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Author Topic: Approved W'thir [34.06.2566 9th Pass] | Brown Weyrling  (Read 674 times)

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W'thir [34.06.2566 9th Pass] | Brown Weyrling
« on: March 11, 2018, 10:44:26 PM »
Play By:


First Name:
Date of Birth:
34.06.2566 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Younger than he appears at first sight, W'thir isn't easily lost in a crowd. He's taller than average, and thickly built despite years of living off the bare minimum. He has the demeanour of an on duty bodyguard at all times, dark eyes staring intently ahead and arms regularly crossed in front of a broad chest, mouth more inclined to frown than smile, though the latter has a tendency to strip years from his face. W'thir does not speak much, and when he does his voice has a harsh crackle to it, as if it hasn't been used for an impossibly long time.
 As long as it remains permissible, W'thir will allow his facial hair to grow out, a habit he has not quite been able to break since his time at Fort. A decent amount of facial hair seemed desirable once he could grow it, making him somewhat less approachable and thus more efficient at stopping any joe blow from intruding without reason. His clothes are not quite as imposing, many of them barely short of rags, though the move to Southern Winds and subsequently the candidate hall has brought with it some equality to such things.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: W'thir did what was expected of him to aid in their family's survival. There was no opportunity to mourn what he never had, and focusing on the "what if's" of his situation wasn't going to help anybody. When he was old enough to work, he did, and any surplus he received from his errands would line the pockets of those he loved. 
Response to dragon colour mutations: It's hard to form an opinion about things you know next to nothing about. Having been searched after the first wave of red and blacks appeared, they were as close to normal as everything else about being a candidate. Apart from making sure to keep his body as much intact as possible when the second batch of reds hatched and knowing to keep out of the way of their over-aggressive siblings just in case W'thir is pretty content just accepting that they're a part of the whole... weyr thing.

Who are you...

Nothing - or well, being able to do nothing. Or anything, really. Those precious points in time where there is literally nothing that needs to be done and W'thir can just do, whatever he wants. Whatever he feels like doing. No obligations. No chance of disappointing anyone. Just. Nothing.
Storms - and boy does Southern Winds deliver. There may be an innate security that comes with knowing they were safer when rain fell during the pass, but regardless of the reasoning there's a certain beauty and power that comes with  your full on storms that really draws W'thir's attention. So long as it doesn't interfere with his duties or responsibilities, chances are if there’s a storm about, he's going to have made his way outside to witness it in the best possible way - as a part of it.

Open Spaces – There is something to be said about just how much room there seems to be in their new home, even in the weyr, in shared sleeping areas there still seems to be space. Space to stretch, to lie down, to run or jump without getting in anyone’s face. Then you go outside and there’s so much more of it. Sure there are dangers that comes with their home, but it’s a small price to pay when he can just, step outside, rain, hail or shine just to enjoy it.

Violence – Particularly when it's unnecessary, but anything where blood (or ichor) is spilled turns W’thir’s stomach. He has had his fair share of brawls, but he will certainly try to avoid them if he can. The risk of hurting someone, or being hurt and unable to do what needs to be done is high, no matter how skilled you are, and W’thir is very aware of this. If he was more gifted with words he may be able to talk his way out of situations, but as it stands, he simply tries to keep his head down and stay out of peoples way… Particularly now that the necessity of a fight when carrying out your set tasks doesn’t quite exist anymore.

The Dark – He’s not scared of it, to be fair, but he doesn’t really fancy being in the dark… particularly on his own. He wants to have glowbaskets nearby, even when he’s going to sleep, and doesn’t mind if they’re dim or not, so long as they can offer some illumination. It wasn’t too much of an issue when he was still at home. If he did manage to get in at a reasonable hour to sleep with the rest of his siblings, there was usually a glowbasket offering a dim light, and when he wasn’t… well. It wasn’t too important if he was busy.

Being Late – W’thir will often plan to be awake well before he needs to be, just in case things go wrong and he’s delayed. Sleeping in, or being held up doing one thing when he’s due to start another rubs him up the wrong way, and he’ll often feel as though he can’t catch up once he’s tardy on one matter. It is rarely the case, since he plans buffers for everything, but if he’s not on time (or early) to something he was required to attend, he’s going to be thrown off until he can reset himself. Usually it’s just taking a few minutes to re-plan the rest of the day, but even finding time to do that can be an arduous task.
* DILLIGENT :  Physically, W'thir will do whatever he needs to do to get a job done. He will work until he can't, and takes great pains to ensure that he completes every task he is provided with. With his acceptance into candidacy, and his impression to a brown weyrling, this trait has expanded to include trying to catch up to his peers so far as his education goes, and he applies himself as much as possible into studying as he does anything else.
* CONFIDANT: So far as his moral compass goes, someone's secret is not his to share. This is not to be mistaken with gossip about others or plans to do something that may or may not be good or bad, but is specific to the person speaking to him. In saying that, he doesn't spread rumours or gossip that he may have heard either, dismissing them once the conversation is over as just that, unless there is sufficient evidence to back them up, and even then only relaying the information if he deems it critical. Particularly if not doing so could cause harm for others.
* PROTECTIVE: Once you're inside his inner circle, W'thir's not going to let anything hurt you. He would give most of his worldy possessions to strangers he feels needs it more than him, but he would sacrifice his life for those he calls friend. Not that that situation has come up to date. Bordering on possessive, W'thir will work hard to make sure you don't have to, and doesn't hesitate to step in if he's concerned for your safety.
* ATTENTIVE : While W'thir gives no credit to gossip or rumours, he does not easily forget things he has been told. It doesn't matter if it was a throwaway comment about your favourite food or a particular trick for overcoming a difficult drill, any information gets filed away for reference or cross correlation.
* AFFECTIONATE : Though subtle, W'thir isn't lacking in this department. His affection manifests itself into his actions, a soft touch of his hand against yours, a squeeze of your shoulder or waking up early to make sure you up you have a fresh cup of Klah the moment you follow suit. It is as much the oddities to his behaviour - a smile where there would not otherwise be one or lingering after a conversation is done for that extra bit of time with you - as it is his increased attention.
* UNEDUCATED: It didn't matter that the harpers were willing to teach anyone who attended their lessons. W'thir was never one of the children joining in. His family may not have been tied into the gangs of Fort's underbelly but they had a firm belief that lessons were a waste of time better spent working. From the moment he could understand basic instructions, W'thir was tasked with physical labour, and outside of meal and rest times, he was expected to do nothing less.
* INTIMIDATING: Personality aside, W'thir doesn't appear to be the most approachable of people. This, alongside his penchant for watching and listening rather than speaking, as well as his cautious nature makes it difficult for people who may want to get to know him better. Gruff and surly at the best of times, it takes a bit of effort to get past his outward appearance and behaviours to understand the person beneath.
* EMBARRESSED: Despite being one of many individuals dealt a bad hand in the catastrophe, the opportunities provided to him since being searched has made it painfully aware just what he was missing out on. Between the attitude of his parents and the lack of an education, he can find himself floundering for a response or shutting down completely when questioned about his past. He'll often skirt around the issue, and isn't inclined to ask for help when he doesn't understand something since it could put a spotlight on his shortcomings, which has got him far enough for the moment, but may prove more difficult to manage in the not-so-distant future.
* FORGIVING: Once W'thir trusts you enough to let you into his inner circle, it doesn't matter how badly you fuck up, or what your fuck up was. W'thir is a firm believer of people always being given a chance. It doesn't mean he forgets the misdeed, but he does essentially wipe peoples slates clean every time, refusing to take into account previous misdeeds in light of the possibility that everyone can be better than they were yesterday. It wouldn't be such a bad thing if it didn't open him up to being easily manipulated. You could get him to do the same heinous task ten times over so long as he believed you were truly sorry, or hadn't realised how bad it would get after each and every one of them.
* DEFENSIVE : It is a very simple task to make W'thir feel inadequate. Criticism, regardless of if it is constructive or not is very difficult to keep separate from his sense of self worth. An offhand comment can have him reeling for hours, trying to figure out how to stop it happening again in future and he can often become obsessed with trying to rectify the initial problem, whatever it may be, and can become overbearing in his need for the initial critique to be reversed.
Describe Yourself:
* SOFTY: Babies, people, beasts, loved ones. The who or what doesn't matter too much, but it's hard to think of him as anything but a big softy once he lets you in past his guard. He tries to think about how other people may be feeling, and it's no hard task to get him to assist you if you're already close to him. He enjoys working with small things, and can be swayed easily enough by babies of all sorts. Had he more of a preference for female bedpartners there is no doubt he would have a horde of children to his name, as it is he tends to simply volunteer to assist the crèche whenever he can to get his kid-fix.
* RESERVED: In his affection and mannerisms W'thir is a subtle person. He doesn't make a fuss when he's helping someone out and doesn't want to be fussed over in public. He doesn't like being in the spotlight and will do what he can to remain as inconspicuous as possible… Not always an easy task when it comes to his size.
* QUIET: W'thir listens rather than talks, and pays close attention to what goes on around him. He likes knowing what's happening, and has a lot of patience for simply hearing things out. He speaks when spoken to, and can contribute to conversations without an issue… He just prefers not to speak unless it's needed.
* CAUTIOUS: While perfectly happy to give you the clothes off his back if you need it, W'thir doesn't let people into his inner circle easily. Years skirting the line between the underbelly of Fort Hold and the more honest aspects meant that he wasn't fully comfortable trusting everything and everyone at face value. If he cannot test the information himself, he is likely to dismiss it as hearsay until proven otherwise.
* ALTRUISTIC: W'thir will readily put the needs of others above his own. It may have meant going without many a time growing up but he never really minded. He'd much rather give someone else a leg up than step on them to get ahead, and holds little value over his own needs if pushing them aside could help someone less fortunate.
The Magic Touch: W'thir has two ways to separate his possessions. Items that are his and therefore available for anyone should they need it more than him, and gifts Gifts are every bit as coveted as his possessions are not, because they were given to him for a reason, and hold a priceless significance to them that his possessions do not.


Mother: Wuarrena, Labourer, 2550
Father: Thirnton, Labourer, 2547
* Wuarren, 2567 [24]
* Thirnna, 2569 [22]
* Twuarrena, 2570 [21]
* Wuarrenon, 2573 [18]
* Tharrena, 2579 [12]
Children: It's possible. W'thir wasn't choosy about who he slept with, and paid no mind to genders. But with nothing to his name, any child he may have fathered was never made known to him , the mother's more than likely preferring to keep their casual interaction quiet. It would be bettee for them, in any case, as their chances for survival lay in marrying someone with wealth, a fact W'thir did not resent.

Tell us a story...


* 2566, 0 Had circumstances been different, W'thir would have had a rather reasonable upbringing. Despite the influx of holders from other places that could not sustain their population any longer, he was born to one of the original Tillek holders. His parents weren't drudges, though with the title "labourers" anyone who knew anything about hold politics would realise they were only half a step above them in the hierarchy. They were creatures of habit, however, and ignoring of the fact that their hold numbers were swelling beyond what Tillek could feasibly support, continued their day to day goings on with little care for how it could impact on their future. Wuarenna did what she needed to make sure W'thir was well, but didn't stress over giving him much more than that.

* 2567-2570, 1-4 W'thir's parents didn't delay in having more children. One of W'thir's earliest memories is being in a small room amongst wailing babes, trying to coax some watery milk down the throat of his younger sister. He can't remember much else. Just that he was present while the adults were not, tasked with the care of his siblings while his mother and father worked to provide what they could from the rations.

* 2571, 5 With his parents joining the final exodus to Fort Hold, and not much to their name beyond basic skills,  their lives were thrust smack bang in the middle of Fort's underbelly. No name had been made for themselves in Tillek, nothing to give then even a modicum of stature in their new home, and with no craft or reputation to precede them, W'thir's small family was shoved in a shared cavern. The expectation that they would work their way to better quarters was drilled into him the moment their misfortune was realised, and any modicum of schooling he may have been able to access while at Tillek was ripped from him within hours of having arrived.
* 2572-2577, 6-11 W'thir was never given the opportunity to attend lessons at the hold, instead being pushed to handle whatever tasks he could the moment he was able to understand minor directions. It didn't matter the quality of the work he did, particularly in his younger years, but so long as he was able to move about and provide some form of labour, he was doing that. With four years between them, Wuarthir was older than his siblings, and as such responsible for them. He cared for them without resentment, knowing only that should he falter, his parents wouldn't be there to pick up the slack, and it was his siblings that would suffer. Despite sharing a cavern, the families sharing the same space were insular, each too concerned about their own survival to worry about the children of others. By the time Wuarrenon was born, W'thir was allowed to seek out additional work elsewhere in the hold, Thirnna, the oldest of his sisters in charge of looking after the younger ones.
* 2578-2583, 12-17 Old enough to be an craft apprentice had his situation been different, whatever downtime he may have been able to obtain in his earlier years is null and void. His parents expect him to be working, if not alongside them, but elsewhere. They made it perfectly clear that W'thir was to provide at least one third of all their needs, including all of his own, be it food, medicine or clothes. His oldest brother was not far behind in being forced to do the same, and as imposing as they both are, they manage to pick up some extra work in some of the more... underhanded of positions. As spotters at first, or manpower when it came from transporting goods from one end of the hold to the other, but as they grew into their size, as bodyguards, mainly to stop people getting into places. It wasn't long before W'thir worked as often as his parents did. Home for mealtimes and out before the rest of the household had woken up.
* 2583-2586, 18-20 With the increasing requests for guarding, quite often simply outside peoples caverns at night, W'thir finds himself rarely home, even for mealtimes. He goes back when he can, bringing with him whatever his family members may need to the best of his ability, but has little interaction with them beyond that. Even his oldest brother, who he'd worked beside off and on, was no longer being given tasks alongside him, and the older they got, the less likely he seemed to catch up with him. With the increase in gang activity in their area, his services became more sought after, and he was almost purely doing guardwork for the less fortunate areas. Areas where peacekeepers were perhaps not as likely to worry about, or where the peacekeepers were the ones too worry about. Early one morning, as payment he was paid with a wher egg. He considered keeping it, letting it grow and bonding to it. There was little doubt a wher would make his job a little easier... and there were several tasks that people wouldn't even consider you for if you didn't have one. However they needed plenty of food for the first bit of their life, took a while to grow to a workeable size, and the idea of having something so… singularly dependant on him was a little daunting… Particularly when he considered the dangerous aspects of his line of work. Ultimately, the fear of having something bound to him only to lose it was too great a risk.

He did, bring the egg home, on the off chance that one of his siblings, or even his parents would want to keep it… Otherwise it could always be traded for something more useful, or even eaten… There were many ways to utilise such a payment, and when he returned home the next day for his rest, there was no sight of the egg, nor any of his family. In the turns after, there were a few occasions where he was once again paid with a wher egg, and each time he simply brought it home, uncertain as to what would come of it, and never quite finding the heart to find out. If it could help keep his siblings fed, or safe, or even just company, he was happy for it… Though with the relentless insistence of their parents for each and every one of them to be working as much as possible to make ends meet, he barely saw hide nor hair of his siblings. Their food stores would grow when he brought more in, and be lower when he returned the next day. Beds were used, and occasionally, warm to the touch, as if he’d just missed one of them… but except knowing that they were each alive, he knew little else.
* 2587-2588, 21-22 One would expect things to slow down once the threat of thread no longer loomed overhead, but things seemed to kick up a notch for W’thir once the announcement came. What little time he spent at home was essentially null and void, a place for sleep and little else as he moved from job to job, many of them one after the other as people packed their gear up, making it easily accessible for looters. It was a hectic, optimistic sort of chaos for the most part, celebrations happening alongside discussions about the uncertainty of their future... the latter of which was relatively shortlived as the dragonriders managed to locate somewhere seemingly untouched by the relentless threadfall that had destroyed their homes. It was the transfer that well and truly separated him from his family members, unable to even meet and discuss where they were going to go, instead pressed to continue in the same vein until the time came to leave. His eventual arrival didn't bode much better for getting everyone back together. There was plenty of work to do, and beyond old enough to fend for himself, he was assigned a shared cavern as his quarters.

He loved being amongst weyrfolk. Sure there were holders present, but the dragonriders and those that lived among them were almost an entirely different species. There was a sense of cohesion he never got growing up, and it was almost too easy to forget he hadn't always been a part of it. His guardwork was rarely called for, and instead he found himself assisting others in digging out caverns as families expanded, more than just labourer work though, and he couldn't be happier. The more involved in weyrlife he became, the less he found himself  wanting to find his parents. He had only heard about the weyr through them in the past, how they were frivolous folk, hoarding all the good rations for them and their beasts. Bringing about the catastrophe with their selfishness and caring little about those they were supposed to protect. But they had been wrong... and now W'thir was able to see it for himself. Even the way the crèche was handles was a wonder to him. That the children were looked after by the community instead of their own parents... and they weren't half starved, or begging for scraps. They were healthy, happy, and supported in what they wanted to do. He hoped his siblings realised it to... that their parents way wasn't the only way, but he couldn't even find them to find out... the merging of weyr and hold had increased their numbers, and his loyalty towards the weyrfolk meant their circles were no longer the same. It was simply a matter now of finding time to catch up where he missed out – in finding work that would have him participate in harper lessons, to take in what information he could and practice it when he had time. It was intense, and embarrassing at times, but it was better, and that feeling was immeasurable.

* 2589-2591, 23-25 One aspect W'thir had yet to experience about being part of a weyr was the hatching. Without an understanding of how searches worked or what would qualify someone for candidacy, he never considered it an option for him, and so, with other things to learn, he simply let them be. The Gold flights were... intense. But everything else seemed... irrelevant at the time. Until a bluerider came to speak to him a few days after Kalestath’s ’89 clutch had hatched. He hadn't known the need for candidates would rise, with so many bonded thinning their numbers, and relations between holder and dragonrider not quite as good as it could be. So he was given an offer to join the ranks of candidates. To try his hand at impressing a dragon despite it only being until his 25th birthing day. He did not need time to think on it, accepting the offer and packing his things together that very afternoon. The chance to attend formal lessons, even if they were tailored for candidates and only for the time he actually was one was a hard one to pass up. He did not know what would come of being a dragonrider should he impress... but he was willing to learn, and thrilled to be enveloped that much more by the weyr itself.

It wasn't the easiest of duties he'd ever done, and there were ups and downs both inside and outside of the lessons... Hunter and Beach Snake attacks, maulings on the sands and fights in the ‘hall. Theory work was just as gruelling as drills, particularly as he tried to make up for the gaps in his understanding. But he was supported through it, in a way he never thought possible, until finally, at the last feasible clutch he would stand for, a dragonet spoke to him. Everything the folk of hold and weyr had endured seemed important all of a sudden. Like everything was leading up to this moment. Grooming him for the second that baby told him his new name. It was, of course, only the first step towards a very new future, and did not negate the need for him to work on his own development… However, it gave him that final anchor point he needed to feel like he could truly belong a member of the weyr, and a sense of purpose beyond his parent’s motto of work until you die.

With the consistency of gold flights in the turns past, there would be no further opportunity to impress.
This was it.
But it was an opportunity he would not regret, win or lose as the case may be.
Before him, a startling contrast of light and dark, stood this clutch's parents. The pale queen, smallest of Southern Weyr's golds if one discounted the growing weyrling, crouched side by side with the sire, a dragon with a dark hide, unmistakably void of the metallic sheen that usually accompanied a bronze mate.
Maelboroth was no Bronze, but it was his presence that made this hatching such a unique event. It had been speculated before, and the significantly smaller firelizards had proven that a Gold could be caught by the smaller colours too, but there was no known history of the dragons themselves being subject to the same laws.
It was the large brown, then who Wuarthir kept glancing back to, when proper reverence was truly due the queen and the eggs she watched with as much dilligence as one would expect from a clutchmother. It couldn't be helped, but there was no doubting the circumstances brought with it some lightening of his heart. He may not impress at this clutch, with only twelve eggs and more than three times the candidates waiting beside him, but what a story he could tell. In a way he was a part of history there, on the sand, among his peers, witness to the first (and possibly last) brown clutchfather in history.

Member Info...

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Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Do whatever you wish. I deserve it.
Mauling Permissions:
No One Lives Forever [20]
Anything Else:
Have fun?

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Re: W'thir [34.06.2566 9th Pass] | Brown Weyrling
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Re: W'thir [34.06.2566 9th Pass] | Brown Weyrling
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ KELL-sah-meth ]
Date of Birth:
33.10.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 31.6M
Mature Height: 6.4M
Mature Wingspan: 54.5M

General Appearance...

Kelsameth is not a dragon of extreme markings. Much of his hide matches the brown of klah mixed with milk, though it does hold some subtle texturing like treated leather. His spine and ridges are a fuzz darker, straying more toward bistre; this color also appears in a smudged patch low on his chest and belly, slightly darkening his paws, and on the tip of his tail. The rest of his underside is the same fawn color his wings are when he hatches -- but his wingsails will darken as he gets older until that soft, light color remains only near the bones of his wings.

Kelsameth is a tiny thing when he hatches, almost petite looking as far as Browns go. It's not that he's scrawny, he's just diminutive. When he's fully grown, he'll still be on the fairly small side, with a dainty appearance and long legs that add to that impression. He's still only of an average height, however, and the width of his wingspan is too. But he does have broad sails that make for prolonged gliding and a fair bit of momentum when he gets going.


Mind Voice: Kelsameth has a sweet, high voice that makes him sound shyer and more delicate than he really is. It's difficult to take him seriously even when he's angry, which he hates, and he just doesn't have a voice suited for sounding authoritative or intimidating. Beyond that, he is a very vocal dragon when it comes to making noises, and will continue to trill, purr, and chirp into adulthood.

Manners : You don't have to be overly stiff and formal, but politeness goes a long way with him. He can be a little pretentious and judgmental about people who do something he considers rude.

Structure : This Brown likes things to make sense. Leaving anything up to chance or chaos is unappealing to him, and some sort of order or structure seems the best way to combat that. He can get a bit flustered if he's forced to violate one for some reason, and even more so if he sees others purposefully bucking against it.

Being Talked Over : Kelsameth knows that he doesn't sound very commanding, so it makes him particularly upset when someone interrupts him and drowns him out or doesn't listen to what he has to say. He has a bit of a sore spot about being pushed to the wayside.

Carelessness : Kelsameth cares -- a lot -- and wants you to as well. Not being on time, not following the rules, and especially not putting your complete effort into something frustrates him, and W'thir will probably be treated to him ranting about other weyrlings he sees as just. not. caring enough.


* MANAGEMENT : Were he human, Kelsameth would make a great secretary, being the sort that could untangle miles of bureaucratic red tape with little fuss. He's very smart and has an easy time understanding the logistics and implications of certain situations. He's as 'bookish' and studious as any dragon can be, with the ability to quickly understand complex concepts -- even if, due to the nature of dragon memory, he will forget it later.

* FIRM : Others may think he's fragile or a shrinking violet because he's quiet a lot, but Kelsameth is no pushover. Nor is he a coward. If he says no, he means no, and he's not prone to being fickle or unable to make up his mind. He does his best to be diplomatic about disagreements, but it's not in his nature to bend just to avoid an argument. And when it's worth it to him, he will tell you what for -- even if his words are rushed, indignant, and unsteady with emotion.


* PERFECTIONIST : Not in the sense that he's paralyzed with anxiety, but that he's prone to spreading himself too thin or taking on too many responsibilities because, well, it'll just get done right if he does it himself. Kelsameth has a difficult time letting go and trusting others to get the job done, though he doesn't mean it maliciously. He just likes to be in control of anything that might affect him. (It's true he can be a little high-strung and neurotic about it, though.)

* KLUTZ : This Brown is really, really not graceful on the ground. Even at his hatching, Kelsameth was unsteady on his feet, and it will take him longer to stop lurching around and get his balance as he grows. He's very self-conscious about it, and for this reason tends to plant himself somewhere and refuse to move until he and W'thir absolutely need to or he can fly to their destination.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #8A643B; Text: #E6CEB3

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Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon.

We hope you like him! :love:

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