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Author Topic: Approved Faennilin [25.10.2572 // Bluerider]  (Read 839 times)

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Faennilin [25.10.2572 // Bluerider]
« on: April 26, 2018, 03:12:40 AM »

Play By:
Damaris Goddrie

Fae, Lin
Date of Birth:
25.10.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Prairie Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Faennilin has dark brown skin, hair and eyes. Her hair is curly, cropped into a short bob that is cool in Summer, and often the edges of it are pulled properly out of her face by a leather thong. She’s thin, bordering obscenely so, but has a girlish air that makes her seem fairy-like. Proud to be a rider like so many generations of her family, she’s always in her riding leathers unless absolutely necessary to be in other clothes, in which she’ll just grab whatever fits from siblings, friends, or Wingmates. She’s always smiling, her eyes seem to sparkle, and she has a habit of flicking her hair when she gets bored or if it gets in her face.
Since the Hunter attack on the Minehall and Prairie Wing on 14.02.2591, Faennilin has quite severe scarring down her right side from her shoulder to halfway down her thigh. The scars look almost like burn scars, weirdly patterned with white lumped patches all held together within a distinct pinkish line between her untarnished skin and that which was all but ground off in the attack. Her arm never recovered from it’s quite extensive breakage, and given much of the skin was torn off it, the Healer Hall thought it best to amputate than just have her waving it around all the time. So she’s missing her right arm from the shoulder joint.

Clicky to see a pic of the scars I'm basing it on because I'm bad at writing

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Faennilin is very young, and for the better part of her life, there’s been hope more than anything else. Fort was the last bastion of civilization on Pern for her whole life, and just as she was growing old enough to recognise how dangerous that was for Pern, she was searched. Her whole family, for generations, have been riders, so being searched at the very beginning of her adulthood was cause for hope. She could do her part to help, she could follow in the footsteps of her family, she could do the utmost for Pern. Then, in the year just before she impressed, Fort Island was found.
Incredible, unbelievable, the whole island was hope. It was the first time she’d ever seen her father cry when they could all fly over together. Because it was green. And they all lived. A miraculous rarity for the families of Pern, but it was their reality. The only thing left for Fae was to find her place among rider that… didn’t fight thread.

Response to dragon color mutations:
Fae is so very excited about the mutations. Although being a rider is a family tradition, she isn’t fixated so much on doing everything the same as those before her. She’s a bit too flighty to be that hung up about it, and considering everything else about Southern Winds is different, then what’s the big deal about this? Her family mightn’t agree but that’s their issue.

Who are you...

* Runners High – Fae loves to run. Any time she’s feeling stressed, or stuck, or bored, she’ll be out in the Weyrbowl running it out. The high afterwards is something she’s only found rivalled by being with Voyith.
* Snow – Although she wouldn’t trade Fort Island for anything, she does tend to miss the Winter snows.
* Riddles – Fae likes solving puzzles, she and Voyith quiz each other all the time.

* Early Mornings – Much like her dragon, Fae is never a super happy chap during early mornings, which is a stark contrast to what she’s usually like.
* Secrets/Privacy – Fae is an open book person, she likes to invade the space and lives of the people she cares about without question. When people keep things from her, or shut her out, she takes it personally.
* Long hair – Mostly on her, she hates it getting over her clothes and tickling her arms and neck. She doesn’t really like it on others either because she hates cleaning it up after, and it gets all in their face.


* DELIGHTFUL: Fae is a genuine joy to be around, she just has an energy and affection that’s contagious. She can be a bit much for some people, but her loudness and her enjoyment of meeting new people translates and genuine and sweet.

* VERSITILE: She can give people what they want. Fae is adaptable in a group, happy to fill the position anyone needs her to, happy to find her place wherever is most comfortable. She’s not competitive or even ambitious, but she’ll adapt to the room and sit wherever is comfortable.

* GENEROSITY: Coming from a big family, a cramped environment, a dangerous lifestyle and a fickle personality, Fae doesn’t really care about the material things, so is happy to share and give whatever she has.

* BALANCED: For all that Fae is flippant and emotional, she actually has a very balanced lifestyle. It’s not really her that’s kept her life balanced, it’s more the structure of the dragonriders and the bond she has with her family and Voyith. Those are the things that keep her even, she has the fair share of responsibility to enjoyment, and a balance between family support and pressure.

* LOYAL: Although not an ambitious person, Fae has always worked hard to work for the things she has… been brought up to hold dear. Mainly the dragonriders, but also her family. We’ll never know if she would have worked as hard or been as decisive about who she wanted to be and what she wanted to do for her family honour if she’d been raised differently. But Fae has based her entire life around her loyalty to her family and the riders.


* FICKLE: Very much a creature of whim, Fae doesn’t tend to stick to an opinion, a task, or a person for too long. The only things that have really stuck with Fae are things she’s been born into (ie. Family and Rider tradition), and Voyith. Which makes them hugely important to her.

* NON-CONFRONTATIONAL: As someone who is very emotional, conflict tends to upset Fae and throw everything out of wack for her. Usually, because she’s so flippant and likes to please, there isn’t a lot people get particularly angry at her for. But even when the conflict just surrounds her, even if it doesn’t involve her, it still tends to upset her. She won’t be able to hide it either.

* CLUMSY: Voyith is graceful in the air, lithe and beautiful to Fae. In the air, she feels like she can be a part of that, and it’s incredible. On land, when she has to walk and work on her own, she tends to be really clumsy. Like a puppy that hasn’t grown into it’s feet yet, that’s what Fae is like for the most part.

* DOGMATIC: It isn’t hard to change Fae’s mind on something, but she’s one of those people that’s happy to hear one opinion, one time, and then believe it fact. She isn’t set in those facts, she won’t argue, she’ll just be genuinely shocked and surprised to hear that not everything you hear around the Weyr is true.

* TRACTABLE: Fae is pretty easy to control and manipulate. It’s not always a bad thing, it makes her easy to fit into each group, but in her mind, dragonriders should have a bit more spine. And she’s always disappointed in herself when she realises that she’s been taken advantage of.

Describe Yourself:

* AIR-HEADED: ----- A bit of a ditz, she isn’t completely off the rails, but she can be a bit oblivious. It’s like, lacking street smarts, not quite getting the joke, or getting it a minute too late and laughing very loud. She’s never been unintelligent, she just spends a lot of her time with her head cocked to the side before it sinks in and her eyes light up.

* EMOTIONAL: ----- Fae is a person that wears her heart on her sleeve, at all times, even when not appropriate. She’ll cry at the drop of a hat, pout all throughout drills in the early morning, and laugh too loud at dinner. But at least she’s genuine.

* PEOPLE PLEASER: ----- If other people are happy, life is easier. She genuinely enjoys seeing others feeling relaxed and carefree, if only for a moment, because there were so few of those moments to have during the catastrophe. Being the cause of those moments is the best ever.

* TOM BOY: ----- Fae has never cared much about the girlish side of things. She’s always in her rider leathers because she’s proud of them, but for the rest she’ll chose the non-feminine option because she just doesn’t care for looking pretty.

* ENERGETIC: ----- Always bubbly, bouncing through people and groups, Fae can light up a room. Her constant energy and effervescence is probably the first thing anyone notices about her.

The Magic Touch: Fae will cry at the drop of a hat, when she’s angry, sad, happy. She just cries a lot. She’s also left handed, thank god.


Mother: Filliany - Greenrider, BD: 17.02.2551, ID: 2566 to Green Ferinith
Father: Kaennlin - Bluerider, BD: 21.08.2547, ID: 2560 to Blue Onrath

Fillaen – Son, BD: 2562, Brownrider
Kinniany – Daughter, BD: 2563, Greenrider
Kaellian – Son, BD: 2569, Bluerider
Kaeany – Daughter, BD: 2573, Greenrider
Finnlia – Daughter, BD: 2583 (too young)
Killialin – Son, BD: 2587 (too young)

Kaethen – NB, BD: 2560, Brownrider (Dad’s side)
Junnlin – Son, BD: 2565, Bronzerider (Dad’s side)
Liany – Daughter, BD: 2579, Candidate (Mum’s side)

Faennilin hasn’t had any yet, if she fell pregnant during her candidacy, she got rid of it so she wouldn’t miss a hatching. She was pregnant a couple of months ago, only very briefly, and it fell through not by choice. She’s rolling with it, instead of getting too upset, it wasn’t like it was a weyrmate or something she really wanted, but she’s not up to talking about it just yet.

Tell us a story...

* 2575, 3 Kaethen’s Impression
Kaethen is Fae’s eldest sibling, and the one person, apart from her mother, that Fae looked up to most in the whole of Pern. There are some that cannot handle Kaethen’s particular brand of ‘don’t give a fuck.’ But that didn’t stop them from impressing to a wonderful Brown, and changing the phrase to ‘don’t give a flying fuck.’ Although it is true that Fae might have become a rider anyway, she has always put it down to copying Kaethen because… who wouldn’t want to copy Kaethen? And because if they can do it, so can she.

* 2579, 7 Liany
Her father had children outside their paring before, it had never seemed like a big deal before because the whole family just glossed over it. When her mother had a child outside their paring, that was different. The first time Onrath hadn’t actually won Ferinith’s flight in the whole time Fae had been alive. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t have even mattered, how could they really tell? Unfortunately, Liany takes after her father, quite obviously in comparison to the rest of the family.

Honestly, it shouldn’t have mattered. Riders should be above that. Apparently, her father was a little more of an asshole than they’d realised before. He was put straight eventually, her mother’s cool and collected demeaner only thinly veiling the very real threat of her leaving him and having all the children follow her lead. But it took a while, and given Fae’s youth, she was biased against the young child. She grew out of it… eventually, but it took until her own candidacy, so the youth of her young sister is probably tarnished by Fae being an asshole.

* 2584, 12 Candidacy
Candidacy was something Fae had always strived for. Once she’d made the decision as a child that she was going to be a rider, there wasn’t another option. She remained too flighty to pay much attention to the classes that didn’t interest her or would help her be a rider, so the likelihood of her having a craft if she hadn’t been searched was not high, and her family somewhat worried about it. However, the Blues didn’t keep them waiting long. It was closer to her turning thirteen than it was to her twelfth nameday, but she was still searched very early, and began her candidacy that afternoon, after all, why wait.

However, candidacy is a learning experience, and a hard one at that. Even for those who are good at it, the simply being around so many people with different backgrounds and opinions, and having very little time to yourself, is enough to cause struggle in even the strongest. Fae wouldn’t really be classified as the strongest. And given her dislike of confrontation, her gullibility, and dogmatism, she had to be put in her place quite a bit by friends and not so friends. Not all of them were wrong to do so, but it certainly wasn’t easy by any stretch.

She had to come to terms with lots of things about herself, and had to learn away some of her prejudices, like that which she held against her half sister. She hasn’t quite overcome it, it still sits insight and will probably only emerge if she has a weyrmate of her own in future, but it’s enough that she isn’t an asshole anymore. Whether her sister forgives her for her youth is a different story. 
* 2587, 15 Impression
Unlike her searching, she didn’t impress as quickly as she liked. Faennilin still had a lot of growing up to do and it seemed that the dragonettes sensed that. Not that she minds, she waited around for the perfect partner, anyone earlier wouldn’t have been as good. She’d prefer it if he wasn’t such a sour puss, but she loves him regardless.

Her hatching was fairly unimpressive, Fae doesn’t mind, of course. The recent hatchings of blood and death do nothing but sadden her and cause her stomach to do backflips. But hers was steady and small, and Voyith hatched from the most beautiful egg and has continued to be the most beautiful Blue since then. She liked her small group of weyrlings, although the Kalestath hatching of her year was more stressful than anything else. She finds the mutations interesting, exciting, but the confrontation around them is just so… ugh.

* 2591, 19 Hunters

Diving down to land in the cleared space by the Minehall, the fog didn’t seem so worrying from above. It gave the island an air of mystery, of magic. Sure, some of the newbies out of weyrlinghood needed watching as they got the feel of their new Wing, but Fae didn’t mind, Prairie was home to her. It was only after landing, the heavy footfalls of half a wing dropping in organised parts like drumbeats of a canon song, that the ominous feeling settled in the stomachs of those around Fannilin and her Blue.

Not liking the press of the thick grey towards her, blocking her vision of those dragonpairs on the outside of the group, Fae flapped her hands at the nearest tendril. The wind seemed to move too slowly from her to push the fog back, and she crossed her arms with a pout. Spotting one of her wing members giving her a questioning look at her somewhat childish antics, she shrugged and said, “it’ll make my hair frizzy.”

Her voice was weirdly loud amongst the reserved morning air, but even then, further conversation would be difficult as the creak of the gates made it difficult to hear. Or, they would have made it difficult to hear talking, they did very little to block out the sharp roar of pain from off to Fae’s left.

Fae’s mind went completely quiet for a moment, all rational thought and sound chased away by the blood curdling scream. But her bonded didn’t hesitate. Kicking off with a hard pump of Blue wings, Faennilin had the wind knocked out of her momentarily by the leap into the air. The Hunters could jump, they knew that, but it was no safer on the ground when you couldn’t see them.

If only they had firestone, the thought passed through their bond momentarily, the image of the snarling Hunters that thought to attack their friends and home screeching as skin melted held more than a hint of vicious satisfaction to it. But they didn’t. Fae didn’t really have anything more than a meagre belt knife. The strength of her dragon and her Wing was the only thing she could rely on now.

Close to the front of the Hall, the skinny Bluerider lay low in her saddle, making it easier for the Blue’s agility to take over if they needed. Working on drilled orders alone, her own mind unable to think from fear for the moment, the dragonpair noted the closest Hunters, trying to count numbers. But with the roiling of the fog as dragons took to the air, and the new faces in the Wing, it was hard to keep track of who and what was where.

Unable to recognise the closest enemy, or weakest friend near them, her Blue darted in front of the Hold doors, ready to pounce on any Hunters that thought to make it past the protective metal gates. Mind kickstarted by the focus and ferocity of her Blue, Fae leant over the side of her saddle just slightly. “Close the gate!” She screamed towards the doors, unseeing of any inside. “Hunters! Close the gate now!”

Surely they’d hear the screams and realise, surely they’d act fast to save themselves. Because if a Hunter got inside those walls, there was very little the dragonriders could do to save them.

Member Info...

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Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Coloured by: SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Voy (like boy) – yth (like myth)
Date of Birth:
28.10.2587 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 25m
Mature Height: 5m
Mature Wingspan: 40m (slightly shorter than they should be)

General Appearance...

When Voyith hatched he was a little lighter in colouration, soft and cool colours like watching the cove outside the Bowl at night time. His initial exit wasn’t graceful, but Fae found everything he’s done since then elegant and smooth. He darkened in colouration quite quickly, almost every day people could see the difference, which was exciting for Fae. He has a couple of scars on his side from where the Hunter dug his claws in to try and roll the pair, but other than that his hide is softly patterned without being obtrusive. The colours that fold over his wingsails make them look almost iridescent, and Fae likes to lay them out and run her hands over them when she’s bored.

At his full size, Voyith isn’t a large Blue, and his wings are a little short in comparison to the rest of his well-proportioned form. Although they aren’t as long as they should be, they’re still wide, which is great for pulling out of sharp dives, and letting the wind blow the pair sharply off course. Which is Voyith’s favourite trick.


Mind Voice: Voyith always sounds like he’s grumbling, even when he’s happy. There’s just a low rumble to his voice that sounds like it’s always tinged with annoyance. Which isn’t entirely true. He isn’t annoyed a lot, but he has a vicious streak that Fae has always said was brought on to match the Hunters. He’s not as arrogant as the blacks, which means he doesn’t get in fights or steps outside of his station a lot, he’s just a little vindictive.

* Water – Voyith has always been a water baby and would have loved to be in Beach Wing. But that isn’t where he and Fae are meant to be, she far prefers their family in Prairie, and he far prefers her to be happy. His favourite time of the day is when they join Beach in their fishing chores, however. And bath time.
* Jobs – Doesn’t like being left to his own devices, except for sleep, Voyith really prefers to have something to do.

* Early Mornings – Well… we all have to have some vices, Voyith’s is that he likes to sleep in. But that chance doesn’t come often for dragons, so he’ll just have to take what he can get.
* Arrogance – For Voyith, there’s a different between being confident, good and charming, to being an ass. He’s not quite aware that he crosses that line at times, but he hates it when others do.


* FOCUSSED: Almost obsessively so, Voyith is always on task and concentrating, when Fae rarely is. He just likes having something to do, and he wants to do well to make Fae, her family, and his wingmates proud.

* CHARMING: Perhaps because Voyith is so focussed, he is very good at paying attention to what people like and what they want to hear, which makes him charming. At least, to the extent that dragons are. He’ll casually flirt with pretty much everyone, without really realising that counts as flirting.

* BRAVE: Voyith deeply cares about the people around him, dragonkind, dragoncousins and humans, and he’ll go to great lengths to protect them. Unfortunately, he’ll only ever have to risk it with Fae on his back, which deeply troubles him. Choosing between putting her at risk and doing his duty is the hardest decision he’ll have to make, but Fae trusts him, and believes whole heartedly in the dragonriders, so the decision comes easier when they think as one. Unfortunately, the most recent chance they got, when the Hunters attacked the Minehall when Prairie was delivering supplies, shook Voyith’s confidence considerably, given the close call they had and Fae’s injury since.


* DEPENDANT: All dragons are close with their riders, they are two parts of a whole. However, Voyith is very attached to Fae. He’s never liked being apart from her for too long, and complains whenever he’s left alone. He needs something and someone to focus on, and Fae is always entertaining.

* SMOL BEAN: For a dragon with a bit of a vicious streak, he doesn’t really fit the physique he would want. Taking down Hunters, the overlarge wherries called Skycoursers, beachsnakes and sharpfish in defence of those he cares about and those he’s supposed to protect, is a lot harder for him than he’d care to admit.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #304A51; Text: #B8D0D6

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Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Faennilin [25.10.2572 // Bluerider]
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Re: Faennilin [25.10.2572 // Bluerider]
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If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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Re: Faennilin [25.10.2572 // Bluerider]
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If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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