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Author Topic: Approved Kindolin [ 27.9.2560 / Holder ]  (Read 519 times)

Offline SirAlahn

Kindolin [ 27.9.2560 / Holder ]
« on: March 09, 2018, 11:57:55 PM »

Play By:

[ KIN-doh-lyn ]
Kinnie (but only to family and Auntie Kay)
Date of Birth:
27.9.2560 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Weyrmate or Spouse:
Kindolin would almost rather die than get married, and there will likely never be anyone she trusts enough to be weyrmated to. But you’re welcome to try.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Kindolin is not a large woman, only standing about 5’3”, maybe a little closer to 5’4” in boots. At first glance, she may seem like the vision of a proper Holder lady:  hair and clothes immaculate, conducting herself with all the physical presence of someone who is powerful and knows it. She’s good at playing as though she’s prim and proper, in the instances that it matters, but has learned to equally enjoy the moments when she can be a little more laid back and casual—particularly around her family or the Herders.

Despite her Weyr and Crafter upbringing, she favors skirts and dresses whenever she can get away with them, though she’ll bite the bullet and put on pants for practical purposes. Her hair is her pride and joy, and she wears it down whenever she can. The few bits of jewelry she has managed to scrounge up and trade for are precious to her, and it’s a rare moment to see her without them.

Naturally rather willowy, Kindolin doesn’t have a lot of drastic curves. Her bust is modest, her hips almost too narrow to bear children—which suits her just fine. While she’ll never be as brawny as Dolynsine or Ryneppa, she has worked to be strong and fit rather than soft and weak, as well as fast. Perhaps the most obvious sign that she is more than she seems is written in her scars:  she’s collected her fair share of them over the turns, variously from working with beasts, sparring with her siblings, and the more violent side of her work.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Kindolin doesn’t care whose fault it was. But rather than being born out of a desire to absolve the riders that were involved, she feels this way because there’s no point in feeling any other way. No one can go back and change the past, (as far as she knows), and burning energy hating people who are long dead makes no sense to her. Instead, Kindolin is the sort of person who was determined not only to survive the Pass, but to thrive in it, carving out a place where she and her family could be happy and stable—all whilst working toward a future that was bigger than them, too, by helping to preserve what they could from Beastcraft. She’s always looked at the larger picture in that regard, and has been high functioning since childhood. Despite all the horrible things she’s seen—and done—during the Pass, none of it has really touched her in a lasting negative way.

Response to dragon color mutations: Because of her family’s ties to Beastcraft, Kindolin views the appearance of the mutations rather practically; such things are bound to pop up in an animal population given enough time, and adaptations are often caused by stressors in the environment—which the Pass certainly was. As such, she doesn’t quite understand what all the fuss is about. She’s not likely to cross a dragon, so what does she care that some of them might be more aggressive?

Who are you...

Cute Things : It might seem counterintuitive for someone who is as driven, manipulative, and even sadistic as Kindolin is, but she has a deep and enduring soft spot for things that are adorable—baby animals, baby dragonkin, things that never grow past the cute stage, even creatures like Wherry that are so ugly she thinks they’re cute. However, she does not feel this way about babies. At all.

Logistics : As far as places within their family’s ‘business’, Kindolin would call herself their logistician. She likes handling the minute details of making sure things get done, not only on time but in the best way possible. Rather than being boring to her, she enjoys seeing all the little pieces of a plan come together to be executed. Given the way she can quickly size up situations and people, it comes fairly naturally to her.

Massages : As someone who carries a lot of tension in their body most of the time, Kindolin has come to appreciate people with strong hands who can work out the knots in her muscles. She’d prefer it be of an intimate nature, but she’s not above asking telling her brother to work on her shoulders either.

Hangers On : Kindolin will be damned before she lets someone else ride to success on her coattails. Networking is one thing, but seeking out alliances when you have nothing to benefit the potential relationship is entirely another. At least bring something to the table, or get fucking lost.

Old Clothes : As one of the younger children in her family, Kindolin has been wearing hand-me-downs most of her life, particularly when things got really bad at Fort Hold. Somewhere along the way, she developed a resentment of having to wear garments that belonged to someone else first—Kindolin wants to be important enough to have new things, nice things.

Wasting Her Time : There’s nothing quite as frustrating as realizing she’s sunk effort and resources into something needlessly. While that irks her enough on its own, she gets furious when someone else is the cause of it—and nigh murderously so if it was on purpose.


* MANIPULATIVE : Kindolin knows how the underbelly of Holder life functions, and there’s comfort in that; people are easy to manipulate as a rule, and with time she’s found that she’s quite good at it. Even if she has to use her looks and an act to get ahead, or lie through her teeth, none of it fazes her. Allies who cease to be useful will find themselves cast aside without a second thought—which may be a surprise to those who genuinely were taken in by what she’s told them.

* WILLPOWER : Temptation just isn’t something Kindolin will fall for. If she wants something, she’ll either get it on her own terms or not at all. In a deep and visceral way, she dislikes compromising and will avoid taking a deal just to get something if it’s going to put her in a poor position in the future. Along with this comes a steely sense of self-control and tolerance for pain.

* SCRAPPY : Anyone who thinks she’ll be an easy target because of her size and gender will find an unpleasant surprise waiting for them. Kindolin thought it was important to know how to defend herself when her family started running in less than reputable circles, and now she’s not only difficult to get ahold of, but is a quick hand with a knife too. Kindolsk may be enough to deter some attackers, but Kindolin isn’t shy about leaping into a fight either.

* MAGNETIC : Kindolin has the habit of sucking all of the air out of a room. Carrying herself with complete confidence and predatory ease, she has the power to turn heads and command attention. She will shamelessly use this fact to win friends and favors, and enjoys the feeling of having people who are drawn to her. Even better if they all but worship the ground she walks on.

* CALCULATING : Kindolin is not a woman of impulse or whimsy. Everything she does, she does for a reason—even if it isn’t apparent to anyone other than herself. And if she plays at being vapid or petty to lull those around her into a false sense of security, it’s nothing more than a front. As ever, she aims to be two steps ahead of the game.


* PRIDEFUL : Hubris is no doubt Kindolin’s Achilles heel. She always firmly believes that she’s smarter, faster, and more driven than any who might oppose her and her family’s interests. She’s never been very charitable as to the abilities and intelligence of other people, and thus may underestimate those who could actually do her harm. That, and she becomes almost single-minded in proving them wrong when someone has insulted her or insinuated she’s less than capable.

* DISHONEST : She might not quite be a compulsive liar, but it’s a narrow thing. Over the turns, she’s simply become so accustomed to living a double life that it comes as easily as breathing now. Anything she says needs to be taken with a grain of salt if you know better, and her knee-jerk reaction to any line of questioning is to deflect, deal in half-truths, or outright lie; the only exception to this rule is for members of her family and inner circle. She might tell little white lies to them, but she will never deceive them about anything major.

* ENVIOUS : If someone has something nicer than she does, Kindolin wants it to a fault. It doesn’t sit well with her when she’s not in the best position, or if there’s something of quality she can’t have whenever she wants. This is no doubt one of the things that has driven her ambition throughout her life:  wanting better standing, resources, and even lovers for herself… as well as a better life for her family and a bright future for Beastcraft.

* IRRITABLE : It’s not overly difficult to rile her up, and when Kindoliln ends up angry she stays that way for a while. She’s very much one to hold a grudge, and there are a lot of tiny, otherwise rather benign things about other people that irk her, like chewing loudly or being in the way.

* VULGAR : Those who have the chance to truly see behind her mask of polished Holder may be surprised and even offput to discover just how crude she is. Kindolin loves dirty jokes and crass humor, and swears like a sailor when she’s in private. There’s been a few times in the past, when she was younger, that she let this slip and had her reputation damaged for it. If she is ever truly enraged, this is a trap she could fall into again.

Describe Yourself:

* JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES: And predictably, master of none. Kindolin has cultivated a wide range of skills from negotiating and physical violence to a poker face, a cool demeanor, mind for numbers, and an ability to know what people want and what they fear. Something deep within her drives her to try to be the best at everything; and while there’s no argument that she is skilled, spreading herself across so many things has come at the cost of truly excelling at any one skillset.

* BLOODTHIRSTY: Kindolin is just a little too eager to hurt people. Over the course of her family’s work, she’s developed a taste for accompanying enforcers to extract information. Even if she’s not the one directly hurting someone, it still excites the sadist within her to see another suffering, brought low, and in pain.

* MATERIAL: With a hunger for the finer things in life, Kindolin knows what quality looks like and how to recognize it. While she won’t outright snub something if there’s no better option, she prefers to have the best in all things if possible:  from clothes to living quarters, and from food and drink to bedfurs.

* DOMINATING: Never in her life has Kindolin enjoyed being told what to do. As a child, this included bucking against her parents and siblings too, but that has faded some with time; as it stands, her family are the only people who she won’t snap at if they give her orders, with the exception of Auntie Kay. Beyond that, she craves being in control at all times, even if a small part of her finds it thrilling when a lover will go toe to toe with her. Dominant she may be, but Kindolin also enjoys the volatile.

* MOXIE: Others might not expect it of her at first glance, but Kindolin is willing to do whatever’s necessary for her success, that of her family, and of the Beastcrafters. Despite her outwardly prissy appearance, she’s not shy about hard or dirty work, and her natural athleticism means she’s stronger than she looks. Whether it comes to something messy, bloody, or even unscrupulous, Kindolin has yet to find something she’ll shy away from.

The Magic Touch: Kindolin has absolutely zero desire to get married and have children. She’s thankful that her family is less traditional in these aspects, since she hasn’t ever been forced into a betrothal, and they leave well enough alone about her reproductive choices. As it stands, she enjoys pursuing a number of partners—all female.


Mother: Odeline – Born 2536 – Journeywoman Herder – Died 2567
Father: Kyppesin – Born 2534 – Field Labourer/Hold Farmer

[{Name}] – Sister – Born 2550 – The Leader – Kyya
Oppesine – Sister – Born 2553 – The Whoremaster – SanctifiedSavage
[{Dolynsine}] – Brother – Born 2555 – The Recruiter – RaynePOTM
Ryneppa – Sister – Born 2567 – The Fighter – Inki

Extended Family:
Keassa – “Aunt” – Born 2546 – JM Herder – SanctifiedSavage
Tunarii – Sister-in-Law – Born xxxx – [{Dolynsine}]’s Wife – NPC
Tunydol – Niece – Born 2569 – The Healer – NPC
Dolarii – Nephew – Born 2577 – The Bard – NPC
Arysine – Niece – Born 2585 – The Babe – NPC

Children: None, for which she is very thankful. Kindolin is a lesbian and will only sleep with someone who could possibly get her pregnant if she can ensure she doesn’t after the fact.

Tell us a story...

* 2560-2565, Birth-5 Kindolin was born at High Reaches Weyr to a Holder-born Beastcrafter and her husband. Their family had been stationed there to help keep High Reaches’ herdbeast population up, and Kindolin grows up among the animals that both her parents tend to. She was an inquisitive and headstrong child, not one to be bossed around by her older siblings even if they were, well, older.

* 2566, 6 At age six, Kindolin’s parents give her a flit egg with the intention of making it easier to keep track of her whereabouts since she’s an adventurous little thing. But the ugly little Blue that hatches—which she names Wherry—ends up being more a partner in crime than the guardian he was intended to be. She’s thrilled to have a companion all her own, and teaches him some tricks and tasks like spying on her siblings or helping with the herdbeasts. The fact that he’s entirely hers first sparks the deep sense of possessiveness she feels for her belongings and bondmates.

* 2567, 7 Kindolin considers this to be the turn that her childhood ends, when her younger sister Ryneppa is born midway through the year. As their mother languishes in ill health, she finds herself helping to take care of the babe—and though Ryn is her beloved little sibling, it’s here Kindolin first learns she does not like taking care of children. Prior to this, she was familiar with death as a natural part of life among the Beastcrafters and the difficulties of the Pass, but this is the first time someone she was close to passes. It hardens her like fire does steel, and she sheds no public tears for her mother. There’s too much to get done in the wake of her death, so in the end Kindolin simply shoulders as much of the burden she can. Her family is strong, and they would expect nothing less.

* 2570-2571, 10-11 Auntie Kay and the remains of Beastcraft move to Fort Weyr in 2570, but Kindolin and her family are not authorized to go. Since her father is not officially part of the Hall, he’s judged not important enough to accompany them. Instead, he and his children are shoved into Fort Hold when High Reaches closes a turn later, crushed together with all the other displaced families. Kindolin continues to help with what few animals exist at the Hold, and distantly hopes to officially be part of the Beast Hall when she becomes an adult in a turn. Doll first starts working as a night guard for the Herders stationed there—a task which Kindolin wants to help with despite being denied it due to her age. The underbelly of Fort makes itself pretty quickly in their lives, and this is something that she adapts to as well. Fearsome despite her size, Kindolin has no issue beating down drudge brats that may try to pick her pockets, and ends up stealing a knife from one of the gang children who decides he takes a liking to her. Suffice to say he only touched her once. Though their father seems concerned what effect the place may have on his children, Kindolin doesn’t miss a beat in adapting to this new lifestyle; in fact, it seems to fit her growing ruthlessness, which suits her just fine.

* 2572, 12 The turn starts with her father starting to broach the subject of marriage, but she deflects by saying that she wants to join Beastcraft on her twelfth birthday rather than marry some man she doesn’t know and start cranking out children. The two argue about it quite a bit, but she’s given an excuse to put it off even more when the animals at Fort Hold are attacked and runners are killed. This and her growing awareness of just what the Hold is like eventually sway her mind—and Kindolin uses her connections with the Herders to bond to Kindolsk “for protection”, as she tells their father. In truth, he’s not just to protect her:  despite any of Doll’s protests, she joins those who guard the animals during the night, training her new wher to be just as savage as she is. As time goes on, Kindolin makes the adult decision to not join Beastcraft after all. Though this is a dream that she’ll always privately wish she could have fulfilled, the realities of the Pass are enough for her to decide that isn’t the right path. Instead, someone needs to be willing to do whatever dirty, bloody work it might take to keep Beastcraft safe. Far better she and her siblings do it than some softer, well-meaning Herder who would end up getting themselves killed.

* 2573-2578, 13-18 Steadily, the siblings’ business expands to more than just protecting the Beastcraft, and Kindolin more or less forces herself into it with her older brother and sisters. She’s not about to be left by the wayside. Running with rougher and rougher crowds, Kindolin starts getting involved in wher fights, hanging out with enforcers and gang members, and generally blooming into a beautiful but dangerous woman. She does a lot of self-exploration during this time, discovering her sadism and proclivity for women as well. Life is good despite all the Pass threatens, and she’s pleased to carve out a place for her family alongside her siblings. Any resentment she might have held for her father trying to force marriage on her fades, and instead she’s just protective of him, not wanting him to know just what goes in to protecting the Hold’s animals.

* 2579, 19 Ryneppa starts getting involved in their business this turn, and Kindolin is proud of her little sister. They’re two of a kind, in a way, and Kindolin can definitely appreciate her own brusque ruthlessness. She’s even more impressed when Ryn starts getting involved in the wher fighting scene too; she might not smooth the path for her sister, exactly, but she’s pleased to see Ryneppa doing so on her own.

* 2580-2585, 20-25 By then, she and her siblings have really settled into their individual roles. For her part, Kindolin enjoys the logistics she devotes her time to and thrives on the feeling of outwitting their enemies. During these turns, she entertains a few casual girlfriends and one more serious one—but the relationship ends badly when the other woman ends up selling information to some of the gangs about their operations. Kindolin is not kind in dealing with her—and after this, she swears not to let anyone outside her family to get that close to her again. She’s ashamed herself for being so blind, and instead cultivates idle dalliances that go no further than sex.

* 2587, 27 This is one of the worst turns of Kindolin’s life. Being forced into one place with an entire Weyr as well as entire Hold isn’t her idea of a good time—and particularly not when it upsets their entire operation and makes most of it untenable. She’s temperamental and waspish this entire time, outright dismissive of Weyr politics and nonsense like a Black dragon hatching:  who cares? She’s a little pleased to be reunited with Auntie Kay and the rest of Beastcraft; at least with them, she can resume her old work of tending to the animals. Though she misses and craves the hectic energy of Fort, she resigns herself to being patient. She knows better than to think the Holders will be content with the status quo forever.

* 2588-2589, 28-29 Despite their ties to Beastcraft, Kindolin and her family have been some of those overtly resisting the tyranny of the Weyr. The Weyr Hall riot partway through 2589 seals it even further, and the family end up moving to the Mine Hall. At least there they can breathe a little easier. She resents having to depend on the dragon riders to ferry them to and fro each day and night—as they live at the Hall and still work with the beasts at the Weyr—but sees it as a necessary evil. For now.

* 2591, 30-31 Now that two whers will bond to one person, Kindolin doesn’t wait long to bond to a second. She Impresses Dolinsk early in the turn, but ends up keeping him more as a pet rather than training him to be a fighter like she’d intended. However, she is pleased that he shows promise for working with the beasts. And as wher fighting and some gang activity start picking up in the Mine Hall again, she’s chomping at the bit to start up their old activities once more.


Much like her sister, Kindolin had been eager to resume the way life had been at Fort Hold. She’d never thought she would miss those old days of brutality, but they were far simpler than the future she now found herself in, when she had to bother worrying about Weyr politics and how they would affect her as well as the Hold ones. It was annoying more than anything else, and she’d been glad when her family had officially moved out of Southern Winds and they could all breathe a little easier.

The reforming of the Peacekeepers had been something to keep her eye on too, but it had gone better than even Kindolin could have expected. Some of them were idealists, and she didn’t know what to make of the new trainees yet—but there were enough older, bribable Keepers that she could already see where things were starting to mirror Fort.

For a strategist like herself, it was an exciting time.

As she stepped into the room where the fights were taking place, Wherry launched himself off her shoulder and found a place to perch high above the goings on. He was her vantage point, a choice bit of surveillance when Kindolin bothered to focus enough to see through their bond. Clinging to the rough rock like a bat, the narrow Blue pressed back against the shadows and settled in to simply observe.

This was a familiar sight for him, just as it was for Kindolsk. The scarred Brown was calm at her side, radiating protectiveness and snapping at those who didn’t get out of her way fast enough. Dolinsk, on the other hand, seemed on edge, a bit nervous for all the tense aggression emanating from those around. It was out of consideration for her sweet Blue that Kindolin chose a place along the sidelines to watch, idly scratching Dolinsk’s head as he pressed against her legs.

With Kindolsk sitting by her side, a thick presence barring others from getting too close, Kindolin felt at home for the first time in a long, long while.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable, since she’s attached to other characters. But you’ll have to pry her out of my cold, dead hands.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On
Anything Else:
I’m so excited about this family. 8D

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Kindolin [ 27.9.2560 / Holder ]
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 11:58:03 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

[ KIN-dohlsk ]
Date of Birth:
2572 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Kindolsk’s egg was a huge rock of a thing, craggy and heavy—and chosen because it seemed to hold the promise of a Bronze or a Brown capable of protecting a girl like his handler.
Mature Length: 4M
Mature Height: 1.1M

General Appearance...

Kindolsk is a somewhat strange looking creature even for a wher:  low to the ground with short legs, a relatively small head, and a broad, sturdy back. He seems almost stumpy in height given that he’s as large as Browns come; if anything, this only enables him to better plant his feet and keep his balance when he’s climbing, running, guarding something, or participating in a fight. What it doesn’t benefit him in is speed; Kindolsk has never been, and never will be fast, and rarely wins mating Runs as a result.

A dark liver-brown wher, Kindolsk doesn’t bear much by way of natural patterning. His ridges and underbelly are chestnut, while his wingsails are the color of worked leather; nevertheless, beyond a faint darkening on his tail and shoulders, he has a very consistent coloration. The most notable of his features are the many scars he’s gathered over the turns, from fights with other whers and protecting Kindolin. They lace his hide and wings in an uneven latticework.


Empathetic: Gruff and deep, Kindolsk’s presence is like a growl unto itself. His ‘voice’ is rough and enveloping, not exactly comfy but reassuring for its strength. There is nothing dainty about him, and it took even Kindolin a while to get used to the way he all but shoves images into her head.

Cool Stone : As a wher that runs hot, this Brown doesn’t particularly like the more obviously heated parts of either Hold or Weyr. He’d much rather press his belly down on a cold stone floor to let it dissipate some of his own naturally high temperature.

Idle Moments : Kindolsk might not be lazy, exactly, but he loves the times when he can let his guard down and just be.

People : Kindolsk is a one-person wher. He outright refuses to listen to anyone but Kindolin, simply ignoring them as though he didn’t hear them at all if someone else tries to give him an order. And woe to any who might try to move him without his consent. This Brown might not be violent just for the sake of it, but he doesn’t care for anyone but his handler. He barely tolerates her family, and he grew up with them.

Water : He fell into part of the bathing pools once when he was young, and it was fortunate that he was still small enough Kindolin could haul him out of it herself. The experience left an impression on him, and he’s been afraid of anything deeper than his ankles ever since.


* PAIN TOLERANCE : Through sheer will and stubbornness, he’ll push through just about anything to finish his task or keep fighting. It’s made him a valuable asset both as a guard and a fighting wher in the past.

* ROBUST : Kindolsk has never been sickly or prone to weakness, and he packs on muscle easily. Particularly because of his build, he can be nigh immovable once he plants himself in a place, and only an order from Kindolin or a Gold can get him to shift aside.


* AGGRESSIVE : His handler might not see it as a weakness, but it takes very little to rile up Kindolsk. He’s as territorial as any Bronze despite his lower color, and dislikes anyone or anything infiltrating his and Kindolin’s space. Nor does he have any issue with mauling anything that pisses him off.

* SLOW TO LEARN : Training Kindolsk in anything new takes a lot of work, which would make him a less than ideal wher for anyone not as stubborn as Kindolin. But since she wasn’t afraid to fight him—physically when necessary—nor teach him the same lesson again and again, getting him so early taught her diligence. Even so, he’s very set in his ways and doesn’t pick up new concepts easily.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Click here to view a larger version of his art, so you can see all the fucking subtle scars I spent so much goddamn time on. ._.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Kindolin [ 27.9.2560 / Holder ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

[ DOH-linsk ]
Date of Birth:
1.2591 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Dolinsk’s egg was midsized and rippled with wrinkles; its color was a pale, even pinkish cream color. Kindolin chose it because she liked the color and thought it was cute.
Mature Length: 3M
Mature Height: 1M

General Appearance...

Dolinsk may be too large for such purposes even as a small Blue, but he will always be Kindolin’s “lap dog”. Both Kindolsk and Wherry are near and dear to her heart, but they’re a little more practical too—she bonded to Dolinsk because she idly wanted another companion, and vaguely with the intention of training him to fight. But as soon as he hatched and she set eyes on him, he’s been her darling. She dotes on him, and will let him sit in her lap as long as he’s small enough to. Even maybe when he isn’t anymore. And he always gets to sleep in bed with her if she’s alone.

Dolinsk himself is a cloudy navy blue wher with faint speckling and highlights of a deep sapphire. His headknobs and underbelly are a pale, icy blue almost pale enough to look like snow, and his little wings are largely the same color, with the faintest shading of the same navy blue as the rest of him on the trailing edges.


Empathetic: Dolinsk’s presence is sweet and soft, like plush fur and the comfort of staying in a warm bed when it’s cold outside. He loves his handler wholly, deeply, completely, and that feeds through their bond in a way Kindolin finds endearing. He’s her shadow, always present and happy just to be hers.

Fetch : He’d play all day if he could, until he collapsed from exhaustion. Getting someone to throw something for him that he can chase is great fun to him.

Animals : Dolinsk isn’t aware that he’s anything other than part of the herdbeasts of the Weyr. He’s perfectly comfortable with woolbeasts, runners, and just about anything else, even if they’re afraid of him. As he gets older, he’ll be a good herder and protective of the creatures.

Dragons : He’s not afraid of them exactly, but they make him uneasy. Dolinsk just has no idea what to do with something so much bigger than him. And he doesn’t like how anxious they make the beasts.

Strong Winds : The way they make everything shake, he finds deeply unsettling. And given that he’s as yet so small, the fact that they can push him around too just freaks him out.


* AFFECTIONATE : In all his (albeit short) life, Dolinsk has never met someone he wouldn’t automatically consider a friend. He wears his heart on his sleeve as much as a wher can, and he will happily shower attention on those he likes. When it comes to Kindolin in particular, he practically purrs and rubs against her legs or shoves his head under her hand to get petted.

* UNCONCERNED : Beyond being separated from his handler, Dolinsk doesn’t get bothered by much. Tug on his tail, stick your fingers in his mouth, drape over him, whatever—he doesn’t care and won’t get snappy about it unless he’s already significantly frustrated. Overall, he’s a very chill wher.


* SEPARATION ANXIETY : Because of the fact that Kindolin dotes on him from the moment he hatched, Dolinsk will develop deep-seated anxiety about being away from her. She takes him everywhere with her anyway, and will continue to do so even after he’s grown; but in the event that they do get separated, he turns into a nervous mess, piteously crying out for her until he can be by her side again.

* LACK OF AGGRESSION : Dolinsk missed out on the genes that make for an aggressive wher. He’s submissive to a fault, and just wants to play; any who react to him with snapping teeth or snarls will frighten him, and he’ll never be good at either guarding or fighting. For all of his life, he will be very much a pet rather than a working creature.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Dolinsk will be physically mature in 1.2593, but he probably won’t ever participate in mating Runs very much. He doesn’t have a real interest in them.

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Re: Kindolin [ 27.9.2560 / Holder ]
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Image Credit:
Lineart link.
Flit Details

As written.
Date of Birth:
2566 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr

General Appearance...

Simply put, Wherry is… ugly. His limbs are too narrow, his neck too long, his head too large. His eyes seem to bulge out of his head, one headknob is shorter than the other, and his tail has had a permanent kink in it since he hatched. Add to that his drab, almost sickly coloration, and he’s certainly odd enough looking to justify his namesake. Nevertheless, Kindolin loves him dearly—perhaps even more so because of his faults, and he’s just as affectionate and devoted in return.


Mind Voice: There’s a definite reedy quality to Wherry’s ‘voice’, and the noises he makes are typically shrill and maybe even a little unsettling. He never really learned to parrot any words, limiting him to typical fire lizard vocalizations and the images he knows how to transmit to Kindolin. He does have a good memory and ability to ‘recreate’ what he sees, which has made him into a good spy.

Vegetables : Greens, seeds, starches—Wherry loves them all. He’s well-trained enough not to steal these things from the Farmers or Herders, particularly given his bonded’s loyalty to the agrarian crafts, but they’re his favorite treat. He has no qualms about taking them from non-Craftsmen if he can get away with the theft, though he vastly prefers when Kindolin gives them to him for a job well done.

Wedging Himself In Corners : Born partly from his penchant for being a snitch and a spy, Wherry has gotten good at making himself invisible. His favorite way to accomplish this is to hide away in shadowy corners, clinging to walls or hiding behind objects in places that it looks like he shouldn’t fit. It’s in these places that he feels most secure, and he’ll flee to favored ones when caught out.

Golds : Wherry resents being ordered around by anyone but Kindolin. At least in most cases, he can just not obey. But having a Queen firelizard force him into something absolutely makes him pissed off. He won’t ever attack one in response, but he’ll flee if at all possible to avoid being bent to her will. He refuses to fly Golds out of principle.

Being Grabbed : Since he’s nosy even outside of his training as a spy, Wherry has had quite a few run-ins with people wanting him to mind his own business. He’s gotten snagged and hurt by a few people in the past, and so now is wary of anyone laying hands on him other than Kindolin—especially suddenly. He’ll claw, bite, flail, and scream to get away.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
On the occasions that he ever does succeed in catching a Green during her Flight, Wherry is a rather affectionate and devoted mate if he’s allowed to be. He’s disappointed if the Green doesn’t really care about her clutch.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Kindolin [ 27.9.2560 / Holder ]
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