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Author Topic: Bright as a Mirror [ 7.4.2591; 5:16 AM ] || Event  (Read 625 times)

Offline Eimerra

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Re: Bright as a Mirror [ 7.4.2591; 5:16 AM ] || Event
« Reply #25 on: August 07, 2018, 12:44:54 PM »
She could feel each beat of her wings, the ache that was all about her stamina failing as it grew harder to remain ahead of the pack. Eimerra was used to the sensations now, the awareness of being in another place as her dragon.

While also feeling her pwn human grip on the edge tightening to the point that her knuckles went white from her effort to remain grounded and not leap up as if able to join Imyth at this moment. One that would not manage to last much longer as she felt the dip of a wing, signaling that things were starting to fail, to falter that soon there would be a victor from among the remaining chasers who were now a mix of black and bronze.

Not that Eimerra could truly distinguish, it was all about Imyth as she used what remained of her strength and tumbled to the ground, challenging them to catch her now, to continue to chase her who among the remainder could manage to hold on. Not the oldest. They often held on long enough but Imyth was a young Queen and she had more energetic turns and surprises than an older who was more comfortable and settled into coaxing that same weyrmate into joining with her once more. Now, it seemed that another would claim the soft gold of this Queen. Bronze chasing still, but black, determined and unable to give up.

Eimerra hissed under her breath as one clear and followed her Queen, her body turning instinctively in the same moment as that male claimed his mate, wrapping his body around Imyth, his wings and claws moving to hold her tightly to him as his tail twined with hers and the black Baleth claimed the Gold as his own. Even while Eimerra sought the lips and caress of the man who rode him.

T'veck and his dragon, his black dragon Baleth were now the new mates of Jr Weyrwoman and her gold Imyth. What this could mean for the Weyr as a whole was anyone's guess?

« Last Edit: August 07, 2018, 01:20:09 PM by Southern Records »

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Offline J'dan

Re: Bright as a Mirror [ 7.4.2591; 5:16 AM ] || Event
« Reply #26 on: August 07, 2018, 03:53:28 PM »
Brynioth had succeeded in doing what he’d set out to do, which was remove one of the Black contenders as he had to pull away from the Flight himself. While it had all looked like a nice accident, and could be played off as one now the black dragon being the aggressor, that story would only go so far if they actually fought in the weyrbowl.

Flight lust only excused so much.

Now that Brynioth was out of the running, the pull of Imyth wasn’t so hot through him. J’dan could shake it all off, and he’d already stumbled out of Eimerra’s weyr. His dragon had dropped out, he didn’t belong in there. He remained braced outside though, against the stone wall while he tried to sort out what to make of the situation between his dragon and the Black he didn’t recognize. They were all overgrown mutations. Their names or distinguishing features had never mattered to him.

Now that things were becoming a bit more clearer, J’dan could temper both his dragon and his own thoughts. They didn’t want something to reflect poorly on their Wing. The bronzepair were simply too proud, even if they did want to fight the Black to put him in his place.

When the Black easily telegraphed his dive, Brynioth waited before simply leaping forward to be out of harm’s way. Brynioth might not be the strongest, or biggest of Bronzes in the weyr, but he was among the most agile and quickest of his color. He moved under the Black so the other dragon hit the ground where he’d been, likewise twisting quickly to face off with the aggressive darker dragon. Brynioth’s wings were still instinctively pressed against his body. This would be like fighting a Hunter, if it came to blows, and flared wings were fragile, easy targets.

//We can’t afford a fight now,// J’dan reminded his dragon, though the thought was heavily laced with venom for the dark dragon.

Brynioth’s eyes bled from purple to red, then settled into a tinted orange, watching the Black but he did not back down from the display. Rather, he righted himself and shook off the tension. His rider was right. They couldn’t fight without causing a scene and likely making things worse. Shaking off aggression was easy for a bronze. To the black dragon, Brynioth simply said, You didn’t belong in the Flight to begin with. It was delivered casually, like the two dragons were discussing the weather and not the worth of another.

Then, at J’dan’s quiet behest, Brynioth pushed up and into the air. He twisted in the take off so he was peeling away from the black dragon, signaling that he wouldn’t be participating in any fight. If anything, the quick departure felt like another snub.

Spoiler for OOC:
Aww. Look. They're friends.

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Offline T'veck

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Re: Bright as a Mirror [ 7.4.2591; 5:16 AM ] || Event
« Reply #27 on: August 07, 2018, 04:24:10 PM »
Baleth dared a quick glance to the side. There were definitely less bodies near him, flashes of bronze mostly, only the few that had managed to keep up this far. His wings ached as he poured everything he had into following her, he would be falling out of the sky soon when they failed him, and wouldn't that be embarrassing...

There. He caught the faint tremble of a wing, so she was tiring.

It was a gamble, his next move, a guess that she was as spent as him. Half exhaustion and half hope that had him diving to where she might be. To where he hoped she'd be. It was almost a surprise when there was golden hide in his vision, close enough to reach out and snag, his tail twining possessively around her. Yes. She was his. He was the only one worthy of her, nothing else mattered right now. He crooned, deep in his throat, his attention on his Queen. Later he would make sure every one knew that he, Baleth had flown Imyth.

T'veck had felt the moment Baleth had won, he'd stepped forward pulling Eimerra into his arms with a wild grin, victory pulsing in his veins as he bent his head to kiss her, the other riders already dismissed from his mind. No matter what anyone might say, they were fully fledged now.
Baleth is 19 months old.
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Offline Y'tol

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Re: Bright as a Mirror [ 7.4.2591; 5:16 AM ] || Event
« Reply #28 on: August 08, 2018, 05:15:47 PM »
"Holy Faranth..." Y'tol realised he said out loud as he watched the ubrupt ending of the flight through Bayorth's red-tinged vision. And he ran from the room blinding seeking out Bayorth in the sky to contain his anger.

While Y'tol himself was not a Jungle Rider who conformed overly much to the typical Jungle frame of mind, Bayorth had a solid hatred from the blacks who kept stealing their Queens. A brief battle of wills, although neither of them were sure what Bayorth's end goal might have been, and Bayorth spun from the air into a dive towards the ground.

'There you go clear your head... and mine.' Y'tol had always simply never made a decision regarding the blacks. It was easy to be blasé when everyone else in your wing took all the opinion for you. He never needed to state exactly what it thought because it was sort of just... assumed. Which suited him just fine, no one asked, he never said, he never had to decide.

But shit, another young blackrider in the Weyrleadership. For even if the black dragon may have deserved the win, someone not even out of Weyrlinghood surely didn't? He tried to imagine if he would have had it in him to lead 20 turns ago, shards, he didn't really want to do it now.

Jungle was not going to be happy, and for once, he wasn't happy either. Whether it was accented by Bayorth's anger and disappointment bleeding into him, and that he would calm down in the morning... Y'tol wasn't so sure.

As it was, he pushed all thoughts of that from his mind, instead, drawing Bayorth's mind to meld closer with his as a woman standing in the hallway grabbed his arm and lead him to a secluded spot somewhere in between his Weyr and Eimerra's.
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Offline A'yara

Re: Bright as a Mirror [ 7.4.2591; 5:16 AM ] || Event
« Reply #29 on: August 08, 2018, 05:36:55 PM »
It wasn’t wholly uncommon for a handful of ladies to wait near enough the Weyrwoman’s weyr for a flight. Especially if they knew someone that was participating. If they could be bothered to hold out and wait, that was.

For A’yara, it was an obnoxious wait, but both the bronzers she liked were Chasing. So many of the riders from Jungle were, so she stayed in the hall to wait for one of them. If she was going to enjoy flight lust with someone, she wanted it be with someone from her Wing. It wasn’t so much consoling the loser so much as that was ideally her preference. Gold Flights were important to A’yara. Who won became a leading member of the Weyr.

It should be important to everyone, really.

She could feel the tension in the air through Deltiath. Her green lady dare not take to the sky while there was a Queen commanding it. She remained on her ledge, enabling A’yara to know all the dragons drop out as they did. So many of her fellow wingmates remained! She half expected there to be a Jungle Wing winner.

Especially when Brynioth took out one of the black dragons! She was immensely pleased. So much so she missed just who and what caught Imyth. Deltiath let her know, though. One of the black dragons. A young one. She wasn’t great with names on the best of days, but the shock of it was just... How... How could this happen? It shouldn’t have happened...

A’yara stared at the wall across from her as the losers started to make their way out of Eimerra’s weyr. That caught her attention and well... what was she going to do about all that? This mess was for someone else to deal with. For now, she snagged Y’tol and dragged him off.

If there was only one good thing to come out of the Flight, at least they could enjoy the lust still permeating the air.

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Offline M'lan

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Re: Bright as a Mirror [ 7.4.2591; 5:16 AM ] || Event
« Reply #30 on: August 09, 2018, 03:28:40 PM »
Had his mind been clearer, Corvath would have been frustrated sinking his claws into dirt rather than flesh, but his first thought was instead that the Bronze was so scared of being hurt, that he was scampering away in fear. He'd have been content simply thinking this was the case. He'd shown the other dragon not to mess with him and that was that.

Except it wasn't.

Whatever Flightlust divided Corvath's attention between Brynioth and Imyth faded in the wake of the bronze's comment. Rage swirled faster in his eyes as he crouched, growling, with every intent to leap onto Brynioth and make him respect him.

But no sooner had he insulted him, than Brynioth was in the sky, without so much as a backwards glance.

It was such an unexpected response. He'd expected more of a fight - wanted more of a fight. But there was nothing. He stood and glared at the bronze until he disappeared from view before slumping to the ground in a huff, daring someone else to approach him so he could take out his frustration further.

//Home. Now.// M'lan, managing to find his own sense of self despite Corvath's roiling emotions demanded from the black, reinforcing the order with a flash of their ground weyr. He could feel the sting of the damaged wing, though there was a greater need that still needed to be fulfilled before he was properly capable of tending to his bonded.

Fighting Corvath mentally was a draining action at the best of times, worse-so now, as he tried to remove himself from Eimerra's weyr without sparking further retaliation from any of the riders who knew what Corvath had attempted. It didn't matter that he hadn't succeeded... They didn't need much of a reason to go after the black riders and Corvath's actions were not so minuscule that they'd need much to fuel the already damning fire.

Corvath's response was the mental equivalent of a snarl, but he stormed away in a mirror of M'lan's own motions, albeit without the slight detour to deal with his own ache before he could appropriately deal with the Black's. The bruised ego wasn't something that could be fixed, but perhaps it could be soothed... The wing may need some proper attention, however, though it admittedly didn't feel like it would need overly much of it.

As it was, he wouldn't realise it was Baleth and T'veck who had won until Corvath calmed down enough to say as much. Though the faces of the riders exiting Eimerra's weyr should have been enough of an indication.


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