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Author Topic: Approved Karowen [02.02.2559 | Journeyman Healer]  (Read 993 times)

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Karowen [02.02.2559 | Journeyman Healer]
« on: June 14, 2018, 03:04:19 AM »
[*img]Paste your image URL here. 500 is suggested for the max width, but the box will scroll if necessary.[/*img]

Play By:

Date of Birth:
02.02.2559 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold - Healer Hall

Your Reflection...

Appearance:Broad shouldered and muscled from a lifetime of hauling firestone sacks and keeping patients from going anywhere, she's pretty average height. She wears her light brown hair (don't look too closely, it's just started showing the odd grey) pulled back into a short tail. It used to be cropped close but with the pass over she's allowed it to grow out a little.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: they survived one way or another. That's the important part. Homes can rebuilt. But lives couldn't if thread had succeeded in wiping out everybody.

Response to dragon color mutations: They are a pain. Literally. Violent critters who cause more problems in hatching than any dragon should. Still, it's nothing that they won't be able to overcome and find a solution for with some thought.
The Weyrleader is... young. But he's not done too badly yet. As long as he keeps doing not too badly, Karowen won't care.

Who are you...


Drawing: She'll often spend her downtime propped up against the edge of the weyrbowl and just doodling. She's no master at the craft, but you can sort of tell what things are meant to be and she finds it relaxing.

Parties: She's never been shy and parties are fun, food, drink, and people, what more could be needed? Only thing better is a good mating flight as the riders are always up for a good time.

Her reputation: It is nice to have bronze dragons follow her orders. Now if only it would work on the stubborn riders she'd be all set.


Idiots: Specifically idiots who think they know better than their healer. Dragons and riders alike are both the same. They think they know best and she's the one who has to put them back together a second time.

Flits: Aggravating little buggers which just get in the way most of the time. Sure they can be useful, but that's only when they're trained and most of them seem to lack that, just popping in and whirling round while she's trying to save a patient.

Rain: And high humidity. And storms. And snow... Just bad weather in general really. She's starting to feel some of the old injuries she's gathered through the years and the island doesn't help with some of it's seasons.

Being pregnant: It's just inconvenient, and stops her leaning over easily she's done it twice, she's not going through it again.


* CARING: As a healer this is clearly of great use and Karowen definitely got enough to go round. While she's got no love of babies and small children, she more considers the entire Weyr to be hers, after all, somebody has to keep them in one piece because some riders certainly seem intent on unnoticed self destruction.

* DECISIVE: The split second between one action and another can mean the difference between life and death. That was a lesson learnt early on and she's never forgotten it. She'll use what facts she has and make a choice, she'll worry about if it was the right choice later.

* PUNCTUAL: Another early lesson never forgotten, if she has somewhere to be she'll be there on time (unless somebody is dying, but she maintains that does not count)

* STRONG: Taking after her father she has a broader frame than a lot of the women do, then pair that with years of hauling firestone (she went through candidacy and then stayed at the weyr, everybody pitched in when needed) and she's stronger than she looks to be.

* UNSHAKABLE: There's not much that can phase her anymore, she's seen the worst thread can do, and nothing can beat the sheer horror of that.


* DELEGATION: She's always worried that somebody will take a turn for the worst if she leaves and insists on staying with them - delegating the different jobs just doesn't cross her mind until she collapses into a bed somewhere.

* GOSSIP: As long as it doesn't involve a patient and their health anything is fair game to chatter about. There's many a rumour which could probably be tracked back to her if anyone truly cared to.

* IMPATIENT: Sometimes things just run better when they are sped up. There's no use sitting around waiting for something to happen when you could be out there doing it.

* SARCASM: Sometimes she just can't help herself, someone will say something so stupid she just has to respond. Her brain will usually catch up a little later and realise that she was talking to somebody important.

* SMALL CHILDREN: Her legendary patience wears very thin with children that are too young to understand her questions and she gets frustrated when they can't follow instructions.

Describe Yourself:

* CHEERFUL: It's not even something put on for patients, she's just naturally bouncy (literally when she was younger) and always smiling.

* CONFIDENT: She knows everything will work out, optimism is her main outlook on life, and even when she's not, she's mastered the Healers art of wearing a mask that says everything will be fine.

* AFFECTIONATE: Be it just curling up with a friend by a fire in a warm cavern to chat on a cold night, or the lust induced by a flight, she likes company and contact.

* ENERGETIC: Even as a child she was never able to sit still, finding lessons too boring after an hour of being in one spot, that hasn't really changed. Long meetings are the bane of her life, even if she's not moving she likes to be doing something and will often be found rolling bandages just to keep herself occupied.

* ADAPTABLE: Always quick to respond, she adjusted to the new injuries coming in without pause after the move to the island. Just because she's not seen something before doesn't mean it's impossible.

The Magic Touch: Don't try and sneak out if she's got anything close to hand, she's not above making sure a patient stays put.


Mother: Ayowen, Sr. Journeyman Healer, b: 2536
Father: Karrick, Master Healer, b: 2529
Arrick, Brother, Jr. Journeyman Healer, b: 2556, d: 2582
Kayowen, Sister, Jr. Journeyman Healer, b: 2564


Tarovan, Son, Weyrbrat b: 2581
Kayoval, Son, Weyrbrat b: 2583

Craft: Dragonhealer
Rank: Jr Journeyman
Date Apprenticed: 2571/12. (Training on hold between 2576-2581 due to being searched - resumed when she did not impress.)
Date Tapped: 2583/24.
Specialty: Dragonhealing
Education Details: Karowen was a good student, though that may have come from growing up surrounded by healers, but if she'd been able to choose she'd have asked to be apprenticed to the animal healers. She fell in love with dragons when she was searched and when she didn't impress she saw it as her chance to switch to animal healing rather than go back to being a human healer as her family expected.

Tell us a story...

* 2559, 0 Born at healer hall to a then Journeyman Healer named Ayowen and a newly named Master Healer called Karrick. She's a healthy child who doesn't cause too many problems.

* 2560-2564, 1-5 With both parents being crafters Karowen is often given over to the creche that sometimes forms in the Healing Hall that cares for all the young children to free up the parents when wounded are brought in. It's not particularly exciting for a young child, but she does learn all the teaching ballads and her numbers and is kept out of trouble. As much as a young child with an older brother with a mischievous streak can be kept out of trouble that is.

* 2565-2069, 6-10 She's getting older and basic lessons don't hold her attention. Escaping, which her elder brother Arrick taught her, is made into an artform, the young Karowen often being found in the strangest of places as she tries to find something a little more exciting. Though it could often be a good choice to check amongst the stables, or anywhere else there are animals

* 2570, 11 There's always more people coming into Fort and the Healing Halls are never quiet. Karowen, like a lot of children is put to work when they can and she watches avidly as she is sent running for things or left with bandages to roll. It also has the advantage of curbing her wandering tendencies as she has somewhere to be.

* 2571, 12 She's been learning for years but on her birthday she's officially made an apprentice of the Healing Halls. She wears her new shoulder knots with pride and eagerly delves into her studies even if she'd rather be in the stables with the runners. She's determined to make her parents proud and they want her to be a healer like them.

* 2572-2575, 13-16 She continues studying. The time is spent forgetting the outside world as she studies and then having it brought crashing back in when refugees turn up or fights break out. She likes that the healing hall is a little more isolated than the main hall, she never really feels entirely safe there. Towards her sixteenth birthday her parents arrange a marriage for her, it's not a bad match, she knows her intended and while she can't say she loves him, she could perhaps learn too. It all falls apart when some illness sweeps through the halls and he is one of the few to not survive.

* 2576, 17 Karowen is Searched. She's not sure who's more surprised, her or her parents or her siblings. It takes a little deliberation but she says yes, she's not sure she wants to be married and being a rider would certainly stop another arrangement. She doesn't impress, but stays to wait for the next clutch. While she's there the healers are willing to have her help them whenever she has free time (which admittedly isn't much, candidates are kept busy). It's the same and different, but dragons are enough like anyone else that she's already got a decent start.

* 2577-2578, 18-19 She's still not impressed, but she remains optimistic, and practicing her craft helps. While she's no longer ranked, even as an apprentice, she is often assigned chores there since she knows more than most of the other candidates and she's become a frequent site in the weyr infirmary. She's holding onto the thought of impressing as she finds the weyr safer, there might be more deaths from thread, but the atmosphere is much less volatile than at the hold. She's also gotten used to not having her parents looking over her shoulder at every moment. Despite the work being harder in many respects there's a lot less pressure on her.

* 2579, 20 Despite attending every hatching not a single dragon has looked to her and Karowen reluctantly removes herself from the rolls of the candidates and rejoins the healers full time. She goes back to Fort Hold but finds the atmosphere even more stifling than she remembers and quietly asks for one of her friends who impressed to bring her back to the Weyr. Apart from her parents and sister everybody she knows now is at the Weyr.

* 2580-2581, 21-22 It's near the end of 2580 that she realises she's pregnant after a mating flight when she took one of the losing riders to bed. The rider of the blue isn't one to settle down and they don't hit it off but he's solicitous enough to check up on her and on the child once he's born and weaned.

* 2582, 23 Her brother is killed in a fight back at the Hold. He waded in to help and got a knife for his troubles. She is able to get back to Fort Hold before he passes but there's nothing any one can do. For months after that she finds herself thinking that she'll just ask a rider to ferry her home and catch up on the gossip with Arrick and then remembering that he's gone.

* 2583, 24 Karowen is not happy to be pregnant again (she's not even sure who the father is), it's awkward and undignified. She has another son who she weans before handing him over to the creche. Threadfall doesn't give enough time for children when so many riders come back injured.

* 2584-2586, 25-27 Apart from the world falling down around them it's a few relatively quiet years until threadfall abruptly ends. She's just happy that she'll never see threadscores again.

* 2587, 28 The move to the island is just a jumble of constantly strapping more cargo to dragons and sending them off. She's just glad it's over with by the time they settle in a new Weyr.

* 2588-2590, 29-31 The good news is that there is no thread anymore. The bad news is that the island has it's own predators already. She's not short on patients trickling in having found a new problem they need to overcome on the island. Still, at least it is green here, and there's more food than there was in the North right before the move. Getting used to the weather is a pain and she misses Fort's climate. But overall, it seems to be working out, though she'll be glad when all the different excavations are complete and people aren't packed in together.


“I've decided to accept the search.”

Her mother stares at her while her father takes a moment before nodding once. “It is your right.” He sighs, “are you sure? At the rate you're going you'll be made a journeyman on your nineteenth birthing day.”

Karowen shook her head. “I'm sure. If I don't impress I can come back.” Because she could, you could only impress a dragon while young but she'd have her whole life to learn her craft. If she didn't try now she wouldn't get to try again because it would be too late.

That at least made her mother look happier as she nodded. “Of course you can. We'd be happy to have you back.” She smiled, though it seemed a little forced. “Of course we'd be happy if you impress too.”

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
J'ken, T'veck, Kyrrin
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Mauling Permissions:
Rough em up
Anything Else:

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Re: Karowen [02.02.2559 | Journeyman Healer]
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2018, 09:50:00 AM »
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Re: Karowen [02.02.2559 | Journeyman Healer]
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2018, 01:56:25 PM »
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