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Author Topic: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event  (Read 1232 times)

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Phenust had just arrived at the Fisher Hall from breakfast when a breathless, anxious-looking apprentice ran up to him out of the small building that housed the Crafters’ supplies. Despite the heavy tan on the youth’s face, they were pale beneath the effects of the tropical sun, dark eyes wide in their face. “M-master Phenust—”

The lack of shouts or screams on the beach made it clear there was no attack. If there had been, no doubt the riders would have been swarming around the water like angry bees, fighting the snakes or the sharpfish or whatever other threat had made itself known. But everything seemed calm, even ordinary despite the harried apprentice and the few other worried faces Phenust could see peering out from what little constituted their Hall. “Show me,” he growled then, voice grave. Whatever had gone wrong, he’d be able to take better stock of the situation himself rather than trying to extract information out of a nervous apprentice.

They led him into the small building, the faint winds around the Cove tugging at their hair and clothes. It all smelled of salt and fish, a familiar odor made all the more pungent by the heat of the day. With the sun sparkling on the cerulean water beyond, it seemed as though anything unfortunate had no business happening on a day like today.

But the stink that awaited Phenust inside the shack was not a normal one. Covering his mouth and nose with his hand, he stepped into the shadowed place, which was stuffy and hot despite the shade it did offer. A grouping of apprentices and journeymen had gathered around the barrels they used to preserve some portion of their catches, but they were silent as the Master Fisherman approached, wood creaking under his boots.

Quiet as it was, he could hear the buzzing well before he reached the barrels that they’d cracked open.

What had previously been a wealth of salted, preserved fish was now reduced to trash, the meat bearing the telltale ‘scabs’ of eggs and wriggling larvae that had been laid in the flesh. Some of them were already maturing, the small flies buzzing in waves of tiny clouds when they were disturbed, such as when he drew closer. Phenust could even feel some of them bumping into his arms as he peered into the closest barrel.

Even in the dim light, he could see that others had been opened and were in a similar state.

“Get them out of here,” he instructed, anger and disappointment apparent in his voice. “Get the riders to help you. They need to be dragged down the beach and burned. Anything that’s been ruined. If there’s any barrels you haven’t opened already, move them away and open them one at a time. See if there’s anything you can save.”

He wasn’t confident their would be.

Spoiler for OOC:
Who doesn’t like some bugs? 8D They’re just hungry too. As ever, you can check into this event in the OOC thread if you don’t want to or cannot post.
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Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2018, 11:39:20 PM »
Fisk gave the room a glare as Phenust gave his instructions. It was all that could be expected from a sandscab infection, Fisk had tried in vain to not entertain an idea of hope. They'd all heard of infections, those who worked out of Ista had always been very cautious with the state of their shipments, you never knew when a single scab would wiggle their way into the turn stocks.

With the Master's instruction, Fisk got to work. The first disgraced barrel within arms length had it's slid slammed back on, and the rolling began. Soon enough the dragon riders would be in here to lend a hand, as this would surely halt production until the stores were completely rid of the vile creatures.

He didn't even detest insects all that much, but the thought of scabs, paired with the now very clear image of a turns worth of fish gone to waste, made his skin crawl, and if their spiky little legs were crawling all over his arms and legs.

His nod to Phenust as he passed was one of simple understanding, Fisk may not be a Master like the other man, but he'd spent his entire life in the craft. Fisk understood the scope of this infestation, and what it would mean for the entirety of Fort Island. The fact that the Weyr and Hold relied so much upon the fisher craft was both a boon and a curse it seemed.

Passing along Phenust's order to the nearest dragonrider, Fisk started back for the next barrel.

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Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2018, 02:21:20 PM »
Khary frowned as she and the other candidates who had been asked to help the fishers out gathered at the shack. Some of the others gasped and then, immediately regretting it, covered their mouths and noses in an attempt to keep out the stench. If that would even help. It smelled awful. And if she looked closely enough at the next barrel that Master Phenus was inspecting, she could see the creepy, crawly insects and their eggs scattered across the top of the pile of fish and even latched on to the underside of the barrel’s lid.

Now, she was not a pansy or a squealing little girl. But she also had no particular interest in spending her early morning rolling some bug-infested barrels down the beach. The fishers messed this up, so shouldn’t it be their responsibility to clean it up? Not her problem.

She took a small step backward, as if giving a classmate room to see better. She waited a moment, and then took another step back. The fisher man giving instructions turned to indicate the barrels as some of the crafters behind him put the lid back on, rolled it onto its side, and demonstrated rolling it. Kharismene took the opportunity while his back was turned to slip completely out of the shack and around to the backside where no one would notice her.

Ravage appeared in the air above her and trilled a sharp and rough greeting. “Hush, or you’ll get us both in trouble!” She chided in a harsh whisper, though that didn’t keep the smile from tugging at her lips a moment later. Khary’s arms outstretched toward the over-sized bronze flit and he immediately obeyed. She held him to her chest and looked around for something fun to do. Her head peeked around the corner where crafters, riders, and candidates alike were busy at work and filled the beach. She sighed dramatically. “Well, Ravage, I guess rolling dumb barrels is better than doing nothing.”

She held him up to her neck so he could latch on and rest across her shoulders and her arms would be free again. Khary waited for the next flock of candidates and riders to return, blocking the entrance to the shack and hopefully the view of her, before sprinting to the back of the group. The hope that the number of barrels would run out by the time she was next in line was dashed as the next one was dropped in front of her. She smiled at the fisher and pushed at the barrel, niiiiiice and slow to take her time down the beach.

Offline Calladren

Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2018, 07:31:30 PM »
"What in shards name are 'sandscabs'?" Calladren, sarcastically, asked one of the Candidates around him. They were all being gathered up to assist the fisherfolk move some barrels that had, apparently, been infected with insects. One of the boys near him chuckled and nudged him with an elbow. "Hush, or you'll get in trouble again," the other boy responded. With a grin, Calladren nodded and lowered his head, not wanting to catch Master Phenust's gaze or the eyes of one of the masters or journeymen nearby.

He couldn't hide his grin though, even if he knew that this was a dire situation. A huge stockpile of fish had gone to waste, which meant that the people of Fort Island will have to deal with less food on their plates. Sardonically, he was happy that the chances of him eating fish were lowered; he had grown tired of their flaky meat.

Before he realized it, he was the next one up to push a barrel. Not wanting to look weak compared to the candidates that were already rolling a barrel down the beach, he shoved up the ends of his short sleeves and heaved on the barrel. The weight of the barrel surprised him and it struck an equal weight deep inside his belly.

This was a ton of food that had been spoiled.

He immediately felt ashamed for making light of this situation and felt the dread settle as a black pit within him. With another heave of his muscles, he started the barrel moving. This was a major loss for the Weyr, Hold, and Hall and it stirred a melancholy chord in him. The harper in him reared his head and he began to sing a sad song as he rolled the barrel down the sand.

"By the storm torn shoreline
A woman is standing,
The spray strung like jewels in her hair.
And the sea tore the rocks
Near that desolate landing,
As though it had known she stood there."

It was an old song, one that he had been taught by a harper-turned-fisherman a few turns back. It was sad and told a story of a wife who lost her husband to the churning white caps of the sea.

Calladren lowered his head as he sang and continued to push the barrel down the beach.

Offline Halirina

Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #4 on: March 28, 2018, 03:55:59 PM »
News traveled fast. Bad news traveled faster. One of the things Halirina got to oversee was the weyr’s food. It was important. Rationing was more so. When word of the infestation of the fish reached Halirina, she waited oh so politely until her aide had closed her office door before she up ended the contents of her desk on the floor in a flash of rage.

It was childish but damn it. If it wasn’t a hunter attack, if it wasn’t beach snakes eating people, then this?! She ran a hand over her face, through her hair, then walked out of her mess of an office with the intention of going to see for herself. Maybe it was all a cruel joke she could have someone tossed into the ocean for.

It’s not, her Gold supplied helpfully. Observing from her place in the weyrbowl, where the dragon had landed to scope it out without being in the way. Even from this distance, Kalestath’s eyes rolled into an irritable yellow at the smell.

So much prepped fish. Salted to last. A waste of minerals, time, and just.... a waste.

When she arrived, Halirina stood a moment to stand and survey the mess. She’d want an accurate count of everything lost, but that could wait too. She passed a hand over her face once more before sighing and moving to help. It wasn’t like she was going to get anything else done this morning with this on her mind. Her aides would no doubt fall in line and help once they tracked her down too.

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Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #5 on: March 28, 2018, 09:11:19 PM »
Ysveta too, had been some of the unlucky candidates to be roped into the chore. As much as she hadn't been regretting the duty, the waft of rotting flesh that hit her nostrils when she approached the doors of the storage house had her almost turning on her heel to retch. But the feeling was only momentary, like any difficult odour, her brain eventually blocked out the smell enough to get rid of the visceral reaction of a warehouse full of ruined fish.

Once she had managed to get herself under control, Ysveta found a spot in line, restraining from commenting about Calladren's quip. She had been about to tell him what sandscabs were, but her previous encounters with the fellow candidate had made her learn that she frequently misinterpreted what he was saying. Better keep quiet in case this was one of those times. If he really needed to know, he could ask a fisher, they would surely be able to inform him accurately.

See? She was learning.

The song he sang however was interesting. Not one that was currently being circulated in the Harper Hall to be sure, but she'd come across the score in her studies before. It wasn't the most intricate of songs, nor anywhere near to something that she truly enjoyed, but it had a certain charm to it. Ysveta couldn't help thinking about how much nicer it would be with accompaniment and contented herself with arranging a pipe trio accompaniment to the tune in her head.

No work was quite so bad when there was a song in the wind.
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Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #6 on: March 29, 2018, 03:09:05 PM »
Zeph popped from between chattering and flapping, scattering a few sheets of the records he'd landed on. He was projecting hunger at Eimerra, but without any actual want. He seemed somewhat distressed, but he was prone to pranks and, for a flit, was oddly good at deception to pull them off.

With an irritated huff, Eimerra scooped up the stormy blue flit and set him on the floor. “Go on, I don't have time for your tall tales, Zeph. I need to finish these then meet with a couple Crafters.” No sooner had the petite woman picked up papers and resumed her work than a knock on the open door frame interrupted her (again). “Yes?” she asked, turning to find a young apprentice from the Fisher Hall, by the smell.

“The Master Fisher sent some of us to the Weyrleaders…”

He seemed a shy, so Merra smiled, “Well, you found one of us. What happened?” He wasn't out of breath from running or panicked, so surely it wasn't something catastrophic. “Come. Let's head back out there and you can tell me on the way.”

The flits are all chattering about stolen food, mine. Zeph wasn’t up to mischief for once! /Stolen food?/

The young Fisher cleared up the confusion right on cue, though he couldn't hear the Gold. “Sandscabs got into the barrels, Ma'am. You don't have to come down, but we were told to notify you.”

“Well, I needed the break, anyway.”

~~~~~~~ }<^¡> ~~~ <¡^>{ ~~~~~~~

On the beach, apprentices and candidates were already rolling barrels in a steady line, no doubt heading for a spot for a good bonfire. Eimerra's stomach knotted at all the contaminated stores, then churned at the smell carried on the breeze. She crinkled her nose and kept her walking pace as her young escort ran off to catch up with a friend.

It looked like her break would be extended; she would stay to help roll barrels, though the thought of the smell once they started the fire…Well, she might have to head back to the Weyr for that.

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Fishy page break XD

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Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #7 on: April 05, 2018, 04:23:22 AM »
It wasn't until after Mauddra had climbed all the stairs to Halirina's office that she discovered the Weyrwoman wasn't there. She grimaced at the news from the other aide, and knew what her day was likely going to be filled with now. But, the stairs were always going to be there, so there was no point delaying any longer. In all honesty, she wanted to tidy the office, but she could always slip away when Halirina started to make noises of departing the cleaning up process of the fisher's stock.

Besides, she wanted to be on hand to double check the counts before they were handed over to the Weyrwoman. Quitrix would probably bring her light to the occassion, the younger woman never seemed to balk at crafter work. With a sigh, she started with quick (but not rushed) strides out of the Weyr proper.

Face purposely blank, although she wanted to shy away from the acrid stench of decay on top of the usually unpleasant fishy smell, Mauddra stepped to help, after she'd appraised herself of Halirina's own presence. The Weyrwoman was helping, and yes, so would she.

Keen eyes tracked the modicum of a pattern that the helpers had going, and so rolling up her sleeves, Mauddra stepped into the flow of barrels beside Halirina. "Weyrwoman." She addressed respectfully. In such company, it was only fit to stick to the formalities.

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Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #8 on: April 13, 2018, 10:51:42 AM »
Since becoming a candidate - well even before - there had been any number of unpleasant, although necessary tasks that had to be done by someone and invariably it fell to those who were far down on the list of importance who ended up being the one to perform them. Sionann had learned to accept what she could without complaint and hold her tongue until a better time, over the Turns she had also managed to develop some skill at avoiding certain chores by volunteering for others.

Sionann would far, far prefer to be helping clean and tend the sick then in spending time shoveling the waste from animals or even helping fetch and carry over some of the other tasks. Sadly, she didn't always have the option and her bright sun-bleached hair had managed to attract the kind of attention that her being pulled in to handle the mess of this infestation. She didn't really have a lot of experience with small animals or insects in general and would truly, really and entirely like that to remain the case but any even faint suggestion or her saying something that ran contrary to that was removed completely when she saw that the Weyrwoman was also helping.

It rather removed the immediate option of complaint. Although the temptation remained. Tingling on her lips and for the time being remaining unspoken "I don't suppose you want to carry it for me?" she asked, looked at Tavi as he sat on top of the next barrel she needed to move. She used one hand to wipe her forehead and then smiled as she watched her firelizard hop down and press his nose against the side of the barrel with a clear suggestion he was doing something. It might not even be related to what she had asked in the first place but she was amused none the less.

Faranth knew she needed something to amuse and distract "Well, this won't get it moving" she moved around and tried to topple it like the others in an effort to avoid any mess and start to push it towards the others being set aside for the burning.

Offline X'kis

Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #9 on: April 17, 2018, 10:41:39 PM »
X'kis was already tackling his morning paperwork when Lesiff announced a disturbance at the cove. There was some urgency to his impression, though Flirt simply huffed and scooted further away, not caring to be involved in what promised to be more work for them. "Go investigate, Lesiff." He ordered, reaching out simultaneously to Maelboroth who was no doubt finding a vantage point to be able to watch the days' weyrling training once it begun.

We've lost... food. The brown provided, uncertainty colouring his tone as he tried to pinpoint the exact issue at hand. The growing alarm X'kis was feeling at Maelboroth's words quickly dispersed the Brown's desire to simply relax the morning away, rising up and craning his head to see if he could see the potential threat. When Kalestath arrived in the bowl, her attention directed to the Cove Maelboroth thrummed his concern.

Lesiff reappeared a heartbeat afterwards, an image if the Senior Weyrwoman as well as X'kis's weyrmate rolling barrels down towards the beach one of several meant to explain what was happening.

X'kis would not be weyrsecond for much longer, but even had the weight of the role not been on his shoulders, he wouldn't shy away from what was required of them as riders, particularly when the weyrwoman herself had decided to get involved. Leaving his desk as it was, and inviting Flirt to come along should she want to (she didn't) he moved quickly out of his office, towards the shack where the spoiled supplies were.

He'd barely left when he bumped into a fisher apprentice, the young lad explaining the sandscab infestation as quickly as possible before hurrying off to notify whoever else he had been tasked to. He had yet to encounter the insects before, but had learned enough throughout this years to know whatever they'd gotten into would be ruined. Rations had been tight enough without losing food stores, and if Halirina and Eimerra had seen fit to present themselves to assist, there was no doubt it was a greater loss than what they could have managed. He could only hope that the Southern Hope would bring back enough supplies to make up for the losses.

See if they need any heavy lifting done. M'rek's wing will be nearby There were bound to be plenty of dragons in Beach Wing able to assist, but X'kis wouldn't be comfortable not offering whatever assistance he could. While his dragon asked Polanth if he would be required, the weyrsecond made quick strides to where he would be most useful.

Does Beachwing require additional assistance? He may have been a Mountain Wing dragon, but he could assist in whatever was required. Otherwise he'd simply wait in the weyrbowl until he was needed.

X'kis slipped into position easily enough, rolling one of the spoiled barrels down towards the beach as directed. There would be time enough to concern himself with what had been lost, and what needed to be replaced, but for now there was only the necessity of destroying the infestation before it spread to other areas of the weyr. That and trying not to damage the barrel lest the stench become worse than what it already was.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SirAlahn for M'rek/Polanth.

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Re: Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire [ 23.3.2591; 6:10 AM ] || Event
« Reply #10 on: June 17, 2018, 03:31:22 PM »
Halirina lost count. Not that she’d really been trying to keep track of how many barrels she’d rolled. More than three and her irritation at the stench was too much. She was already whirling at what all this would affect. Rations would need to be adjusted for Faranth knew how long. How bad it would all be would depend on just how much they’d really lost.

That was something she was trying really hard not to speculate on. Thinking about it wouldn’t help, Halirina wanted to know exactly how bad it really was. How much had been lost. What it would really mean. While the physical labor of pushing rotting, stinking barrels to a designated point was a nice distraction, her mind was proving to be problematic.

It was an effort not to think.

Eventually, with sweat rolling down her back and making her hair stick to her face and neck, they ended up with a mess of broken barrels piled on the beach. Halirina watched as one of the Beach Wing Browns and a Blue moved forward to spit fire on the pile. An effective way to make sure that it was all lit up.

The heat made her step back while she glanced to the side, watching as the Masters of the Fisher Hall approached one of her aides. Likely to give the official count of what was left, what had been lost, and what that meant for the Hall. That they weren’t coming directly to Halirina either meant they didn’t see her, which was unlikely, or that the news was bad and they didn’t want to be the messenger.

That was probably the case.

The fire would’ve been pretty were it not rising from the split and spilt mess of ruined fish. The smell wafted from the crackling mess.

Others were now being rounded up to clean up the storage area with soap and scrub brushes to make sure that it really was cleaned out. Halirina, herself, would wait to hear the news of it all before, she supposed, she’d help scrub the floor and walls of the Hall.

Spoiler for OOC:
Who doesn’t like the smell of burning, rotted fish? 8D

There’s still cleaning to do if you don’t want to stand around and watch it all burn. XD

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