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Author Topic: Open Dog Paddle [ 27.4.2591; 9:15 AM ] || Open/Weyrlings  (Read 326 times)

Offline Un'taigo

Dog Paddle [ 27.4.2591; 9:15 AM ] || Open/Weyrlings
« on: July 22, 2018, 11:23:21 PM »
Un’taigo still wasn’t really used to going Between. For someone that had lived almost their whole life at Fort Hold, they had only been on dragonback a handful of times before their Impression—and though sometimes they could scarcely believe how much Junosabeth had grown in the last few months, he still wasn’t large enough to ride. Seeing how at ease the Prairie riders who ferried them were with the experience, Taigo always felt… out of their element. Two turns was a long time, but how were they ever going to be able to learn everything between now and when they graduated?

But it helped that Junosabeth was calm about it, as he was with everything. Cradled gently in the paws of an older, larger dragon, the Brown repeated the phrase that had become his mantra for these situations over the past month. It will be fine, and it will only last a moment.

//I know.// No matter how many times it was said, it was still a comforting reminder—and Un’taigo was sure that was why their dragon echoed it each time. Buckled to the Prairie rider’s saddle as they were, arms wrapped around the other’s waist for added stability, at least no one would see their lingering embarrassment.

Counting helped too. When they and the rest of their classmates were taken Between, Un’taigo marked the seconds in their head each time. Even with the distance they were traveling, it never lasted any longer than the same six moments.

Emerging over Fort Weyr, it was still damnably hot. But it felt less so, after the cold of the void and the abrupt change in humidity. Where Southern Winds seemed to be swimming through the summer, Fort was at least dry. Nearly balmy in comparison—and much freer of storms, for which Un’taigo was endlessly thankful.

Both Imyth’s and Oriath’s classes were doing much the same exercises, leading their dragonets to the bank of the deep, slow-flowing river and instructing them to paddle from one side to the other. As the Weyrlingmasters had said, it was good exercise:  and if they used their wings to help propel themselves through the water, it served to strengthen those muscles as well in preparation for their eventual flight.

A month ago, Un’taigo had been reluctant to get into the water with Junosabeth. At the Brown’s question as to why, they’d explained—rather self-consciously—//I don’t know how to swim.// That, too, had been something they had no business knowing at Fort Hold.

Perfectly pragmatic, the young dragon had simply replied, Neither do I. We’ll learn together.

They were still a graceless swimmer, and tired out far faster than Junosabeth ever would, but they were making progress. Taigo had already removed their shoes to leave them in the sand, and slowly waded into the river.

Everything was an adjustment. Learning new things and stepping outside their comfort zone—which included making an effort to be more social. Summoning a small smile for the weyrling closest to them, they ventured, “Would you like to swim laps together?”

Spoiler for OOC:
According to my math, Imyth’s 2590 weyrlings would be about 4 months old now, and Oriath’s weyrlings from the same turn would be about 5 months. Since they’d both still be doing the water exercises at old Fort Weyr, I’m tagging all relevant people! 8D Especially since these weyrling classes are small.

I’ve also tagged the relevant AWLMs, though I haven’t tagged all the people with Prairie riders. Basically, if you want to participate, feel free! This thread is meant to be open, after all.

I also realized after writing this that… well, they’re in the other hemisphere. But I couldn’t find anything about whether Pern had alternating seasons like Earth does, and I’m pretty sure I’ve previously written it as the same thing… so I guess that’s SWW canon now. That’s how that works, right?

@Drewliet @Inki @Kyya @RaynePOTM
« Last Edit: September 05, 2018, 01:35:04 PM by Un'taigo »

Junosabeth | 6 Months Old | 13.36M Long | 2.88M Tall | 22.2M Wingspan

Offline W'um

Re: Dog Paddle [ 27.4.2591; 9:15 AM ] || Open/Weyrlings
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2018, 09:42:30 PM »
W'um enjoyed this activity, and was definitely thankful to D'zel or the Weyrlingmaster before him who had designed this particular activity. First of all, it was a good reminder of their history. Most Weyrlings were simply young and the more time passed, the less that they seemed to know about everything that happened in the past. It was hard to believe that there were kids that had only known the island and none of the Pass. A good thing perhaps, but W'um didn't think that they should be hiding it away.

And so, young Weyrlings got to come back to Fort, to what had been the final stronghold of the Northern Continent, before the island had been found and... saved them all.

Aside from the all reminiscing, W'um also just enjoyed coming back to the river for a swim without having to be constantly worried about being eaten. It mostly, er, put a dampener on whatever relaxing time someone could take in the cove. Especially with the discovery of more creatures who wanted to take a chunk out of anyone in the water.

So, not only did it give the Weyrlings good time for strengthening, it also gave them a history lesson, experience betweening and experience being in the water, considering how half of their wings spent most of their time in the waters of the island. All in all, these trips were always productive.

For the most part today, W'um was letting everyone... do their own thing. Each class had already journeyed to the river once before, and so knew what they were supposed to be doing. He'd see today who were going to push their own boundaries, who struggled to ask for help when they needed it, and how they were growing into themselves with their new life partner.

Observation was his duty most of all.

Spoiler for Hidden:
So I've just done this to put him around in case anyone wants to use him. All g if you don't. Go swim and have fun <3

Length 28.5m ~ Height 5.7m ~ Wingspan 47.31m
W'um oversees the Weyrlings of 2590, click here to find any Weyrling info you need.

Offline W'thir

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Re: Dog Paddle [ 27.4.2591; 9:15 AM ] || Open/Weyrlings
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2018, 11:16:39 PM »
Despite the unfamilarity still of flying between on dragonback, Kelsameth's enjoyment of the entire journey squashed any concerns he may have had. He was already too large to be carried anywhere and struggled to keep his limbs in order whenever they had to walk somewhere, so being able to just leave the barracks, wait for another dragon to scoop him up and only having to worry about the small transition from ground to water was exactly his idea of a good time.

W'thir slid from the back of the blue that had transferred them from Fort Island to Fort Weyr, offering the rider a gruff, though polite thank you before moving to join his dragon. It had taken him a long time to find Kelsameth, and W'thir never wanted to be separated from him for very long. However could he protect the growing dragon if he wasn't nearby?

The brown offered a reassuring croon, a small waver to the tone giving it an amused quality before he nudged his bonded. He waited for his affection to be acknowledged before starting to move towards the river, W'thir keeping pace alongside him to help if he fell, an act that reassured the both of them.

With little fuss W'thir and Kelsameth were in the water, the young brown trilling his delight as the ground gave way completely and he no longer needed to use his legs... not in the same way at least... and his wings were quite useful for making up any additional push he may need.

Just need to keep your head up. The water will help. Kelsameth reminded his, his own legs moving slowly under the water to keep himself afloat as he watched W'thir wade deeper, an assortment of different noises used to encourage hin closer before W'thir was mimicing the dragon's paddling motion. It was about as ungraceful a swimming technique as anything else, he could have mustered, but it kept him afloat, and met the weyrlingmasters brief so far as their water work went.

He'd made his way back to the shallows, crouching down to keep the water covering him as he watched Kelsameth move about, smiling slightly at the happiness he shared through the bond. He should have realised there was someone else there, but it was difficult, even after so many months to split his attention away from his brown. It wasn't until Un'taigo said something that he let gis attention wander.

"Laps?" He pondered, testing the way it had been said and deciding it wouldn't be a competitive thing, though having someone to swim alongside would be useful... It would encourage improvement as well, to see how he fared alongside another. "I'd like that." He said shortly afterwards, offering his own small smile in return for Un'taigo's friendliness.  He'd wait for the other weyrling to confirm if there was anything further to note, though his attention was now fully on Un'taigo, Kelsameth's soft, delighted chirping as he swam a pleasant coubterpoint to the warm link between them that never seemed to dwindle.

Offline Un'taigo

Re: Dog Paddle [ 27.4.2591; 9:15 AM ] || Open/Weyrlings
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2019, 01:55:00 PM »
Un’taigo couldn’t help but feel self-conscious a moment in the wake of initiating a conversation and potential activity, even with one of their classmates. Though they were trying to get used to such things, it was still a challenge:  a far cry from flying under the radar as they had done most of their life. So when W’thir echoed a question at them, there was an anxious moment where they thought they’d misspoken. Had the words come out how they’d intended, or had they stumbled over themselves again?

It sounded fine to me, their dragon advised phlegmatically, which did assuage Un’taigo’s fears somewhat. But it wasn’t until the other Brown weyrling replied in the affirmative that the tension really left them. Smiling then, if a little nervously in their rush of relief, Taigo nodded. “Alright then.”

//Oh, thank Faranth.//

A dark shape in the water, Junosabeth swam over next to Kelsameth with a rumbled greeting that sounded far deeper than a dragon his current size had any business being. Good morning. If the other Brown wanted to maintain a companionable silence, Junosabeth wouldn’t be opposed. But he wouldn’t be impolite and refuse to greet his brother first either.

Un’taigo waded into the water then, the river growing deeper for them faster than it did with W’thir’s superior height. At least they knew how to stay afloat now, where when they’d first learned, they’d been terrified of sinking all the time. “Shall we?” they asked, and tilted their head briefly to indicate the other shore.

Junosabeth | 6 Months Old | 13.36M Long | 2.88M Tall | 22.2M Wingspan


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