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http://southernwindsweyr.net/Images/news icon copy.png We are a mature, 9th Interval AU Pern. We've destroyed almost the entire planet in a catastrophic event. While we feature 2 new mutations, we stick pretty close to canon. We've Ranks, roles, and positions for just about anyone who wants to get involved, with a relaxed community. Play and post at your own pace. Swing by and say hello!

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Southern Winds is a Mature Roleplay. This means we allow for sexual, violent content that would be found in a struggling, 9th Interval Pern. Sex is common place in the Weyr and terrible deaths are no stranger here. As such, our players should be 18+. These themes are to be handled maturely at all times.

Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: News March-June Overview  (Read 236 times)

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March-June Overview
« on: July 01, 2018, 12:38:11 PM »
Recent Events

1.3.2591 – Cinnask’s Maiden RunOOC
As the sun sets on the Weyr, Cinnacai’s Cinnask summons the male whers for her maiden Run.

10.3.2591 – Eldereth’s FlightOOC
Just as the Weyr’s dragoanriders are settling down to dinner, N'aen’s Green, Eldereth, decides it’s time for a Flight.

12.3.2591 – Oriath’s FlightOOC
Oriath has been glowing for days, and though she seems ready to fly early this morning, it takes her until the afternoon to Rise. She is again caught by B'ron and Leremith.

23.3.2591 – InfestationOOC
Things seemed to be going well this month, up until the Fishers make an unfortunate discovery – sandscabs have been detected in their stores of preserved fish, necessitating the destruction of a large portion of the Weyr’s food supply.

29.3.2591 – Murphy’s LawOOC
Southern Winds is struck with an outbreak of flush fever, affecting Weyrfolk, Holdfolk, and Crafter alike. The Healer Hall goes so far as to issue a state of emergency, and Wings are operating on skeleton crews while people recover.

31.3.2591 – FlashoverOOC
As SWW’s second past event, this particular thread takes place in 2563, but still advances the timeline of 2591 to the end of Month 3. This time, we’re exploring the infamous riots at Nabol!

6.4.2591 – Queriluth’s Maiden FlightOOC
Just as the Wings are getting off duty for the day, A'lori’s Queriluth rises for her maiden Flight. She is caught by C'ace’s Reesskith.

7.4.2591 – Imyth’s FlightOOC
Just a day later, the Weyr’s youngest mature Queen calls to the males of the Weyr early in the morning.

13.4.2591 – Just a Casual BrawlOOC
Certain criminal elements have been getting bolder at the Mine Hall, and quiet faction disputes come to a head with a fight during lunch time.

Post in the event thread or OOC Thread with just a sentence or two as to what your character might be doing for the various events. If you miss 5 events in a row, your account will be deemed inactive. If you are posting elsewhere but skipping the events, remember : we do not require IC participation. Simply post there under your Player account and let us know what's going on with your character.

New on the Forum

Rank Announcement
Since we have quite a few ranked and important slots that aren't currently being played, we put up a general wanted ad calling for people willing to pick them up!

An Update to Events
In an effort at clarity, we have added new closed event and closed flight thread icons to make it easier in determining which events are still open.

Gold Flights and Ranked Rules Adjustments
As of this announcement, we’ve instituted a Gold Flight Contenders thread to keep track of those players and characters who are eligible for Weyrsecond positions.

Custom Firelizard Template
We’ve commissioned cweinman once again, this time to make us some custom firelizard art! This template is for SWW only, and you can PM Southern Records to get a link to the download.

Brewer Crafthall
We don’t have many Brewers knocking around at the moment, but maybe now we’ll have more! This overview of their small Hall is credited to Inki.

Dolphineer Crafthall
Posted as a reply to the Fisher Crafthall thread, we now have an overview of the now-dead Dolphineer Hall, courtesy of Inki.

Glass-Smith Crafthall
Since they’re currently under the umbrella of the Smiths, the Glass-Smith overview has been posted as a response to their Crafthall. (Again written by Inki.)

Wood Craft
Inki is on a roll. This expansion deals with unofficial woodcraft.

Technician & Plastic-Smith Crafthalls
When will she be stopped? Another expansion to the Smith Hall, this one dealing with yet more defunct Crafts.

Printer Crafthall
Again! Unbelievable. This overview concerns the Printers, which have been folded into the Harpers.

Tanner Craft
Last one. Her reign has come to an end. This time it’s the Weavers getting expanded with information about tanning.

Fun Distractions

In-Depth Character Prompts - For SOLO Threads

Creative Endeavors
A forum for members to post artwork, writing, or anything else. Members only, of course, so anything posted is just for us.

So You've Had A Bad Day
The much sought after Rant thread. <3 Members only.

Pronunciation Guide
Come listen to how we say our characters' names, then submit your own. Good times. Members only.

Rotating Profile Pictures
How do!

Character Gifs
Come spam this thread with your silly gifs that represent your character in some way!

Character Play List
Come share your play lists, song choices, and whatever else musically involved with your characters.

Character Play List for Spotify
You can listen to it compiled, now, too, if you have Spotify. Members only.

Words of the Day
Share cool words, inspired by writing or anything else.

The Stereotype Game
What stereotypical character traits have you let your characters take on?

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We here at SWW love feedback. Let us know what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, what you'd like to see more of, less of, or anything else!

There is life in us yet! We hope the second half of 2018 is kinder to all of you than the first half has been to most of us. We’ve still come a long way this year, even if things have been a bit slower, and we’re looking forward to having all of you with us for the future. <3

Alahn actually tallied up all the IC posts for June! We had a whopping 120 in-character posts this last month… and that monster, Sanctified, had a whole third of them with 40 IC posts. :faint: That means that she got the Discipline Egg for June! Her winning means that all staff are disqualified from claiming it for July. Once the month rolls over again, the egg will be removed from her profile and awarded to whoever has the highest post count! Good luck.

Once again, we appreciate all of you. Thank you for being here. <3

SanctifiedSavage & SirAlahn

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Re: March-June Overview
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2018, 12:43:31 PM »

I can't believe I actually managed that many posts in June.  :shock:

It's only because I love you all.  :love:

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Re: March-June Overview
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2018, 03:26:28 PM »
Bloody hell. well done Savage!


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