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Author Topic: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]  (Read 520 times)

Offline Velatha

If someone had suggested that she be sneaking around to spend time with a rider, let alone having heard the voice a dragon - and a brown one at that! - to Velatha at any point before the last two turns, she would have thought them in need of a Healer. She wasn't entirely convinced that she wasn't in need of one herself on some days.

On this particular one, Velatha didn't need to think like that; it was real and this was really happening! The doubts, the worries, and the arguments didn't matter.

Well, they did because Velatha still cared deeply for her family and she always would. Velatha had listened to a whole lot of talk about her shaming everyone, that her choice was somehow disagreeable and wrong or stupid or just well, some of the later words had ranged from unintelligent to outright rude and offensive to anyone who had to listen to it.

At the time it had been going at its loudest even her sister-in-law's had joined in and that was when Velatha hadn't been able to cope any longer, especially when it had been suggested that she was nothing more than a common whore who was doubtless, already carrying the first of the bastards in her belly, it wasn't accurate but it had still hurt.

That was when her mother had stepped in, bundling her off and passing an actual bundle to her and a soft kiss on her cheek. It was the closest that she would ever have to any kind of acceptance and Velatha wasn't even sure that it hadn't been more about getting her away to spare the rumors and gossip from their neighbors. Whatever the case, she had made her choice and ...now she had to live with it. Holding what little of her own worldly possessions she had in front of her Velatha had made her way to her new home.

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Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2018, 09:30:23 AM »
B’nyn usually kept a clean weyr. It was sparse to begin with. With nothing extra and nothing by way of personal effects, B’nyn’s weyr could’ve been used as a model for what a Rider’s weyr should look like. Bedfurs generally made, table clean of anything. He just wasn’t the sort to collect stuff and leave it laying about. All his clothes were folded neatly and tucked away in the only personal chest in the room – at the foot of his bedfurs.

Even that had been condensed down and now there was half of it made empty so that his new roommate – his weyrmate? – would have space for her own personal things. Not to say that there weren’t some carved out wall shelves she could use or nooks that could be filled with personal things should someone be inclined. B’nyn just wasn’t the sort to use it. Though those spaces were still cleaned out to make sure no spinners took residence.

Even Niskyleth’s ledge was regularly swept off, making sure whatever the dragon might drag up with him didn’t linger in the weyr or on the ledge.

B’nyn liked to have a clean living space, but today was particularly important. He’d woken up earlier than normal to fret over the weyr, make sure everything was perfect because... well, after he was done with drills, chores, helping out wingmates, and dinner he just wasn’t going to have time to make sure things were perfect for Vela.

He wanted things to be perfect for her.

When she did arrive at his weyr, at their weyr, B’nyn had already scrubbed himself hastily at the bathing springs and dressed down in a pair of cloth pants and shirt. Though he was dressed comfortably, he stood stiffly and awkwardly. Reminiscent of how they’d met. A bit wide eyed, unsure what to do with himself, and fully prepared to jump at the first word she said. He understood this was difficult, because her family wasn’t wholly happy with the decision she’d made, but he has no foggy clue what he should do, how he could make it better, and he desperately hoped that she’d just... tell him what he needed to do to make the world a better place.

If he could.

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Offline Velatha

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2018, 10:19:10 AM »
Velatha couldn't have felt more nervous if she had marched out in front of the whole weyr, as it was, it was quiet enough that she had only seen a couple of people and most of them had been far more involved in their own business to really pay attention to her but Velatha had felt her throat close up with even the possibility of having to talk. That had happened.

She wasn't sure she had another sentence in her right now. Velatha was worried and anxious and just about everything and anything in between that. That was probably to be expected and as she arrived and saw B'nyn she felt her heart lift as the living reminder; standing very much like he had the first time they'd met no less, of why she was doing this "ummm I... I'm here" and that was probably the worst ever greeting in the history of the whole world, ever. It was why she could feel her cheeks coloring a little bit "And you can see that, sorry...it was so hard with my parents, and then my brothers and even..." she felt her throat locking up slightly as a couple of thick tears started to fall down her cheeks.

"Sorry, I'm not upset. I'm just..." she wasn't even sure, what she was saying or trying to express right now. She wanted to be but Velatha was just lost in that confused mess of her own emotions.


Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2018, 10:37:35 AM »
When she arrived, B’nyn was both incredibly happy and terribly nervous. Niskyleth had already settled himself on his ledge and offered quiet support to his adorably anxious rider, but otherwise remained quiet and attentive. There wasn’t much the Brown could do, after all, short of trying to climb into the weyr and nudge them together.

When she stammered a greeting, he did step out of the way so she could enter. But then her eyes watered and it looked like she’d cry. That was when he really did start to panic. His heart rate kicked up like thread might start falling and he damn near tripped over himself as he moved closer. He wasn’t sure if he should hug her, tell her it was alright, give her space, suggest she go back to her parents...

Maybe start with the hug, his dragon offered quietly.

That seemed like a sound suggestion, so the Brown Rider tentatively invaded Velatha’s space and offered his arms. He didn’t want to force himself on her if she did want space now. This was new territory for him, too. His first relationship, his first... mate?... roommate? Certainly the first person that he cared about outside of his sister.

He wanted her to be happy. Not... not crying outside his... their?... weyr.

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Offline Velatha

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2018, 12:25:01 PM »
Letting the items in her bundle fall away she reached up to grab his clothes as he hugged her, while Velatha wouldn't have asked for this she did need it. She really, really did.

Velatha allowed her tears to fall while she worked on getting her emotions back under control. That was achievable, right? Velatha didn't let it go on for long as that wasn't the kind of woman she was, yes, it had been one of the more trying days of her life but that didn't mean she was going to let the negative rule her head or her actions for any longer than was necessary.

Although she also knew that there would be more tears to come "I needed... this, thank you B'nyn. I didn't expect - I mean I know they don't approve but they were so angry and cruel towards the end" she explained, not moving but looking up as she spoke. The corners of her eyes redder than they had been before but for the time being dry of any fresh tears escaping from the edges. She could do this and as she started to relax, Velatha started to feel that renewed sense of rightness.

This was the right choice. It was just so dammed hard.

"Can I bring my stuff in now?" she asked, feeling shy all over again.


Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #5 on: April 15, 2018, 02:20:18 PM »
Niskyleth thrummed a soft purr for the pair as B’nyn held Velatha. Awkwardly, at first, but that passed rather quickly when she leaned into his embrace rather than push him away. It was quite apparent, even to the somewhat oblivious Brown Rider then, that she needed to be held. He could do that. That was quite easy.

For as long as she might need to be held.

Which wasn’t all that long, truth be told. B’nyn obviously didn’t have as much warring within him as Velatha. With only his sister alive to worry about – and she’d certainly have no problem with Velatha – his mind was at peace with this decision. Not that he wasn’t anxious about the fact Velatha was actually there.

When Velatha looked up at him, B’nyn managed a small smile for her. He wholly understood her family’s objections. He would’ve had the same if a Rider wanted to be with his sister. B’nyn wanted someone of sound character and chivalrous intent with her – not to say he didn’t have the same in mind with Velatha. Ever since he’d met her, B’nyn had only eyes for her. But before her, he’d been party to the whims of flight lust. He understood what that meant to crafters and holders of a traditional mind set. What light that cast him in and how that made all this seem.

He was not a casual relationship sort of guy. But nothing he did, or said, would change... well, anything.

So all B’nyn could offer her was a smile. A small one of support. One of his rough fingers brushed along her jaw until she asked if she could bring her things in.

Shit. Right.

Niskyleth thrummed in amusement as his Rider stooped to collect the bundle of things she’d allowed to fall to the ground when she’d arrived. B’nyn didn’t want to ask is this it but it felt like she was coming to him with so little.

At least you know when to keep your mouth shut, the Brown remarked with approval.

B’nyn didn’t look back at his dragon as he carried her things into his... their?... weyr and set bundle on the bedfurs. Then,  he opened the chest at the foot of the bed. “I cleared half of this out for you... and all the clear nooks along the wall are for you to use for whatever you like. All I use are the wall hooks for Niskyleth’s gear and my riding leather.” Which was quite true. She had plenty of space in his... their?... weyr.
« Last Edit: April 16, 2018, 09:36:24 AM by B'nyn »

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Offline Velatha

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #6 on: April 16, 2018, 02:22:51 AM »
Being ashamed or worried about how much she liked that rough touch of his fingers along her jaw wasn't necessary anymore. She could just enjoy it, though the lingering sense of guilt in doing something that her family viewed as wrong remained. Velatha wasn't sure she cared all that much right now, at least not enough to bring her back to the sobbing state she'd been in before.

As much as she knew that riders could be - and usually were - casual in their affections, that had never been anything she believed applied to B'nyn. He had always seen her, Velatha. Not the weaver, not the daughter of weavers, or the possible wife and eventual mother or any of the other labels that had been fixed about her like scraps of cloth designed to attract the attention of someone that her parents could deem as being suitable and above all appropriate for their only daughter. No, B'nyn had always seen her and that had, in the end, mattered more than anything else.

Well, it'd not hurt that he was handsome, strong and had all the kind of qualities that she found attractive and appealing. Feeling the color rising in her cheeks, she followed him as he started showing her the space he'd made in his - their - weyr. It was sweet and had her smiling "I can use some of those nooks for a few of the smaller items..." she mused, taking it in as her eyes skirted over and then away from the bedfurs. She wasn't exactly shy but was a reminder of the kind of step, a final one at that - that she was taking right.

"Oh, Niskyleth..." she hadn't forgotten the dragon but now she had spotted him and that served as the kind of distraction that had her smiling and pushing everything else away "It's good to see you again, I'm sure you get more handsome every time" Velatha wasn't attempting to just flatter for the sake of it she really did like the brown dragon, a detail helped by how much she liked his rider. Alright, slightly more than like as her eyes side back to him and she flashed that same smile.


Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #7 on: April 16, 2018, 09:53:07 AM »
It never ceased to amuse the Brown dragon that his Rider had become attached to someone as seemingly sweet as he was. Watching them navigate this particular situation was interesting and a bit curious for the dragon, but he knew that his Rider just had difficulties knowing what to do when it came to Velatha.

That’s what made her so special.

When the weaver directed her attention to the Brown, his eyes shifted into a darker, pleased blue and his purring deepened. The compliment was well received too. While he wasn’t as arrogant as a Bronze, he still liked the attention. Especially from the one that mattered so much to his Rider.

While Niskyleth didn’t make it a habit of talking to other people, he would make an exception for Velatha. Quietly, so as not to startle her since she’d not be used to his voice in her mind, the Brown said, Welcome home.

B’nyn’s smile widened a bit more when her mood seemed to be improving. Rather, she wasn’t still sad. He wasn’t the best at reading moods of anyone. At the compliment to his dragon though, B’nyn scoffed playfully. “He’s been oiled today. Maybe that’s it?” Niskyleth did flare his wings some to try and look a bit more impressive.

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Offline Velatha

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #8 on: April 16, 2018, 11:47:07 AM »
That sense of the other in her mind was strange and a little bit intimidating if she was being honest and not being that wasn't an option.

Velatha doubted that she would even know how to hide that kind of reaction and emotional response to him talking to her, a detail that she couldn't believe even it did happen - like now, Velatha wanted very much to jump up and down like she was an excitable child who was fresh from their mother's skirts. She wouldn't. Though there might well be an internal squeal of excitement as her smile went from merely warm to beaming.

"And he's happy to see me?" she suggested looking between them "Though I'm sure he would be just as dazzling even if I wasn't here" she confirmed and walked towards those furs and put her bundle down as she started to unwrap it carefully of some of the smaller and more delicate items that were carefully hidden away inside it "...I'll help to be careful being around so much handsome" Velatha added, sliding out an obviously treasured item of clothing to add to the box that B'nyn had cleared space in for her "This is really too much but thank you again, I can...I mean if you wouldn't mind me sewing and everything I'll probably full it up with scraps if you don't watch me" Velatha might be going against her parents and family but she still loved to weave.

Velatha didn't want to lose that. Although she had gained so much.


Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #9 on: April 16, 2018, 03:23:22 PM »
B’nyn sat on the edge of his bed furs and watched her. Happy to have her finally moving in. Though she’d slept in his bedfurs before, the reality of how permanent this would be was finally settling in. It was lovely. Great. Exciting.

Niskyleth thrummed more so at Velatha’s question. I am always happy to see you. he answered, allowing both of them to hear him.

“This space is as much yours as it is mine,” B’nyn confirmed, watching her. Just happy to watch her. “Fill it up with whatever you like.” And he meant it. She could stuff the weyr full of scraps of fabric, bolts of weave until he couldn’t even see his brown dragon over the piles, and he’d still be happy if it meant she lived with him. “Feel free to bring here whatever it is you need for your craft, for your comfort… whatever you want.”

It was terribly important to him that she was comfortable where she lived.

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Offline Velatha

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #10 on: April 17, 2018, 08:19:14 AM »
There could never be a time when that little thrill of hearing a dragon speak in her mind would be any less exciting. Actually, Velatha didn't want to even imagine that possibility, she felt honored as well as it cementing in her mind that this was right, which that no matter how much Velatah felt the negative vibes from her family - and a lot of her friends - she wouldn't back down or walk away.

She wished in so many ways that her family had been able to see the wonderful qualities of B'nyn and how caring, kind and generous he was, she had never met anyone who could come close to being his equal and yes, the awareness that riders and crafters shouldn't mix did linger but she wouldn't abandon the chance to have this happiness. However, long it lasted. Although Velatha was hoping forever might be possible but even she could tell that was her romantic heart pushing for that kind of ending - not that she wanted any of this to end.

"You're tempting me to fill the place up! Where will we sleep or poor Niskyleth?" she teasing as her task was paused and Velatha moved over to him and reached out a hand to stroke the collar of his shirt and then down the front "...I didn't realize I cried this much" she murmured, caressing her fingers ove the vaguely damp material. Velatha hadn't really thought very much about what she was doing but it as true that now she didn't need to be fretting about her guilt or her family or keeping a secret. She could just relax and enjoy being with B'nyn the way that she wanted - they both wanted.


Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #11 on: April 22, 2018, 08:44:00 AM »
B’nyn couldn’t help but actually smile at her remark about really filling up the place. There was a certain appeal to the weyr being filled, at least partially, with things that didn’t belong to him. B’nyn hadn’t been aware how homey that would make it. Not to say that the spartan décor he’d had before bothered him. Obviously not – that was just his way. But having someone else, someone he cared for, move in and make their mark was very appealing in its own right.

It reminded him of a time when he lived and cared for his sister. A warm part of his history when otherwise things weren’t so nice. Velatha was obviously not his sister, as he cared for her in a vastly different way, but there was still a warmth, a love there, that made him... happy. To see her, to talk to her, even if he wasn’t the best at it... B’nyn just liked being around her. Had from the beginning.

When Velatha pointed out the wetness of his shirt, his smile didn’t fade and he reached up to caress her jaw. Gently with calloused fingers. “It’s ok. A move like this is a big deal, hm?” B’nyn didn’t really have many friends and those that he did, or could, consider friends were as talkative as he was. More than that, no one objected to him having a crafter as a weyrmate. So he didn’t have the same problems as she did.... He could only sympathize and try to be there for her in whatever way she might need.

I think that’s the important part, his dragon rumbled quietly in agreement.

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Offline Velatha

Re: Can't fight this feeling anymore! [ 03.01.2591 | Evening ]
« Reply #12 on: May 06, 2018, 09:18:28 AM »
Velatha smiled into his caress, while at the same time leaning in a little closer to him as well. She had always felt that immediate sense of both connection and subtle desire.

It wasn't about lust, instead, there was that feeling of something more although Velatha suspected some - well, probably all of it was in direct relation to her own romantic nature and it was a good thing that B'nyn was so understanding and accepting of it all. Which had been another reason why Velatha had found it so very easy to fall in love with him in the first place "You're determined to make me feel spoiled, aren't you?" she stated, the gentle smile on her lips one which lingered as she closed the distance between the two of them and kissed his lips.

The right choice, this was the right one. Whatever else she did or did not do going forwards, or how much of a distance ended up being there between her family and herself, Velatha wanted nothing more than to have more moments like this one.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.


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