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Author Topic: Mihu [24.10.2574 9th Pass | Candidate]  (Read 498 times)

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Mihu [24.10.2574 9th Pass | Candidate]
« on: April 01, 2018, 12:16:01 AM »

Play By:
Kim So-Eun


Mi - hu - tol
Date of Birth:
24.10.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Job Before Search:
Apprentice to Healer’s Hall
Color Preference:

Brown - She loves the role of being a support unit and she is also calm and level-headed and is not one to strive for great ambition or prestigious goals. She’s happy with a simple life and does not seek great riches or fame. Seeing people happy is the most important thing to her. She is highly loyal to any that she gives her support to and puts in her best in whatever she does. If she ends up with a Brown, she’ll reckon that they’ll get along really well together.

Green - If Brown is a good fit, perhaps Green might just be it. While generally cheerful, there are still times where she tends to be temperamental and unpredictable and these are both qualities that can be found in Greens. If she gets a Green, it’ll be good for her to get one with a motherly instinct that reins her in and keeps her in line and enforces manners when necessary.

Future Rider Name:
Spouse or Weyrmate:
None so far.

Your Reflection...


Mihu has long rich raven black hair that falls halfway down her back. She usually wears it down, but ties it up into a bun or ponytail if the activity she is involved in demands otherwise. Her eyes are like two chocolate coloured orbs that always shine of positivity and exuberance. They are the windows of her soul and she expresses herself very well even though her eyes. Smirks and smiles are a common sight on her, as are frowns. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and it is easy enough to tell what she is feeling or thinking just by looking at her appearance alone. She stands at 5’5” and possess a pear-shaped body with slim arms and shoulders and a nicely defined waist. She also has full hips and thighs and a rounded bottom.

She favours clothing that are comfortable and functional as opposed to those of frivolity. She also prefers bright and warm colours as opposed to darker colours. Her clothing are usually clean and tidy and she maintains a kempt appearance.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:

Since she’s still young, Mihu hasn’t experienced as much of the 9th pass as compared to the others in Fort Weyr. Most of her experience and perspective with it has come from within the Healer’s Crafthall, and the amount of healing and medicine needed during the tumultuous period. She and pretty much everyone in the Healer’s hall was kept busy with all the malnutrition, diseases and all the conflicts and fighting. She remembers seeing all the pain, grief and sadness from both humans and dragons and she sincerely hopes that she will never again lay her eyes upon such a miserable sight again if she can do anything to help it.

Response to dragon color mutations:

She’d never seen the dragon colour mutations as a big deal. She has always been highly curious and interested in them because of so much she’d heard about them. New types of dragons would always cause some form of concern among the populace, but to her, as long as they don’t harm or do her evil, they’ll be fine in her books. She likes to keep an open mind whenever possible.

Who are you...


Adventure - Anything fun or thrilling applies. If it happens to be something that looks interesting and she has not done before, all the better for her. She’s the buzz-seeking type after all.

Being challenged - Easy things bore her and would do an awful job of occupying her mind. She likes to be challenged as it keeps her busy and the boredom away. The more difficult, the better.

Explosives - She has always been in awe of explosives and firestone, especially with the big loud sounds they make. She knows they are dangerous, but that’s why it’s thrilling, isn’t it?

Making people happy - She loves happiness, whether is it for her or for others. Seeing and making others happy brings a warm smile upon her visage and never fails to lifts her spirits.


Mixing Poultices - Despite the fact that she can appear rather focused and enthusiastic when mixing bowls after bowls of a variety of herbs and ingredients, this is actually one of her least favourite parts of her time here in the crafthall. She finds it mind numbingly boring.

Thunder and Lightning - The loud clap of thunder has always scared her since she was a young child. She’d once seen the aftermath of someone that had been struck by lightning in the Healer’s Crafthall and let’s say she had nightmares for several days after, and she never really got any less scared of them even as she grew older in age.

Indecisive people - One thing she hates is being stuck with people who can’t seem to make up their minds and just plainly suck at making decisions and sticking with it. Making bad decisions is a totally different thing because at least they are deciding on something instead of going from one choice to another. She has no qualms about letting her views regarding this be known.


* Fearless: There are very few things that scare her, and even then she is working on conquering the few fears she currently has. She’s not afraid of trying anything and usually will be one of the first into the unknown, taking charge to see what the unseen might bring.

* Tough: She has a very strong personality and she never cries or shows any signs of weakness, even it’s she’s by herself. She was brought up to think that showing any weakness was embarrassing and she can most definitely hold her own in a fight. She’s not a trained fighter or anything, but you’ll be damn sure you’ll try her hardest at whatever she knows.

* Positive: She likes to keep her thoughts positive and look on towards the brighter side of life instead of dwelling onto the negatives. There’s enough sadness and death in the world as it is, there’s no point to continue to add to all the dull depressing moments in life.

* Easygoing: She is a really friendly person who gets along well with most people, and she rarely gets angry. It takes a lot for her to really get angry, but when she does she can stew for days. She does hold grudges. But otherwise, she loves meeting new people and making new friends.

* Loyal: She does not give her loyalty easily, but once she does, you’ll know that she is fully committed and she’ll be there whenever you need her. Her word is her bond, and once she gives her word to someone, she’ll see to it. She’s not the type to back out halfway.


*Act-first-think-later: She’s well known for her impulsivity and recklessness. She can’t stand waiting for things. Sitting around doing nothing is one of the most agonising things for her. She needs to have her hands and mind occupied or she tends to get fidgety.

* No-filter: She’s well known for saying what she thinks and is commonly known to have no filter for what goes out of her mouth. With this at it is, it is amazing that she does not offend more people with her brutal honesty. But then again, others do appreciate the no-bullshit policy she has and always knows that she will keep it real with them, and not beat around the bush.

* Short-sighted: She’s not one known to plan for the future or the long term. She’s very spontaneous and is very much about short-term planning and very much on enjoying on the present and the now. She’s the enjoy now, suffer later type and is a horrible planner of any type.

* Naive: She’s naive and oblivious in plenty of matters, especially ones regarding romance. She’s never really experienced true love and really “being in love”. Perhaps, she might mature in her later years, but for now, she continues to be oblivious until someone opens her eyes for her.

* Staying focused: With a hyperactive attention span, it is no surprise that she often gets distracted easily. Unless she tries to actively focus on something, the slightest gossip or delicious meal would be all it needs to drag her mind away from her task.

Describe Yourself:

* Hardworking: Despite her faults, she is actually a hard worker who puts in plenty of effort in the tasks that she is assigned to do. She recognises her own weaknesses and puts in the extra time and effort needed just so that she can stay competitively on the same level as the rest.

* Inquisitive: She is a naturally curious girl and she loves exploring new places and learning new things. Whenever something new and interesting catches her attention, she tends to get distracted and lose her focus on her current task which can pose a problem for the girl.

* Stubborn: When she sets her mind to something, good luck trying to persuade her to do otherwise. She’s as bullhead as they come, so once she grabs onto something, she doesn’t ever let go until she has accomplished her goal. She’s as persistent as they come.

* Playful: She loves to have fun, and needless to say, she loves to join in others fun as well. If you need someone around to have fun with, she’ll be just right up your alley!

* Spunky: She’s as feisty as she is spunky. She’s known not to take any nonsense for anyone, and fully capable of standing up and fighting for herself.She’s got plenty of fire within her.

The Magic Touch: She has a real weakness as far as tickling is concerned. She is real sensitive to them, and jabs in her sides is guaranteed to send her into bouts of giggles of laughter.


Mother: Maliha - Green Rider, 2559. Impressed 2577 to Green Darenth.
Father: Y’tol - Bronze Rider, 2554. Impressed 2569 to Bronze Bayorth.

Siblings: She knows three of her many siblings personally.

2572 - Yolata - 18 - Green Rider
2575 - Nishitol - 16 - Green Rider
2575 - T’vye - 15 - Bronze Rider

Children: Joratol - Male - B.D: 2590

Tell us a story...

* 2578, 4

She was raised in the creche just like so many other children and her other siblings. She learned very early on how beneficial it was to make a good number of friends as the most you have meant that you would have the most fun, and anyone that knows Mihu knows that she is all about enjoying that fun. Even from a young age, she has been a really sociable and energetic individual that everyone likes to be around and get to meet and know.

* 2579, 5

The children in the creche are well no strangers to death, and Mihu lost two of her closest friends very early on in her childhood. They lost their lives to a crippling fever, and untimely medical intervention did nothing to help their frail little bodies cope with the illness. This would be one of the key reasons why she started to get interested in medicine and the healer’s crafthall. Like everyone else she had to wrap her little head around the concept of losing someone and it didn’t really got her thinking until she heard that her mother died in the same turn later on.

Her mother didn’t really visit her, so she wasn’t that affected by the loss of a mother that was not at all present in her young life. She’d heard of her father name being mentioned around in the hold, and there were often occasions where she would debate internally on the various reasons on why he did not visit her. She longed for him to come though.

* 2581, 7

Mihu decided that she loved dragons and that she wanted to be a rider herself, especially since her parents were riders themselves. One of her good friends got searched and she was excited for her but at the same time jealous as she could wait to begin as a candidate as well. She continued to wait anxiously for her turn to be searched as well, but it did not come that turn.

* 2584, 10

Mihu continues to watch the skies as she watches the dragonriders take off and land from the fort. She continues to hope that she will get searched once she gets old enough and begin on her dream as a dragonrider herself. She wonders if she will ever get the chance to take to the skies in a dragon of her own. To say that the little girl is impatient is a gross understatement.

* 2586, 12

Mihu is brought into the Healer’s crafthall as an apprentice. She was eventually taken in by a healer who eventually took heed of her desperate begging and keen interest in the healing arts and medicine and thought that she would be a good addition to the crafthall. She is kept busy learning and tending to the wounded apart from mixing poultices and making bandages.

A searchrider appears in the castle courtyard not too long after her twelve birthday. She is ushered into the courtyard along with the other children of age. Mihu gets picked to her absolute delight and says her farewells to all her friends and her healer family in the crafthall.

* 2588, 14

Candidacy goes as planned without any unusual hiccups. Mihu brings her usual enthusiasm and ebullient energy in her studies and makes a concerted effort to be a great student. She finds Weyr life incredibly exciting and more interesting than she could have ever expected. She explores her sexuality and falls pregnant before suffering a miscarriage. She is distraught despite the attempts of encouragement from her peers and superiors. The guilt from losing a child causes her to do some self-reflection so that she will do better in the future.

* 2590, 16

Mihu falls pregnant again, but this time she takes care of the child and carries it to full term and gives birth to a son. She recovers well and throws herself back into her lessons as soon as she is able. She hopes she is able to live up to the potential that the search rider saw in her. She hopes to eventually impress this time and become a full-fledged rider at last.


Today had been yet another typical day at the crafthall, and Mihu had spent the entire early part of the afternoon watching and checking on the patients who required simple medical attention before spending the remainder of the time grinding and mixing up several poultices for the future treatment any wounded might need. Those two alone had taken up most of the morning, and with noon quickly approaching, the little girl had took off her apron and found herself at her usual spot for her lunch break, sitting on the corner of the courtyard, with a clear view of the wide open skies and the rest of the fort as the people went about their daily businesses and duties. Munching on her lunch which was nothing more than a couple of slices of bread with cold slices of meat pressed in between them, she quickly finished her meal as she watched a dragonrider took off into the skies. She stared longingly at the sight, half-awed and half-jealous of the rider.

That sight would never get old to her. It’s been like that for several years now, but she’d never given up hope of being searched and picked to become a candidate as soon as she was old enough to. With her break almost over, Mihu reluctantly left her spot and made her way back to the healer’s crafthall. Once back, with the apron back on, she was back to grinding herbs and other ingredients used to make the many poultices here in the hall and she would continue to do so until her master called for her once he was done with his duties. Working in the healer’s crafthall was interesting, but nowhere what she actually desired and that earned a sigh from her as her thoughts drifted off towards of those fantasing of being a dragonrider once more.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC or Adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
Rough'em Up
Anything Else:
Nothing else.

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Re: Mihu [24.10.2574 9th Pass | Candidate]
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2018, 07:31:47 PM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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Re: Mihu [24.10.2574 9th Pass | Candidate]
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2018, 11:23:34 AM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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