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Author Topic: Ichor in the Water [ 26.5.2591; 5:10 PM ] || Event  (Read 67 times)

Offline Jossekayne

Ichor in the Water [ 26.5.2591; 5:10 PM ] || Event
« on: August 09, 2018, 11:42:26 AM »
The morning had passed uneventfully, but all of Beach had been hoping the fog would burn off by the afternoon. Rain lingering from the night before had created a thick veil of mist over the water, clinging to the coastline of Fort Island and choking out visibility at the Weyr. Days like that, regardless of the season in which they occurred, were always tense affairs—everyone knew that the Beach Snakes were more likely to strike under such conditions, and the addition of sharpfish potentially patrolling the waters was no comfort. The death toll those creatures had visited was smaller… for now… but perhaps only because they hadn’t been plaguing Southern Winds as long.

It had been a disappointment to them all when they’d finished with their drills and the fog had shown no signs of dissipating. Things had been quite even for Prairie as they started their shift of fishing, but Jo knew they wouldn’t be in the clear until the day was fully over and everyone had finished with work for the day. Their luck could turn on a mark, just as it had so many times before.

As the next candlemark rolled over and Beach joined Prairie for the rest of the working evening, she and Lyrisiveth had relieved another rider from their duty as patrol over the Cove. They weren’t the only ones scanning the water for potential threats, but with the depth of the mist, Jossekayne couldn’t see the others. They might as well have been alone in the air.

Still, she preferred this to more terrestrial assignments, for now. Lyrisiveth’s recovery had been slower than hers, since the Hunter attack had injured the Green more seriously than her rider. She was still favoring her injured front leg, but it was healing, if incrementally. The flesh and skin had nearly been stripped off the bone, and the Healers suspected that she would never fully recover from the nerve damage. But at least she would still be able to stand on it, and hadn’t lost the limb entirely.

The pair turned a wide loop as they reached the beach again, displacing some of the fog as they slowly turned over the weyrlings gathered at the edge of the water. They were scrubbing their dragons down after drills for the day, escorted by a few riders from Prairie and Beach, but they all looked uneasy. Jo didn’t blame them.

She felt Lyrisiveth reach out to one of the dragons watching the group, and then relayed the message to her rider as well. They haven’t seen anythin’ unusual, she said, though I guess we did give ‘em a fright.

//Tell them we’re sorry, then.// It was hard to avoid, given that a dragon’s wingbeats would move the water and mist both, creating the illusion of more sinister movement at the surface. But the patrols were necessary, to keep everyone safe.

If only it were just a little bit clearer. Jo hated how close they had to be to the water. //Take us low again. Just be careful.//

As the Green angled downward toward the surf, the glossy finish of the water made Jossekayne’s heart rise up in her throat. It was so hard to see through it, the normally clear liquid obscured by fog and darkness. There would be little warning of—

Lyrisiveth spotted the dark shape beneath the still water before she did, instinct and reflex bringing her to safety just as the Beach Snake broke the surface. It narrowly missed her back leg and tail as she flicked it out of the way, surging upward to put herself out of range of those venomous teeth. Jo could hear the heavy thud of its jaw snapping shut—and as she leaned back in the saddle to get a better look, saw how it had rushed straight up out of the water. It had struck from beneath, keeping itself hidden until just before it intended to get a mouthful of its prey.

Watching it sink back under the water, almost gracefully and with minimal ripples, was enough to make her blood run cold. It was huge, one of the biggest she’d seen.

Her Green was already broadcasting a message, extending her voice to reach everyone. Such a broad projection was normally considered impolite, but any seconds wasted transmitting the message from dragon to dragon could be deadly. So Lyrisiveth used all of her telepathic power to transmit to every receptive creature and person in the vicinity—There’s Snakes in the water. Get away from the beach.

Spoiler for OOC:
Been a minute since we’ve had a Beach Snake attack, hmm? :bird:

Beach Wing, Prairie Wing, the weyrlings, Candidates still with chores, and relevant Crafters all have reason to participate. This is a thread that may carry casualties and injuries, so please pick a number between 1 and 20 for each character you post with. But we promise not to injure them beyond what their mauling permissions permit. :3

As always, you can also check in OOCly here!

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Offline Qirelai

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Re: Ichor in the Water [ 26.5.2591; 5:10 PM ] || Event
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2018, 10:43:43 PM »
Qirelai actually quite enjoyed the assignment for the afternoon. For her part this time, they were guarding the Weyrlings, placed closer to the shore of the cove, that were washing their dragonets. She much preferred playing lookout than playing fisherman. If she'd wanted to be a fisher she would've gone into that craft.

Which wasn't entirely true, even if she had wanted to be a fisher, she likely would have taken the search over it anyways. Always taking the risk than the easy option in her mind. But she wasn't really a fan of having the whole weight of the Weyr's food needs sitting on their shoulders. Beach wasn't a bad wing, but it had been the one that'd made sense for her when she'd first arrived at Southern Winds Weyr. A few turns later though, perhaps she'd apply somewhere else. Regardless, her dislike for fishing duty didn't prevent her from doing it well.

Lyrisiveth's call broke through her thoughts at that moment and 'shit shit shit shit shit' was all Qire could think of. Even as Perrikoth swerved from the water to climb higher, not knowing really where the threat was coming from and getting himself and Qirelai out of harms way before taking a wide glide over the water.

The Weyrlings! The Weyrlings! Both minds spoke at the same time even though Qirelai's was loud and brash, where Perrikoth's was low and urgent. They darted across the water, both scanning across the water even as they headed back towards the shore.

They needed to both know where the snakes were and be able to provide a distraction to get the Weyrlings out of the water. Perrikoth might be able to fight off a Beach Snake, but a few month old dragonet would have no chance.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Offline Z'nel

Re: Ichor in the Water [ 26.5.2591; 5:10 PM ] || Event
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2018, 07:14:02 PM »
Still nothing. Z'nel felt Allieth sigh beneath her as they made yet another pass over the edge of the ocean. Only the crash of breaking waves letting them know where they were.

The fog was denser than it had been for a while, the chatter between dragons was higher than usual, Allieth reporting each sweep and using the acknowledgements to pick up where everyone else was. They dipped down towards the water again before pushing back for the safety granted by height. Still nothing.

Report in. Another turn. Another low pass. Nothing again.

Z'nel rolled her shoulders, leaning into the turn as Allieth turned back towards the shore. How long had they been out here? It was hard to tell with the fog. They were both definitely looking forward to getting back to their weyr. Fog got into everything, soaking into even wherryhide and Z'nel couldn't wait for this shift to end so she could get back to go an change.

Report in. Another turn. Another low pass. Nothing again.

This was mind numbing. She was going to die of boredom before anything happened at this rate. The fog would clear and they'd just be there flying the same pattern until they dropped.

Report in. Another turn. Another...

The unfamiliar voice cut into the monotony and Z'nel hissed at the abrupt direction change as Allieths dive for another sweep became a frantic upward flight. She had no idea who that had been to work out where the danger was.

I do not see them. Allieth said, a hint of fear/concern colouring her tone.

Who was that? Z'nel asked urgently as they hovered well above the water.


Head back to the edge of the beach. Towards the Weyrlings. If she was remembering the assignments right Jo and Lyrisiveth had been on the opposite side of the weyrlings to them, so they clearly needed to head that way. They hadn't seen anything up this way to indicate the presence of snakes or sharpfish.

Spoiler for ooc:


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