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Author Topic: Approved Kyrrin [10.08.2564 / Wherfighter]  (Read 883 times)

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Kyrrin [10.08.2564 / Wherfighter]
« on: March 29, 2018, 02:27:25 AM »

Play By:

Date of Birth:
10.08.2564 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Ruatha Hold.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Broad shouldered and square jawed, she wins no beauty contests. Unless what you're looking for is muscles hardened by mine work.
She keeps her hair cropped short, it's just easier to manage that way, she doesn't have time to spend on washing it and oiling it and trimming it. It's a dark brown that would lighten a little in the sun.
She tends to wear leather when she can, it's less likely to tear on things and you'll never catch her in a dress, they're just made to trip people up.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Everyone survived. That is what's said all the time. She thinks that's a load of sharding lies. So many people didn't survive. And as for the dragonriders - they caused the entire mess. Thinking they had the right to do whatever they wanted. And now they're still being provided for by everybody. It's just not right.

Response to dragon colour mutations: The new colours should not exist. Clearly the first black was a mutation that should have been killed when it was a dragonet. Letting it fly the Queen was a huge oversight on the weyrs part and it's hatchlings should not have been allowed to impress or be trained. Better to send them between now before they cause any more problems.

Who are you...


Fighting: Not everybody understands but there's a huge amount of fun to be had in some friendly sparring. And more fun in a fight that isn't so friendly.

Music: She can hold a good beat on a drum and her singing is, well, not totally out of tune, and thus she enjoys joining in whenever there's a bit of a good night to be had.

Klah: As far as she is concerned klah is the best thing on Pern. Almost better than Kyrrinsk. Almost.

Kyrrinsk: She's the best thing that ever happened to her and she'll be damned if she'll ever not be provided with everything she needs to thrive. She has no idea what she'd do if he was killed, she hasn't dared to actually think about it.


Open spaces: She spent most of her time running through the lower tunnels of a hold and since bonding to a wher she's stuck to staying underground. It's not that she's afraid of the open air, it's just such an inconvenience. There's no rain indoors, no wind, no burning sun...

Reading: There wasn't really time or the resources to easily teach her and her reading is still slow, which frustrates her as she'd really like to continue learning but there's still just not enough time, something always comes up. It's a good thing she has no-one to write to, what with everybody being on an island because her attempts at letters are still, to her frustration, nearly illegible.

Dragons: And their riders. Everything about them. People say that they're the only thing that can defeat the Hunters. She likes to point out that the Dragons and their riders are the only reason why they are here in the first place.


* LOYAL: Once you've won her loyalty, unless you do something to change that, she'll always be there if needed. Good luck trying to get onto that short list though.

* COURAGEOUS: She's not afraid to dive into a situation, after all, sitting back and watching never helped before, might as well meet a challenge head on.

* ENERGETIC: Perhaps it's the klah, or maybe she was just born this way, but she never seems to lack for energy once she's got over the waking up part of the day.

* INDEPENDANT: She learnt that simply following orders can get you killed so she'll always double check things if they don't sound right. If there is something not quite right she's not above working out a better deal or doing things her own way. But if it all check out she'll happily follow through.

* DISCREET: A secret told to her is one that is kept. What's the old saying, loose lips sink ships - well, they're on an island, that may be a lot of ships to sink as there's nowhere to hide if you run your mouth.


* IRASCIBLE: She's quick to anger, and not afraid to let her fists do the talking.

* TEAMWORK: She can't trust a team that's just been thrown together for a job, and besides, half the people she got asked to work with were idiots. It's become ingrained now that it's just easier to do it herself.

* HUMOURLESS: – The inability to find humour in things has been pointed out to her several times as if she should make some effort to change this. She can't see why, most of their jokes are immature and aren't worth her time. She certainly dislikes anyone laughing at her too, if she's not telling a joke they shouldn't have anything to laugh at.

* RUDE: Politeness never gets anything done. A sharply worded 'move it', gets more attention than an 'excuse me', so why bother with the social niceties? If you're not one of those she cares about then you may as well not exist. If that means she has to walk over you to get to a goal then that's exactly what she'll do.

* MESSY: Putting things away is time better spent doing other things. Clothing tends to live in a pile on the floor, as long as it's clean, what does it matter. It does mean she has a tendency to occasionally misplace items and find them months later when looking for something else.

Describe Yourself:

* FOCUSED: Once set on a path she will give it everything, often to the point of ignoring anything short of a direct threat to herself to finish.

* INTOLERANT: Dragonriders of course, they're all vain lofty people who need showing that they don't deserve everything handing to them. Even more so with the new colours. Generally anyone who can't perform to her standards are clearly slacking and she'll not consider them worth associating with until they pull their weight. And she can't stand those who run from danger - cowards.

* STUBBORN: Good luck trying to dissuade her from something she's decided on, you'll need a good argument.

* CRUEL: It was a lesson learnt early on, the world is cruel and to surviveyou may as well join in. She has a vindictive streak and enjoys seeing others in pain, especially if she's the cause. If others are in pain then the chance that she isn't is higher. Besides, if they don't have the strength or will to fight back, they deserve what they get.

* TOMBOY: She doesn't care how scandalised the more Lady like people in the hold are, she'll wear what she wants. She can out swear any of the lads her age and does so frequently. Marriage and babies are something she's not even considering anymore.

The Magic Touch: Klah addict. Without at least one cup in the morning you're not likely to get much sense out of her. Two cups might even get you coherent answers.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Karyana, Born 2543, Died 2569.
Father: Tharinak, Miner, Born 2540, Died 2580.

Born 2560, Tharyan, Brother. Miner, Died 2576.
Born 2561, Tharik, Brother.  Dragonrider, Impressed 2575.
Born 2567, Unnamed, Brother, Stillborn.

Children: None. Not for lack of trying either.

Tell us a story...

* 2564, 0 Kyrrina was born in a wagon during the evacuation from Ruatha to Fort, her mother adamantly insisted that since they had yet to cross the border markings her child would be considered to be of Ruatha. It is a good thing the birth is easy as they couldn't have waited around and risked the ever present threat of threadfall catching them.

* 2565-2568, 1-4 Her mother scrounges for what food there is, making sure her children get what they need first. Kyrrina doesn't quite remember it exactly, but the first seeds of resentment against the dragonriders were clearly set down, her mother blaming them for the losses that she's been through.

* 2569, 5 One day her mother doesn't return. Her Father says that it's the fault of the Dragons for not protecting enough of Pern that everybody is pushed together. Mother got caught in a fight, she wasn't even involved and somebody put a knife in her. She stays silent, letting her brothers cry and rant. She uses the time to grab what trinkets her mother had and stash them in her room.

* 2570-2574, 6-10 Life continues, her father brings up her and her two elder brothers alone, he's got a job mining somewhere and it's enough to put food on the table to that they don't starve, sometimes in the middle of winter it feels like they will and they huddle together to sleep having chosen food over fuel to burn for warmth. She hates those nights, it's not fair. Why should some people have enough and others not? She knows mother was right when she said the dragons caused this - they always seem to have enough to eat.

* 2575, 11 Her second brother is searched by the Weyr and despite fathers protests and her pleas he decides to go with them. One less mouth to feed he says. It's a noble sentiment but it won't make her any less accepting of his decision. When word comes that he impressed she refuses to send any sort of congratulations.

* 2576-2577, 12-13 Her eldest brother joins her father in the mines, he lasts four months before there's an accident. They never tell her what exactly, just that he didn't survive. She cries herself to sleep for a few nights before realising tears aren't helping. She's picked up a fair assortment of skills, bits and pieces of things from whoever father had found to look after her and she starts to do the odd job here and there.

* 2578, 14 Kyrrina is searched by a blue dragon from Fort Weyr. She turns him down, telling him that she won't be part of the scourge that killed Pern. She hates how everybody else was so happy for her, as if this so called honour was something she should have taken without a backward glance and jumping with joy. She ignores the astonishment when she tells them all she's not going.

* 2579, 15 Father is still talking of marriage. Kyrrina thinks it's ridiculous, they're barely surviving and he's going on about it not being right that she's still not married. How is a husband going to help given that most of the people they know have no more than them.

* 2580, 16 Her father is killed in a cave in at the start of the year. No matter how frustrated he may have made her at times she still loved him and she finds she's more alone than ever before. A sharp knife becomes a very handy thing to have around to persuade people that no really does mean no. As does switching into bulkier hide, cutting her hair and insisting that her name is Kyrrin - it sounds less feminine to her ears. Apart from the lack of beard and the voice it seems to work - she's often taken for a man and the knife sees less use.  She's almost surprised when she makes it to the end of the turn with contacts who can find her work.

* 2581, 17 She attends the hatching of Tavisk's clutch. She claims the first egg that she can, secretly relieved when the huge gold makes no protest, yet pretending that she wouldn't have moved no matter what. Kyrrinsk is beautiful. She never bothers to wonder what would have happened if the Wher didn't accept the bond because she did and it is wonderful and strong and perfect. She's sure she heard her say her name and she is sure she can feel her happiness as the young Wher is fed her first meal.

* 2582, 18 Like most of the previous year, her time is taken up by her Wher and she delights in teaching Kyrrinsk as much as she can. The young green takes after her mother, constantly growing until she's almost approaching the size of some smaller blues.

* 2583-2586, 19-22 Having a Wher opens up a whole range of options and she is able to start making more of a name for herself. Or at least, as much as one can be noticed in a crowded Hold. Running jobs for a variety of people that need things doing and no questions asked. She also gets into a few fights, both her and Kyrrinsk and she enjoys it. There's something so satisfying about putting another person or Wher on the ground. Perhaps it's just proving that she's not helpless, and she's not useless. As time goes on the fights become more and more a fixture in their life.

* 2587, 23 Kyrrin does not want to move. The people that want to go should go, and leave the rest here, instead of making it an order. Besides, why can't the dragons fly plants back here to restart things? She fumes in secret, finding a quick place to stay in the new Weyr that's deep enough into the rock that Weyrling dragons won't fit so she won't have to encounter them even by accident. She can't wait for the mines or hold that they want to make at some point to go ahead and be done so she can leave the Weyr.

* 2589, 25 She knew it was a bad idea to be outside but it had been a good job, a few messages and a couple of parcels to be delivered to the construction workers. She'd headed out in the early light with them, hauling rocks once she'd delivered everything and waiting to head back, one didn't travel alone. Kyrrinsk puts herself in front of the Hunter, taking the brunt of the attack. They are lucky they are near the rubble of the wall, their back to something solid. Kyrrin is left with some light scars across one thigh where claws had started to swipe before Kyrrinsk moved. She takes the broken wing easier than Kyrrin does, not understanding why her bondmate is so upset.

* 2590, 26 They're pushing to get a hold established and Kyrrin thinks it is a wonderful idea and she can occasionally be coaxed out of her underground lair to help with construction projects if it will further getting out from beneath the wings of the dragons.


Blood dripped off her hand and she grinned despite the pain in her knuckles. They'd heal. She flexed her hand, checking that nothing was broken beyond the skin. Kyrrinsk growled and stepped away from the blue Wher she'd been holding down. “Touch me again and I'll do more than break your sharding nose.” She all but snarls at the man sprawled on the floor, a look of shock visible on his face beneath the blood flowing from his nose.

She smiles as she catches Kyrrinsk casually whipping her tail at the man as they turn around to leave. She lets her appreciation of the 'totally accidental, honest' movement flow down the bond and she huffs, pushing her head against her back as they head out of the hall.

Some people just don't learn. That does however mean that she's got much better at dealing with them. And besides... “Don't worry, I've got you now.” She says as they turn down the corridor towards home.

She remembers another time she had blood on her hands as she sat beside an egg, watching the little green snout push its way through, the rest of the egg cracking to leave the ungainly, ugly green hatchling behind sprawling in it's shattered shell. She'd been in love in that moment as she held her bloodied hand out hoping that the Wher would accept it.

Kyrrinsk rumbles happily, the altercation in the past and now unimportant as she sends her own feelings of love back to her.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
J'ken, T'veck
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:
Nonbinary request please.

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
02.02.2581 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:

Egg Description:
The egg was nothing particularly special, being a midsize egg from the clutch, nearly smooth in places with patches of rougher shell and wrinkles around the wider end.

Mature Length: 3.0M
Mature Height: 1.2M

General Appearance...

She's a dark green colour, nearer to black in the dim glows of the caverns, but a deep rich shade in better lighting. Her underbelly lightened as she grew into her skin and in the right light there's the faintest hint of darker dappling on her flanks.

She's a big Wher (for a green), and her muscles are well defined - she's definitely not an idle pet. She has plenty of scars, souvenirs of many illicit Wherfights, thankfully avoiding anything that would cause her any trouble with moving around. One wing does ache in colder weather though, it was broken in a Hunter attack right after they moved and the scar is particularly visible.


Empathetic: She tends to speak more with emotion than with pictures and prefers to keep in contact with her bonded. She'll react quickly to any negative emotions such as anger or fear by threatening whatever is causing her bonded to feel that.


Winning: The feeling of victory is wonderful, it echoes around the bond with her human, reinforcing it. There's nothing like the thrill of winning, the pride and excitement from her bonded make even fighting worthwhile.

Fish: They are delicious things. What more need she say?


Singing: It grates. High pitched and out of tune half the time as people who can't sing try to as they go about their jobs.

Rain: She likes the indoors, warm, dry and far more comfortable than being outside where it will usually rain on her, cold, wet and then with rain comes mud.


* STRENGTH: For a green she's considered strong, she's never found anything she can't lift and is convinced that there's nothing out there she couldn't carry.

* PROTECTIVE: Obviously she'll protect her bond mate, but if you're someone Kyrrin likes then she'll do her best to protect you too. And she knows she's bigger and far less fragile than humans and will put herself in the way if necessary.


* AGILITY: There's always a downside to being built big, she lacks the manoeuvrability a lot of green Whers have. Not that it bothers her. Why go round things when you can just go straight through?

* IMPETUOUS: She doesn't always stop to think things through, preferring act now, think later. This includes acting on her bondeds emotions without stopping to fully determine the cause or the instigator. She also has no regard for what she's going up against. She can take blues and browns, Bronze? Sure, she'll, have a go.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Run date: 18.05
Kyrrinsk is a force catch

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Re: Kyrrin [10.08.2564 / Wherfighter]
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Re: Kyrrin [10.08.2564 / Wherfighter]
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If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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