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Author Topic: Approved Jr. Weyrwoman Eimerra [ 14.10.2565 / Gold Rider ]  (Read 523 times)

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Jr. Weyrwoman Eimerra [ 14.10.2565 / Gold Rider ]
« on: June 22, 2018, 11:58:05 AM »

Play By:

Mer, Merra
Date of Birth:
14.10.2565 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Jr. Werywoman

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Her style shows her distaste for the warm weather. Her clothing is often made of thin, breezy material. She rarely wears her riding Leathers unless it is absolutely necessary. She has a few slowly fading scars on her back.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Eimerra lost most of her family very early in life, and has instead replaced them with dear friends and the people of the Weyr. She still likes to remember all the good times in her past, but she tries to live in the present rather than in the past. She has other people to look after now.

Response to dragon color mutations: She is not sure how she feels about the colors mutations. She feels it is wrong to judge a creature just based on the color of their hide. While she does not always see eye to eye with S’bok she would never say a unkind word about the pair nor any other mutation pair within the Weyr.

Who are you...

*Precipitation: She love water of any kind; snow, rain, rivers, oceans. Any and all water she loves.

*Cool weather: She would much rather have to bundle up to keep warm than strip down to stay cool. She misses the cool weather of her childhood home

*Organization: Being organized is a staple for this female. This often leads her to organizing things that others just don’t have the patience for or keeping records when others don’t want to.

*Dishonesty: Oh pitty the poor fella who is dishonest to this Goldrider. While she may not skin you alive she will do worse than that. She ignores you.

*Hot weather: Oh does she hate the hot warm weather. She misses the cool weather of her birthplace and often tries to find ways to keep herself cool but not wearing her riding leathers and wearing clothing that is thin and flimsy. She also claimed one of the higher weyrs to be cooler

*Large Gatherings/Events: Don’t get her wrong she can mix and mingle like an seasoned Weyrwoman she just prefers not to. Being in large crowds makes her feel uncomfortable confined and enclosed.

* STRONG : Many mistake her quiet and kind nature for weakness and do not realize that under that soft exterior and large heart is a metal that will never bend or break no matter how much weight it must carry. She is a Gold rider and could one day become the Sr. Weyrwoman, she must be strong no matter what.

* SOFT SPOKEN :  Her voice is soft to the ears. She is not only soft spoken in tone but also in level. It is a rare occasion that this young woman screams or raises her voice. She has found that it’s often the softest voice in the room that commands the most attention in a loud room.

* SWEET-TEMPERED : There is no one in the Weyr that is sweet tempered as this female. It’s hard to get her upset or to say a bad word about anyone, even people she does not particularly like. She is Benevolent and gentle when dealing with everyone. She rarely judges anyone and more often than not gives people the benefit of the doubt and tries to just fix the issues or figure out a way to avoid it next time.

* STRONG BELIEFS : She may be quiet and sweet tempered she is still a force to be reckoned with, like the gentle river that slowly cuts it’s way through the earth. She must never be taken for granted for if she believes something needs to be changed or that a cause needs a champion she will voice her opinion and let it be known what she thinks.

* WISE : Still just a young woman in the prime of her life she often demonstrates a knowledge far greater than her turns would give her credit for. She reads as much as she can about Pern’s history, she studies the people and world around her and tries to give her advice with most well rounded knowledge backing her words as possible.

* FORGIVING : While this could be considered a strength to some, others find it a fault in her virtuous nature. Her forgiving nature has often left her as a door mat more than once in a situation.

* HUMBLE : She is humble to a fault. While she may push for things to happen throughout the Weyr, for holder and Weyr folk alike, she often goes without being given due credit. While She is fine with that it has left some people wondering if she even does anything in the Weyr, simply because they do not realize how much she does and just wishes to remain anonymous.

* THIN-SKINNED : Even though she rarely lets people know, sometimes words can cut deeper than a knife. While most of the time she can brush harsh words off or cruel gestures there are times when a girl can only take so much.

* LEFT KNEE : After a lot of strenuous activity she finds her knee can be a little sore and painful. While she works through it and does not let it stop her.

* HELPFUL : She is helpful to a fault. Often over extending herself in order to make sure the load is lighter for those around her. She hates to see those around her struggling or unhappy and she does everything in her power to change that.

Describe Yourself:

* TINY: Standing at just above 5’1” she is tiny and petite. While she is not much bigger than a 15 year old girl(or younger) she still holds her womanly curves and looks nothing like a young child. Her small frame often allows her to get into small places that others can’t allowing her to help through at the Weyr

* APPROACHABLE: She kind, gentle, soft spoken and sweet. This draws those around her to bask in her soft glow. She is often approached by those too intimidated by the other Gold riders.

* OBSERVANT: She rarely misses anything around her. Her quiet demeanor often leaves her undetected and allows her to see things that the other Weyrwomen might not.

* OPTIMISTIC: For Merra, the glass is always half full. She can find the silver lining in any situation and is always seeing the world around her for what amazing possibilities it could be.

* CALM: She is calm and steadfast in a tumultuous world. She can always be counted on to keep her head and her wits about her and not succumb to emotional outburst,

The Magic Touch:Through a tough couple of turns, Eimerra is learning to be at least a tiny bit less soft and sweet and a bit more strong.


Mother: Merriana. Craftless, B. 2546. D. 2567
Step-mother: Seroandra. Holder, B. 2551 D. 2571
Father: Keiburn. Master Fisherman B. 2543 D. 2585

Siblings: Miyabena, Sister, B. 2561 D.2571
Mereiy, Sister, B. 2563 D.2575
M'urn B.2567 Impressed Brown Ralindeth 2581

Children: Kezniah B. 2586 Son Of Dragon rider
Dashanire  B 2590 Son of D'mir

Tell us a story...

* 2565, 0 Eimerra is Born to Merriana and Keiburn. She was their third child and two eldest siblings only a mere 13 and 26 months older than herself. Since Merriana was craftless and had married to Keiburn at such a young age she felt it was her duty to give her husband as many children as he wanted to fill his house hold.

* 2567, 2 Merriana dies due to complications during child birth but Merra’s new baby brother survives. Since their father is a Master Fisherman he finds it hard to care for the four children and quickly marries to a woman much younger than himself to care for his children while he is away. Seroandra will always be the woman that Merra considers her mother even if she had not given birth to her.

* 2568, 3 Tillek Hold is barely holding on as the threadfall doesn’t seem to stop. An influx of survivors from High Reaches Hold put strain on those already in Tillek but it is also nice to have the extra bodies to help fight off thread.

* 2571, 6 Her home hold finally falls to Thread and everyone is moved to Fort Weyr. In this same turn Merra loses her eldest sister to thread fall and her step-mother. Keiburn is relieved to hand off his children to the care of Creche workers and spends less and less time with his children as the turn progresses.

* 2575, 10 Her other sister dies due to sickness of the lung leaving just Merra and her younger brother Murrurn. They cling to each other and become inseparable.

* 2577, 12 She picks a crafthall and follows in the foots steps of her father and picks to apprentice what the remaining Fisher Crafthall. Within just a few months of her apprenticeship she falls into the river and gets swept downstream after a big storm. While she manages to get out of the water she does not make it unscathed. She injures her knee and spends much of that turn nursing her knee back to what it once was.
* 2579, 14 Her brother is searched and is taken to Fort Weyr to become a candidate. Merra is happy for her brother but also sad that they are separated for the first time in their lives. But it would not last long.

* 2580, 15 Eimerra has her first sexual encounter with a fellow Fisher Craft apprentice. He is a kind young man and gentle. Eimerra finds the experience sweet and enjoyable.

* 2581, 16 She is searched by a rider and is whisked away to Fort Weyr. She is excited to stand for her first Impression and is saddened when she does not impress but elated for her brother who impresses a Brown.

*2582, 17 At her next standing Eimerra impresses Gold Imyth. Merra is shocked and surprised that a gold has chosen her but has they struggle through Weyrling training she begins to understand why the Gold has chosen her. They complement each other.

* 2583, 18 Just after Weyrling graduation Imyth rises a little early and the experience is something that Merra will never forget. While not naďve to the ways of sex, she shocked her to the core over the intensity and primal drive behind the flight lust. She becomes pregnant but does not catch it in time before she goes between with her current Weyrmate and goes through a miscarriage. Her Weyrmate at this time feels the pain of the lose of their child and is a good support to his Weyrmate through out their time together. While it breaks her heart to know she lost her child she feels her heart sore when Imyth lays her first clutch of eggs. She feels a motherly affection for them and is just as excited and protective of the eggs as her dragon.

* 2584, 19 It is not until the following turn that the pair get to join in any thread fall fighting after Imyth's first clutch had hatched and Impressed. Due to Merra’s tiny stature she has a hard time with the flame thrower and are almost badly injured because of it. She spends the rest of the turn trying to better herself with the flame thrower so as to not get them injured or killed.

* 2585, 19 When Imyth rises again, Merra takes the precaution afterwards in case she is pregnant and is rewarded by her pregnancy confirmation. She is ecstatic when she finds out she is pregnant. At first her Weyrmate is not as excited about the impending child as Merra but she holds out hope that it will change.

*  2586, 20 Merra gives birth to her first little girl and names her Kezniah. Just as she had hoped, Kez's father falls for his little girl the moment he holds her. Mer and Kez's father visits her as often as they can in the Creche. Mer takers her out to spend time with Imyth who loves the little girl.

* 2587, 22 Thread has stopped falling and Fort Island is founded. Merra does anything that is asked of her to help the transition to their new home as painlessly as possible. She is excited for the new clutch that will be the first born on the island. She is shocked when people come to her with concerns over the little black dragon that is born instead of the Sr. Weyrwoman but she supposes she is less intimidating. She can empathize with peoples concerns over the black coloring but she can not share in their concerns. She truly believes that in order to make a new Pern from the ashes of the old they can not start to judge each other by the color painted on their skins, or hides in Neisoth's case.

* 2588, 23 When Imyth rises again she is caught by D'mir's bronze Thianorth She finds him to be a good man and a good Weyrsecond. She is pleased to find their flight lust had also resulted in another pregnancy but she once again loses the child, this time due to complications late into her pregnancy. She is heart broken by the lose but she knows that there is still time for her to try again and keeps her chin up.

* 2589, 24 Neisoth succeeds in catching Kalestath. Her accepting, good natured, and observant personally leaves her feeling optimistic, if not a little unsure, about what such a young pair catching the Sr. Gold. She does not pay much mind to the fact that Neisoth is black, she truly feels it is not the color of the flesh that make the strength of ones mettle and their intelligence. Although she does find herself curious to see what a clutch sired by a black will look like. The red hatchlings turn out to be rather delightful little things, despite crashing through a few candidates on their way to finding theirs. Being born of a holder and craft hall family she often finds that they come to her to try to plead their case for something they need, hoping she will be their champion and help defend their case in front of the other Weyrleaders. She does so but only when she knows that it will benefit the Weyr as well.

* 2589-90, 24-25 When Imyth rises in 2589, she is once again caught by Thianorth. Merra finds her self pregnant once again with D'mir's child and is excited. She does everything in her power to make sure this pregnancy goes with out complications. When the truth arises that D'mir has fallen for Keassa, Merra feels betrayed but yet happy for him at the same time. She is shocked that a man, for the last turn or so, had been so dedicated to duty to the Weyr could do this. Even through her shocm and hurt feelings she feels happy for the man; he found love with a beautiful person. Merra did her best to ignore the gossip whispers and did not let her hurt and bruised feelings to change who she was. She never had an unkind word for the two of them and shifted all of her attention to the Weyr, her children (born and unborn), and Imyth.  She is relieved to know that he will be grounded from any more Gold flights and looks forward to what this next turn will bring for herself and Imyth.

*2590, 25 When she gives birth to her child she is thrilled to have a little baby boy with her soft warm eyes and D'mir's charming smile. She names him Dashanire and visits him as often as she can, along with Kezy. She is glad that Imyth will rise again. While there had been little loved lost between D'Mir and Merra, she looks forward the the prospect of a new Weyrsecond and hopes that he will be a good kind man that she can be good friends with.


She had what felt like nearly half the weyr coming to her and looking for help, advice, and support or just a conversation about their perception of an event. Eimerra wanted to help, she always did. It was the best thing all around as there were times when she knew that people did find it hard to approach the senior weyrwoman. It made her a useful and appealing go-between and her nature was such that it actually made her feel a sense of achievement to know that she had been able to do some small something that might have helped to make a difference.

But where was her support and her helpmate?

Eimerra respected that she couldn't change the past but it had hurt a lot when she had realized that D'mir would prefer to chose his own personal happiness over the weyr and his responsibilities there. She accepted that. At least she tried, the reminder of their time was secured forever with the face of their son and some days it was hard to see him and recognize that man in his eyes. But she had moved on from that point and could not think about the new days ahead. Imyth would rise and the whole weyr would vie for both her attention and also the positon of weyrsecond.

Didn't she deserve to have someone who wanted to be with her? She had never imagined that love would come her way but it would be rather nice to have a friend.

Member Info...

Created By:
Concept by SirAlahn and SanctifiedSavage; original profile by Spiffy; profile edits by Beasty; profile edits by Yahrlan; profile edits by Wren
Other Characters:
[{Sionnan}], Velatha
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
No One Lives Forever [150]
Anything Else:

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Re: Jr. Weyrwoman Eimerra [ 14.10.2565 / Gold Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2018, 12:09:31 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
13.7.2582 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr 9th Pass.
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 38.1m
Mature Height: 7.5m
Mature Wingspan: 63.3m

General Appearance...

Imyth was an ugly ducking of a gold that has matured into a beautiful swan. She is incredibly pale for a gold, to the point where she is almost white in places. This white appears in a fuzzy border between her pale gold and darker gold markings, and in fuzzy stripes on the backs of her wings. Most of the darker colour is on the undersides of her wings, on her face, her feet, tail, and a big stripe down her neck. This combined with all the white on the backs of her wings mean that she looks somewhat ghostly when her wings are folded by her sides. Not a scary ghost though; she's too much of a goof for that.


Mind Voice:
Her voice is rich, like good chocolate, often sounding more serious in tone that the words that she's speaking.

Being Amused – She likes to be around amusing people and dragons. It does not take much for her to become bored with others, especially those stuffy types.

Kezniah And Dashanire- She absolutely loves this little girl. She thinks she is so sweet and funny. She loves being around her and basking in the little girls affection. While the baby is still far to small to be of any fun like kezy, she still feels a maternal tug towards the baby, most likely a residual feeling from Merra

Active- she loves being active and doing things as much as Merra. Even if she is a little more hot tempered and boisterous than her human counterpart she still believes that it is a Gold’s duty to pull her weight and take as much work load as she can handle.

Seriousness – while she understands that some occasions call for a serious outlook. For the most part this female is all about play time.

Constant rain - unlike her rider she rather likes the sunny days here at Southern Winds, good for sunbathing on her ledge.


* Charisma : If there is ever a shiny dragon that the Weyrfolk can feel that they know, it will be Imyth. Whether because she will happily have long conversations with random people (so long as they have something interesting to say) or because she'd flown off with your wash basket for a laugh, many people will likely have come across this gold at some time or another. She's not one to remain aloof of all things, not at all.

* Determination : Once started on something, Imyth will see it through to the end. Many will often mistake her for being flaky or easily distracted, because she will have many little missions on the go at once and frequently changes between them, but it is rare that she will have forgotten a goal - she merely sets things aside for a more appropriate time.

* Intelligence : Imyth is, by dragon standards, a little brain box. She enjoys puzzles, heated discussions, and finding out how things work, what makes people tick. People who know stuff shouldn't be surprised if she decides to interrogate them about something that she has taken an interest in that day.


* Stamina : Being rather little for a gold, her flights tend to be rather shorter and more intense than either Oriath's or Kalestath's, though she has been known to use this to her advantage and out maneuvers a few of the bronzes that survive the initial pace that she sets. Due to this and her small body size, her clutches often come out a little smaller too, and rather green-heavy.

* Stubborn : You cannot dissuade this gold from whatever it is that she's set her heart on. You just can't.

Dragon Speech Code: Oh come on, live on the wild side for once! Background: #fafee1; Text: #bda335

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: Jr. Weyrwoman Eimerra [ 14.10.2565 / Gold Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2018, 12:11:27 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art. coloured by Wren
Flit Details

As written.
Date of Birth:
17.05.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Mid-sized for a Blue, he's almost entirely one pure color: like the sea under a tropical storm. The only real variation to his coloration is a splatter of darker blue on the outside of his left wing, which forms an asymmetrical but telltale mark. Fast and agile, he might have made a very successful mongoose in another life. As it is, he'll be able to get into trouble that much faster.


Mind Voice: There's a rather rakish charm about this flit, his telepathic voice seemingly casual and mischievous all at once. A playful joker, he'll commonly transmit pictures of someplace he shouldn't be, a treat he's not meant to have, or any other thing that he considers all in good fun. Beyond that, his transmissions will be frustratingly blurred, like he's saving all his energy and effort only for the most frivolous of uses.

-- WIND ; despite the fact that, as a smaller flit, it may buffet him about quite a bit, he thinks it's quite fun. A common sight in the sky during gusty conditions will be this Blue weaving from one side to the other as he fights the breeze, moving in a combination of his own power and letting it take him where it will. Even at the best of times, he flies with something of a lilt to his motions.
-- LAZY MORNINGS ; getting to sleep in his favourite thing. No matter that, as a fire lizard, he basically gets to whenever he wants. Most of the time he won't go anywhere before noon, when the sun is already high in the sky. Mornings are meant for sleep.

-- BEING SCOLDED ; as soon as someone's tone gets short or waspish, he checks out:  at least mentally, and frequently physically too. What's the point in telling him off for something he's already done? Move on. Jeeze.
-- CRABS ; they're just creepy, okay? They move weird, their pincers hurt, and he doesn't even like the way they taste! What useless things.

Member Info...

Anything Else:


Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Jr. Weyrwoman Eimerra [ 14.10.2565 / Gold Rider ]
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2018, 12:46:20 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
SanctifiedSavage || SirAlahn || Weyrhandler


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