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Author Topic: Nightmare Dilema [01.3.2591 | 8AM] OPEN  (Read 312 times)

Offline Lorna

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Nightmare Dilema [01.3.2591 | 8AM] OPEN
« on: March 04, 2018, 04:59:05 PM »
She sat off to the side of the meal tables. It was her alotted time she spent with her daughter and son. Though she wished she could spend more time with them, and her nieces and nephews. She missed spending time with her parents and siblings too, but all of them busy with their own lives.

"Ma ma!" Cried a young male voice as a toddler that resembled Lorna, came running to his mother with a huge smile on his face.

A seven turn old girl, looking like a smaller version of Lorna, came running up to her mother behind the toddler. "Mom!"

Lorna quickly got out of her seat and then got onto her knees and opened her arms to her two children. "Gillis! Dawna! I hope you two have been behaving with in the Creche!" She greeted them, with a huge smile and kisses for both. Though she always was kept apprised of their behavior and progress in Lessons and helping out with chores.

"We are trying, mother," Dawna replied. She took a seat next to Gillis, who sat in front of Lorna at the table.

"Well, you do know I am  kept up on what you and your brother are doing," Lorna responded with a smile. She waved over a Candidate on meal duty and asked for some food for her and Dawna and Gillis. The Candidate smiled and nodded and left to get the food. "Anything new going on?" Lorna asked Dawna.

"Gillis hasn't been sleeping well at night. Ever since the skycoursers attacked," Dawna spoke after she looked at Gillis first.

Lorna leaned over and picked her son up from his seat. "My poor little man. Mom won't let those ugly things hurt you, love." She whispered to Gillis.

At the mention of the ugly beasts, Gillis started to whimper a little bit until Lorna picked him up and held him.

At this time the Candidate came back with a tray loaded with food and three mugs of juice, and placed the tray on the table before leaving.

Lorna thanked the Candidate as they passed by her on their way to their next table. She turned back to her son and daughter. "I'll have a talk with the Creche women about this." Lorna promised, giving her son a hug.

Spoiler for ooc:
open to anyone
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Offline Allevaithe

Re: Nightmare Dilema [01.3.2591 | 8AM] OPEN
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 12:43:03 AM »
Allevaithe had a varied schedule, but it was usually around this time of day, where her and some other folk had candidates assisting them for their daily chores. The candidates usually seemed to complain about the 'menial labour' but Allevaithe quite enjoyed it.

The simple act of doing something over and over and over again, made a mind numb. And that was just how she liked it.

Oh no. Oh shards. The table assigned to her section now had the Headwoman sitting at it. Keep your head down girl. Don't drop anything, don't meet her gaze, you don't want to upset her. Why couldn't that ruddy candidate done the cleaning as well as the delivering?

She was definitely someone Allevaithe wanted to impress, or at least... to not disappoint. Whilst the Headwoman couldn't exactly dismiss one of them from service, she could certainly make her life miserable. And, if worse came to worse, she might even send her to go work at the mine hall. Where her past would follow her everywhere. Oh shards.

Keeping her eyes fixed firmly on the table, she cleaned perfectly around the Headwoman's food, wiping any crumbs left over from the candidate breakfast onto the floor. Once the hall had cleared out, they'd do a thorough sweep and a mop of the rest of it. It was the most efficient way they had been told.

Mumbling a quiet, "Is there anything I can get for you?" Allevaithe hoped the answer would be no, and that she could just scuttle back into the darkness.
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Offline Daysepona

Re: Nightmare Dilema [01.3.2591 | 8AM] OPEN
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2018, 07:54:28 AM »
Daysepona usually helped out in the farmer’s fields during the morning, but she’d been excused for that particular one when she’d accidentally stumbled and seemed to have hurt her ankle. A quick trip to the Healer’s Hall and they’d confirmed it was nothing major, just that she could probably take it easy for the rest of the day.

M’kale would probably frown at her when she told him.

With her flits nestled comfortably in the store room, nearby and dozing but out of the way, Daysepona settled herself on a stool in the weyrhall in the line where she could still help, and serve food, but she wasn’t actively standing on her injured ankle.

See. She could follow instructions.

Since it was a little later in the morning, it was the time when a lot of the other workers of the weyr and the children trickled in for their own meals. With the riders cleared out and already well on their way for whatever they did during the day – fishing, hunting, drills, etc – there was plenty of space for excited kids, workers in passing, and any other stragglers for the day.

She remained at one of the only tables left with some left over food and drink, keeping her area clean and clear. It’d be her job until a bit later, when she’d help start prep for lunch.

Any and all powerplay allowed by M'kale/Lyndi

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