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Author Topic: Ahlanour | 22.02.2573 | Candidate  (Read 183 times)

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Ahlanour | 22.02.2573 | Candidate
« on: May 13, 2018, 11:42:24 PM »

Play By:
Max Barczak

Date of Birth:
22.02.2573 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Job Before Search:
Glass-smith Apprentice
Color Preference:
Definitely a Black! I'd be okay with any others, but the Black ones really draw my eye. Ahlanour is a bit of a scrapper, and isn't afraid to fight. While seemingly withdrawn, he has a fair temper, and would love to help fight once he has been trained up. He is also incredibly protective, and once he is attached to someone, he would give his life to protect them, and those important to them.
Future Rider Name:
Spouse or Weyrmate:
Doesn't have one but really wants one

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Ahlanour looks like many other young men. He stands somewhat shorter than most, at five foot three, and has a fairly delicate, fragile build. He isn't powerful or muscular looking and, as a matter of fact, is thin enough to look sickly. His skin is a light pale color, and when he tans it becomes a sickly tan. Ahlanour has bright green eyes, oddly severe, standing out starkly against his skin. His hair is wavy, reaching to his ears in the front and the nape of his neck in the back. It is a bright blonde color, which could easily be mistaken for platinum in certain lights. His hair is fairly messy, with a cowlick in the top right part of it, popping up no matter how much he tries to brush it or slick it down. He has a rather large, brown freckle just off of his chin.

Ahlanour has a delicate face, with high cheekbones and a pointed chin. His voice isn't deep in the least. It isn't high enough to be girly, but is somewhere in between. Some days it's raspy, almost breathless, but for the most part it's very soft, with a bit of a lilt. Oddly, he has very little in the way of visible body hair, being smooth like a shaven girl aside from his hair and eyebrows.

Al tends dress fairly plainly.  Most of the time, he wears a tunic of some sort, usually a pale blue or green in color. He tends to wear trousers, with leather boots, and gloves to match.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Ahlanour does not outwardly show how he feels about the 9th pass. Instead, he began to focus more and more on his work, escaping by focusing intently on that. However, it set off the beginning of the idea of becoming a Dragonrider, escaping his boring life. Sometimes, he wishes he was born before the world ended, as life may have been better then. Sometimes, he thinks on the what-if's, thinking that perhaps he might have been able to make friends if he'd been born during another time.

Response to dragon color mutations: Ahlanour thinks they are fascinating, and could be rather useful in the future. Although he doesn't know much about them, he thinks they look interesting, and would love the opportunity to work with one, even if it's just in his Wing.

Who are you...

ANIMALS: Although he doesn't seem like it, when it comes to animals he is a complete soft touch. A pair of pleading eyes, and he goes to goo. If he could, he'd take in every animal he comes across.
SWEETS: Despite what one may think, Ahlanour actually has a very strong sweet tooth. Any sweets should be hidden from him, as he lacks the willpower to ignore it, and will do anything he can to get his hands on them.
PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Ahlanour is rather like a cat. If you try and force physical affection on him, you'll get hurt. However, if you let him come to you, you will eventually end up being used as a cane, as a head-rest, as a chair, as a bed, or as a pillow, or even several at once.
COOKING: Despite having worked as a metal-smith, Ahlanour loves cooking. His father taught him how to do so, and he took to it like a duck to water.

FUZZY FOODS: Ahlanour can never quite put a finger on why he doesn't like fuzzy foods, but the moment it touches his tongue, he begins to retch. Even cutting off the fuzzy parts doesn't work.
PERKY PEOPLE: Something about people who act too happy, or happy all the time, rubs him the wrong way. They raise his ire far more quickly than others, and tend to bear the brunt of his temper when he looses it.
LOUD MOUTHS: Ahlanour favors secrets, and is known to keep things close to his chest. He heavily favors privacy, and thinks people who don't need to be taught otherwise.

LITHE:  Being small and thin, Ahlanour is capable of fitting himself into places that most cannot. He lacks a sense of claustrophobia, and is rather flexible, leaving him able to bend and contort easily.
BRAVE: Ahlanour doesn't really fear much. He thrives on adrenaline rushes, and battling turns him from a rather quiet, taciturn young man into a blood-thirsty fighter. He isn't afraid to be hurt, and he isn't afraid to hurt.
QUICK-THINKING: Ahlanour has a very fast, intelligent mind. Plans come to mind almost instantaneously, and those thoughts will have back up plans. Those back-up plans will have back-up plans. He is able to take in things quickly, useful when flying at high speeds.
FAST: Being rather short, and scrawny, Ahlanour is naturally predisposed to speed over strength. He is built for sprinting, not long-distance running.
QUICK-LEARNER: Ahlanour is very quick to pick up new skills. While he may not master them instantly, he can generally learn the gist of it quite quickly, and he is willing to spend many hours practicing any new skills.

WITHDRAWN: Although he doesn't show it, he has a hard time speaking about things other than work, or classes. Although he doesn't like to show it, he gets nervous speaking in front of others, and covers this up with bravado. However, being withdrawn has resulted in a disconnect where he struggles to see things the way others do, and his words don't always come out right, and his tone is often wrong for what he's trying to convey.
PRIVATE: Ahlanour tends to keep to himself. He plays his cards close to his chest, and has a hard time interacting with others beyond what is necessary. While occasionally useful, this tends to be harmful to him, as it prevents him from approaching others when he really does need help. It may come from a sense of pride, wanting to prove the boys of his youth that he can take care of himself, but at times this can go a bit too far.
GREY-ROCKS: Also known as a Poker Face. Ahlanour tends to wear a blank expression on his face, not emoting when he speaks. He has long learned to keep his thoughts to himself. This is harmful to him as, due to having long gotten used to it, he struggles to emote properly when he wants to.
SHORT: To be frank, Ahlanour is rather short. While this allows him to be quick, able to move flexibly, this does result in him not being as strong as other boys, or men. He cannot reach what others can, leaving him to use his flexibility to try and get higher.
PHYSICALLY WEAK: He is not physically powerful, and has to rely on being fast and smart over slow and strong. He attempts to keep a strong physique, but struggles, and even if he was able to he would never be as strong as others of more intimidating heights.

Describe Yourself:

STRATEGIST: Ahlanour has a rather quick, bright mind. Plans come to him easily, and he isn't afraid to throw in his suggestions or to offer ideas.
COOL-HEADED: Ahlanour is not one for quick, rash decisions, and isn't easily angered. And, when he is angered, he doesn't show it, which can result in him taking people off guard. To others, it can look like he goes from 0-100, when really it has been building up rather slowly.
QUIET: Ahlanour tends to keep to himself. He only speaks when he thinks he can add something important to the conversation, and uses the time he's not speaking to Listen, and gather information that would most likely be missed by others.
LOYAL: Ahlanour is as loyal as a good dog. Once you have proven yourself to be a worthy friend, he will stand by your side no matter what, and it takes an act of god to get him to betray you. He would happily give his life if you asked, and would give you the clothes off of his back.
LOVING: He may not seem it, but once someone has broken passed his walls, he proves to be a very loving person. Ahlanour will happily sit with you for hours and just listen, or curl up against you on cold nights.

The Magic Touch: Tends to tap his fingers on his thigh when he becomes agitated, chews on his lip when nervous. Tends to have an oral fixation, constantly chewing on something such as a piece of hay or a plant stalk.


Mother: Azameth, Glass-smith, Snr. Journeymen, 2555
Father: Orlen, Black-smith, Snr. Journeymen, 2553

Ahmaad, 2576, 2577
Mahdelaigne, 2578, 2578
Surleign, 2580, 2581

Children: n/a

Tell us a story...

2573, 0 Was born. Reacted by screaming like a stuck pig.

2576, 3 Little brother Ahmaad was born. Did not have much of a reaction due to being a toddler. He become much more attached to his father, as his mother's attention was stolen by the new baby, leaving more time for them to bond.

2577, 4 Little brother Ahmaad died of fever. Did not have much of a reaction due to being a toddler. However, he was quite glad to have his mother back, even if she, along with his father, was much more withdrawn after the fact. Started helping his mother and father in their crafts, showed natural talent for glass-working. He was too young to do much, but loved being helpful.

2578, 5 Little sister Mahdelaigne was stillborn. Was sad, having begun to grow excited at the thought of being a brother. However, before long, he was back to normal, encouraged by his parents who wanted to forget the death of the daughter they'd longed for. Began to work more with his parents, starting to learn to work instead of just bringing materials. He proved to be a fast learner, willing to work for hours to learn something new. Father began to teach him to cook, he enjoyed it, and would often insist on helping make dinner.

2580, 7 Little brother Surleign was born, Ahlanour was very excited to be an older brother now that he was more emotionally developed. He enjoyed taking care of the animals around the Hold, and thought having a little sibling would be similar. However, he remembered the death of Mahdelaigne, and vaguely Ahmaad, but didn't let it show.

2581, 8 Little brother Surleign died in his sleep of unknown causes. He was sad, and withdrew into his lessons, focusing more on learning the more intricate parts of his parent's crafts. His parents did their best to pull him out of it, but were upset themselves, and didn't do terribly well. Here is where they began to split, no longer quite as close as before. He became more independent, preferring to spend his time where the forges were.

2585, 12 Became an Apprentice under his mother, learning Glassworking, as he showed more talent in that over metalworking. He found he had a talent with small, delicate things, and is able to plan ahead well, and can turn a mental image into reality with relative ease. He worked hard, wanting to prove himself to his parents, as well as the others in the Hold. After all, if he became a higher ranked Glass-worker than them, he would be proving them wrong. His parents brought up the idea of marriage, but he vetoed it - he'd never been attracted to any of the girls, and so they dropped it, content to keep him on as an apprentice. At the time, he didn't realize he was gay, just that he wasn't interested.

2586, 13 Got into his first fight with a boy who was harassing some girls. Was surprised to discover he really enjoyed it, and began to actively seek out fights, although only for good causes. This resulted in him becoming a bit of an outcast amongst the others of his age, as the boy was a leader of sorts among the children. This resulted in the beginning of him becoming isolated and withdrawn.

2589, 16 Was cornered by the boy and his group and was viciously beaten. Resulted in him having a slight limp, and cemented his rather withdrawn personality. He completely detached, and began to focus solely on his parents' crafts, now able to make professional level glass-items, and passable metal items. Became fairly talented with cooking.

2591, 18 Was Searched. At first he wasn't certain, but after the shock wore off he was quick to accept, wanting to become a Dragonrider, and become his own person. The appeal of relative 'freedom' drew him like a moth to flame, despite the fact he'd have to give up his training in glassworking.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit. Ahlanour frowned, brow furrowing as bright green eyes narrowed. His jaw worked constantly going round and round, as he gnawed on the end of a stalk of hay. He'd long sucked any taste out of it, but having something in his mouth, something to fiddle with, helping him to keep a clear mind.

Not that he had a lot of trouble with that. It was just, if left to his own devices, his mind wandered. And sometimes, he didn't like the directions it went in. For some reason, the rhythmic movement soothed his mind, lulling him into a contended daydream.

Unfortunately, he'd only just begun to relax into the daydream when a Dragon went flying by. He grimaced, opening his eyes that he hadn't realized had been closed, turning his head to watch a Green fly by, Rider on its back, performing twists and turns. His messy hair had been furthered mussed by the winds thrown by the Dragon's passing, and so he brought up a spider-like hand to run his long fingers through his hair, straightening it up the best he could. However, his hair was naturally messy, so it only went from 'messy and windblown' to 'just shagged'.

"Honestly, can't you watch where you're going?" he grumbled quietly, shaking his head, although if one looked closely they'd be able to read envy in his eyes. He could only hope that that would be him one day, sitting on the back of a Dragon of his own, messing the hair of Candidates they passed. And so, once more, he began to think on what type of Dragon he'd get. Despite his proclivities for males, he was still undeniably male, so Golds were off the table. As were Bronzes - they never Impressed men who liked men.

Oh! Perhaps a Black - they were incredibly rare, but definitely drew his eye. Maybe a large brown? Although he pretended to be calm, he was anything but level-headed, he just was good at hiding it. There were also Blues, Greens, and Reds, all of which he'd be satisfied with as well.

Once more, he was distracted from his daydreams of Dragonriding by the same blasted green, and he grumbled as he bent low against the winds, reaching up to cover his hair.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
No One Lives Forever [30]
Anything Else:
Homosexual | Virgin

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Re: Ahlanour | 22.02.2573 | Candidate
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Re: Ahlanour | 22.02.2573 | Candidate
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