flight
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 02:52:45 PM »
“Ow. Shards!” J'ken sucked at his finger and glared at the needle he was using to restitch his harness and he felt Tadriaths amusement as the blue dragon shifted, they were out in the bowl, the blue providing a good windbreak and a nice backrest as he repaired a torn set of straps.

J'ken was glad he was holding the needle away from himself when Tadriath abruptly stood up, wings half unfurled, head tilting to one side as he stared across the Weyr. J'ken propped himself up from where he'd sprawled, he couldn't see anything out of place at a quick glance. They'd been back from their last assignment for a couple of days so it could be W'sar calling them, though that usually got a less intense response. Nor did it seem to be an emergency, none of the usual chaos that spilled out into the weyrbowl that resulted from cries for help. He shivered in the cold air that tugged at his jacket now Tadriaths bulk wasn't wrapped around him as he tried to spot what his blue had seen.


He cast about the bowl, just in time to see the green jump skywards. He put the harness down, marking where he was up to with a rock that would also stop the wind stealing it as Tadriath took a few bounding steps away and then leapt skywards, his wings snapping open as he joined the chase.

Where would be the thrill if you went easy on us? He heard Tadriath ask as the blue gained height, his tone excited. Just occasionally J'ken wishes his dragon would consult him before joining a flight, not that he minded really, it would just be nice to have a little more warning.

Spoiler for OOC:
Still learning, let me know if anything needs changing.

Offline Y'tol

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Re: Next Contestant [26.01.2591/10AM] Flight
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2018, 03:44:28 PM »
Y'tol felt Bayorth's muscles beneath him tense, and the wings Hunting patterns almost broke as the shudder ripped through all males. Shit. That's a green rising.

It is. Bayorth replied, but without deterring from their current track. They would finish their sweep that was for sure, and if he was still interested by the time they had taken down their kill, mayhap he would convince Y'tol to let him chase.

Don't get distracted. Y'tol warned, knowing that little mistakes could mean you missed the kill, or missed the tell-tale sign of an imminent Hunter. But Bayorth's snappy reply convinced Y'tol that it was best to be silent. They may be late for the flight, but wing duties came first. Besides, they would still have to apprise H'vier of their intentions to depart hunting early in order to chase.

It wasn't they who eventually took down the wherry, a brown happened to be above the canopy where the bird had attempted to escape from the quick scouting greens. And so as their little group blinked between Y'tol informed Wingleader of his intentions.

Considering it was one of their own wing, he wasn't expecting to be refused, but it was nice none-the-less to be allowed to do so. Given their delay, Bayorth's claws barely touched the stone of Arlais' weyr ledge before he took to the sky, speeding off after Aryth.
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Offline L'ale

Re: Next Contestant [26.01.2591/10AM] Flight
« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2018, 07:34:57 AM »
Greens flew all the time. It would be hard to keep track of all their schedules, but it was L’ale’s job specifically to mind when the Greens of his Wing in particular flew. That way, when requests to pull out of Hunting or a momentary diversion during training occurred, it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

L’ale and L’nal had already discussed whether or not one of them would part of participation in this particular flight. With H’vier and L’nal drawing the short stick as it were, L’ale was excused to chase. He’d already been prepared to return to the weyr with a handful of authorized Jungle Riders.

Not everyone got to come back, after all. The Weyr needed fed.

L’ale waved off Illoth as the large bronze took to the sky. He could walk to Arlias’ weyr while his dragon shot off after the small green. While he wished this had taken place at a more opportune moment, he knew that some fickle greens couldn’t be convinced to wait until evening when everyone had the time off.

L’ale rolled his shoulders and stretched as he entered the green rider’s weyr, surveying the space to make sure the only Jungle Riders that were present were the ones that had been allowed to leave. He was a Wingsecond first, after all. Only then did he really give himself over to Illoth’s pull and commit to the chase.

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