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Author Topic: Approved T'veck [10.08.2569 / Black Weyrling, Weyrsecond]  (Read 749 times)

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T'veck [10.08.2569 / Black Weyrling, Weyrsecond]
« on: March 08, 2018, 01:11:04 PM »

Play By: Brett Dalton

First Name:
Date of Birth:
10.8.2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Eimerra of Imyth

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Treveck stands about 5 foot 8 and has short cropped, black hair. He is normally scruffy with stubble. An ex-Smith, Treveck wears practical clothing that won't hamper his movement. This being said, he is often found in workman's leathers when not in a formal setting. He has several claw like scars running down his left check from a child prank gone bad.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: As a child growing up during the 9th Pass danger was part of the way things were. As part of a Weyr it was even more so apparent. When the Northern Continent was abandoned, Treveck was still in his early Smith Apprenticeship. He turned to his training as means to ensure his own survival and to cope with the pain of those lost in the disaster.
Response to dragon color mutations: Cool, its about time there has been some change in the way dragons were. It has been eons since the dragons changed maybe that means other innovations are on the way. Who knows, maybe this preludes other changes in the world.

Who are you...

Working with his hands: He finds this to be both soothing and a way to rid himself of his own negative emotions.
Reading: He like to read because it is both a way to learn more about the world around him as well as being a means to escape reality for a short time. Visits the Harper's Hall as often as he can to read. Spends months on each book as that is how long it takes him to read with all the time he spends crafting and caring for his Dragon.
Honest people: Treveck leaned long ago that liars and cheats were part of why the Northern Continent was destroyed. Better to be honest and suffer the short terms results than to lie and become a bigger fool later.
Hot Heads: People quick to anger are prone to making mistakes and Treveck's training has been a focus on how harmful mistakes can be.
Braggarts: Bragging more often than not covers a falsehood. This falsehood may be a small one but Treveck has learned that braggarts are trying to over compensate for something.
Cruelty to others: The world is harsh enough there is no need for people to make it worse for others. Is one of the few things that can cause Treveck to act rashly.
Feeling useless: During the disaster there wasn't much T'veck could do to stop what was happening. That feeling of uselessness has spurned him on to finding ways to make sue his actions have use to other around him.
Skilled Laborer: Before becoming a Dragon Rider, Treveck reached the rank of Journeyman Smith
Protective: Has a strong urge to protect others even if it would mean harming himself
Adept Learner: Has always been quick to pick up new skills and teachings.
Weyr Raised: Grew up in Fort Weyr during a Pass and knows the dangers of being a Dragon rider
Slow to anger: The only things that really get under Treveck's skin are injustice and cruelty to others.Other wise he is hard to anger
Socially Inexperienced: Having devoted his life to Smith Guild Treveck finds himself a bit out of sorts with the rest of the world making him awkward in social settings.
Loner: Until the Impression Treveck tended to stick to himself when not being trained.
Reckless & Fearless: A side effect of his fearlessness that makes Treveck willing to take unneeded risks. Due to his experiences in the evacuation Treveck is not afraid of anything.
Tunnel Vision: Once on a task Treveck tends to shut out the world around him often to the point of seeming bulled headed and rude.
Repressed Emotions: Treveck is an emotional time bomb waiting for an explosion. His work as a Smith has allowed him the means to avoid dealing with the emotions caused by the destruction of the Northern Continent.
Describe Yourself:
Strong: Is both mentally and physically strong due to his Smith training.
Dependable: Is well known to follow through with his word.
Adaptable: Can adapt to new situations quickly
Guardian: Protects those who can not protect themselves no matter the cost.
Thoughtful: Tends to think long and hard before making a decision.
The Magic Touch:
Color blind : Finds it hard to tell some colors from others.
When not crafting or caring for his dragon he is found somewhere reading.


Mother: Shara Master Healer, 2544.
Father: Bryndon Wyer Shepherd (Sr. Journeyman Beast Craft), 2547.
Siblings: Brother - V'ynn rider of Pyth of Imyth & Joilavth 2586, 14.
Sister - Cleo, 13
Wife: Syene: Harper Apprentice, 2568 - Died in 2585

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.
* 2574, 5 Birth of younger brother Vyn caused his parents to spend less time with him but that was alright because he was already being taught by the Harpers. This allowed him more personal freedom in which he found ways to entertain himself.
* 2576, 7 Birth of younger sister Cleo By this point being the big brother was down pat and now having a baby sister meant that even less time was spent with his parents.
* 2580, 11 Prank against a neighbor results in Treveck being hurt by an angry cat leaving him scarred. This makes him more cautious in his childhood actions.
* 2581, 12 Started Apprenticeship with Smith's Guild proved to be a simple fit as he had always been interested in building things. Even a young kid he had spent a lot of time by himself using odds and ends to make things. Now he had the place to be put that creativity to use.
* 2582, 13 Parents arrange a marriage with a Harper Apprentice. Treveck wasn't keen on the idea but knew the tradition behind it. Would rather have married someone he had chosen than one his parents picked. Agrees to the marriage to carry on traditional expectations.
* 2585,15 Wife dies in accident shortly before 16th birthday. This causes an already craft focused Treveck into working even harder in his training. He shuts off that part of his life having fallen in love with his wife and avoids dealing with that pain. Builds an emotional wall around his heart so as not let others in. In the trials that follow the issue of marriage is never again brought up.
* 2586, 16 Celebrates brother V'ynn selection as a Candidate and crafts a token for the occasion in his spare time.
* 2587, 18 Left North Continent to Fort Island as a skilled labor. When it became apparent that the North Continent was in trouble Treveck was picked as one of the Smiths to help build the new life in the South. This forced to become even more focused on his projects and learning as he poured his soul and sweat into mastering his craft.
* 2588, 19 Earned Journeyman status in the Smith Guild which made him proud as it was the proof that he had chosen the right path. Being a Journeyman now meant that he had become someone of worth to the Southern Sands community and could be trusted to oversee small groups of apprentice or some of less basic tasks of Smith Craft on his own.
* 2589, 19 Selected as a Dragon rider Candidate for Kalestath's clutch. This came as a shock to Treveck as he had never considered himself to be the caliber of person to be a Rider. However, with the mutations that had come about one never knew what would happen. Having grown up on in Wyer for his entire life T'veck had always wanted to be a Rider but until this Search had never considered that he would become one. While he had a good life in the Smith's Guild he knew that he could better protect others as a Rider. The hard work of being a Candidate kept him busy as he prepared for the Hatching.
* 2589, 20 Impressed Baleth and became a Dragon Rider which took him from the life he knew as a Smith. Gone were the days he knew, as helping a new dragon become fit for duty. This event begins a process that makes T'veck learn more about his true nature.


“Would you settle down.” T'veck near growled as Baleth twitched again, nearly upending the oil bucket with his tail. “I'll never get this done at this rate.”

Work faster, they're all done! The head turns to look at him, eyes flaring with hints of orange and red as he continues to oil a patch of skin that is cracking on one thigh. T'veck didn't need to turn around to know his dragon was talking about the red, green and blues who were already trotting off to find good sunbathing spots, their riders making their way back towards the caves to drop of supplies. “They. Are smaller than you.” The tail twitches again and the oil bucket crashes to the floor as T'veck scrambles to catch it before he loses all the oil inside it. “They also. Kept. Still.”

Baleth huffs, managing to still his twitching tail so that it can be checked. Now can I go?

“Yes. And no fighting for a spot in the sun.” His dragon rumbles again, grudgingly letting his acceptance of the order filter through their bond.

T'veck picks the bucket up, keeping an eye on Baleth as the young dragon squeezes into a spot in the sun and settles down with only a small shove at a few of the smaller dragons that don't shuffle over just enough for his liking. Good enough, T'veck decides as he heads indoors to the next job on his list.

Member Info...

Created By:
Original character profile by Twistedthor; edits by Howl; edits by Red; edits by Jarakrisafis
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough em up.
 Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Baleth [Black 001]
Date of Birth:
29.6.2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr.
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature 36 meters:
Mature 7.2 meters:
Mature 59.76 meters:

General Appearance...

As a dragonet, Baleth was all limbs and awkward. He has bands of dark grey scales intermingled with his black-colored skin. As a fully matured dragon, his scales will darken become more gemstone-like in coloration.


Mind Voice: Like distant Congo drums mixed with water going over gravel.
Music: Baleth likes music, because it serves as an effective way to put him to sleep. He even considers the sounds T'veck's Smithing to be music.
Sunbathing: As with most dragons, the black likes to sunbathe, as it allows him a chance to be lazy and observe the world around him.
Fire Lizards: Baleth likes fire-lizards, since the smaller, winged creatures care not for his coloring and treat him with respect like they would any other dragon. Besides they are able to scratch hard to reach places on his back.
Bugs: Baleth can't stand bugs that are annoying and tend to get into everything. They make nap time a bother sometimes.
Being Still: As Baleth is a ball of dangerous energy, unless he's asleep. Always moving in some way in order to remain calm enough to be around.
Solitude:  Baleth hates not having anyone with in range of his telepathy. While not prone to being social, Baleth does have a fear of being isolated from others.
Social Curiosity: Unlike most other blacks Baleth tends to poke his nose into other people's affairs. This comes across as rude and boorish at times but is just Baleth's way of trying to get to know the world.
Observant: Tends to notice sudden changes in the surrounds making him a valuable member of any wing.
Ego: The mix of Gold and Black Dragon have created an almost unbearable ego that is only tempered by his rider T'veck's levelheadedness.
Aggressive Nature: While kept on a short leash by T'veck, Baleth desires nothing more than to get into battle and destroy his enemies. He often seems to be looking for a fight with other dragonets.
Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(a9a9a9); Text: #(000000)

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: T'veck [10.08.2569 / Black Weyrling, Weyrsecond]
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2018, 12:16:23 AM »
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