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Author Topic: Event [ 4.5.2591 ] Sentencing  (Read 530 times)

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[ 4.5.2591 ] Sentencing
« on: July 26, 2018, 04:13:33 PM »

04.05.2591 // 5:45 AM

Justice is swift and certain in the Weyr, as everyone will be reminded of this morning. Prairie Wing’s inspections after the slaughtered runner bore fruit, as some of the riders discovered individuals with packaged meat trying to make their way to the Mine Hall. With no real explanation for it, those deemed responsible were detained.

Since this is a Crafter matter, the Weyrleadership has turned sentencing and punishment over to the Herders. Since they have no current Masters, they have elected Keassa, one of their most senior Journeymen, to carry out the decision:  the three people caught will be lashed at her hand and then banished from the Weyr for the rest of their lives.

This decision was agreed upon by the Herders and Miners still ostensibly in charge of the Hall, particularly since that location has Peacekeepers with the authority to enforce a close watching of the criminals. Nevertheless, some Holders may see this as the Weyr dumping their criminals at the Hall’s doorstep.

All Crafters, not just Herders and Farmers, have been invited to witness the lashing and banishment this morning. Attendance is still voluntary, but some Masters and Journeymen may have all but herded their apprentices to come witness what happens to people who attack the Crafthalls.

This isn’t intended to be a Weyr-wide event, but people will not be turned away if they want to watch, gathering with the Crafters in front of the barn where the crime took place. The Weyrleadership will be in attendance as a show of support, and the lashing is taking place early so that other riders may also attend if they wish.

Further Note
Here is Prairie's inspection thread! Once the thread has been posted, Prairie Wing’s inspections will be linked here as well. If anyone wants to have a rider responsible for catching one of the three criminals, you certainly can! By the same token, if anyone wants to, a) play a current PC as one of the criminals, or b) make said criminals into MNPCs (or actual PCs, if you’re feeling frisky), live your dreams. Just know that it’s first come, first serve for taking those spots.

As slots are claimed, we will list them and pertinent information here for easy tracking!

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Re: [ 4.5.2591 ] Sentencing
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2018, 06:34:58 PM »
Tayvelle Will be posted once I figure her out, and I might throw D'mir in there.

Nalata will be in attendance, and I'll probably post her as well once I get the time to write.

Vickmarra, Berlya and Wa'by will also be attending.

Added : SirAlahn
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Re: [ 4.5.2591 ] Sentencing
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2018, 07:33:19 PM »
Crafters! (Now I have to post in the original thread too and stop being a slacker)

Elrost will be there, backing up his sister.
Cinnacai will be there agreeing.
Fisk will make an appearance.
B'ron will be there as leadershipy stuff is needed.

Gwinn will be there, and definitely will have herded Weavers to witness. Not giving her opinion on the actual punishment openly, but letting them know that this event is important in the progress of their crafts, and in history.

Kenna will not make the journey to the Weyr just to watch, however, she thinks the punishment is not unjust.

Vironethian thinks this is just a waste of time. He agrees with the punishment, but 'aint going to be taking any more time out of his day giving face time to the criminals.

Elrethra won't bother unless she has noooothing else to do with her morning.

Daresik is happy to have the criminals in his domain - then he might have something interesting to do.

Paylae does see this as leaving the crims for them to deal with. So she's is neither happy with the crims, nor the Weyr. Paylae is generally not a happy person anyways. SO WHAT'S NEW?

I don't think anyone else is important to mention, but I reserve the right to add more at any time.

Added : SirAlahn

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Re: [ 4.5.2591 ] Sentencing
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2018, 03:13:45 PM »
None of mine will be in attendance :)

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Re: [ 4.5.2591 ] Sentencing
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2019, 07:35:18 PM »
Eldessen is at breakfast with her wing, but she's glad those criminals are being justly punished.

Added : SirAlahn
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