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Author Topic: Black Hole [05.01.2589 5 AM] || Erieen  (Read 138 times)

Offline M'kale

Black Hole [05.01.2589 5 AM] || Erieen
« on: March 29, 2018, 11:47:19 AM »
They lost. Again.

M’kale couldn’t be sure if it was his anger that rushed him back to his body in the weyr or if Hakurath had forced the disconnect in his own feelings of bitterness. But he was definitely back in the weyr, and with annoying timing to watch the moment the inexperienced, sliver of a boy moved to claim the Senior Weyrwoman. A boy who was not only fresh from weyrling graduation, but rode a dragon of a color that should not exist. The only black dragon of its kind.

When it had hatched, M’kale knew it was a mistake. Something was wrong since they’d all had to move to Fort Island, and this was a sign of that. He didn’t expect it to survive very long, as there was obviously something wrong with it. But it did graduate. And, without time to put any amount of experience in his bones, he was winning a Senior Gold Flight and therefore stealing the highest rank of Weyrleader. He couldn’t decide what was more insulting: the age and lack of experience of the kid now entitled to running the last active Weyr and Pernese population, or that a repulsive black dragon had won over all the strong bronzes who competed.

All of it was insulting. M’kale spun on his heel and stormed out of the weyr. A brief attempt at reaching Hakurath was met with firm resistance. The connection between them during a Flight was still there, hanging just out of reach, but until the large bronze had some time to cool off, he wouldn’t be speaking with anyone, his own rider included. What link he could feel with Hakurath was filled with the bronze’s anger and resentment, and it only served to fuel his own negative emotions until the man was nothing more than a black hole for any fucks given.

Normally following a failed flight, he would seek out one of the greens in Jungle Wing, who were always ready and waiting for the Jungle riders that lost in the chase. But not today. It didn’t matter that his dick was hard or that having that sort of relief might actually do wonders to his mood. He was a risk, right now, until he or Hakurath calmed down a bit. He didn’t feel like playing nice with a woman. He felt like hitting something. Breaking something. Forcing his control over something so he would know that this wasn’t over.

He’d lost before and been furious, but this time was different. This time, there was no reason why he and Hakurath didn’t beat a child and his newbie dragon. It was infuriating. M’kale slammed his fist into the wall. He sucked his breath between his teeth as pain snaked from his hand up his arm. The stone wall wouldn’t budge, of course, but the feeling of pain was the only thing apart from anger that he could feel. It was a start. He struck the wall again, harder, this time his knuckles coming away scraped and bloody. Other hand. Again. Again.

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