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Author Topic: Approved Sohrelle [ 21.01.2573 / Wife ]  (Read 1600 times)

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Sohrelle [ 21.01.2573 / Wife ]
« on: March 14, 2018, 09:29:06 PM »

Play By:

Soh (like orange) - rehl
Elle (Like... L)
Date of Birth:
21.01.2573 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:
Rossed - Peacekeeper

Your Reflection...

Sohrelle likes lovely looking but impractical clothes, after all, it's not like she has many practical things that she has to do. She does however, after some well phrased advice and some well-placed baby spit up, wear an apron when in the home. It saves her from indulging too much in her like of being clean. Not only is the act of washing soothing to her, she simply likes to look like a put-together mother, and not one that can't handle herself.

It's a shame in her opinion, that the necessity of the jewellery crafters isn't as obvious to the Weyr as it is to her. She likes shiny, pretty things, and wishes she had the opportunity to get many more of them. As it is, their cave-home is filled with all sorts of knick-knacks; shells, rocks and pottery in the hope she can get some of her shiny-hunting under control.

A short woman, Sohrelle stands at only just under 5 feet, and that height was evident throughout most of her life. She was a short kid, and stopped growing early enough that everyone knew she was never destined to be an amazon. However, she's not an incredibly slight woman, her hips are nicely rounded her childbirth, but she bounces back easily from post-baby weight, the luck of good genetics. 

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Sohrelle didn't really let it affect her. Her family was well off, her parents tried to hide her from most things, and to be honest, she's a little too simple-minded to really worry about it. Unless she's experienced it herself, there's no way she would ever be able to understand.

Response to dragon color mutations: Sohrelle has been told that the new colours are an abomination, but that all riders are bad anyways, so whilst she'll agree with anyone else's opinions on the mutations, she doesn't really understand what makes them any worse than the others. In her experience, neither the original colours nor the new ones, have ever done anything bad to her, but she'd never say that out loud in certain company.

Who are you...

*Pretty things - Rocks, shells, gems, anything with a little bit of sparkle or life appeals to her. She likes knowing that there are things in the world and their only purpose is to be pretty.
*Children - She firmly believes she was born to be a mother, and despite believing it's her duty to provide them personally, it never had to be limited to her own. Babysitting other children is a highlight of her day.
*Most animals - Especially furbeasts. They're just so cute with their little fluffy tails, and their floppy lil ears. Herdbeasts appeal to her from a distance, or simply a brief pat, because if she spent more time with them they'd be smelly and large and loud.

*Issues - Unless they're even remotely related to young children issues, she just can't... think of how to fix them, so they frustrate her. She wants to help, but a lot of the time, the concepts are just beyond her.
*Runners - They actually scare her. They have these huge teeth, and their legs are so strong, they could kill you with one stroke.
*Cold - Mostly because of the connotation of the cold while they were in Fort Hold, many of those living on the streets didn't last Fort winters. However, Sohrelle isn't attentive enough to think of it that way, she simply dislikes cold because everyone else always has.


* MOTHERLY : Perhaps the only place where Sohrelle shows any sort of backbone is in the raising of her children. They must have some form of discipline in order to look good and make the family proud, and it's her job to make sure that they do so. Whilst she leaves some of the... more complicated disciplinary actions to her husband, she can mostly handle herself well enough. Making sure they're provided for, educated, given everything she can possibly provide for them, whilst keeping them away from some of the more... unsavoury sorts. All in all, Sohrelle is a good mother, if a traditional one.

* DUTIFUL : If Sohrelle knows anything, it's what her duties are to her hold, her husband and her family. She puts a lot of stock into the "proper" way to do things, and "looking good" for the Hold and her husband.

* UNCOMPLAINING : It's simply not at all ladylike to complain. She'll do what she's told, maybe with a little question of clarification, because it is easy to confuse her, but definitely without complaint, or too much hesitation if you are thought to be or ranked higher than her.

* SWEET : Sohrelle likes to be nice to people, it simply comes naturally to her. However, given the rock hard rules of social engagement in Holder life, people that she's actually allowed to be sweet and nice to are few and far between. However, she really is a kind person, when she's allowed to be.

* LOVING : The people that Sohrelle cares about find themselves with a sweet and loyal friend. Or at least someone attempting to be so. She loves quickly and completely, not being able to hide any of her emotions about people.


* VAPID : Sohrelle doesn't really have any thoughts of her own, whilst naturally a sweet person, and without any express orders to avoid someone, she'll be happy to be nice to them, but overall she's just a little bland. She's never had any option to have thoughts of her own, and even if she did, it would likely be a more difficult and frightening world.

* WEAK : Easily convinced to do what others want of her, Sohrelle is easily influenced. Whether it be her husband telling her that some injustices are meant to be, or even people she's not supposed to talk to convincing her that it's fine. Weak of mind and body, Sohrelle is meant to be hidden away from the dangers of the island.

* ACCEPTING : Whilst a few of her siblings have defected, Sohrelle is pretty... accepting of their life choices. They're family after all, and she simply has no concept or way of understanding their hate, or their drive to make a different life for them. Even if they hate her, they're siblings, she loves them because... that's what you do.

* ATTENTION-SPAN : Sohrelle's just not really good at remembering things. She really tries, but given how easily convinced she can be about anything, the act of someone convincing her to do anything, will completely distract her from her initial task.

* OBVIOUS : Sohrelle can't lie. She's just so... open and kind, everything shows on her face. It makes it difficult for people to trust her with information that needs to be kept secret. She'd try, but she would rarely ever succeed.

Describe Yourself:

* ONE-DIMENSIONAL: ----- Sohrelle doesn't have many hidden depths. What you see is what you get with her, she's a family woman, a holder, a mother, a daughter and a sister. There's never been any fight in her and little forward thinking and planning beyond "What would be nice for dinner tonight?" The only real thing about her is her kindness, and with her life firmly under her husband's boot, even that is controlled.

* FOLLOWER: ----- Not one to strike out on her own, she's more than happy to take direction from those who tradition dictates she should, and even, just from those who act like she should be taking direction from them. She's not exactly smart enough to see through a good enough front.

* HOLDER: ----- Sohrelle completely and 100% identifies with the holder lifestyles and the unspoken rules that come with the territory. It's simply what she has been raised to believe in and she's never felt any need to question that. She must look good, say the right things, don't speak out of turn, keep quiet, but not too quiet, have food on the table, have a child in the belly, be seen at events, stay away from the riders.

* POSITIVE: ----- Sohrelle is a very positive person, and in that sense she can find excitement in anything. There's always a silver lining in any situation and in Sohrelle's case, it's frequently to the extent of delusion. Although, being so upbeat, it's hard not to be happy when Sohrelle is around.

* NAIVE: ----- Her opinions have only ever been constructed by other people, she has no real life experience or wisdom when it comes to other people and their potentially "bad" motivations.

The Magic Touch: Sohrelle chewed on the ends of her hair as a child when nervous. Although eventually her parents scared her out of it, she still reverts to the old habit when in severe distress.


Mother: Evelthra, Holder, b. 2550
Father: Taygrohle, Peacekeeper, b. 2548

All adoptable. They can be what you want:
2563: 27 Turns
2565: 25 Turns
Meyelthra [sister] Former Wher Fighter b. 2567 --- played by SanctifiedSavage
Qailyx Evgrohle [brother] Weyrfolk b. 2567 --- played by RaynePOTM
Tayvelle [sister] Apprentice Beastcrafter b. 2570 --- played by Kyya
2571: 19 Turns
2576: 14 Turns
2578: 12 Turns
2580: 10 Turns

Rossell [son] b. 2587
Sohred [son] b. 2589
Named as per holder tradition


Tell us a story...

* 2573, 0 Sohrelle was a welcome reprieve after her more independent elder siblings. Born the 7th child of two well-off holders, a plump and bouncy baby, Sohrelle was bound to grow up with all the comforts they could offer.

* 2576-78, 3-5 Having never really been a baby who cared to explore, Sohrelle was slow to crawl, slow to walk and slow to speak. Not enough so that it was ever worrisome, but she simply didn't have the innate need to go and discover new things. It was in these few turns that her final siblings were born, and Sohrelle enjoyed all of them. When they would cry and have a temper tantrum, Sohrelle was content to just simply watch, waiting for them to be done before they could get back to playing. She didn't understand their actions, so she simply didn't think anything of them, just waited for them to be done so she could get back to what she wanted to do.

As a toddler, she didn't begrudge them any of the attention her new siblings received, in fact, she took to trying to care for them. Holding the littler ones in her arms to rock them to sleep when they cried, not because she was sad that they were sad, but simply because she'd seen Evelthra doing it earlier. All in all, Sohrelle was turning out to be a little mimic of her mother, and simply didn't have the capacity to be bothered by anything going on in their young household.

* 2581, 8 When her older sister Tayvelle leaves, it's Sohrelle's first little glimpse into the idea that a world beyond her family exists. But the idea doesn't last long in her mind. She simply... carries on with her life. Obviously there is nothing else to do for it. She doesn't understand any of Tayvelle's reasons, nor does she particularly investigate to figure out why. Sohrelle just simply thinks of it as a confusing turn of events which she doesn't care much about.

* 2582, 9 When her sister Meyelthra leaves Sohrelle cares a little bit more. Mostly because of Meyelthra's previous pregnancy and Sohrelle's own want to do the same. When her sister gave away the child, Sohrelle was even more confused, even her young mind knowing that was what she was meant to do, and unsure as to why her sister didn't feel the same way. But once again, Sohrelle's interest in the situation passes reasonably quickly, she doesn't understand, and doesn't feel like she ever will.

* 2584, 11 Finally when her brother Ev leaves, Sohrelle just gives up completely trying to understand her siblings. She's just keen to get married and not do what three of her siblings so far have done. Her parents find her a suitable match, even if he is a bit older, and introduce the slightly too young Sohrelle to him. He, Rossed, seems content enough, although any who paid attention would know that he knew far previously what he was getting into, after all, he arranged the marriage himself. Sohrelle likes finally feeling like something is going right for once, and eagerly awaits each time Rossed comes to visit her with flowers and gifts.

* 2585, 12 They wait a... respectable amount of time after her turn day for a nice ceremony. Family and "friends" turn out, even if the actual occasion leaves a lot to be admired. It's hard to impress people with how well off you are when the world is falling down around your ears, and the entire population is crammed into such a small space. But Sohrelle didn't think of any of that, she was giddy and giggly, smiling up at her big, fancy husband. She lived out the rest of the turn in a haze of happiness, enjoying her own home, husband, and life.

* 2587, 14 The birth of her first child went as smoothly as one would expect after being wholly uprooted from everything she had ever known. It was uncomfortable, and painful, but she suffered no severe complications, her body simply being well suited to child bearing. Her husband chose a name of five options she had prepared for him, knowing by now that he preferred their encounters to be short and to the point. After all, he had important work to do. She enjoyed the subtle art of motherhood, feeling like it gave her a little more purpose in her little world.

* 2589, 16 Being slightly disappointed that she didn't get pregnant again immediately, Sohrelle was pleased when eventually she started showing the signs of pregnancy. Rossed was... appropriately pleased, and to prevent her from getting too overwhelmed, he decided to spend a lot of time away from their home cave. It made Sohrelle a little sad for a little while, but eventually, with a toddler and a newborn to deal with, she didn't have time to feel sad about it. When Sohred grew out of the constantly crying all throughout the night stage, Rossed made his way back to their cave to sleep.

* 2590, 17 With Holders moving into the Mine Hall, Sohrelle was exposed to the opportunity to impress a wher. Rossed allowed it, telling her that only an appropriate wher would do. But of course, those instructions were a little too vague for Sohrelle. The open hatching at the Mine Hall was something incredibly unique, and whilst everyone was marvelling over the appearance of a dual bonding of whers, Sohrelle managed to bond a green. Rossed was furious, obviously not believing the tiny little thing to fit his idea of appropriate. But it was too late, so eventually Rossed resigned to teaching Sohrelle the beauty of corporal punishment. It... confused Sohrelle to begin with, but Rossed had trained a wher already, and was highly regarded by his fellow Peacekeepers so she supposed that was what she was supposed to do?

* 2591, 18 Between trying to get pregnant again, training Sohsk, and trying to stay out of Rossed's way as he makes his way back up the Peacekeeper ranks, Sohrelle has more than enough to occupy her time. She enjoys living at the Mine Hall, although sometimes it's a little "lonely in the middle of a crowd", but Sohrelle has a good many things that are more important than her.

"Mama? Sohsk is acting weird."

"Sohsk. Hey Soshk. What're you doing?" Sohrelle had paused in the chewing of her meal to stare down at her wher, frozen where the green had been sitting by one of the legs of the table. She shrugged, ruffling Rossell's hair on his head, and simply letting him know that Sohsk would get over whatever it was soon enough.

Sohrelle still didn't really know how to sift through her whers emotions, and connecting those emotions to Sohsk's actions at this moment seemed nigh on impossible on top of trying to keep Sohred's food in his mouth and his crying at bay. The little toddler still liked to reply upon screaming to get his way, and while Sohrelle knew she couldn't always give into his demands, but in the Hall she knew that Rossed would be very disappointed if they caused a scene.

A loud scream of a dragon burst through the cacophony of the Hall, sending a shudder through everyone involved. What was... A cry of the word Hunters caused Sohrelle to spring to action even as everyone else did, scooping one child onto either hip and nudging the still frozen wher with her foot who cringed away from the touch. "Sohsk. We need to go. Sohsk!" But the wher's emotions in her head were too muddled, too confused. The fear from Sohrelle's mind blurring their connection and making it difficult for her to put any force into her order.

Buffeted by someone passing by, she almost lost her balance, clutching onto her two boys as she steadied herself. Shards. And she ran, leaving her wher where she huddled, knowing that she'd either find her way back to their home cave, or they'd find her when it was safe again. For now, she had to get her kids to safety.

Briefly in her flight, Sohrelle thought of Rossed, and whether he was rallying to answer the attack, but Sohred's piercing cry dragged her back into reality, and she ran down the caverns with the rest of the fleeing crowd.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:

Inactivity Preference:
>_> Adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'em up
Anything Else:
I will be putting up a wanted ad for her husband <3

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Re: Sohrelle [ 21.01.2573 / Wife ]
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2018, 09:29:26 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Soh - sk (like "o"ccupy)
Date of Birth:
20.05.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Tiny and delicate, Sohsk's egg had been the perfect picture of a green egg. Whilst Rossed had been purposely ignoring anything that might contain something smaller than a brown, Sohrelle had been attracted to the delicate pink surface. A little plain perhaps, but pretty, much prettier than any egg had the right to be.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 4.3m
Mature Height: 1.5m

General Appearance...

Not a very attractive wher, Sohsk was always destined to be the one that everyone looked at with distaste. Not highly muscled, and her muscles just simply don't seem to fit on her body properly, so instead, she's just lumpy and awkwardly proportioned. As she grows, whilst her muscle mass might have time to grow and fit onto her body, her colouration won't get any more attractive. She'll simply be a blotchy greeny-yellow wher that doesn't shine or shimmer with radiant confidence or energy.


Empathetic: Sohsk will never be able to produce a clear enough picture for Sohrelle to understand, not because Sohsk herself isn't capable of it, but because Sohrelle doesn't have enough understanding of the process in order to be receptive to the imagery. Instead, they communicate through emotions, which usually become garbled as they travel from wher to human and vice versa.

*Children - She adores children and their innocence. They're not naturally violent or mean, so they don't know that they're supposed to dislike her yet.
*Dirt - Sohsk in her youth had a like of dirt baths, but it has mostly been beat out of her. Sohrelle and Rossed can't have some dirty beast in their rooms.
*Colours - She always loves seeing colourful things. Brightly coloured dragons or whers or flits really catch her attention.

*Rossed - He terrifies her. Whenever she gets punished, he is nearby. This will manifest physical and emotionally.
*Being in trouble - It usually means pain, or food removal, and she always tries not to screw up, she just doesn't usually understand the rules that keep getting made.


* CURIOUS : Sohsk has a naturally curious mind, and for most of her life, her curiosity will manage to give her a little escape from her life. She'll try to chase insects and see where there go, and attempt to track the growth of flowers.

* SWEET : A fan of all creatures great and small, she'd be nice to anything naturally, and only do otherwise if she is conditioned to do so.


* STUNTED : Emotionally and physically, her connection with someone like Sohrelle has certainly stunted this green's growth. She's not able to communicate as effectively as others might, nor is she able to undertake heavy physical duties.

* JUMPY : As she gets older, she'll get a little jumpy when Sohrelle or Sohrelle's husband raises a hand too quickly, knowing that discipline will be coming. Loud noises will also effect hear, just to a smaller degree, given she has to deal with the activities of children on a daily basis.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Runs 10.03 (2592) is not a force catch.

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Re: Sohrelle [ 21.01.2573 / Wife ]
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2018, 12:31:13 PM »
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