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Author Topic: Approved M'lan [ 21/10/2570 9th Pass / Black Weyrling ]  (Read 209 times)

Offline Kyya

M'lan [ 21/10/2570 9th Pass / Black Weyrling ]
« on: August 04, 2018, 03:13:36 AM »

Play By: Antonio Cupo

First Name:
Date of Birth:
21.10.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: M’lan sports a serious face, with dark, shaggy hair that curls when left long – as tends to be his usual styling. He does what he can to keep it manageable, and has not yet felt the need to crop it short, despite the rigorous training he’s had to undergo since impressing Corvath. It’s almost a pride point for him, though one wouldn’t call him vain, just careful with his appearance. His clothes, too are well kept, M’lan seeking to mend them – with assistance if absolutely necessary – whenever they start to wear. It’s bad enough to have the stigma that comes with riding a black dragon, and he’d rather they couldn’t critique his outward appearance as easily as they seemed to do so for his bonded. Smilarily, he doesn’t decorate himself so as to minimise the chance of standing out more than he does, though the copper dragon – the only reminder of the family he lost – hangs around his neck and sits beneath his shirts. It’s not for others to know of and serves as something of a security blanket.

No-one would call him tall and lean, his body type leaning towards stocky in many cases, but there is no trace of fat, and while he may not ever grow to compete with the taller men in the weyr, he can’t really be classified as short. His eyes are naturally a bright hazel, though the shifting greens and blues can make them appear more one colour than the other at times, often in direct reflection of his surroundings.

Overall, M’lan could be considered handsome… If he could ever figure out how to crack a smile once in a while.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Despite being born in High Reaches Weyr, M’lan grew up in Fort, his birthplace just a name from his past that he would never really know. He lost his mother at four, and had no other family by his tenth turn. It wasn’t a unique situation, and he accepted it numbly. Suffering and loss seemed to be the natural order of things, and he found it hard to form connections with others for fear of losing them too, essentially adopting the philosophy that he couldn’t feel loss if there was nothing to lose.

Response to dragon color mutations: Neisoth’s appearance was met with curiosity. The Black appeared as healthy as the others, a fact that was further reiterated when he managed to catch Kalestath on reaching maturity. The fact he continues to hold his place proves it wasn’t a coincidence and while unnerved at his impression to a Black Dragon of his own, he’s never worried about whether or not his bonded counted as a dragon. The reds are a little more confusing, but as with the black dragons, appear to be just another colour of dragon, with unique quirks of their own, and more dragons couldn’t be a bad thing. Right?

Who are you...


History: There was a time, before the interval, and before the constant threadfall that plagued Pern for so many years, where thread fell but was predictable, and the knowledge of the crafts, holds and halls not as spotty as what they knew now. Being able to listen to stories about this time before regardless of how accurate the information lifts his spirits, knowing that things could perhaps improve in the future, if they could apply their past knowledge to it, and allowing him to escape of the chaos of present day Pern.

New Places: Preferably if no-one has been there before him, but as young as he is, that’s a hard task to match. He hopes one day he’d be able to explore further than their home, and stand somewhere no-one else had ever been before. Just like the Bronzerider D’mir when he discovered Fort Island. It would give him a sense of power like nothing he could imagine. He knew the rest of the planet was unviable for life… But that didn’t mean there weren’t places still to be discovered, surely.

Solitude: M'lan enjoys moments of silence, where it’s just him and his thoughts – though more recently that’s included Summer and Corvath as well. Periods where he can just be with no social obligations, no chores, and no needing to live up to peoples expectations – or try and prove why he was worthy of their respect.
Rain: His love of rain may have started off as almost instinctive. Rain meant they were safer than normal during the pass. The sound comforts him, and he finds he sleeps easier when it rains, no matter how noisy the storm. There’s also something soothing about going out and standing in it, the heavier the downpour the more satisfaction he gains from it, as if it just washes away all his problems, and while he’s in it, nothing else really matters.

Swimming: You can’t really swim with others. Well. You could swim with other people in the area, but you can easily avoid socialising by doing laps and the like. It’s a good busy sport, and when he’s particularly sick of listening to others, he can just dive underwater for as long as his breath holds out and … not listen. And when you were actually alone there? You could just give up completely and you’ll float. Like there’s nothing dragging you down at all. It’s almost surreal, really.


Crowds: Crowds are too… crowded. Things can go south easily when there are a bunch of people in the same area together, and those with nefarious intentions seem to have an easier time acting on them when they can basically blend back in afterwards, getting lost in the sea of people and disappearing without being held accountable. Not to mention so many people in one spot can be suffocating… and undoubtedly noisy.

Liars: There’s no point to it. He can manage to tell the truth at all times, so why in Faranth’s name can’t everyone else. It can be a very quick way to ruin any kind of relationship with him as well, since he struggles to trust whether they’re telling the truth in everything they say thereafter. Whether or not he can eventually forgive you comes down to how he finds out about the lie. If someone else had to tell him… Well. Good luck trying to rekindle that flame.

Space Invasion: M’lan doesn’t like having his space encroached on. He doesn’t care what reasoning you have for it, but if you try to touch him, shove in on his space, invade his weyr without being invited or any other breaches of his personal life, including perceived invasions of his personal, private life, he’s going to be pissed. He’ll meet these circumstances with an aggressive one-mindedness, caring little about the repercussions and not afraid to get his hands dirty shoving you away or belting you one for encroaching. It’s a territorial, protective reaction that can extend to what he perceives as his – though such possessions aren’t much beyond his personal effects, his firelizard, and his Corvath.

Sympathy: M’lan doesn’t like feeling weak, so he doesn’t tend to take kindly to people feeling sorry for him, especially if such a feeling comes with a desire to try and comfort him – physically and or emotional. It not only feels like a breach of his personal space, but it insinuates that he’s incapable of looking after himself. People feeling sorry for him. It would be different if he approached you… but don’t go seeking him out to say you feel sorry for whatever situation you perceived to be unfair or otherwise. It’s his life. His problems.


* INTELLIGENT : Smart enough to figure most things out for himself, M’lan has a good memory for facts and figures. It might not necessarily translate to wisdom but it got him through most of his childhood, and works well with figuring out just what place he and Corvath will hold in the weyr proper on graduation.

* DETERMINED : A biproduct of his upbringing, M’lan doesn’t give up easily, and will work as hard as possible to overcome any and everything that stands in his way. He may not always be successful, but no-one would be able to suggest he didn’t give it his all.

* LOYAL : M’lan’s friendship is hard to earn, and can be just as hard to keep if you’re not genuine. But the young blackrider is fiercely loyal to those he does call friend, and will stick by them in thick and thin for as long as he is needed. He’ll publicly defend you if he feels the need to, and doesn’t shy away from a physical confrontation if it is called for… and sometimes if it isn’t.

* HONORABLE : With a quick temper, an altercation can easily turn ugly, except for M’lan’s strict code of honour. He will not cheat, or use underhanded tactics, and as with most things, expects the same from those he spends time around. It is a very straight line that he follows, and it would be an unusual thing indeed for him to sway from this.

* HONEST : Tied into his code of honour is honesty and integrity. It doesn’t matter if telling the truth would mean trouble for himself, his friends, or otherwise. He would rather speak, than not. This includes choosing to speak when others may decide to omit their own statements, perceiving lying through omission almost as bad as lying outright.

* COMPASSIONATE: He may not always agree, but M’lan has worked hard to make sure he took time to hear the other side of every story. Contradictory to his own preferences, he tends to be sympathetic to the plight of others and will show mercy where others may not and is willing to help others less fortunate then himself

* INDEPENDENT: M’lan will often set out to do things on his own, making his own decision without worrying about whether it’s right or wrong. He’d have weighed up the options on his own, and is usually confident enough that he’d accept the repercussions of any such action if/when necessary.


* STUBBORN : M’lan doesn’t accept that a decision he’s made might have an alternative. You’d be hard pressed to change his mind once he’s decided on something and if you keep pushing, he doesn’t mind a bit of physical emphasis to get you to back off. It can make him appear stupid at times, and can be a bit like pulling teeth or bashing your own head against the wall, but if you’re that adamant he needs to change something – that’s what it’s going to take.

* OVERLY SELF-RELIANT : There’s such a thing as being too independent, and M’lan fulfils this to a tee. Refusing to be seen as weak, or otherwise unable to deal with things on his own, he’ll push anyone away when they try to help, and will never actively seek it out, no matter how much he may need to. He resents that aspect of being a rider, and while happy to assist his fellow weyrlings where he sees it’s appropriate, doesn’t enjoy being treated in kind… Hypocritical though it is.

* SUSPICIOUS : M’lan expects the only thing in his life that will be constant is himself. He’s suspicious of kind actions, and even after finding himself trusting something, he half expects to be stabbed in the back or abandoned at any point in time. It makes him less approachable, and can make friendships a fair bit of hard work. It’s born more of fear than a pure distrust, but so far it’s one that hasn't been able to be conquered.

* INFLEXIBLE : M’lan follows the rules and his own personal code. No more. No less. His personal code ranks just a fraction higher than the rules though... and it can get difficult when the two ethics contradict themselves. There may be a better alternative, or a compromise that could be made, but he'll rarely concede to any option beyond the one he has already decided on.

* TOO SERIOUS : M'lan doesn't seem to have a funny bone in his body. He struggles to hear anything but mockery in jokes regardless of whether they're about him or someone else, and is not known for making his own jokes. It bodes well for situations that call for it, but stops him from relishing in the more lighthearted side of weyrlife... and perceived mockery is a horrid catalyst for physical altercations.

Describe Yourself:

* Private: M’lan's business is M'lan's business. Just because he helps you out of a pickle doesn't give you the right to “get to know" him. Personal questions are going to get impersonal answers, if any, and trying to attach yourself to him is a good way to get punched in the face.

* Intellectual: M'lan can do the whole... physical thing. He just prefers not to. He'smuch happier engaging his mind than he is engaging his body, and will regularly choose to take the more theoretical route when he can.

* Straight and Narrow: There is no grey area in M'lan's book. Just plain black and white. Things either are, or they aren't. You're either doing something, or not. This is the philosophy he applies to everything he does, with his personal code as the guiding force, and the rules filling in where his code cannot.

* Pessimist: M’lan weighs up the consequences of his actions, and in doing so will find the worse case scenario, acting as if that was the expected outcome no matter how silly it may seem. In this way he cannot be blindsided when things turn to shit, and he guards himself from pain and heartache. It's not exactly the best way to deal with life, but it got him this far.

* Defender of the Weak: Contrary to his opinions on being treated as weak, M’lan will go above and beyond what is needed to protect others, particularly if they appear less fortunate, or are struggling. He has a particular loathing towards bullies, and can easily overreact to their appearance despite the trouble he himself may get into.

The Magic Touch: Because he was always small as a child, the other kids would tease him by saying he’d make decent snack for the growing dragonets, nicknaming him Meal. He hates that name.


Mother: Mella Journeyman Healer, High Reaches Weyr/ Fort Weyr, Born 17.05.2537. Died in childbirth. 29.9.2574.
Father: V'lan Brownrider, High Reaches Weyr/Fort Weyr. Born 22.7.2530. Impressed Enoreth 14.9.2546. Died from Threadfall injuries 12.3.2577.

Siblings: M'ven, born 20.4.2557. Impressed Ranoranth 17.8.2569. Died during Threadfall 16.5.2580.
Varella, born 29.7.2560. Impressed Avillorsath 23.10.2575. died during Weyrling training, 11.7.2576.
Melaran, born 29.10.2574, died same day.

Tell us a story...

* 2571, 6 months High Reaches Weyr is evacuated to Fort. His father making sure that he personally took Mella, Varella and Meallan to their new home. V'len was disappointed in his inability to continue protecting their home, seeing it as a failure on his part. With the rest of Pern already there, he seems to make a little more effort to be present for his small family, pushing himself to a state of exhaustion in trying to make sure his weyrmate's able to carry out her own duties without worrying about their home life. Despite being a rider, V'lan and Mella were hold born, and refused to give their children to the creche to be raised. It meant more work, but both parents thought it would be worth it, adamant that they would manage all their responsibilities without additional assistance.

* 2574, 4 His mother Mella dies giving birth to her fourth child. The male infant Melaran dies later that day. Meallan didn't fully understand the reason for Mella's absence in their life, with Varella filling in what gap had been left without a fuss. She made sure Meallan would not suffer for wont of a mother, and worked hard to keep him entertained, safe, and calm despite everything else that went on around them.

* 2575, 5 Varella is searched, and accepts the decision. Ready to do what she needed to help defend Pern. She apologises to Mealln, and explains her reasoning which he accepts... albeit reluctantly. Of all the lessons his father had taught them, the importance of dragon riders was perhaps the most memorable, and with lessons to occupy him now, the only time he remembered that he was somewhat alone was when he was waiting in their weyr for his father to come home, or one of his siblings to visit.

Meallan attended the hatchings Varella stood for, a small, snarky part of him hoping she would just give up and come home to him. But she didn't, impressing a sweet little green dragon who called herself Avillorsath. The first time he got to meet her, he managed to understand somewhat why Varella chose her over her younger brother... But that didn't mean he had to like it.

* 2576, 6 Arvillorsath ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, an older weyrling pair barrelling into the small green and jumping between in their panicked. The Bronze settles down and pops out of between a few seconds later, minus one immature green weyrling. Meallan is told it was a betweening accident, never realizing that Varella had chosen death the moment their bond went silent.  Of his siblings, Varella was undoubtedly his favourite, and the loss of her, and the green dragonet that he was somewhat enamoured by, hit him hard. He grieves her in a way he did not grieve his own mother, withdrawing into himself rather than seeking reassurance elsewhere

* 2577, 7 His father V'lan is injured badly during a Fall. His brown Enoreth only survives a few days, and V'lan takes his own life rather than live without him. The man's injuries hadn’t been life threatening in and of themselves, and Meallan is sure he could have survived if he'd just forgotten about his dragon's death. The teachers try to explain the reality of a dragon bond, and eventually Meallan reacts to this with the numb acceptance that will become his trademark reaction. His father's personal effects get divvied up between himself and his stern older brother M'ven, though the only item of significance is the copper dragon his father had worn, meant to represent the coppery-brown Enoreth. For all he expects the worse by this point, the young boy can't quite bring himself to part with the trinket, wearing it around his neck and hiding it as much as possible to minimise the chance for it to get stolen.

* 2580, 10 M'ven is killed during a Fall. Meallan is officially alone at this point but he seemed to almost expect it, withdrawing completely and only really bothering to do what was required of him to function in the weyr. Unfortunately, with no family to take him in, he is shunted from their family weyr to make room for another, though as part of the weyr is given shelter in the creche. It made privacy a precious commodity, though he didn't realise just how many turns there would be before he could claim a space that was well and truly his own.

* 2582, 12 Meallan becomes searched for an upcoming clutch, and though he doesn’t impress, continues standing. His anger towards Eddarth has faded significantly, and his understanding of the state of their world at that point of time is enough reason to keep him on the stands, never mind how often he was left standing. He did hold some hope that he would be !asked to leave, unable to stand the thought of sullying his father's memory by voluntarily resigning. He’d have enjoyed apprenticing in the Harper hall, perhaps working in archives and learning more about their past... but it would not be his fate. Though truly, he wouldn't know for a while yet. He did find himself in possession of a firelizard during this time. A bright blue that he named Summer as if in defiance of his own temperament. One of the candidates he shared a room with had a clutching Gold, and in his pursuit of alone time, Meallan had been eating his meal on his cot while the rest of his room were in the weyrhall. Summer's egg hatched almost as soon as his clutchmother started humming, an explosion of eggshell that drew his irritated attention. With noone else present yet, and the only food available the items on his plate, the blue bee lined for him, the Gold's humming turning to a grating screeching until he fled the ravenous creature, swearing under his breath but grudgingly obliging - of only to shut up the cacaphony of screeching Gold and firelizard both. By the time the bonded candidate rocked up, Summer had made Meallan his and no amount of prodding led to the blue choosing another candidate to bond to. It was a sceptical relationship at first, and he found himself checking on him for many nights, in case the creature decided to leave... He said it was because he didn't want him... but both he and summer knew that wasn't the case, and for the first time since becoming a true orphan, Meallan had something stable in his life.

* 2587, 17 Meallan accompanies the remaining Pernese making the arduous trip to their new home at Southern Winds Weyr. He notes the hatching of the first black dragon Neisoth, with interest and follows his progress in comparison to his peers.  It's the first time he takes a proper interest in the hatchlings themselves, wondering what could have caused the black and surprised when another failed to appear in any of the other clutches afterwards.

* 2589, 19 Neisoth flies the Queen, sending much of the Weyr into an uproar. Meallan is nonplussed, feeling this proves his earlier belief that Neisoth was healthy and he believes S'bok is as good of a leader as anyone else. Actively trying to impress has taken its toll, and had it not been for curiosity as to what a black would produce with their most senior queen, he would have stepped down now that the black was full grown. He was done waiting, and old enough to be a journeyman, didn't want to wait any longer to join the harpercraft. Having expected only to be witness to the Black’s clutch, Meallan is surprised by the appearance of more mutated colours, though these ones didn’t share their sire's colouring. He's given the perfect opportunity to witness their growth first hand, however, as Neisoth manages to sire not one, but three black dragons, one of which, almost unnervingly so, turned out to be Corvath... and all of a sudden, he can't remember why he thought he wouldn't impress at all.

* 2591, 21 Weyrlinghood is almost over, and while it hasn't been the smoothest of rides perhaps his most memorable moment (besides Corvath  himself) was the move to his own, personal weyr. To  be able to retreat at the end of a hard day and be alone with just Summer and Corvath for company is the epitome of his life so far. He and Corvath can fly, they have a home and they don't have to worry about competing with the other weyrlings for the right to their own personal time. It certainly made things worth it so far, and while his attitude to lessons and the like seemed to centre around the minimum expectations required of him, he wasn't lagging at all... He could certainly benefit from applying himself to other areas though.

We're going, M'lan

The black dragon's voice wasn't exactly friendly at the best of times, but the sheer lust that flooded their bond made it almost painful to listen – never mind what the feelings were doing to the rest of him. M'lan should have been prepared for it, for Corvath's feelings when he was ready to chase. They'd participated  in a couple already – greens, some from their own class had been the goal in those cases, and he’d dealt with gold flights too many times during weyrlinghood to be blindsided by the gold's projections. And yet... “Why do we have to go? What do you want with a bloody gold? On of those jungle bronzors'll try to stop you. They do with Neisoth.”

I am not Neisoth. Corvath growled in response, purple eyes swirling with an angry red as he crouched at their weyr entrance. He was not happy with M'lan's hesitation, and pushed the matter once more, a reassurance that the other males were inconsequential to this flight echoing through their bond. A brown won last turn.. he added with a sly, almost smug note, turning to look at where he knew the queen to be bloodying her kills, the invoiced opinion that he'd chase her with or without M'lan's permission hanging between them.

They were better with their bond than when they'd first found one another, and while M'lan would have loved a little extra sleep, Corvath's feelings, combined with Imyth's projections were too strong to properly ignore, and with the ban on sex still existing outside of flights, the only ways to seek relief would be to actually participate. “Fine. But if you go between, take me with you will ya?” M'lan growled in kind, pulling on clothes enough to deal with the quick trip to Eimerra's weyr and flinging himself onto Corvath.

The words themselves may have been mistaken for sarcasm by an outsider, but M'lan was genuinely concerned that the more traditional bronze riders that would be participating – no doubt in part to prevent Maelboroth from winning – would look kindly on their joining the chase, no matter that they were mature enough to do so. “Stay here.” He added for Summer, though the lack of proper training didn't guarantee the firelizards compliance. He had sense enough to stay away from golds – particularly after finding out about how Kalestath ate one of their kind, so hopefully it was enough.

They'd barely reached the weyr in question than Imyth announced the start of the flight proper, and with a fierce growl of possessiveness, Corvath dumped M'lan and leapt after her, giving his bonded very little time to steel himself before the force of the blacks emotions took over completely.

Corvath was young, but he was confident and eager. Had it been a larger gold, the way he chased after Imyth would have caused him to fail already, but Imyth didn't boast the same stamina as Kalestath, and as she found herself lagging, Corvath found himself in the group of dragons still in the running. Snarling at another competitor, he pushed forward, trying to force his way through the rest of the leading dragons to claim Imyth as his. It did not matter what their status in the weyr was at this point, nor did he care about what would happen if he actually succeeded in his attempt. He wanted Imyth to be his, and he wouldn't let the older, more experienced dragons cow him into losing without a fight.

Member Info...

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Re: M'lan [ 21/10/2570 9th Pass / Black Weyrling ]
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Image Credit:
Lineart Credit
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
29.06.2589  9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 37
Mature Height: 7.4
Mature Wingspan: 61.42

General Appearance...

Corvath is a glossy black in colour, the right light giving it an oddly blue tint that both M’lan and Corvath are rather proud about. When he crouches down with his wings folded, it seems as though there is little more to him than that, just another dragon with the black colouring that separates him from his brethren, but a milky grey taint colours his underbelly, ridges and the outer edges of his wingclaws, eye-ridges, jaw, nose, feet and tail. On occasion, when freshly oiled and basking in the sun, some may discern an odd mottled pattern breaking up his hide, though you’d be excused for believing him to posess only two colours. It makes for a rather handsome dragon overall, and if you can look past the … aggressive personality that seems to be rearing it’s head among his equally-coloured brothers, one may even come to appreciate the dragon’s individuality just as they would specimins of other colours.

He is on the longer end of the spectrum for dragons, and has a good grip on his own balance and capabilities, in the air and on the ground, though he is slightly shorter, with a similarly shorter wingspan than others in his length-range. Not that that seems to limit him at all… And if it does he’s not inclined to admit it.


Mind Voice: Corvath speaks loudly, and with an angry bite to his words that make it sound rather harsh, even to M’lan who is most often the one privy to his mind voice. He is almost incapable of sounding sympathetic or gentle, and any attempts to be such come across as sarcastic, mocking or just plain rude. Which makes it far nicer knowing he prefers to keep his words between himself and M’lan.


Hunting: With a mean streak to him, being able to hunt – and take out his anger on a beast incapable of fighting back – even if that beast happens to be of the fishy variety – brings with it a sense of enjoyment hard to find elsewhere.

Flying: The first step towards his own personal freedom, and the best excuse to get M’lan out of their weyr and outside. If they’re flying, he an escape, M’lan can escape, and they can just enjoy their time together… He can push himself (within reason) and it is one of the few things M’lan is likely to agree too when they’re not occupied with their own duties.

Swimming: Lesso now that he can fly, but since he’s not allowed to do that all the time swimming lets him get outside and exercise without resulting in a scolding from the weyrlingmaster and his dragon. It’s not exactly the most thrilling of experiences swimming in the cove, but it’s better than sitting around doing nothing… And since M’lan enjoys swimming too he’s often open to the idea.


Being inside: Outside is a thousand times more entertaining than being stuck indoors, with the entire weyr to explore and the freedom to just stretch out, Corvath’s preference would be to spend as little time indoors as possible. It doesn’t matter the weather, or the danger, He’slikely to insist that they leave their room as much as possible to just enjoy the outdoors.So when he’s told he can’t? M’lan’s learnt to keep anything precious in a safe space.

Drills: It’s repetitive, and he doesn’t see why they need to do the same thing over and over and over again. Particularly after they’ve managed to master it (in their mind at least). They should just be given the tick of approval and told to carry on doing whatever they want to do while the rest of the class catches up.

Chatty Dragons: Corvath manages to drown out most of the human chitchat that goes on, but other dragons that insist on chittering away in his head about whatever suits their fancy or just go on about how wonderful everything is rally need to go back to their eggs. He doesn’t enjoy spending time with them, and would much prefer sitting in sullen silence with M’lan than listen to their prattle.


* BRAVE : Corvath doesn’t back down from a challenge, to the point of actively going towards perceived threats than sulking away to a “safe space”. He wants to be in the middle of things, and doesn’t mind if he has to bend, or outright break the rules to do so. He’s cocky enough that he thinks he’s invincible, and large now that so far, he’s been right.
* HONOURABLE : So far as his own code of ethics, and to some extent M’lan’s. Corvath does have a guiding reason behind his actions and while perhaps hard to pinpoint, he’s not a bully. He’ll stand up for himself, and do what he thinks should be done, with little care for who’s in his way or what the actual rules are, but he does so in a way that sits right with him. He doesn’t tend to cave to insults or attacks on him physically, though if he feels as though it were unjustified, or defending himself was warranted, he would do just that. Uncovering his personal code is a very easy way to understand the temperamental dragon, though not so easy a task as it may at first appear.

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* VENGEFUL : As far as a Dragon’s memory will allow, Corvath holds grudges. He knows when he has been wronged, and he is smart enough to know whether he can do anything about it there and then. As much as possible he will attempt to force whoever (or whatever) has wronged him to regret what it is they did as soon as he possibly can. Unfortunately it means there’s a chance he won’t be able to do anything about it before he forgets completely, but he doesn’t remember that enough to really worry about it.

* RECUSANT : Corvath doesn’t bend to the idea that one person (or dragon) is automatically better than any other. As such, he has little respect for the ranking authority of the weyr, and has had a few issues with certain golds that may or may not be in his hatching group. Respect, and loyalty is something that needs to be earned, and if you haven’t earnt it, or he feels as though you’re not worthy of it, he’s very likely to obey only when he feels like doing so. He cannot, unfortunately, disobey orders from a gold dragon, a lesson he’s had reiterated to him too many times to forget, but the bronzes and fellow blacks? Not an issue at all… Well… So far.

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Image Credit:
Lineart credit
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

As is
Date of Birth:
25.5.2582 9th Pass.
Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Summer is a clear medium blue like the sky on a perfect summer day. His wings are marked with wispy cloud-like patterns. He's a bit on the small side, but has a handsome build, rather sleek and sinuous like a feline. It is apparent to any who encounters this particular flitter, just why he was called Summer, almost radiant despite the dark personalities of his bonded, and the dragon who shares him. 


Mind Voice: Uncomfortably high pitched and undoubtedly cheerful, his mindvoice is exactly the way you’d expect a bright, cloud free day would sound like if it could speak.

Food: Because what’s not to love? Even things that some people might not think is food but actually tastes amazing. Tiny rock that could fit down his throat? He’ll give it a go. Probably best just to make sure he only has access to actual food though… Lest he decide herdbeast shit is the next big thing.

Affection Slightly, maybe, a teeny bit more important than food… But it would depend on when his last meal was. His stubborn enthusiasm has earnt him grudging affection from M’lan on many an occasion, and evolved to being actual, non-grudging affection now that they’ve been together for a while. Sometimes… It’s even in public.

Delivering Messages: He isn’t incredibly well trained, but when M’lan asks him to send a message, he’ll do it in a heartbeat. He usually gets praised, which usually results in food and/or affection. So it’s a win win really. So long as he doesn’t get distracted.


Loneliness: Summer craves a connection with others, and even if he’s not getting petted or fed, he likes having people in the room with him. Even time on his own with Corvath is preferred to those occasions when he’s been banished to sit on his lonesome… It sometimes results in him coaxing others to join them… Or simply seeking out the company of another being so that he can not be alone.

Boredom: Summer needs to be doing something. Always. Not doing anything requires more patience than he has, and he can’t just sit around thinking. This has made him hard to train, for the most part, and gives him the unfortunate habit of popping up where he’s not welcome.

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Re: M'lan [ 21/10/2570 9th Pass / Black Weyrling ]
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Re: M'lan [ 21/10/2570 9th Pass / Black Weyrling ]
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