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Author Topic: Approved Ryneppa [ 04.05.2567 / Holder ]  (Read 709 times)

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Ryneppa [ 04.05.2567 / Holder ]
« on: March 03, 2018, 05:46:54 PM »

Play By:

Rin - EHP - pah
Ryn (pretty much everyone calls her this)
Date of Birth:
04.05.2567 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Ryn's severe exercise regime has left what could have been a willowy build, instead more boyish than anything else. Highly muscled and strong, Ryn's lost a lost of her womanly features. This is accented by the hair which she cuts close to her scalp, removing the possibility of an opponent using it against her.

Being the last child of many meant that her clothes were the majority hand-me-downs, whatever colour they had been originally were usually faded and greyed significantly. Ryn decided early on to just take everything and dump them in the dark vats of the weaver hall, dyeing them all dark shades of grey and black. It was simply easier, and as the last child, she didn't have any siblings after her to answer to.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Ryn was lucky to be born at the tail end of the pass, with a family who always stuck close together. She dealt with the pass by living in the comforting shadows of her siblings. Given how immersed she was within the gang culture, Ryneppa didn't really understand the ins and outs of the Weyr's involvement in the catastrophe, and probably wouldn't care given how far in the past it was anyways.

Response to dragon color mutations: Ryn knows that she probably should care. But it has nothing to do with her in her opinion. Purple, pink, teal, whatever, she is never going to be a dragonrider, as long as these new things can fly, they can still fight thread if it comes back.

Who are you...

• Food - Growing up in Fort Hold means that things were always tight. Her family did what they had to do, and now that they've carved out a little something for themselves, she makes the most of the food she can get her hands on now.
• Beasts - She enjoys getting down and dirty helping out Auntie Kay, and whilst she's not overly attached to creatures in general (one can't be when they've lost so many whers to fighting in the past), Ryn does enjoy their company.
• Alcohol - Ryn enjoys the taste in all honesty, and whilst she hasn't quite come to rely upon it yet, she's the kind of addictive personality that could very easily need it for all social reactions. As of yet however, she's managed to get through most situations with a sheer lack of care for other people's (or her own) discomfort.

• Responsibilities - Ryn has never been apart of their little "business" and she's simply not a responsible person. She doesn't like letting her siblings down so they should simply... not give her anything important to do and they're all happy.
• Stuffiness - She doesn't like being stuck in one place for too long, or crowded in a busy room inside. There's definitely something different to the thrill of a packed, damp, jeering fighting room, to a Hold Hall with a bunch of fancy wives staring at you as you eat with your mouth open. Personally, Ryn dials it up a notch whenever she notices.
• Being let down - It's something that she's always struggled to be nonchalant about. But Ryn has mostly solved her dislike of the act by not really trusting many people outside of her family.


* HIGH PAIN TOLERANCE : Getting into fights a lot means that someone like her has to be able to take a hit. Whilst she's usually quicker than anyone else in the scrap, her small size means that if someone gets their hands on her, she has to be able to take whatever they throw at her, before squirming her way out again.

* UNAFFECTED : Not many things have a lasting affect on her psyche, meaning that despite shit going wrong, and the entire world falling down around them, she doesn't dwell on it. Preferring to shove it into the deep recesses of her mind which will never be explored.

* PEAK PHYSICALITY : Quick, lithe and strong, she has worked to get herself in this condition. Can't be starting fights with anyone if she doesn't have the goods to back it up. Her musculature is sometimes hidden under clothes, making her a surprisingly formidable opponent. Her real talent lies in her speed and endurance, being able to dodge out of reach of a large opponent until they tire allowing her to close the distance.

* LOYAL : Her family, and Auntie Kay, are her world. Everything she is, everything she has, she owes to them. Being only young when her mother died and they had to seek their own way in the world, Ryn would do anything for the people that had always been there for her.

* WHER TRAINING : She's produced a fair few good fighting whers, having a bit of a knack for understanding the creature's motivations, whether they have changed between whers or not. That doesn't mean she hasn't lost whers throughout her fights, sometimes they just don't succeed. But Eppask has excelled over his turns, and her newly bonded Ynesk is turning out to be a very formidable beast.


* SHORT FUSE : Not waiting for the go ahead, she finds it hard to keep her anger contained. She attempts to do so when asked nicely by her siblings, but in all honestly, most of the time she would simply decide to settle disputes with a one on one knife fight.

* UNDIPLOMATIC : Definitely being told to keep her mouth shut when the gang has official and delicate business to do, she's never known what to say to get people to actually... like her.

* NONCOMPLIANT : It just... ruffles her feathers getting told what to do. Even if she knows that it's the correct thing, she just doesn't... like the tone in people's voices when they give her an order. Sometimes her siblings have to phrase things in the right way to get her to comply.

* FICKLE : As fickle as the wind some would say, Ryn can go from loving to hating something within a split second, with no real reason or explanation. Perhaps it goes along with her short attention span, and simply her inability to sit still, but her minds flits quickly from one thing to another.

* TARDY : If left to her own devices, Ryn will always be late, cause by a combination of a short attention span, a constantly curious mind, a rebellious streak, and a need for attention.

Describe Yourself:

* APATHETIC: ----- She finds it hard to care about other people and things. Her siblings have shown her how to do so within their little familial bubble, but when it comes to new people, she's never truly understood the value of friendship, kindness, and even simply material goods.

* VIOLENT: ----- The rush, the taste, the heat, everything about fights and violence and blood is something that she simply enjoys. It makes her feel free from the confines of duty and all the little rules she has to follow in every day life.

* NONCOMMITTAL: ----- Her families and their... business... has taken up all of the commitment that her little mind can handle. She knows her family, and simply doesn't believe there are any options other than trust. Everyone else however, is a loose, undetermined end. Ryn only needs one thing set in stone, everything else can be thrown to the wind.

* UNLADYLIKE: ----- Chewing with her mouth open, horrible facial expressions, and a vocabulary rife with all sorts of explicit language, Ryn has never fit into the traditional Holder lady role. She doesn't particularly want to either, it doesn't appeal to her to be boxed in in that way.

* DIFFERENT: ----- Her sisters always had it differently from her, they were strong yes, and smart, but they were gorgeous, and you could see heads turn when they entered a room. Ryn makes heads turn for sure, but it had always been with expressions of fear or distaste, not for lust or awe. It makes her a little... disappointed she supposes, but she's never wanted to change herself in order to get those looks.

The Magic Touch:
Class-Specific Abilities: The Look of Loathing
The Look of Loathing is well understood within the family as a Ryn-specific look of complete and utter distaste. This action gives a +4 to damage, with eye-roll modification of +3.


Mother: Journeywoman Beastcrafter Odeline b. 2536 d. 2567
Father: Hold Farmer Kyppesin b. 2534

[{NAME}] b. 2550 The Leader --- Played by Kyya
Oppesine b. 2553 The Whoremaster --- Played by SanctifiedSavage
[{Dolynsine}] b. 2555 The Recruiter --- Played by RaynePOTM
Kindolin b. 2560 The Logistician --- Played by SirAlahn

Children: Ryn recognises that she is far too irresponsible to look after children, and has made steps to terminate any pregnancy that may have arisen.

Tell us a story...

* 2567, 0 Ryneppa was the last child to be born to their family, despite being an undergrown baby, her mother struggled all throughout the pregnancy, and languished in ill health for the rest of the turn.  Ryneppa enjoyed the attentions of her parents for that time, but when Odeline died, her father struggled to raise Ryn as he aught. She spent a lot of her time in her toddler turns in the company of other young children, as the majority of her siblings were significantly older than herself. It didn't make her bitter, just simply... more disconnected from other people.

* 2571, 4 Ryn was young when her family took their first step into a new life. With their mother deceased not long before, her father needed a bit of help looking after the family that he had never intended on taking care of alone. Luckily, by the time they moved to Fort Hold, most of the children were old enough to look after themselves well enough, with the exception of Ryneppa who was always just a little bit of a thorn in everyone's side. Being so much younger and not being able to pull her own weight, tubby little toddler that she was. Ryneppa however, enjoyed the way that their family was now able to spend more and more time amongst the beasts and their crafters. At that stage in her life, she didn't realise what Auntie Kee was really doing for their family, giving them a purpose.

* 2576, 9 It takes Ryn a while to understand the new venture her siblings embarked upon, and although it was the attack on the runners in 2572 that started off their planning, it's not until she turns 9 that she starts to investigate. She started investigating Dolynsine's work to begin with. Whilst she knew her older brother would never tell her outright what they were doing (especially if they hadn't done so already), her siblings had never really kept an eye on her everyday doings. So she spent her days tailing her brother, listening to closed doors at his meetings, then tailing those who left from those meetings, and she eventually managed to make a nice mental list of those her brother kept party with. But things still didn't... fit together yet. So she moved onto her eldest sibling, doing much the same, then Kindolin, and finally Oppesine. It was Oppesine's work that really slotted everything together. It made what Doll was doing make so much sense, and it gave her at least a vague understanding of Kindolin's much more confusing work. They were starting a business. A business which extended into all walks of the Hold's underground life. Smart of them, she admitted, but it bothered her that she was so much younger, and so much excluded from helping in ways other than just being a watcher at the stables. So now with a greater understanding of the family business, she started to make plans. Ryn knew that she was just a little too young at the moment to pave a path for herself, but one day... One day...

* 2579, 12 On her 12th turn day, the day of womanhood she was told by the more obtrusive aunties of the Hold, she managed to use some of her siblings connections in order to procure a wher egg. She bonded to an ugly little brown which liked the name Rynsk. Perhaps this was when her siblings started to notice her as a useful member of the family in terms of their side business. Whilst she used their connections, she didn't ask them for help, nor did she bother them to do it for her, she just... paid attention and sought out what she wanted. Not long after, Ryn elbowed her way into a fight, calling on the names of her siblings to intimidate the fight organisers to allow her to play. Rynsk did well for a while, and she seemed to do the family name a little proud.

* 2581, 14 When she loses Rynsk in a fight, she realises how much she did enjoy the company of the ugly little thing. Working with runners probably made the loss a lot easier on her. You didn't work with the beastcrafters without knowing the inevitability of the death of an animal. So Ryn managed to easily detach herself from the process. Rynsk had been a tool, and had won her a good many fights, useful while he lasted. When she actually realised that, it was easy of her to cast the thought of her last wher aside, and bond with a new one. This one was a green, but feisty, a little bit on the more feral side. 

* 2583, 16 She managed to technically win a fight with her green, although the thing died of it's injuries not long after. Her winnings however, had included enough trade goods, that she managed to get another wher egg without having to let the provider in on any potential winnings. She simply reminded him of what he owed her, and said they'd be square if the wher was larger than her last. Technically it was true. She ended up with a blue this time, on the larger end of the scale, but he was far too empathic, and frankly quite annoying in Ryn's opinion. He did well in the fighting but she didn't feel anything when she lost him in a fight.

* 2585, 18 Her blue didn't last long, and her father, ever so oblivious to his children's dark sides, procured a wher egg for her to replace him. The bronze Eppask that she bonded with was a far more suitable wher than any she'd had in the past, strong, focused and 100% dedicated to Ryneppa. Ryn wondered then, it her father knew more than she had thought, getting her the perfect wher for her night-time activities. But when he continued to try and slip the bronze extra servings of their desserts under the table, she realised it was far more likely to be just sheer dumb luck.

* 2587, 20 When they all had to uproot their lives to move to this new island, Ryn was more than a little annoyed. They'd carved a good little lot out for themselves, and Eppask was doing better than ever. And the ruddy dragonriders just expected them to leave everything behind and go swanning off where ever the hell they said? It was frustrating, to know that everything she had worked for was frozen for an indeterminate amount of time.

* 2590, 23 When the Mine Hall discovered that bonding to two whers was now a possibility for everyone, Ryn jumped on it. The Holders were becoming more autonomous by the day, and she'd heard whisperings of the gangs that still lurked, reviving some of their old past times. The whole prospect was simply exciting, and she was glad that the egg she procured turned out such a fine specimen. It would be two turns before she'd fight Ynesk, but surely two fighting whers were better than one?

Ryn's walk had always been a sort of saunter, and today was no different. The air was tense, and it made her shoulders relax. This was home for her, the stink of sweat and blood floating about, with shouts and growls and screams of pain. Occassionally there was the ripping of flesh, or the thud of fists when a payment went astray. Usually muffled by a door as they tried to do it out of sight of the general populace.

There had been a moment when Ryneppa had wondered whether this day would ever come. Whether her old life had been permanently buried by time and space. The further away their lifestyle had gotten from her youth at Fort Hold, the more she'd worried about her prospects. But that was definitely not something she wanted to think about now.

With Eppask and Ynesk flanking her on either side, she enjoyed the undoubtedly confusingly intimidating figure she would pose. A slight, boyish woman, flanked by one huge and grizzled bronze, and a brown which was larger than any wher his age had reason to be.

Ynesk's hide rippled as the sounds of the room swamped over him, and she narrowed her eyes at the younger wher's body language. A little bit tense, good, but not scared, no, that was evident when she scanned through the emotions emanating from him. The tenseness of muscle seemed to be more of... anticipation, and a little bit of over-stimulation from all the excitement. For his first time, Ryn wasn't too worried, but she'd keep an eye on the red which was tinging his eyes, making sure it stayed firmly focussed on opponent whers.

Member Info...

Created By:
The one who crushes dreams
Other Characters:

Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
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Anything Else:

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Re: Ryneppa [ 04.05.2567 / Holder ]
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2018, 05:47:24 PM »

Image Credit:
Coloured by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
27.02.2585 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
The look of this egg in this instance, was a direct indicator of the wher inside. Large, but not shiny and gold, instead with a burnished green hue to the darkened shell.
Mature Length: 4.3m
Mature Height: 1.4m

General Appearance...

A little squat, and with his heavy muscles his head looks like it's just a little too close to his shoulders, with a neck just slightly shorter than one would assume, but it doesn't seem to effect his handsomeness in Ryn's eyes. Although she's always had a thing for the unconventional. He's very attractively scarred, seen his fair share of fights and come off quite well, although his limbs have evidently suffered from his time, and there was a time Ryneppa worried for the potential loss of one of his eyes.


Empathetic: A steady warmth, Eppask's presence reminds Ryn of the constant nature of the heat of the sun. Worldly, experienced, and not prone to flickers or bumps like a comparatively tiny, if roaring flame. He's a fan of faces, liking to accompany the information he gives emotionally with the images of their faces as he sees them.

*Being Needed - He thrives off of helping people who feel like they don't need him. He's always been very good at reading body language.
*Children - It's disappointing to him that a lot of them find him to be scary looking, so he tries hard to get them to like him (within reason of course, he'd never go bouncing around like those young blues he's seen around the Hall)
*Judging people/other whers - Eppask has very clear cut opinions, and he enjoys judging those who don't fit within his little rules.

*Ryneppa's one night stands - He struggles a lot with the people that come in and out of Ryn's bed, he wants her to be happy, and just finds the whole thing a little disappointing. They're never good enough for his Ryn.
*Late nights - He just simply thinks that they should get a good nice sleep in order to function properly. It annoys him at time when they're just gallivanting around the caves when they could be sleeping.


* DUTIFUL : He's not actually inherently violent he just does it cause he's supposed to. Eppask is a great fighter, because he doesn't come at it with a love for the blood and gore, but with a methodical approach to the fights, more like an artform than a sport.

* REASONABLE : Contrary to what one might believe for a fighting wher. Eppask is reasonable, quite gentle, and intelligent as well. He won't jump through moods, nor will be rise to the bait all that often. He's quite regal, experienced, and someone that one might look up to.

* DIGNIFIED : Eppask acts like an all-knowing grandpa most of the time, to pretty much everyone, and isn't shy about it. He's proud of his little family, and wants them to be proud of him as well.


* RESERVED : His quiet and serious nature, make him a little scary to some people, especially kids given his multitude of battle scars. Given how much he enjoys the little rugrats, it makes him a little disappointed, and he finds it hard to connect with people and whers out of his little family bubble.

* STRONG-WILLED : Eppask has very strong views, and won't hesitate to let anyone know his opinion. It usually comes in the form of silently lecturing Ryn on what he believes is improper, but it can extend to disapproval of others as well.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Doesn't chase

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Coloured by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Yin - ESK
Date of Birth:
08.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Ynesk's egg was a light greyish colour, but definitely on the larger side. Whilst some may have steered away from the egg due to its more boring colouration, Ryn chose it simply due to size.
Mature Length: 4m
Mature Height: 1.3m

General Appearance...

Ynesk burst from his egg almost black, but when his wings opened as he roared the challenge to Ryneppa to bond with his, he exposed the beautiful sunset on his sails. As he aged, the russet brown of his forebody lightened, but his tail never changed from the dark brown. His build is as highly muscled as his entire breed, but built for pure brute strength, rather than the lithe, quick, small whers.


Empathetic: Ynesk is the flickering and sudden bushfire that contrasts Eppask's steady sunshine. He's volatile, prone to sharp turns in temperament, whether it be to violence, or to calmness when Ryn takes him firmly in hand.  Ynesk's communications are more emotional, because he simply likes to be connected to Ryneppa all the time, rather than actually talking to her, he just likes her to know everything always.

*Sunbaking - He can frequently be found soaking up the rays on a sun-warmed rock.
*Fighting - It's good considering his future profession, but he's enjoyed the test runs Ryneppa has had him do whilst training with Eppask.
*Rough handling - Whilst he also enjoys the anger of real fighting, he also simply enjoys the physicality of being with Ryn and Eppask. Whether it be playing tug of war with Ryneppa, or her giving him a shove as they walk along.

*People touching his things - Step back, he will definitely bite you.
*Screaming - When hysterical people get around him, he just doesn't want to deal with it. "It's really not a big deal. Your husbands dead? I don't care. Just be quiet."


* SCRAPPY : Whilst Ynesk is certainly not on the small size for his colour, he could easily take on a bronze much larger than him. He would never back down from a fight, and would wear out his opponent from sheer determination and resilience.

* FEARLESS : Ynesk, to the extent of stupidity, isn't afraid of anything. Hunters? He'll chew their faces off. Beach Snakes? He'll chase 'em back to their watery homes. Skycoursers? He'll rip their wings off.


* TERRITORIAL: Ynesk very much things of he and his family as his and no one else's. He's bitten quite a few people that have touched Ryneppa without her express opinion, and is more than happy to defend their cave homes. Ryn has managed to coach him into extending this to her siblings and the work they sometimes do for Auntie Kay.

* SHORT-TEMPERED : Always being one to jump to extremes, Ynesk rarely waits before jumping in. It certainly keeps Ryn on her toes, but she's much more familiar with her personality now and can usually preempt him if she chooses to.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: Ryneppa [ 04.05.2567 / Holder ]
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2018, 06:35:32 PM »
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