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Author Topic: Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]  (Read 161 times)

Offline Halirina

Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]
« on: July 06, 2018, 12:42:39 PM »

Halirina and Kalestath had been paired together for so many turns now that, when it was a certain time for her dragon, Halirina knew. Kalestath didn’t have to announce anything, words were rarely shared between the pair. Rather, it was a sense. A passing of feelings.

This time, Halirina knew when her Queen moved to the Hatching Sands. Chased off Neisoth for the duration. Wanted her space. It was like she could feel the hot sands herself even though she was tucked safely in her own, breezy weyr.

Halirina informed her aides that her Queen was clutching and they dutifully helped her gather her things so she could be moved to the room near the sands – when Kalestath could tolerate humans near enough the eggs. S’bok was used to the move by now and, without complaint, got his own things gathered up as well.

It took marks for Kalestath to lay all of them. It wasn’t until the sun began to fall behind the mountains that Halirina could call for her aides once more and actually move to the room near the sands. Most of what she brought was work. Setting up a mini-office near the clutch so she wouldn’t have to be far from Kalestath who sort of took on a different personality when it came to her clutch. Mothering and protective of the eggs, she loomed over the mass of them. Only allowing Halirina near the fresh batch to count and congratulate initially.

Thirty-two. A huge clutch. Her Gold was still throwing eggs like it was a Pass. Was it in response to the dangers on the island? As much as she’d like to say that dragon riders didn’t die anymore and they could all relax, that wasn’t necessarily the case yet. Was it? Halirina glanced at her Queen after she’d counted the eggs then ran a hand along Kalestath’s jaw. //Think you can allow them to see now?

Her Queen’s red tinted eyes watched Halirina in kind. Seriously considering the question while her great body was partially coiled around her clutch. Protective. One wing fanned over some of the bigger eggs. I suppose. was the eventual answer.

Halirina laughed a little and moved away from the hardening, glistening eggs and toward where Neisoth and S’bok waited at the hatching sands entrance, where it opened up to the weyrbowl. “He can take a peek now, and others are welcome to come.” Now that Halirina was sure Kalestath wouldn’t attack them.

Spoiler for OOC:
Kalestath is so cuddly. Now her eggs are on the sands and all is well.  As always, there is an OOC Thread here. <3
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Offline O'sir

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Re: Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 06:00:20 PM »
Saibrasoth’s nosiness is what alerted him first as to the fact that Kalestath was laying her eggs. The Brown was lounging on their weyr ledge as O’sir taught, just watching the activity in the Weyr Bowl as he often did. Long since no longer required to participate in Wing drills, Saibrasoth spent much of his time basking in the sun or napping unless he was needed. But that also meant not a lot that observably went on in the Weyr escaped him. And particularly not when the glittering senior Gold made her way into the Hatching Sands.

There was only one reason she would be doing that.

O’sir didn’t tell the Candidates right away what was happening. It would only have served as a distraction from their lessons for the day—and he was thankful that Kalestath had made her way onto the Sands before it was time for him to lead his students out to the Bowl in order to tend the small crop of cotton reserved for their robes. They would be none the wiser that the Queen was laying her eggs.

Once that was over for the day, though, and before he dismissed them to their errands and remaining chores, he did gather them briefly again just at the entrance back into the Weyr’s tunnels. “Kalestath is laying her eggs,” he’d told them, just this side of smiling. It was an exciting time for them. “Once I know you’re invited to go see them, Saibrasoth will announce it.”

They would know better than to try to enter the Sands before then. If nothing else, the unfortunate mishaps at the senior Gold’s last two Hatchings had brought them a healthy respect and fear for her more than they’d already had.

It was three more hours after that before Saibrasoth confirmed the end of the clutching. They had all just finished dinner, and O’sir felt the Brown perk up as he received word that the curious were now invited to see the results of Kalestath’s labors. And at instruction from his rider, Saibrasoth reached out to the Candidates with a bright kind of excitement. You can view the eggs now. Just remember to be respectful.

O’sir himself brought his empty plate and klah cup to the kitchen, and then made his way the short distance from the Weyr Hall to the Hatching Sands. Quite a few of his students were headed the same way. And to set a good example, he bowed low to Halirina and Kalestath as he entered the Sands. “Congratulations to you both.”

It was a big clutch again. A surprisingly large one, given that they were now a few years into the Interval—enough so that both of the other mature Queens were laying smaller and smaller numbers of eggs. But Kalestath herself, for whatever reason, was still producing nests large enough for the Pass.

Despite himself, O’sir couldn’t help but wonder how many of them held mutation colors. And how many Candidates or dragonets would die on the Sands in a few months.

He hoped none… but he knew better.
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Offline Rinokan

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Re: Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2018, 06:01:11 PM »
Rinokan had been antsy since the Candidate Master had announced that Kalestath was laying her eggs. He knew he had to be patient, but that had never exactly been his thing. Far more at ease when things happened quickly, and very much a fan of instant gratification, it took all his self-control not to just march over to the entrance of the Sands and wait. But there was no point—he didn’t know how long the wait would be. At least this way he was doing something in the meantime, between some errands and then eating dinner.

Besides. After watching Kalestath kill a Candidate before his very eyes only a turn ago, he didn’t exactly want to get on the Queen’s bad side.

As Saibrasoth’s announcement was broadcast to them all, Rinokan practically bolted from his seat to take care of his plates and then make his way toward the Sands, shooing Scoria away so the flit wouldn't follow him. Had she still been a Candidate, he probably would have sought out Droissa… the idea of sitting in the stands and just looking at the clutch, thinking about the future, had an appeal. Rinokan didn’t mind doing things by himself, but it was yet another thing that reminded him that he missed her.

Which was stupid. It wasn’t as though she’d gone anywhere. Just Impressed. And he snorted at himself then. Just Impressed. But she was still living in the Weyr, just… busy with her young Blue. In a very different stage of her life than he was.

He didn’t begrudge her that. But it was a little bittersweet.

Entering the cavern in O’sir’s wake, Rinokan bowed to the Weyrwoman and her dragon but didn’t address them beyond mumbling a formal greeting he fully expected to have ignored. And then he made his way over to the stands, taking a seat in the front row so that he could lean his arms on the metal railing that sat before it, and really looked at the clutch.

It was so damn big. The sheer amount of eggs was a source of both hope and worry. There were—he counted them quickly—thirty-two more chances for him to Impress. To find the dragon that was meant to be his, no matter what color it ended up being. But that also meant more chances to get hurt, to be killed by the Reds he guessed would be hatching, based on the clutch father.

Maybe it should have, but that didn’t really scare him. It was something to be aware of, sure, to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid once the time came to actually Stand for the clutch. But Rinokan wasn’t afraid of the dragonets. Not really. Whatever happened, he was just determined to find his dragon.

And if it ended up being an aggressive Black or an excitable Red… he’d be okay with that too.

Offline Oarlen

Re: Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2018, 04:53:54 PM »
Oarlen didn't hesitate when Saibrasoth announced that the eggs were able to be viewed, dismissing his faire of flits with a wordless thought and darting on towards the hatching cavern, with little concern about the group of candidates he was with.

Saibrasoth's excitement was contagious, and it sparked his own bubbly eagerness to see the eggs and wonder which one would be his. He noted O'sir nearby, slowing slightly to ensure the candidate master would enter first, remembering his lessons and falling into a more orderly line as the candidates that had arrived before him mimicked their teacher in paying their respects to the gold clutchmother and her bonded.

The sight of Kalestath was enough to sober Oarlen's excitement entirely as he bowed low to her and the weyrwoman. "Congratulations" He said softly, before moving slowly towards the stands, both to minimise the burning of his feet despite his shoes, and to give the gold a healthy distance between them.

He had left the last hatching early, the scars from that red dragonet's over-eagerness evidence enough as to why. It left an odd little weight in his belly though. He'd been injured, and talk was this clutch would produce more of the little reds. He thought he knew how to handle them though... but Kalestath. He'd never worried about the gold dragon before.. but a friend had been killed by her hand. It could have been prevented, had the candidate not panicked the way she did... But what if it happened again?

Oarlen took a big breath, trying to quell the thoughts that kept rearing up. Fear of the gold wasn't good... not when you had to be approachable for the dragonets. So he'd have to work on that. There was still time for that, and he'd stood for Oriath and Imyth's clutches without any harm coming to him.

He glanced around, wishing for a heartbeat that C'bryn was still here... But she had obligations to her dragon now... and he could always just seek her out later if it pursued... His gaze fell on a few candidates, but he was looking for something more familiar than what he saw at first. Many of them were new... that tended to happen with Kalestath's clutches being so large.. but he recognized Rinokan staring intently at the eggs, and without further thought, made his way towards him.

"Hello Rinokan" he said, mimicking the other candidate's posture and already feeling more at ease. He wasn't a threat to Kalestath's eggs from the stands, and he was able to properly see the eggs from the vantage point.

"Another big one..." he murmured, awe and a teensy bit of excitement colouring his voice. "Have you counted?" He asked the other candidate, trying to count the eggs himself even as he asked.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@siralahn for Rinokan if you like.

Offline Rinokan

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Re: Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2018, 06:27:55 PM »
Rinokan hadn’t really expected any other Candidates to join him. Sure, a fair portion of them were going to show up, but he didn’t think any of them would talk to him. His own somewhat standoffish nature had largely prevented him from making friends among them. Especially given that, at least by his standards, some of them were just fucking stupid. Far too preoccupied with immature matters that just pissed him off. There was a handful of them he even actively avoided because they just annoyed him.

But Oarlen wasn’t so bad. So when the kid actually approached him and sat nearby, Rinokan found he didn’t mind. They were a little more familiar with each other after he’d helped the boy train his flits, who were thankfully nowhere to be seen. Inviting Kalestath’s rage was a sure way to get firelizards killed.

“Hey.” He lifted one hand briefly in greeting, and then looked back out at the clutch of eggs gleaming against the sand.

“I counted thirty-two.” Rinokan absently drummed his fingers against the metal of the railing. “Gotta make you wonder if she’ll ever lay smaller clutches like the others.” So far, there had been nothing to indicate that she would. But wasn’t the abnormal too?

Offline J'ken

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Re: Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2018, 06:58:13 AM »
J'ken remembered - vaguely - his mother taking him to view eggs at Telgar, her voice patiently instructing him that it is polite, no matter what your rank, to go and congratulate the Queen and rider. To not do so is akin to suggesting that you are not grateful for what they do for Pern. And that goes doubly if you are a rider, since your dragon had to be hatched sometime. He had never forgotten that, especially when he impressed himself. Without a Queen having a clutch he wouldn't have Tadriath.

And since that wasn't a concept he could really recognise anymore, (he'd been J'ken and Tadriath for so long that he knew he'd choose to follow his blue if he lost him), that he set off for the hatching sands without a pause when Tadriath told him that Kalestath was no longer apt to throw him out for intruding.

He skirted round the candidates as he entered, waiting till they had all given their respects and moved off to one side a little. He smiled at the whispers echoing around the cavern and shook his head, he couldn't remember being as small and eager as some of them. Tadriath helpfully flashed him a memory, one that his blue hadn't forgotten, of a young J'ken standing on the hatching sands right before they had impressed on each other.

“Weyrwoman, Weyrleader. My congratulations on your clutch.” He said with a bow. Just because they moved to a new Weyr was no reason for the old formalities to be lost.

Offline B'ron

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Re: Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]
« Reply #6 on: July 16, 2018, 07:30:01 PM »
B'ron hated these first few months of the turn, where all of the Golds seemed to take it upon themselves to fly within months of each other. And B'ron himself had three tense months between losing Kalestath's flight, before reclaiming Oriath. His own victory always dampened by the knowing that Kalestath was egg heavy with the mutations eggs yet again.

But hating things was not something new for him, and it was definitely his duty to congratulate the Senior Queen on the children she supplied yet again for the betterment of the Weyr... although if she continued to reproduce such large clutches, the Weyr may have an overpopulation problem on their hands.

Stiff and stonefaced, B'ron entered the hatching sands sands, eyes flickering across the sands to calculate how many Kalestath had produced this turn.

Another Pass sized clutch. Great, just enough for S'bok and the mutation to let their heads get even bigger than they already were. It was a wonder the black could fly. He sincerely hoped neither of them seriously considered that it was their doing causing Kalestath's larger clutches, and realised that it was obviously the prerogative of the Gold and no one else.

Bowing to Kalestath and Halirina, with a jerked incline of his head to S'bok, B'ron duty was almost over. Striding to one side of the sands, he settled with arms crossed over his chest to observe their future Weyr members.
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Offline Mauddra

Re: Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]
« Reply #7 on: July 16, 2018, 07:42:34 PM »
Mauddra always enjoyed the anticipation of moving Halirina into the sands-side study for the duration of the eggs hardening process. It was a physical manifestation of one of the many reasons why she was so proud to work for the Senior Weyrwoman. Halirina and Kalestath had virtually single-handedly saved Pern and their riders from the brink. Oriath and Imyth and the other Queens who had almost survived to the end of the Pass were certainly to thank as well, but Halirina and Kalestath had been the only constant throughout their final turns of disaster.

She has quickly learned when she first started working for Halirina not to approach Kalestath during this time if she could help it. The usually stable Gold becoming a veritable beast when it came to protecting those eggs, and the brief moment when the hatchlings were still under her protection. Images of the last hatching sprung to mind.

'Never mess with a brooding Gold' had never been so accurate.

With Halirina all moved in to her temporary dwelling, Mauddra was back to her duty of being constantly around but never seen. Slipping off to the far side of the sands to work on the beginnings of this clutches records. It would an easy thing to begin now, numbering them, with brief descriptions in order to identify, leaving open the spaces upon her sheet with which to add post-hatching information.

Always keeping Halirina in her vision should the Weyrwoman's eyes start to search for one of her aides, Mauddra keenly got to work.

Offline Ysveta

Re: Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold [ 19.4.2591 / 7PM ]
« Reply #8 on: July 16, 2018, 08:04:39 PM »
Tapping her fingers upon her thigh, the composition in her head slowly shifting from one of subtle anticipation building towards a crescendo even Ysveta wasn't sure of yet.

She'd seen a turns worth of clutches and hatchings before, so this wasn't entirely new for her. But she still couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder as the cavern holding the hatching sands opened up into the mountain, the stone ceiling rising high above them. If the architecture was something, then the Gold looming over a large clutch of eggs was awe inspiring... if a little scary. Kalestath's hatching hadn't been the most pleasant experience for the candidates that remained, let alone survived.

The scar across her cheek started to itch as she followed suit and bowed, clearly stating the appropriate congratulations to the parents and Weyrleaders. Even though her scar seemed to be reacting to the memory of her last time on the sands with these particular parents, Ysveta wasn't scared.

Perhaps she should have been... But really, when she stood and counted 32 eggs, she didn't see 32 red dragonets running across the sands to scrape over her body with claws extended. Instead, she saw 32 opportunities to impress.

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.


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