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Author Topic: Approved L'ok [ 32.02.2543 / Blue Rider ]  (Read 1459 times)

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L'ok [ 32.02.2543 / Blue Rider ]
« on: August 06, 2018, 11:54:56 PM »

Play By:

His siblings used to call him Lanna, but it’s not a name he’d appreciate hearing from anyone else. That, and L’ok is already short enough.
Date of Birth:
35.02.2543 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Igen Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Mountain Wing, Reserve Rider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: L’ok has always been a big man. At 6’8” (~203 cm), he towers over most other people. When he was much younger, he used to be a solid wall of bulk and muscle. Nowadays, he’s slimmed down quite a bit since his condition makes it much harder to reliably keep fit. Still, it’s a far cry from how emaciated he looked in the first few turns after his recovery

Like his mother, he inherited light eyes in an indistinguishable shade of blue-or-grey. His hair is a dark, dark brown, thick and full and matching his beard—though the latter has some slightly redder tints to it in the light. All in all, L’ok has a rugged, masculine appearance that, coupled with his height, makes him look far more intimidating than he really is. Especially since he doesn’t talk much, has broad hands, and looks imposing in his riding leathers.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: L’ok grew up in it, and has never known anything else. That being said, it left an undeniable mark on him to watch Pern fall—particularly since he was present for some of the worst, during the riots that ended in the fall of Nabol. He’s seen some of the worst that humanity has to offer, and some of the best too… while he’s hopeful that Pernese better nature will win out in time, he’s worried about the lingering effects of so much suffering as they try to put the planet back together.

Response to dragon color mutations: He’s seen what feels like everything else. Why not this? L’ok sees the appearance of new colors with something like amused resignation. Really, he’s not all that alarmed by the injuries and deaths at Hatchings; there’s always been a risk of maulings anyway, and life as a dragon rider is hardly safe. That shouldn’t be anyone’s motivation for Impressing.

He is, however, a bit concerned by the increased aggression and combativeness of the Black dragons even after they’ve bonded. L’ok has no particular ill will toward S’bok, but having someone so young and untested in charge could have poor consequences.

Who are you...

A Good Night’s Sleep : This has become even more precious to him over time. Staying up late just isn’t for him anymore. He’d much rather wake actually rested as much as he can be. It’s the best way to start the day.

Working in the Kitchens : L’ok has become a pretty regular fixture there since his injury—he can just sit out of the way of the main hubbub and peel tubers, prep meat, cut up ingredients, or whatever other task needs done that doesn’t require him being on his feet for long periods of time. Over the turns, he’s learned a lot more about cooking than he ever thought he would, gotten practiced at preparing things quickly, and has become part of the little community there. These are his favorite assignments, since he feels it’s one of the more direct ways he can help that actually matters. The Weyr can’t function on an empty stomach, after all.

Wine : There’s not much around anymore, and he misses it. The newer, rougher stuff that passes for alcohol is way too harsh as far as he’s concerned.

Cold Mornings : When his joints do ache, the cold makes them worse, like it’s seeping into his bones and freezing him from the inside. Fortunately, Southern Winds’ temperatures are broadly warm to hot, which is much better for him than Fort ever was. (He avoids going Between unless he absolutely has to for the same reason, though.)

Mobs : L’ok isn’t afraid of them, exactly, but they do make him nervous ever since the riots at Nabol. He’ll do what he has to in order to keep himself safe, but he’d rather not see anything like that ever again. Thinking about how bad the Holds were makes him sick.

Pity : He’s had a rough time, but so has everyone. Genuine, friendly expressions of concern are fine in moderation, but if you start acting like he’s going to shatter or is somehow brave for getting up in the morning and facing it all, he’ll tell you to fuck off.


* PLACID : Nowadays, he’s pretty hard to rile up. He doesn’t have a quick temper, and if he does get annoyed it doesn’t last long. L’ok is easygoing, preferring to just take things as they come and sort out what he can. He’d much rather leave all the excitement and running around to younger riders.

* FAITHFUL : L’ok has never been the type to betray a confidence, cheat on a lover, or act two-faced. When he pledges himself to something, he means it—and keeping his word is very important to him.

* SECURE : If asked, he would say he’s too old to have self-doubt anymore. Life has dealt him a rough hand, and though it used to make him feel inadequate, he’s long since accepted it and moved on. L’ok is difficult to shake anymore, and he’s well aware of what his strengths are and what they aren’t.

* SPORTING : This Blue rider has never been the sort to participate in rivalries, nor to be a sore loser. It just seems like a waste of time to him, when things will get done better and faster if everyone works together. Even if someone tries to goad him, he won’t rise to it.

* FORTHRIGHT : L’ok has neither the energy nor the inclination to be deceitful or malicious. He’s not tactless, but he doesn’t hedge his opinions either. Honest and open, he sees no point in being anything else. His energy is much better spent on other things.


* FATIGUE : One of the complications L’ok developed after his nearly fatal infection is fatigue. With his heart and lungs weaker than they ever were before, he tires out easily after physical activity, and his previously muscular bulk slimmed down considerably. Though he’s determined to keep doing what he can for the Weyr, there are some things he just can’t accomplish anymore—like oiling Iskelaith all at once, moving heavy items, or doing a whole  day’s worth of rider drills.

* CHRONIC PAIN : The second issue he’s been left with is chronic pain. Sometimes its cause is easy to guess, such as when he gets chest pain because he’s pushed himself too hard. But there are other things too, which plague him more regularly—aching in his joints and muscles that, at their worst, can leave him practically bed-ridden. The Healers aren’t entirely sure why this is a symptom that has lingered beyond his initial infection, but L’ok has had to learn to live with it anyway.

* FIXED : L’ok is open-minded about most things, but that doesn’t mean he’s fickle or easily swayed. It’s difficult to change his mind once it’s set on something, and it’s easy for him to get stuck in his ways. This particularly extends to his view of Holders, who he doesn’t trust as far as he can throw them.

* CHARISMA : He has no idea how to get people to like him, ask them for favors, or persuade them to do something. It’s not so much to do with being awkward as it is with being brusque and a bit oblivious.

* CONSERVATIVE : While he has nothing against people who are open about sex, and he isn’t prudish, flaunting it just isn’t for him. L’ok tends to be reserved, modest, and private about such matters, and extends the same courtesy to others by not prying into their business. But it does make him somewhat rigid, and he has no idea what to do with flirtation.

Describe Yourself:

* GRUFF: Never in his life has he been polished and suave. He doesn’t go out of his way to be vulgar, but he’s a bit rough around the edges and has never bothered to temper that. Coupled with his deep voice and imposing height, he looks rather imposing and abrasive.

* EARTHY: Something about L’ok always seems to imply that he’s been out in nature, getting grubby and working with his hands. That’s not to say that he’s unhygienic, but rather there’s a certain down-to-earth quality to him that is very grounded in the physical world.  In a different life, he might have been a woodcrafter, or a farmer.

* REALISTIC: Never one to have his head in the clouds, L’ok is fairly pragmatic. He’s neither an optimist nor a pessimist, able to see the good and bad in most things. Because of it, he’s not prone to extreme reactions one way or the other.

* EXPERIENCED: When he was young, L’ok was hotheaded, irreverent, and believed he was immune to danger. Now, he hasn’t been those things for a long time. During his life he’s been a Search Rider, flown Threadfall, witnessed the riots at Nabol, and nearly died of a major infection. Though he survived, those experiences have made him humble, and he now values other things more than physical strength.

* UNHURRIED: L’ok is content to leave rushing to the younger riders. He doesn’t do much of anything fast anymore, though he does spend considerable effort to make sure all of his duties are done in a timely fashion. This often doesn’t leave him much energy for anything else, though.

The Magic Touch: L’ok hates the idea of being addicted to anything, mostly because it scares him. As such, he only takes medicines like fellis or nettle sap when his pain becomes unbearable.


Mother: Karona of Onoreesth. Born 2520. Impressed 2534. Died 2570.
Father: L’kal (Lorrankal) of Tessenanth. Born 2519. Impressed 2534. Died 2567.

K’ona of Dragonth. (Lakkonar). Older brother. Born 2539. Impressed 2552.
Loka of Dragonth. (Lokanna). Younger sister. Born 2545. Impressed 2559.

Lilikira. Daughter. Born 2561. Rank and profession are up to whoever adopts her.

Tell us a story...

* 2543, Born Lannarok is born at Igen Weyr, the second child of Blue riders L’kal and Karona. Though he and his older brother spend much of their time in the care of the Creche workers while their parents fight Thread, they do grow up knowing that their parents love them, and the two riders spend as much time with their children as possible.

* 2545, 2 Two turns later, their family is joined by a daughter named Lokanna. Lannarok isn’t old enough to remember this, but he was never the sort of child to be jealous of others’ attention to his siblings. Rather, he grew up close to both of them and without the rivalries that sometimes plague families.

* 2546-2550, 3-7 He’s just barely old enough in 2547 to remember when Igen Weyr is abandoned, and even then it’s mostly a memory of darkness, fire, Thread, and fear until he and the rest of his family are safely ensconced in High Reaches. This is where he does the bulk of his growing up, and as far as he’s concerned, High Reaches will always be home. He doesn’t remember enough of Igen to really miss it, though he does grow up on stories his parents tell him. As his older brother Lakkonar gets old enough, the three of them move out of the Creche and into their parents’ personal quarters, taking care of each other when they’re not attending lessons with the other children in the Weyr.

* 2551-2555, 8-12 When Lakkonar turns 12, he is Searched by one of High Reaches’ Blue riders and joins the ranks of the Candidates. Back then, there were still clutching Golds at Weyrs other than Fort, so at least he isn’t whisked away somewhere his family cannot reach him—but for Lannarok, he might as well have been. He misses his brother and yearns to join him, often trying to talk to as many Blue riders as possible in the hopes they’ll Search him. He’s perpetually disappointed when they do not, even when he turns 12 as well and still isn’t. Nevertheless, he’s proud when his brother Impresses in 2552, and steps up to take care of their baby sister while K’ona goes through weyrling training.

* 2556-2557, 13-14 Finally, finally, he is Searched in his 13th turn. Not one to be dissuaded, Lokanna tells him she’ll be following him and K’ona when she’s old enough, but he doesn’t really take her seriously—to Lannarok, she’s still just a kid. He takes to Candidate lessons with all the enthusiasm and energy in his rapidly growing self, and easily starts to put on muscle as he takes on more serious chores and responsibilities. Nonetheless, he’s disappointed when he doesn’t Impress on his first clutch, nor the clutch after that…

With no Golds left at High Reaches, he and the other Candidates must travel to Fort for Hatchings, ferried by Search riders from both locations to make sure there are enough Candidates to Impress all the eggs. He’s hopeful that he’ll Impress on Sendanath and Bendeth’s last clutch, but ultimately doesn’t. Instead, the memory of Sendanath going Between as soon as the last of her babies have hatched is a memory he’ll never be able to forget. He doesn’t envy the girl who Impresses her last surviving daughter.

* 2558-2560, 15-17 He and the other High Reaches Candidates continue to travel to Fort to Stand, although they do the rest of their training at their home Weyr. Lannarok has grown into a huge, muscular young man, and he spots one of the Blues that hatches at the back of the clutch before many of the others since he can see over their heads. That Blue ends up firmly demanding that L’ok will be his, and he and Iskelaith leave the Sands as a forever-bonded pair. Once they and their clutchmates are stable enough, those from High Reaches return there with their dragonets to live and train.

Lokanna is Searched not long after, and Impresses as quickly as her brothers didn’t, claiming her own dragon the next turn. For better or worse, they’ve all followed in their parents footsteps and are supremely proud of that fact. Though the different levels of their training keep them apart, the three remain close and talk when they can. L’ok and Iskelaith, both full of energy and ready to take on the world, can’t wait to graduate weyrlinghood and become full riders.

* 2561-2562, 18-19 Shortly after he and Iskelaith do graduate, they win the Flight of a pretty young Green whose rider comes to them a few months later with the news that she’s pregnant. She expresses an interest in keeping the baby, though she understands he may not want to be involved, and simply didn’t want the information to be an unwelcome surprise later on. The two of them strike up a friendship over it, although they don’t end up being intimate again in the future. Ultimately, L’ok simply doesn’t have the time or maturity to really take care of a child, and is happy enough to let their daughter stay with her mother.

Around this same time, Iskelaith expresses the ability to Search prospective Candidates, and he and L’ok are welcomed into the ranks of High Reaches’ Search riders. This means they are often given extra assignments to visit the Holds around the area, both to look for future riders and help with tithe convoys. It may not be as adventurous as fighting Thread, exactly, but the pair take to this with the same vigor they do just about everything, and L’ok couldn’t be happier.

* 2563, 20 L’ok is on a typical Search-and-tithe mission when things at Nabol get ugly. The crowd turns on them just before they’re set to leave, killing some of the riders and would-be Candidates before turning on one another. L’ok manages to save one of the Candidates—Qirelai—but gets stabbed for his troubles. The wound is deep and serious, and he only manages to make it out to Iskelaith in the courtyard with the help of a fellow rider.

Once he’s back at High Reaches, things go from bad to worse. The blade he was stabbed with wasn’t exactly sanitary, and L’ok quickly develops an infection… that then turns into sepsis. He’s deathly ill for a long time, his condition pretty touch and go for weeks while the Healers try to save his life. Qirelai is a frequent fixture at his bedside when she can be, though he’s too delirious at the time to really remember it.

* 2564-2566, 21-23 He does eventually pull through, but though he doesn’t know it yet, L’ok’s life has been changed forever. He’s determined to be up and out of bed as soon as possible, but the Healers’ long-term prognosis for his health is anything but promising. He’s lost much of his strength, now combatting chronic fatigue and pain that lingers even after the initial infection is gone. Angry and in denial about it all, L’ok pushes himself too hard and frequently ends up in and out of the Healer Hall over the next few turns as a result, since it takes a long time for his immune system to fully recover.

Qirelai Impresses pretty early in 2564, after not even Standing for a full turn. Yet for some reason that is beyond him, she still visits often, less a doting caregiver and more an annoyance at first, as far as L’ok is concerned. But no matter how gruff or standoffish he is, in his anger and pain, she sticks around through his attempts at recovery, reluctance move to reserve rider status, and Iskelaith’s loss of the Search “spark” now that he doesn’t have the energy to focus on anything but his rider. Things are dark for L’ok, and he’s full of stubbornness and rage for a long time. Qirelai graduates weyrlinghood just as he’s starting to finally get back on his feet.

* 2567, 24 His father L’kal dies during a Fall this turn, and the resulting grief compromises his health to the point that he ends up in the Healer Hall again. The physical therapy he’s been doing to try to regain his strength is showing no signs of working, and along with it all, the Healers are gently trying to teach him to accept that things will never be the same. Strangely, to him, it’s at some point during this turn that Qirelai’s company stops being a tolerated nuisance and they actually start to become friends.

* 2568-2569, 25-26 While L’ok is reluctant to admit that he will never be a full Wingrider again, he’s gradually come to accept that his recovery is going to be slow. The Healers recommend that he get a flit to help him with tasks Iskelaith cannot, and their convincing eventually makes him cave. One of the Journeymen connects him with an individual with eggs to give away, and L’ok is given one as a favor to the Healer Hall. He bonds to the Brown, which he names Murk, in 2568, and spends the next two turns training the young creature to help him, more determined than ever that eventually this will all be behind him.

* 2570, 27 Karona puts on a brave face after the death of her weyrmate, but L’ok and his siblings know that she’s never quite the same, a little more distant and prone to zoning out in quiet moments. This turn, she dies in her sleep, and her dragon waits only long enough to have Karona’s children bring her body out to the Bowl before taking her, and themselves, Between. She was a tiny woman, who L’ok could remember playfully picking up once he was grown—but he can’t even carry her slight frame anymore, and K’ona is ultimately the one that brings her to her dragon. It’s this event that really shows him he’s not getting better, and that’s just another blow under the already crushing grief of losing his mother.

* 2571, 28 L’ok has grown much quieter and more withdrawn by this point, largely keeping to himself save when he interacts with his siblings, Qirelai, and the Healers. The fall of High Reaches is met with a weary sadness, reluctance, and resignation. He’d already lost so much else, why not his home too? He’s not party to the worst of the move to Fort, since there’s little he can do to help, though he does get a little satisfaction in having done his part since Iskelaith is still strong enough to carry large amounts of goods.

* 2572-2575, 29-32 After the move, things get a little calmer for him, simply because he can’t sustain the energy to be mad anymore. L’ok accepts that he is probably never going to be a full rider again, and devotes himself to figuring out how to make that work, with Iskelaith and Murk by his side. He steadily finds jobs that he can do to help out in the Weyr. Helping in the kitchens slowly becomes his favorite thing, though he won’t say no to whatever is asked of him. Now that he’s not pushing himself as hard as he had been in an attempt to recover, he actually does start to feel a little better, and puts on some healthy weight again after being scarily thin for a good long while. That, more than anything, indicates to him that he’s on the right track, and he makes his peace with all that he lost.

In 2573, during one of his assignments at the Healer Hall, he meets and becomes friends with a Brown rider named W’sar. The two just sort of get each other, and he’s the first real friend L’ok has made since Qirelai. That, too, seems an indication that he’s getting better.

* 2576, 33 Qirelai, the woman that has become his unexpected best friend over the turns, is injured in a Threadfall. It’s inevitable for riders, but L’ok still worries fussing over her and generally acting like a broody Gold. Then, when she ends up bedridden because of a pregnancy, his tendency to hover gets even worse. The two of them have a falling out over it, when Qirelai accuses him of only being overprotective because she’s a woman. While subconsciously that might have been a bit of it, L’ok is hurt by his friend’s anger and withdraws… though it takes all his self-control not to rush back in when he learns that labor nearly killed her. He regrets that they’re not speaking to one another, but isn’t exactly sure how to go about reconciling.

* 2577, 34 Just as the new turn rolls over, with L’ok despondent at the absence of his friend, Qirelai approaches him. Her apology is awkward, but he’s more than happy to accept it since they’ve both had a long time to think about it all. No matter that Pern continues to fall down around them, he’s just happy to have her back in his life. The older he gets, the fewer surviving friends he has, and they’re precious to him.

* 2581, 38 This turn, catastrophe strikes Fort Weyr when six Golds all rise for their Flights at once. The Queens do battle, each one’s jealousy and Flight Lust making them aggressively defend their right for all males in the Weyr to chase. The chasers, including Iskelaith, attempt to separate the fighting dragons, but between the ferocity of the battle and the Queens’ commands, they are unable to save them, and all six go Between. It’s a dark day for the Weyr, all the scarier for L’ok since Iskelaith is injured by an errant claw and is nearly dragged into oblivion himself. This puts quite a damper on the Blue participating in Flights for the next few turns.

* 2584, 41 Despite L’ok’s diminished physical strength, Iskelaith is still useful as a beast of burden when riders are transporting goods between the Weyr and the Hold. As such, they are quite frequently assigned tasks of doing just that. During one of them, a Threadfall is pushed off course by the wind, and intercepts the group just as they Between to Fort Hold. A filament lands across Iskelaith’s haunches, scoring him on his flanks—though he manages to blink back to Fort Weyr before it burns incredibly deeply. The injury isn’t serious, but it puts them out of commission for a while as the Blue’s legs heal. It’s the first (and only) major Threadscore that he ever receives, and L’ok spends quite a few months afterward oh so careful with his bondmate.

* 2587-2588, 44-45 The end of the Pass feels like a dream. Though he adjusts to it better than the riders who flew more turns than he did, L’ok still feels somewhat lost at the end of it all—and even more so when so much of Pern is left barren and dead. The locating of Fort Island rejuvenates his hope, and he throws himself into aiding with the move as much as he can, even if it leaves him exhausted and in pain.

As the new Wings are formed and his friend W’sar is chosen to be Mountain’s Wingleader, L’ok becomes obsessed with getting into that Wing. He may not be able to explore as healthier riders could, but he’s determined to be a useful asset in his own way. He’s thrilled when he gets accepted into it, even if it is mostly on Iskelaith’s virtues. The discovery of monsters in the jungle and the water puts a dampener on his joy, but L’ok remains optimistic that the future can be better if they’re willing to work for it. Even if they have to figure out how to work with new colors of dragon too.

* 2589-2590, 46-47 Things are much the same for him during the Interval as they were during the Pass; L’ok is still doing the same sorts of jobs, albeit with less bagging of firestone, and is thrilled to find a little community yet in the kitchens, and one that he’s accepted into. Between them, his Wingmates, and Qirelai, he’s more social than he’s been in turns. Nevertheless, the increasing unrest of the Holders puts him ill at ease, since it reminds him so much of what happened at Nabol. The “riot” in the Weyr Hall in particular brings it all rushing back.

* 2591, 48 Right now, L’ok is just content to be alive and still kicking. The climate at Fort Island is better for him physically, leaving him a little more energetic than he was in colder temperatures. He’s doing his best to stay out of the conflicts with the Hold, and is able to distance himself from it somewhat by virtue of his Wing placement.


“What’re you doing, girl? You gotta get out of here.”

We need to get out of here, L’ok.

Iskelaith was right. But he knew as well as his rider did that they weren’t going to just abandon the Candidates to whatever fate awaited them here. Nabol was imploding, in a fashion that neither of them would have ever thought they would see. It was like something out of a nightmare, and L’ok could feel the blood thrumming in his ears as he pushed the thin young girl toward D’rak. “Take her! We’ll cover—!”

He never finished his sentence, the words breaking off in a bellow of surprise and pain as he felt, with eerie clarity, the blade of a knife sinking into his side.

It was a mad grab to stop the man from getting around him, but L’ok managed to stop the attacker, his side throbbing with pain as the blood began to pour down his leg and puddle in his boot. Hitting the man hard in the jaw, L’ok pushed him back into the oncoming wave of Holders, succeeding in off-balancing them hopefully just long enough—

Don’t you dare! Iskelaith knew what he was thinking. Of course he did. And the Blue was furious, flapping down to the courtyard with his tail lashing behind him, wanting to claw his way into the Hall. Don’t you dare sacrifice yourself and leave me alone!

L’ok thought, as the crowd moved forward, he was going to be lost beneath it. He towered over them, but there were too many, and they were too fast—and then he felt a hand on his arm, gripping tight and pulling him away from what he knew would be a certain and bloody death.

They had already killed one of the riders, and he could hear the cry of another that sounded like a wail of grief, through the deafening sound of his own heartbeat.

Just get to me! Iskelaith snarled, eyes a deep and ruby red as he worked with the other visiting dragons to keep the Holders pouring out of the doors from getting to their riders, the Candidates… The tithe was lost, but it wasn’t worth their lives.

You’ll be fine. He was adamant, even while L’ok pressed a hand to his side and was stunned to pull it away covered in his own blood. Already he was starting to feel cold, and the idea of going Between to get away seemed insurmountable. We’ll be fine. I promise. Just get in the straps.

L'ok wasn’t sure he was going to be able to.

Member Info...

Created By:
The Rum Father
Other Characters:
You can’t make me. D8
Inactivity Preference:
NPC with no death, please 8D
Mauling Permissions:
Rough ‘Em Up
Anything Else:
Apparently I just can’t help myself.

Also I did a fair bit of research for this, so I guess have a link to the Sepsis Alliance.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: L'ok [ 32.02.2543 / Blue Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SanctifiedSavage
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2558 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 30M
Mature Height: 6.8M
Mature Wingspan: 52.9M

General Appearance...

This Blue is a bright and attractive dragon, much of his hide the turquoise and cerulean of tropical waters. It darkens to a mellow sapphire or lapis on his underbelly, neck ridges, cheek frills, and outer wingsails. The inner membranes are much the same cerulean as the rest of him, but shift to a nearly violet color in rippled markings close to the bone.

Iskelaith is an absolutely giant Blue, not only as long as he could be but also towering over most others of his color, and with a huge wingspan to boot. He’s thickly muscled, having been given to developing it easily since he hatched. Though he has the impressive stamina and strength to qualify him and his rider for Mountain Wing’s regular duties—were L’ok not unable to—it comes at the cost of his maneuverability. He’s particularly lumbering and awkward on the ground, and Iskelaith won’t be sneaking up on anyone any time soon. The ground shakes too much when he walks.


Mind Voice: Iskelaith sounds deadpan. All the time. To the uninitiated, it probably seems like he’s being snide or sarcastic, but really his humor is just dry, and his voice isn’t particularly emotive. The tone of it is deep and mellow and smooth.

Fish : They’re actually his favorite thing to eat, so the decreased amount of red meat and wherry has suited him just fine. Iskelaith does go well away from the island to fish, however, to avoid the Beach Snakes that live along the coast.

Attention : Iskelaith has never been a shy or retiring creature. Nor is he shameless about soaking in adoration and attention sent his way. He’s not insufferable about it, but he won’t hem and haw and be coy about accepting compliments.

Sticks in the Mud : He’s almost aggressive about his good humor and enjoyment of things, to the point that he’ll jeer at other dragons who are overly serious or who he thinks are out to ruin his good time. Iskelaith can be rather combative about it. Who is he hurting by having fun?

Passive Aggression : If you have something to say, say it. Iskelaith would much rather just have the fight and get it over with so everyone can move on with their lives.


* STRONG : Iskelaith is built like a draft horse. He’s not fat, but he is big for his color, muscled and thick, and with the power to boot. His ability to lift, drag, and move heavy things reliably is one of the reasons he and L’ok were often sent with other riders to bring back tithes to High Reaches in their youth.

* FORTITUDE : In addition to his physical strength, Iskelaith is tough. He doesn’t bend or break under pressure, and he’s never been sick a day in his life. Whatever needs done, he can and will do it to the best of his ability.


* RESTLESS : This Blue has always been an active dragon. It’s one of the reasons he bonded to L’ok in the first place—because they were similar and physical enough to complement each other’s energy. Since the injury that nearly took L’ok’s life, though, he’s been impatient and restless and a bit bored. He doesn’t resent his rider, because he never could, but he is sometimes frustrated they can’t just do things anymore.

* HAUGHTY : Iskelaith thinks he knows best. Always. About everything. He gets waspish if someone proves him wrong, but it will take quite a bit of convincing to do so in the first place. He thinks everyone should listen to his advice.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #532a6b; Text: #5de0e6

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Anything Else:
I didn’t have a really big Blue yet, so here we are.

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Re: L'ok [ 32.02.2543 / Blue Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2018, 11:55:19 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

As written
Date of Birth:
2568 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr

General Appearance...

When he hatched, Murk was little more than a dull, muddy brown color—thus his name. As he matured, however, that coloration smoothed into a rich liver hue, with occasional russet highlights. His most eye-catching markings, though, are the areas that paled into a tan, leaving him with large lighter spots much like those on some herdbeasts.

Murk is a sturdy little creature, withstanding extreme conditions without complaint—not that he’s often asked to. He’s about midsized for a firelizard of his color, with an especially long tail he uses to help anchor himself to places.


Mind Voice: Due to his training, Murk is very good at transmitting messages as they should be—clear, whole, and unfiltered. His projections have a much-valued clarity to them, and his presence is usually fairly polite, but unmistakable. He’s solid and independent but without being cold.

Visitors : Rather than being standoffish or aloof like some flits, Murk enjoys socializing with other people, dragons, and flits. He’s a little less sure about whers, but that’s due to lack of exposure. He’s happily friendly and affectionate with all.

A Job Well Done : Murk enjoys knowing that he’s done a good job with whatever task L’ok has asked of him. He’s much more motivated by praise than he is by food.

L’ok’s Bad Days : Sweet and compassionate, Murk is always upset when his handler is having a rough day with regard to energy or pain. He’s determined to make himself useful, but if L’ok doesn’t have a task for him, then he will coil up on his lap and just thrum in an attempt to comfort him.

Violence : It’s one of the few things that he just can’t stand. It’s not so much that he’s a coward as that it just confuses him. Murk will make himself scarce if a conflict seems to be brewing, and encourage L’ok and Iskelaith to leave too.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He’s cute AND useful! 8D

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: L'ok [ 32.02.2543 / Blue Rider ]
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