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Author Topic: Open Practical Skills [ 28.4.2591; 1:45 PM ] || Candidates  (Read 315 times)

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Practical Skills [ 28.4.2591; 1:45 PM ] || Candidates
« on: July 27, 2018, 02:29:34 PM »
Some things, O’sir felt everyone in the Weyr should learn, not just Candidates. First aid was one of those things. Of course, he knew it wasn’t really practical:  the days had long since passed when most had the spare time to learn extra skills, and even longer since the Healers had the resources, people, or time to train others beyond the apprentices, Candidates, and Weyrlings they already did. But this was one skill that would serve his students well regardless of whether they Impressed or not. In a world as dangerous as Pern was these days, stabilizing someone (or something) until the Healers could arrive could mean the difference between life and death.

The importance of it was one reason he liked bringing an actual Healers for the relevant lessons. O’sir knew the basics, had used them during the Pass—they were another thing that his own teachers had drilled into him to the point that he didn’t think he’d ever be capable of forgetting it. But he felt it was better for the Candidates to learn from the best:  people who could answer more complicated questions and that were far more practiced at these things than he was.

Not to mention it exposed the Candidates to more people and potential occupations. Some students that had gained experience with Crafthalls during their chores and lessons, and who never Impressed, inevitably wound up apprenticing.

Loressa was an easy choice for a dragonhealer guest teacher. She was knowledgeable, practiced, personable, and O’sir knew her well enough that it wasn’t all that difficult to plan around her schedule. That, and it was nice to see her; no matter how many times he’d heard her explain the same topics to his students, there was always a certain comfort in her obvious passion for her field.

On this particular day, she was taking center stage; O’sir had vacated his desk to wait patiently to one side, while she used its surface as a stand-in for an examination table. She’d been explaining common injuries endemic to dragons, and using Grace to demonstrate upon since no larger creature would fit in the room. Unlike Thief, who was disobedient and squirmed endlessly while being handled, Sethunya’s Gold seemed to be soaking in the attention, easily obeying Loressa’s guidance and practically glowing since all eyes were on her.

As Loressa finished her demonstration—having wound a length of cloth around Grace’s chest and shoulders to approximate a bandage wrap—O’sir peeled away from the wall to address his students. “I hope you’ve been paying attention,” he told them, a faint bit wryly, “because now you get to try this for yourselves.” He set one hand on a basket full of strips cut from scrap cloth, much like the one Loressa had used. “Pair off, and then come get a bandage for you and your partner. Only one former Healer per pair.”

There was some groaning at that, breaking up some friends who had already been keen to work together. But this would be a simple task for most former apprentices anyway, and two was child’s play. This was something they all needed to learn.

“Once you’ve done that, select your firelizard.” The appearance of so many had been a point of interest as the students had filed in nearly a mark ago, the varied Golds, Bronzes, Browns, Blues, and Greens clustered in one corner of the room and watching with curious eyes. They belonged to just as large a variety of owners—Healers, other riders, weyrlings, even some Candidates. The only requirement had been that they were well-trained, and that they would and could tolerate manhandling and directions from other people. And now that the Candidates’ attention was on them more solidly, many of them chirped and trilled in excitement.

“You’ll be bandaging them like Loressa showed. She and I will be checking your work and answering any questions. Each of you will need to do this a handful of times today so that you can practice. Just do your best.”

Spoiler for OOC:
Pretty self-explanatory, but it was high time for another Candidate class. 8D As is covered in the post, your characters need to split into pairs and then practice bandaging on one of the flits in attendance. If there’s a particular firelizard you want to use for your character(s), just coordinate with their owner’s player as necessary; the only requirement is that they’ll tolerate being used to practice on.

And now for the relevant tags.

@SanctifiedSavage @Red @Lyndi @Kyya @Inki @Drewliet @sucrechat @Aster
« Last Edit: September 05, 2018, 01:51:01 PM by O'sir »

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Re: Practical Skills [ 28.4.2591; 1:45 PM ] || Candidates
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2018, 08:36:45 PM »
This seemed like quite a simple task. As Ysveta looked around to see which candidates were not already paired up, she considered that the most difficult part of the process would likely be controlling the firelizards. Following a set of instructions shouldn't be too difficult.

But given the attention spans of some of the candidates in this room, she wasn't sure that would be the case. Considering that thought for a moment, she decided that it would be a good idea not to say that out loud. It could probably be seen as offensive, not the simple statement of fact that Ysveta saw it as. She was getting quite good at this 'thinking before she spoke' thing.

Standing, she approached someone who, as far as she could tell (and as far as Ysveta could tell was not very far considering her lack of perceptiveness) was not already partnered up. "Would you like to partner with me for this activity?" She asked, not really wanting to wait for an answer, and instead already looking over to the firelizards on one side. "I think we should choose a brown to work on."

Spoiler for Hidden:
Ysveta's being super awkward today, so interpret as you wish.
Open to anyone, and I'm open to anyone wanting to RP their flit too <3

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Oarlen

Re: Practical Skills [ 28.4.2591; 1:45 PM ] || Candidates
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2018, 04:07:01 PM »
Oarlen paid particular attention to what the healer was saying, in part because these lessons were always important, and he always tended to pay attention, but also because while the application was for [i[dragons[/i], their subjects were firelizards... and recently there'd been more injuries to firelizards from outside sources than he liked... So if he could take what they were being told, and make sure his faire remained healthy in dire circumstances, it wouldn't even matter if he didn't impress to a dragon... Though the part of him that said he wasn't good enough to be a dragon rider was unable to rear it's head as often, the candidate master's reassurance to the fallacy of that insecurity working as a very potent counterargument.

When they were told to partner up, Oarlen didn't move at first, and was somewhat surprised when Ysveta spoke to him. He was used to being the first to find someone, though admittedly with so many newcomers in the wake of a new clutch that turn, he wasn't quite as familiar with the entire class. He glanced around at first, checking to make sure it was actually him she was speaking to before grinning and nodding his head. "That'd be neat. We can use Freckles. He's the only one I've got participatin'. But if you wanna use a different brown it'd be fine. Rinokan might let us use Scoria.... or maybe we can use him?" Oarlen prattled away the names, indicating first the freckled beasty that was his first ever companion, who chirped in response to his name before scanning the line of firelizards for Rinokan's bonded... though he wasn't entirely sure if that particular brown was going to be utilised for their lesson. He did indicate another brown, larger than his freckles, though truth be told it wasn't very hard. His own brown bonded was undoubtedly on the small end of the spectrum.

The candidate had anticipated firelizards being present that lesson, having nominated Freckles from his horde to assist. Sweets was too easily coaxed by the bathing springs, and Canopy was a jealous creature at best... Which was also the reason he hadn't volunteered his gold, who was extremely good natured. Canopy would chase her away if she thought she was getting more attention than she deserved... no matter their usually friendly relationship with eachother.

So many firelizards though? There were dozens in the weyr. But he wasn't used to seeing so many lined up and behaving. They weren't called flits because they commonly sat still, and while used to the ones that came to class with their own bonded's there was something surreal about so many that [ii]weren't[/i] familiar being in the same room... So while he loved his brown to death, he wasn't disinclined to get to know one of the firelizards he didn't know.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Inki Ysveta's choice. Hope you don't mind me jumping in with Oarlen. Also tag for @SirAlahn for Rinokan/Scoria if Scoria was one of the possible firelizards. I haven't had Oarlen see him though, so he can just not be there

Offline Kharismene

Re: Practical Skills [ 28.4.2591; 1:45 PM ] || Candidates
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2018, 08:08:47 AM »
At the start of today’s lesson, Kharismene had arrived prompt and eager to learn what was going to happen with the volunteered fire lizards. While she trusted most of her faire to follow directions pretty well, it was Ravage who always wanted to prove himself in tasks that she chose to volunteer for today. Caper would have been the best in terms of following direction, but he hated too much noise and she couldn’t imagine a class filled with candidates and fire lizards being all that quiet. Besides, it was a pain in the neck each day uncurling the stubborn bronze from her shoulders and neck when she had to attend lessons and he couldn’t be with her.

Once the lecture and demonstration began, she felt the excitement slump out of her shoulders. She nudged Oskendar. “When are we ever going to be carrying around sheets large enough to wrap around a dragon?” She muttered softly in his ear. She hadn’t known what to expect when volunteers for well-trained flits had been called upon, but she’d hoped it would be some sort of learning game. Those were perhaps the only types of lessons that truly held her interest. Any sort of reading and writing was worse, though, so she should be grateful at least that this was a practical exercise.

Khary didn’t budge when they were told to partner up. Her partner was right beside her, so there was no need to scurry across the room for someone. Neither of them had been healers in the past, though she wouldn’t have let that stop them from teaming up. “Ravage came today, and he’s nice and big to practice on,” she said, turning to Oss. “I’ll get our bandages.” She wasn’t particularly excited about this exercise, but at least they were moving around and doing something. For that, she would at least try, though she couldn’t see it being that hard.

She moved through the crowd of candidates still trying to buddy up and snatched the first two bandages she saw in the basket without consideration for their size. She assumed they must all be the same, right? As the other fire lizards began to disperse among the other teams, she waved Ravage over, who hardly needed prompting to return to her from the horde of others. She and Ravage met back at Oskendar’s position and she handed him one of the bandages. “We’ll be done before anyone has their partner and picks a fire lizard,” she remarked with a smile.

“Ravage, just stay still so we can wrap this around you.” She lifted her strip of cloth and started to wrap it from his chest and up toward his shoulders before both of her hands stopped just below his shoulders. “Ravage, you’re too fat.” Khary looked to her partner. “Is yours just as short too?”

Spoiler for Tag:
@Inki for Oskendar  :love:

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Re: Practical Skills [ 28.4.2591; 1:45 PM ] || Candidates
« Reply #4 on: August 10, 2018, 11:15:28 AM »
Rinokan had been glad to volunteer Scoria for the assignment when the call for flits had been announced. While he hadn’t been sure, at the time, what the task would be, that hadn’t really mattered. Scoria had been a working firelizard all his life, and with a particular disdain for those who were ‘just’ pets or companions. And since Rinokan’s Searching, he’d had far less things to do than when his bonded had still been a Miner.

It made the Brown restless, and Rinokan’s hands were littered with little nips from when the Brown had been particularly moody. Giving him something to do, at least for a day, had been an opportunity that the Candidate jumped on.

He knew Scoria wouldn’t bite another Candidate—the only person he ever had bitten was his own handler. So for the purposes of the assignment, Rinokan was determined to use another flit. One that might not listen to him so well. It would feel less like cheating then. For both of them.

Idly, he’d been planning on partnering with Oarlen for the lesson. He was the only other Candidate that Rinokan really knew… but some other girl had gotten to him first.

Ah well. So he tapped the next nearest available-looking Candidate on the shoulder. “You got a partner yet?”

Spoiler for OOC:
Woo a short and crap post. 8D Whatever. The Candidates left that he could be addressing are Calladren, Saviavi, Solark, and Syrena. So whoever wants him, live your dreams.

And @Kyya you’re more than welcome to use Scoria if you like. ^_^ I tossed him explicitly in the line up so you could.

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Re: Practical Skills [ 28.4.2591; 1:45 PM ] || Candidates
« Reply #5 on: August 11, 2018, 11:04:05 PM »
Ysveta considered the younger candidates words, and the potential undercurrents of meaning that they each could possess. Although, she wasn't entirely sure what Oarlen was thinking when he suggested so many different firelizards.

"I think it might be beneficial to our learning to select a firelizard that is not our own. Not that I do not believe your Freckles to be well trained, although I do not know either way, but it may be more accurate to the real aim of the task if we tried with a firelizard we do not know so intimately." With that explained, Ysveta paused for a moment. "The Scoria you mentioned is fine with me if that is what you wish."

She glanced over at the line up of firelizards in the corner of the room, some of them cocking their heads, or trilling happily as they were selected for the duty of the day. "I do not know which one he is. Perhaps you could collect the firelizard while I retrieve the rest of the supplies?"

Ysveta quite enjoyed Oarlen's company. Whilst they'd never really hit off a strong friendship so far, Oarlen wasn't someone who had ever been particularly offended by anything she'd said. Nor did he contribute to some of the older candidates more annoying habits. She was glad that he'd accepted her offer to work together today.


Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Oskendar

Re: Practical Skills [ 28.4.2591; 1:45 PM ] || Candidates
« Reply #6 on: August 12, 2018, 11:23:16 PM »
Oskendar grinned at her murmured words, and leaned back in his chair, feigning a stretch of his back when he muttered back to her. "At this rate? Likely never." Which was entirely possible, it's not like they were healers and going to be allowed to be in charge of healing their dragon if the time ever came anyways.

He'd arrived curious to today's lesson, and had been a little disappointed that it wasn't something more... challenging. But at least they were just sitting dictating O'sir's words onto their tablets today. He enjoyed the idea at least that this was something new. It wasn't often that the healers came and visited the candidates, and so, even if the task seemed to be quite simple, at least it was interesting for the first... 5 minutes or so.

With Khary going to collect their materials, Oss took a brief glance over to the side of the room at Herald, sitting patiently waiting for someone to choose him, he also scanned the ceilings in the chance that Larcen was there lurking. Possibly waiting to ruin Herald's good work just before the firelizard got finished. It would be mighty amusing to the blue if he managed to break Herald's calm demeanour in such a public place. But Osken didn't spot the bright blue of his firelizard, and wondered whether he was taking advantage of his darker colour wingsails to hide in the shadows.

Frowning at the missing length of Kharismene's wrapping, he pulled out his own, measuring the length with his eyes. "Uh nope. Here." He reached down, unwrapping Ravage and pulling the bandage towards him. With an efficient knot, he tied the two pieces together, grinning at his quick solve of their issue. "There we go. Now it's long enough."

It did have a huge knot in the middle of it, and when he started to wrap it around Ravage, the bulge could be seen in the middle of the firelizard's chest, but he'd solved their issue. Didn't that matter much more than the aesthetics of the bandage?


Offline Oarlen

Re: Practical Skills [ 28.4.2591; 1:45 PM ] || Candidates
« Reply #7 on: October 06, 2018, 01:23:43 AM »
Oarlen cocked his head slightly as Ysveta spoke, slightly diatracted by so many firelizards in one spot and wishing there was enough time to play with all of them... or at least get acquainted with them. He nodded at her reasoning however, and as she went to collect supplies, he brought his attention around to actually locating Scoria.

Rinokan, and Scoria, really, wouldn't have turned down the request to assist, and Oarlen didn't think O'sir would have ommitted any of the trained firelizards amongst the candidates. If something did go wrong, it would be easier to handle if their owner was nearby. Though O'sir would have surely weighed that up prior to accepting or even asking for any particular firelizard.

"There you are! Would you mind helping me and Ysveta practice?" Oarlen exclaimed as he laid eyes on Rinokan's partner. The firelizard was one of the few still ones in the lineup, which is why it had taken so long to locate him. Scoria knew he was there for a reason, and wasn't the sort of fire lizard to... well... flit about when there was a job to do.

Ever a patient one with firelizards, particularly if they're not his own, Oarlen waited for Scoria's go ahead before holding his forearm out, inviting the flit to shift from his perch to the new one and once sure he was appropriately settled, wandered back to the section of floor Ysveta seemed to have deemed theirs.

"This is Scoria. He bonded to Rinokan and helped when I was training Freckles, Sweets and Canopy. He'll be perfect for us and I've even got some dried fish to spare if he'd like it. I don't think he likes being fussed over very much though." He grinned and held the brown up in case there was any chance Ysveta hadn't figured out what he was talking about.

"I guess we can't hold him while we bandage him though..."Oarlen  frowned with a quick glance at the gold who had been used to demonstrate the bandage. "Here. You wanna go first?" He asked as he coaxed Scoria onto one of the tables around the room, asking him to stand still for them before stepping back to admire the brown before his attention was to Ysveta.

"Done this before?" He added with only the slightest bit of nervousness. It was practice but it was kinda important to him not to stuff it up from the get go. And if Ysveta had a bit more experience he was sure he could learn from her too! Otherwise they'd just figure it out together.

@Inki @SirAlahn (for Scoria references)

Tags: open candidates 

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