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Author Topic: Private A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin  (Read 669 times)

Offline Meyelthra

A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« on: June 02, 2018, 12:11:07 AM »
Things were moving cautiously forward. After the first successful fight, of course there was going to be another. Deep in the dark tunnels of the Mine Hall, those of a less than moral character gathered up. Set the ring. Drug out their wher and set the stage for more fights. Life was routine and boring. This? This was fun. This was good.

This was the sort of thing Meyelthra missed most about Fort. She’d not told X’hos about it because... well, for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it wasn’t any of his damn business what she did when he dropped her off. Just because they lived together now and he looked at her like that, didn’t mean shit to Meyelthra. He was still just... comfortable. Convenient. She didn’t owe him and she certainly wasn’t beholden to tell him a damn thing if she didn’t want to.

And she didn’t. The last thing Meyelthra wanted to find out was that his Rider bred sense of duty would over power him and he’d feel the need to tell someone. Anyone. For whatever reason.

This as precious. This was important. Secondly, it was hers. It might’ve been childish, but the sweat and blood scented tunnels were all hers and she didn’t want to share any of that with him.

Granted, now she’d have to figure out a damned good lie as to why, and how, Meyesk had ended up with a great big gash on his shoulder and some tearing along one of his wings. Bruising could be hand waved or even overlooked.

These required stitches. Probably an explanation. A lie. It wasn’t that Meyelthra hated lying. She didn’t really care and didn’t feel bad about lying to X’hos so much as she hated having to remember whatever the lie might be. Then he’d get all concerned, wonder if she should be going to the Hall... Meyel sighed heavily as she looked at Meyesk. The big bronze was laying on his belly, eyes an acrid orange while he watched Meyelthra. The healer was working on the stitches. A no-nonsense sort of man with clean hands and not much else. He wasn’t happy to be missing other fights to deal with the injured wher, but it was his job.

What he was being compensated, in whatever way, for the night. Switched shifts, a blow job later on by his favorite girl. Whatever they were trading around now-a-days. Meyelthra wasn’t in charge of that sort of thing. One of her hands remained on the wher to keep him down. Not that he was the sort to do anything but lay once he’d been told otherwise. She glanced around the glow lit side cave to see who else had been injured that night. More out of idle curiosity than anything else. Taking inventory of who else might be out of the fights for the night and if she recognized anyone.

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2018, 04:03:43 AM »
The caverns are dark, just enough glows to move around without hitting people, (better for the Whers) and the smell of sweat and stale bodies is almost welcome. Almost because it still stinks, but it's a smell that means fun. No watching her words and making sure she's not offending the wrong people, or if she does offend people no having to apologise and grovel.

Kyrrin grinned even as she wiped blood away from Kyrrinsk's leg, the Wher radiated smug pride through the pain as she held her leg up for inspection. That had been a good fight. She'd almost felt a touch of concern when they'd been drawn against a blue, but Kyrrinsk hadn't seemed bothered, eyeing her larger opponent with excitement. Still it'd been a close fight and she'd come out with a bite on one foreleg that was quite deep.

“Come on.” Kyrrinsk gingerly put her leg down, but followed along as Kyrrin slowly led her around the ring to the healer. Not that she wasn't able to put her own stitches in, just, his were neater, and well, might as well take advantage of his services while he was there and not wanting an extortionate bribe.

“Evening. Good fight?” She said to the woman waiting next to the bronze wher the healer was working on. She'd been too busy with getting ready for theirs to watch the few before them. Kyrrinsk peered round her leg and Kyrrin got the faint sense that she was impressed by what she was seeing. Not that she could fault her whers taste, the bronze was beautifully proportioned and well muscled.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2018, 10:33:53 AM »
For all her interest in who might be around the healer, Meyelthra was cursed with not having a clue who many around her were. Unless they were someone she’d gone up against in the past – and frequently enough to either leave a bad taste in her mouth or be some sort of enemy – they weren’t likely to leave an impression. Nor would she remember their name. There were a handful of gang members she’d run around with, who she’d call acquaintance. Their names would come easier than others.

But the past couple of turns had been easy and she was quicker to recall the weyrfolk she worked with than all the people she’d fought back in Fort. Was that progress? Laziness? Hard to tell.

When another and their green wher sauntered back to the Healer’s corner from a fight, of course she noticed. Though it wasn’t likely that Meyelthra had ever fought against them. Bronzes outclassed, in size and weight, the little Greens. The fight wouldn’t be fair in any way, and so no entertainment there. Naught beyond pure bloodshed.

“Evening,” Meyelthra lazily replied, before nodding. “Every fight is a good fight.” Even the ones where the wher died. Seemed a cruel way to think about it, for some, but Meyelthra loved the fights. The rush. The feel of Meyesk pulling at her mind to let go and tear into his opponent. Some of their best memories together had been when the other wher had died... or when Meyesk had nearly died himself.

The bronze didn’t even look at the other bonded pair. He was too busy with the needle being stuck in his flesh. But Snap appeared. All jittery nerves and bright yellow eyes. He hated fights, but he hated leaving Meyelthra alone even more. He landed on her shoulder and curled there. Trying to be inconspicuous and invisible. Too bad he was too pale a color to really hide in the shadows.

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2018, 02:20:47 PM »
That startled a laugh out of Kyrrin as she acknowledged the statement with an incline of her head. “True enough.” Though Kyrrinsk had come a little too close to being killed a couple of times and that had been more heart-stopping than exciting while it was happening. Now though it is in the past, it's only use as a training tool for working out how to not end up in that position again. And Kyrrin likes to think that they learn fast, making the same mistake a second time is a novice mistake.

She flashed another grin at the woman, still on too much of a high after their fight to think about being less happy. Punch drunk someone had once called it and Kyrrin had remembered the term because it made a lot of sense. (It was also better than alcohol because the punches went where you aimed them).

“Winning is even better.” The mix of thrill, pride, delight that roll down their bond made Kyrrinsk's thoughts on the matter clear too.

“Kyrrin, and Kyrrinsk.” She said with a respectful nod as the green huffed at her name, leaning into the absent minded caress Kyrrin gave her. Her name's not exactly a well guarded secret, nothing really is when you live packed in together, so she's not bothered about giving it out to a stranger. Besides, it wouldn't be hard to find out so why try to conceal it.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #4 on: June 02, 2018, 02:42:36 PM »
At the remark that winning was even better, Meyelthra turned to regard the newcomer with more interest. It was an obvious statement. Not many enjoyed losing. Only a handful were paid off to throw a match and they still didn’t fare well for the trouble of going down when they were told.

Meyelthra couldn’t stomach the idea of tossing a match because someone with big head thought she should, but she’d known of people who made a living back in Fort throwing matches when it suited them. She just liked to win.

Meyesk grunted his agreement.

The offer of a name didn’t ring any familiar bells in Meyelthra’s name, but it could’ve been someone she’d run into hundreds of times and been introduced to a half a dozen more and it still wouldn’t have mattered. People were only important for as long as they existed in her life. “Name’s Meyelthra.” She didn’t care who knew her, or who didn’t. Call it arrogance. Call it gettin’ comfortable at the weyr. The odds that anyone would be sneaking into her room at night to knife her now were so far removed and remote it was laughable.

The joys of having a Rider for a bedfellow.

“How long ya been fightin’?” She glanced over the Green in the dim glows. How the Healer could see a damned thing...

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2018, 03:29:28 PM »
Meyelthra. It sort of rang a bell, in the; somebody else may have mentioned it once, sort of way. But now the other fighter has turned into what little light there is Kyrrin can't remember ever being introduced before. And she remembers anyone she's worked with before, it never hurts to know names and faces. It could be the difference between another job and another meal, especially back when they were still at Fort.

How long... now that's a question, she has to work out how long she's been with Kyrrinsk for that. Not like she keeps track. One day is like any other. Eat, sleep, fight...

“Eight years.” She had to run that calculation twice before she could answer. Eight years since Kyrrinsk had her first fight and she still remembers the utter delight and glee as her young untried Wher had managed to win. It'd been that which had gotten them both hooked. No one cared then what you looked like or how old you were. All that mattered was if you were willing to fight and accept the results. Nothing has really changed with the move in that respect.

Kyrrinsk, no shame in any bone of her body, stepped out from behind Kyrrin when Meyelthra looked her way and there was no other word that fitted except preened at the sudden attention, no matter how little it was. Some days Kyrrin was sure her Wher thought she was a gold not a green.

"How about you?" She asked as she gave Kyrrinsk an affectionate slap.

Kyrrinsk is 3.0M Long and 1.2M High

Offline Meyelthra

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #6 on: June 02, 2018, 08:05:30 PM »
Meyelthra made a face. Not wholly pleasant, and probably made more garish in the shadows. The question was to be expected. She’d asked, it could be turned around on her. But she didn’t really have a good answer. She’d lost a couple whers in her time. Meyesk was just the most recent. Her prize wher, as it were. The one who survived the Pass right alongside Meyelthra.

The frown turned into a casual enough smile and she shrugged a shoulder. An answer in and of itself. Truth be told, Meyelthra was sort of foggy on how old she was. Somewhere in her twenties, she was certain.

“Ya out for the night?” She gestured toward the injured foreleg. Sometimes they looked worse than they were. Like Meyesk’s. Didn’t look too bad, but the gash on the shoulder put him out for the rest of the night. Probably the week. Couldn’t risk tearing muscle and getting infected if he got bit, or got dirt in the wound. Or if he tore stitches. What’s more, she didn’t need X’hos fretting even more if it did get worse.

Best to play it safe while things were still getting sorted.

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #7 on: June 03, 2018, 11:11:11 AM »
The frown that seemed to cross Meyelthra's face wasn't that unusual a reaction to a probing question like that; the flinch from the less well controlled or a twist of the face from those who've learnt a little better, they mean the same thing. Don't ask. The shrug was even more confirmation of that and Kyrrin let it drop without a word. Long enough is as good an answer as any.

'Are we done?' Maybe... Kyrrin gave Kyrrinsk another glance, noting the slightly off kilter stance as more weight is distributed onto her uninjured leg. Probably better to call it a night on the fights and avoid any more injuries that might take too long to heal. It wouldn't do to lose one of their main means of income just to prove a point.

Besides, the healer would not be happy if he had to redo the stitches if they tore. He'd probably throw things at them. Again. Healers tend to do that when people do silly things and apparently going back into the ring is a stupid thing to do.

“Aye. We're out. I'm going to go track down a drink when Kyr's been put back together, you're welcome to join me if you're done.”

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #8 on: June 03, 2018, 12:20:05 PM »
The healer made grumbling sounds at Meyethra. Instructions on how to keep the wound clean, keep the skin around the stitches oiled and neat so they didn’t harden and crack open. Things she already knew, that he thought she might knew, but he said out of habit. Or a sense of responsibility. Or both. Meyelthra had been taken care of injured wher for as long as she’d been fighting. While she couldn’t really stitch’em up all that great or set bone, she knew how to oil a wound and knew what to do after the fact.

In that, she was meticulous. Just her way. Of that, X’hos wouldn’t see any change. Oiling her flit, wher, and even his dragon was just one of her things.

The healer moved over to the little green and set about the task of tending to it while Meyelthra considered the offer of a drink. Meyesk was good to go, his eyes fading to a mild green and she didn’t have anything else better to do with her night besides watch the other fights. Which... really. She wasn’t apart of them so how great could they really be?

“Drink sounds pretty good.” She mused aloud, then added with a grin. “If it’s on you.”

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #9 on: June 03, 2018, 02:22:58 PM »
One hand flattened against Kyrrins leg, coupled with a soft whistle once the bronze had moved and Kyrrinsk lay down with a huff, pointedly ignoring the healer as he poked at her leg before he picked up his needle again. They'd worked on their signals for a long time and it had paid off. Especially when the green needed to be kept in one place - the healers did appreciate a Wher that wasn't trying to take their arm off.

One eyebrow rose before Kyrrin grinned at the audacity of the other handler. Just for the sheer impudence in the casual delivery of the not quite a demand she deserved a drink. They'd had a good set of fights recently, coupled with some solid work about a week ago, she wasn't in danger of running out of trinkets to trade around.

“I think I can manage that. Any place?” It was always polite to ask - never could know who wasn't welcome where. There was that one brewer who refused to even speak to Kyrrin let alone pass over any of his stock and all over a little scuffle.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #10 on: June 04, 2018, 11:01:28 AM »
Meyelthra considered a long moment, glancing back toward where all the action was taking place. Then, with a shrug, she gestured toward the fights. “They serve some drinks back there if you’ve the marks to trade for them.” Currency might not be good for much, anymore, but in the right circles.... mostly for gambling and fights, it still was. Meyelthra still had some from her days back in Fort, but she’d already said the drinks were on her new friend.

“If you still want to watch the fights, that is.” She shrugged again, still smiling. “Unless you had a mind for somewhere more private.” The odds that they could find a drink in a quieter place were pretty good. The dark tunnels were springing up with all manner of people setting up their... wares. It was nothing like Fort used to be, but there was the hint of it in the air. The dark tunnels were the perfect place to start the gambling, the thieving, the rush of it all up again.

Was it no wonder Meyelthra liked it here? Even if a small part of her did like having a bed to return to at the weyr, where she knew no one was going to stick it in her back when she was asleep?

Damn, she was spoiled now.

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #11 on: June 04, 2018, 01:33:10 PM »
“I know a couple of places that aren't so loud.” Kyrrin said after a moment of contemplation.

Sticking around could be fun, the atmosphere was always seething with emotions as bets were won and lost. Scuffles outside the ring weren't allowed - one giant brawl would quickly get everything shut down quicker than one could go between. That didn't mean it was quiet or calm. The dim lighting just added to the effect of shouts and bodies, all entwined with the glow of eyes in the dark.

For Kyrrin that effect was a heady rush of and Kyrrinsk picked up on it no matter how hard she tried to shield the bond. Even now the Wher was radiating excitement despite the healer neatly putting the last stitches in her arm and starting to tie off the thread.

If they stuck around, even with a new acquaintance, they'd probably end up in another fight. Best they leave now and just avoid that outcome.

“There's one down the left fork out the back that does a decent brew.” And wouldn't try to cheat them unless he wanted to visit the healers to reset his nose again. She still has no idea what made him think she was stupid enough to fall for hiked up prices.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #12 on: June 04, 2018, 02:32:34 PM »
Meyelthra shrugged a shoulder then gestured for her newfound friend to lead the way. If she didn’t want to stick around the press of bodies and the clamor of bets, that was fine with her. Meyelthra, herself, didn’t feel the pull of it all like some people did. She could well and truly control herself when she didn’t want to do something – and she was done with betting and fighting for the night.

Drinking, however, was still on the table. As it were. X’hos was scheduled to pick her up early and it wouldn’t be the first time he picked her up drunk. Then she could pass out happily in her own bedfurs and sleep the day away.

The glory of having no real responsibilities since she was ‘mated’ to a dragonrider. Apparently it was assumed she would either contribute to the weyr or that he was doing enough for the both of them. Whatever worked.

Meyesk stood, huffed a little when pain flared up along his shoulder, and limped a little as he settled on his legs. Pain didn’t overly bother him, but he was irritated at the burning sensation that came along with new sutures.

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #13 on: June 14, 2018, 04:08:40 PM »
The walk wasn't that long and Kyrrin didn't try and speed it up, winding her way round the bodies with Meyelthra, the crowd parting for them, or more likely for the towering bronze and not so towering green. It always made her feel better to see people who normally wouldn't have budged when she was younger step aside to let her pass. The only ones she had to watch out for were other handlers with bigger Whers who wouldn't appreciate a green trying to barge their handlers out of the way.

She patted Kyrrinsk on the shoulder, well above the stitches, as they turned into the corridor, a flash of disappointment rolling down the bond from the Wher.

“This is the place.” She said as she stepped into a roughly cut room where a few people were already gathered on a mismatch of furniture, the chatter quiet compared to the rowdy shouting still barely audible from the arena. The bar was more of a cart and some hastily thrown together planking, but it did the job.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #14 on: June 15, 2018, 02:03:13 PM »
Meyelthra had seen ‘bars’ and drink stops much like this one. One place was as good as any other. Since she wasn’t paying, Meyelthra found a spot to sit with space for Meyesk to lay. Getting weight off of his legs while his shoulder healed up was for the best.

Since she wasn’t paying and she didn’t have any where else to be, Meyelthra was the picture of relaxation. Reclining in the thrown together furniture – a cushion on a chair that had seen better days that creaked under her small weight – next to a rock pillar that had been carved into a table. It’d do. She was happy, relaxed, and in her element.

It reminded Meyelthra so much of the days back in Fort. The glows lighting the place up, the murmur of conversation in the cavern occasionally spiked with the louder shouts down the tunnel from the fights. This was her old home, her old territory. Where she used to prowl. Not where she’d want to sleep so much, anymore, but it was still familiar. Like an old lover’s embrace. Meyelthra loved it.

But there was still something to be said about the comforts or the weyr. How neat and orderly it was. She’d not say aloud that the weyr probably had the right of it, that they were doing things better... at the risk of this sort of dark, dim lit freedom, but she did believe it.

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #15 on: August 07, 2018, 04:57:25 PM »
Kyrrin gathered up a couple of drinks in exchange for a mark she'd won earlier and sat down across from her new friend (acquaintance). Kyrrink curled herself up beside them, careful not to invade the bronze whers space too much but also not truly caring if she was a little closer than was prudent. One day Kyrrin would teach her that she couldn't take on a gold or bronze and actually win.

She pushed one mug across the table and leant back carefully, the chair creaking ominously but never-the-less holding up to her weight.

“You living round here?” She asked with a gesture at the surrounding rock, sure that she should be able to place them if they did. But the island, for all that they were crammed into one area, was still large enough that she couldn't possibly know everyone. There were people up at the Weyr that she'd probably never even seen and probably didn't want to either.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #16 on: August 08, 2018, 11:07:21 AM »
Meyesk didn’t mind sharing space, especially when it was in settings like this. He was relaxed, eyes partially closed, and idly alert to his surroundings. If Meyelthra wanted him to do something, she’d say. Otherwise, he couldn’t be bothered unless someone actively bothered him. Which did not happen often. Most kept their distance from a big bronze wher. Other whers included.

When the drink was pushed her way, Meyelthra flashed her new friend a smile and happily scooped it up. Free drinks were the best, in her opinion. It almost felt like they really were back in Fort. Maybe there was still a suspended sense of safety? Meyelthra knew she wouldn’t have to find some dark crevice to sleep in later, with an eye open so she wouldn’t get knifed. Or scrounge up a mark to spend some time in a brothel, if only because the beds were a bit safer.

When Kyrrin asked if she was from around, Meyelthra grinned lopsided. “Ah, no. Just visiting for the fun of it.” Shards, that just made her sound fuckin’ spoiled. She really was. “I usually stay up at the weyr, but I like to come down here for the... ah, company.” That was actually the truth of it though. The Weyr might be more organized, neater, and fair better in trying times, but they were certainly lacking a personality.

Or at least fun. They were all about work and survival. How droll. Meyelthra tried not to think too hard about how if Fort had focused more on surviving, they might’ve done a bit better.

“You stay down here?” she returned the question, because it was polite. And sitting in silence was boring.

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #17 on: August 08, 2018, 03:15:55 PM »
Huh. Well. That wasn't what she'd expected. She lived up at the weyr. A frown twisted Kyrrins features for a moment before she shook herself. The woman couldn't be that bad, not with a fighting wher. She was probably just using the riders for a good cut. You know, food, a decent bed, possibly sex. Wasn't a bad plan. If she could stand the dragons she'd think about trying it herself, but she couldn't take their gazes, the sharding beasts were always watching and judging.

“Yeah, company is certainly better here unless you want to go stand on ceremony.” From the rumours she'd heard the riders had ranks that were somehow dragon enforced and fuck if she was going to bow to some woman just because she had the luck to be near to a gold dragon when it hatched.

Kyrrin shrugged as the question was turned back on her. “Haven't really got anywhere else to go. Just me and Kyrrinsk left.” Because damned if she would ever ask the weyr if her last brother had survived threadfall, she didn't even know what bastardisation of his name he'd decided on or what colour dragon he'd impressed.

She shrugged lightly and took another drink. “We get by. Fort didn't manage to kill us so here aint gonna do the job either.”

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #18 on: August 08, 2018, 03:36:51 PM »
Meyelthra caught the frown, but chose not to comment. Feelings about the Weyr at the Hall could range anywhere from ambivalence to straight up hate. She didn’t really care, Meyelthra rarely did. What she did and where she lived was certainly her own business. More to the point, she couldn’t really fault most for wanting to get out of the Weyr. They’d spent turns cooped up with dragon riders and their strict orders.

It was nice to be able to breathe at the Hall and, now that there weren’t riders around every corner, scoff at them. Meyelthra grinned at Kyrrin when she said the company was better at the Hall. That was something they’d both agree on. Meyelthra might sleep better at the Weyr, in the bed there, but she was definitely more at home in the dark tunnels, listening to the echoes of the fight down the hall.

It was familiar. Not safe, but oddly comforting. Certainly more exciting.

Meyelthra lifted her cup to the sentiment of getting by. Fort was like that. Just getting by. Taking whatever enjoyment out of life one could fight out of it. “I’ve heard optimistic talk about bringing back a lot of things we’ve been missin’ at the Weyr. Fights. Gambling.” She paused for a drink, watching it as she considered a moment. “You think the Hall’s gonna let that play out?”

Fort was good to her, but she wouldn’t say it was a great place to live. It might have been familiar, and home, but she wasn’t sure it was necessarily a good idea to revert wholly to what it was like back then. Would the Weyr step in then? Meyelthra doubted it.

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
« Reply #19 on: August 08, 2018, 04:03:31 PM »
Now that was a loaded question to ask. Kyrrin took a slow drink as she worked her way through it. Gambling and the whoring. Possibly, they helped keep everybody, if not happy, at least with something to do other than killing each other. More fights, not just the carefully concealed ones at the moment. Maybe. If the hall or weyr could get a cut in it they might allow them in some capacity, that'd be for sure. Without that though, nah, not the full fights like they'd been in tonight. The hall didn't like it when they had to clear up bodies.

Still, rumours were all she'd heard too. Whispers that could have been through too many variations to believe in on several different topics. She'd wait and see. That was always the safer option.

“Possibly, depends what they're wanting to bring back. Some things are easier to keep in line than others.”

And that just about summed up the crafters and higher holders. If it benefited them it's good. If it didn't then it was clearly a bad thing to be frowned at. Send in the peacekeepers and make sure they know what they are doing is wrong.

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Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
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Meyelthra chuckled a moment before she took a drink. Trying to keep it all in line? Controlled chaos? Trying to balance it all and profit from it, in some way. Yeah, that sounded like Fort all over again. She could agree with that and found herself liking her new friend more and more.

They seemed to understand how Fort had worked, and how it all might play out again. If it was allowed to. “I guess it depends on who ends up in charge, hm? Maeron is trying, but his idealistic chatter is only going to go on so far. Especially since there are so many people from Fort who have been chomping to get this sort of freedom. Even he might not be able to control it past a certain point.”

When, or if, that happened, Meyelthra knew she’d retreat to the Weyr. She might have missed the action of Fort, but she didn’t miss the sleepless nights and always having to have Snap look over her shoulder. Maybe she’d become soft living up at the Weyr, with X’hos, getting full nights of sleep and getting to sleep in whenever she wanted... But she wasn’t ready to give that up.

No matter how boring the Weyr might be.

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Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
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Maeron was too... fair. Kyrrin isn't sure if that's the best word, but it's what she's got right now. “Maeron might go for some of that, but he'd only go so far. That won't satisfy everybody. He'd try and impose the same rules on everybody when it's the different rules down in the deeper tunnels that keeps order here.”

Kyrrin grimaced, thinking back to how she remembered Fort. The Lord Holders then hadn't had as much time to deal with all the refugees crowding their hold when they also had thread to deal with. Sure some of the gambling rings had been sponsored by the Lord Holders, but most of the activities had been run by others. Gangs or enterprising individuals. They'd kept their own sort of order and the influx of new refugees had always been the most violent times as everybody found their niche.

“He'd do best to steer clear and let us sort it out ourselves. If not he'll have open rebellion at some point I'd say.” Maybe not for a few years, but it'd happen with too stifling rules and still close quarters.

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Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
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Meyelthra quirked a brow at Kyrrin. Hearing what they had to say was actually a breath of... fresh?... air. Very honest, certainly, that they spoke so freely. Granted, they were sharing drinks in a dark, hole in the wall ‘bar’, but it was still interesting to hear someone speak in such a way.

Probably because she spent so much time in the Weyr, where no one would dream of saying such things.

For that, Meyelthra actually laughed after a moment. For how somber a topic, it might’ve been wildly inappropriate. Granted, the entire topic probably was. “Maeron means well, but he didn’t experience the Pass the way some of us did. Either way, to hear him talk, it’s all idealistic stuff. Hope, looking toward the future, that sorta thing. The people that come back here? They’re just thinkin’ about today.” Meyelthra finished her drink and grinned. She was certainly included in those that didn’t think about the future, about anything else beyond what she was doing right then.


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Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
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“Sounds about right.” Kyrrin said as she contemplated her nearly empty cup. Today was what mattered. Planning for next turn wouldn't do shit if you were rotting in a hole somewhere. And as for just getting by, like so many people down here seemed to, watching their words and cowering away. Pah. Cowards. What was life without some risk?

“I'm certainly living for today. If I get killed tomorrow I don't want to have spent all my life worrying about things. Might as well do what I want and enjoy it. Don't see why I should spend my time slaving away for all the profit to go to Maeron and his ilk.”

She grinned and made to stand up, reaching down to give Kyrrinsk a scratch when she looked up in sleepy query. “Want another?”

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Re: A different brand of fun [ 28.1.2591 / 11PM ] Kyrrin
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Ah, a rebel after Meyelthra’s own heart. She’d largely felt the same way up until... well, up until she’d really started living at the Weyr. Musing on that particular vein of thought, she did nod and pass over her own empty cup. Company was proving to be pretty good, so there was no reason to cut out early. "Yeah, of course."

More to the point, Meyelthra found it interesting that while she did agree with Kyrrin – and had for most of her life – living at the Weyr did skew her way of thinking. There was no doubt in Meyelthra’s mind that Maeron and those around him had lived better during the Pass at Fort. She couldn’t even imagine seeing him in some of the darker tunnels, let alone a brothel. But all the riders in the Weyr, leadership included, seemed to largely have all the same... things. Very utilitarian, very sparse. It wasn’t a way Meyelthra would choose to live, but it certainly would keep lower ranked riders from resenting those shiny Golds more so because they just didn’t seem to have more.

Just more responsibility, she supposed. And more authority, which was still something. Unless they were hoarding piles of food in their rooms, there wasn’t really any wealth at the Weyr for the Leadership to accumulate. Marks meant nothing and supplies were divvied out to those that needed them first. Or maybe X’hos’ rose-colored way of seeing the Weyr was rubbing off on her.

Either way, the stark contrast between Hold, Hall, and Weyr life was quite apparent. Meyelthra would continue enjoying both while she could. Until one or the other imploded, most like. If she were a betting lady, and she was, she’d have placed her marks on the Weyr to last longer than either Hall or Hold.

But she wouldn’t be saying that out loud.

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