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Author Topic: Approved Qirelai [ 16.02.2551 Blue Rider ]  (Read 488 times)

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Qirelai [ 16.02.2551 Blue Rider ]
« on: August 11, 2018, 02:26:06 AM »

Play By:

Qire - [Keer]
Date of Birth:
16.02.2551 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Nabol Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Beach Wing Rider

Your Reflection...

Qirelai has maintained some aspects of the haunting look she experienced through food shortages as a child, despite being undoubtedly fit and well fed now. Accented by cheekbones sharp enough to cut, and cold grey eyes, she is an alluring women, although not everyone would call her attractive or beautiful. Her dragonrider lifestyle has left her with biceps and thigh muscles hard and strong. After a growth spurt in her teens taking her from 5' to 5'8" (~173cm), Qire may have been considered willowy if her rider status hadn't hardened her. Instead she can't be described as anything whip-thin; skinny, but strong, small-boned, lithe, light but certainly not breakable.

In terms of clothing, she doesn't particularly care to worry about it. Hand-stitched, patched, hand-me-downs from other dragonriders, clothes that don't particularly fit because she's stolen them from L'ok it's simply not something that Qire values highly. She does however, value her dragonrider status, and her riding leathers are kept impeccably clean and in good repair.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Qirelai survived by literally stabbing her way to a better life. So... that sort of tells you how she handled it all. To be frank, it's all she's ever known, and she does sort of miss threadfall and the thrill of it.

Response to dragon color mutations: Qirelai's more concerned about S'bok than she is about the appearance of fancy coloured dragons. She's ever felt like dragons were removed from the rest of Pern, any fault of a pair always came from the rider. This is what she attribute's Neisoth's aggression to, the mind of a young man thrown far too quickly into a position he wasn't ready for.

Who are you...

[ FOOD ] She spent her youth living from burnt bread loaf to mouldy slice of cheese. Even rationing at the Weyr was better than what she experienced in Nabol. Now at Southern Winds Weyr, she loves having fresh food, fruits and vegetables, juicy meat. She's not particularly picky either, every meal is a veritable feast, even after so many turns.
[ POTTED PLANTS ] Her Weyr is filled with a variety of potted plants. She's not amazing at keeping them alive, the more fickle plants really frustrate her. But she thinks it's worth it, enjoying the idea of being able to bring the outside inside.
[ WHERS ] If she hadn't found a life partner in Perrikoth, Qire thinks she would have enjoyed one of the ugly little creatures as a companion to fightdo crime.

[ HOLDERS ] Everything about her life has been better since she was enveloped into the dragonrider lifestyle. She can't help but feel a little bitter towards those Holders who don't want to change and want to entirely maintain their old ways.
[ ATTENTION ] Qirelai doesn't like being the centre of attention, or being doted upon. It usually irks her when it comes from a physical manifestation of attention e.g. someone keeping eye contact with her for too long, and looking at her for too long. A weird quirk, and she tries to avoid acting out when it occurs, because she does quite enjoy being social.
[ BOREDOM ] Short attention span and a thirst for adventure? Yeah, Qirelai is definitely not a fan of being bored, and will get downright grouchy if she's made to stagnate for too long.


* STEELY : Qirelai came from nothing and clawed her way out of it, she's determined to keep clawing her way out of every hole she finds herself in. She's also proud to be a dragonrider, and determined to do what she'd needed to do.

* SCRAPPY : Always having to fight to survives means that Qirelai is a scrappy kind of person. She's not afraid to back down from a fight, but she's also not going to fight fair. Winning the fight is all that matters, not how you did it.

* LOYAL : The people that are important to her will always be able to rely on Qirelai. She didn't have a lot of people that stuck around in her life, and even though she's usually not able to say it (because she's not a fan of introspection), Qire is grateful to have a community such as those in the Weyr.

* RESOURCEFUL : Qirelai will always figure out a way to do something, trying many different avenues before she resorts to either giving up or asking for help. It probably stems more from the fact that she hates doing the latter two, more than the idea that she's intelligent and likes to solve problems. They certainly play a part, but not as much as her stubbornness.

* STEADY : Qire has never found a problem she couldn't pass or fix, and so she's pretty reliable. She's not the kind of person to collapse at the first sign of trouble, and she's definitely not the kind of person to collapse when things get really hard. It hasn't always been this way for her, but when the winds howl, she'll stand fast.


* COMMUNICATION : She struggles to put into words real emotions. As much as the people she loves mean to her, she'll never say anything out loud, which has done her bad in the past when people haven't stuck around to notice she uses actions not words. Emotions are... uncontrollable, and she hates that. She's not a "careful calculator" by any means. But when she gets fiesty, she's chosen to do that, not had it forced upon her.

* IMPATIENT : Everything around her had happened pretty quickly throughout her life. There was no time to sit and relax during threadfall, and certainly no time to relax when you're living on the streets, and so, what she developed to survive as a child has ultimately turned into a fatal flaw.

* INDEPENDENT : Asking for help is hard for her, Qirelai never wants to look or feel weak. In reality, it's likely because she's self conscious, but she's seeing it as independence. "I don't need anyone's help" compared to the more truthful idea of "I'm scared of anyone's help."

* APATHETIC : Purely in the way that Qirelai has to truly experience something in order to understand it. Sometimes she tries, but in all reality she'll just never get it unless she's done it herself. Sometimes her want to get people who are important to her, will lead to her doing some pretty stupid things to experience some of the hardships they have.

* STUBBORN : Once Qirelai digs her heels in about something, it's really hard to get her to let go, except for perhaps a few choices words from Perrikoth or L'ok. She doesn't usually do it on purpose, but there is a part of her that enjoys winning a battle of wills.

Describe Yourself:

* SPITFIRE: ----- Qire is certainly a bit fiesty and loud, and she doesn't back down from a fight if she doesn't have to. She enjoys the adrenaline rush from a good argument, but doesn't hold a grudge. She blows, and then cools again, because she's always in control of her anger.

* ADVENTUROUS: ----- Being confined to Weyr's her entire life has made the island a mystery to be explored. She didn't have the opportunity, being crammed into so many different overpopulated places, to get rid of her wunderlust. It's been contained by her turns of experience, riding thread adragonback fed her urge, but the island is certainly making her curious again, even if the Hunters are dampening the urge every encounter.

* DECISIVE: ----- It's boring sitting around for a decision to be made. "There decision made, we'll go do this, up up, if it was the wrong choice so be it, this is what we're doing. Stop farting about."

* DRAGONRIDER: ----- Despite being born in a completely different world, Qirelai has embraced every aspect of the dragonrider lifestyle. From raising children in the creche, to the broader concepts of togetherness. Blood ties don't matter in the Weyr, which is great for her because she's never had them.

* ENERGETIC: ----- Qire's like the energizer bunny, if needed be, she can just keep going and going when everyone else has collapsed. It should also be noted that Qirelai is not entirely... in touch with her own limits, and would likely keep going and going until she collapsed if she wasn't paying attention.

The Magic Touch: Qirelai is a pretty damn good whistler, she tries to teach every firelizard she comes across the same ditty, hoping it'll invade the Weyr.


Mother: Drudge Idda b. 2539, d. 2551
Father: Holder (gang member) Cresteran b. 2534
Both unknown to her, she was raised on the street with no knowledge of the above, the only description of her mother is: "Haunting eyes just like yours."

Numerous through Cresteran, however Qirelai has no knowledge of them.

Candidate or Weyrling [{Tandelai}]/T'lai b. 2576 - Adoptable


Tell us a story...

* 2551, 0 Idda was young and alone, a drudge herself, barely surviving. But she'd heard of a woman who took children into her home. Old Liss didn't really raise them, just provided a roof over their heads and spared any food she could, food that sometimes just appeared on their doorstep, or that Liss managed to trade for when she came home. Qirelai's name was chosen by poll of some of the children that were more interested in the new addition. One was adamant that her name should be easy to turn into an honorific, a child who insisted his parents were dragonriders that were coming to get him.

* 2555, 4 The child who was most adamant about her naming died in a street fight. Wrong place, wrong time the rest of The House said, but in reality, he'd been caught stealing and had been given the ultimate punishment in the alley next to the square. Qirelai didn't really think much of it at the time, she was only young, and the children who appeared at Old Liss' house were always changing. So she simply thought he left and didn't come back. Why he didn't come back never really clicked for her.

* 2560, 9 Old Liss got sick. Her clients stopped by the house for a few days, to wonder why she wasn't coming in to work. But soon enough, word spread, and the food and money started to peter out. The kids of The House did what they could, but Old Liss died within a few months. And before anyone came to do something to them, the children all slowly made their way onto the street. Old Liss had been the only parental figure Qirelai had known, and so her death was pretty devastating for her. But she didn't have time to dwell on it. Qirelai was out on the street and had to figure out how to survive herself, she didn't have time to think about how sad it was that someone else hadn't. Later in life, she'd realise how quickly she forgot what Liss had even looked like, and that was probably more devastating than her death.

* 2563, 12 In the most tumultuous turn of her life, Qirelai is both searched, involved in a riot, and found a lifelong friend. Her searching day was not exactly the day that other kids dreamed of, being spirited away adragonback with little people on the ground waving you off. Qirelai's final moments at Nabol was spent running for her life, dragging and being dragged by riders attempting not to get themselves swallowed by the mob. It was... not the most terrifying moment of her life in all honesty. Trying to figure out how to survive after Liss died was. But it was certainly up there with the most exciting. She spent the next few months at the Weyr quickly trying to catch up on all the things she had to learn before the turn ticked over and the hatching was imminent, and annoying a dragonrider to life.

L'ok had saved her at the riots. Along with the helping hand of a few other conveniently placed dragonriders who took advantage of her small size and literally hauled her out of harms way. But as they'd run from the Hall, attempting to make it to the dragons, L'ok had been stabbed. The injury hadn't healed well, and the Healers had been talking about something called sepsis. For all that Qirelai's uneducated mind had no idea what that meant. But that sharding dragonrider had saved her stupid life, and she didn't like owing anyone anything. So now she had to save his... In the only way that a street rat could.

* 2564, 13 Not 6 months after her arrival at the Weyr, at her first hatching, Perrikoth sought her out from the crowd of candidates. Adding another terrifying day to her list of days, and tallying up the best day of her life at the same time, Qirelai began the long process of Weyrlinghood. But certainly not alone. L'ok was recovering, and although the healers had been clear about their opinions on his condition, Qirelai and L'ok were certainly not going to give in to their recommendations. Perrikoth attempted to... ease Qirelai's emphatic attempts to assist in L'ok's own method of physical therapy, even at such a young age, sensing that neither of them would be well equipped to handle failure if they got too attached to an idea of L'ok's full recovery. He knew little about healing, but he knew a lot about Qire. In all honesty, Qire had little time to feel, she had work to do. With L'ok and Perrikoth and the Weyrlingmasters, she didn't really have time to stop and register everything. 

* 2566, 15 Upon graduation, Qire was accepted into fighting ranks. Perrikoth quickly using his superior stamina to last longer and longer fall shifts. They were an excellent fighting team, and despite the numerous risks associated with fighting thread, Qirelai had never felt more alive.

* 2567, 16 For all that Qirelai had considered herself and L'ok to be friends now, as a fully-fledged dragonrider, she felt the need to convince him that she was not the same girl he'd saved all those turns ago. When she was barely a woman and he a member of a fighting wing. But truthfully she enjoyed the friendship they had, and when Perrikoth asked her quietly what she was going to do about it, she could never find a way to answer. So things stayed the same, even if Qire was different.

* 2571, 20 When High Reaches was finally forced to evacuate, she was sadder than she thought she'd be. In her first 12 turns of life, she'd barely had a bed to lay in, let alone a feeling a belonging and home. But she'd found the family she'd never had, and never thought she'd ever have, at High Reaches Weyr. So leaving the place behind, abandoning it with almost certainty that they'd never return, was tough. But she had to keep it together, because L'ok needed her to be. With Murk in his life, Perrikoth encourages Qire to take a back step in L'ok's physical therapy, and while she's still there when he needs her, she doesn't push him back into an unhealthy perspective of his condition. It takes her a while to come to terms with it, but she does so eventually, realising that there was a reason reserve riders existed, and that was because injury was a way of life in the Weyr, and that there was no shame in taking ill in your service as a dragonrider.

* 2576, 25 Qirelai collected an injury in threadfall, and an avalanche of events she didn't expect occurred one after the other. Perrikoth had managed to escape major injury, and so whilst she had been banned from flying, Perrikoth hadn't. He took part in a flight, and for whatever reason, he won. Qirelai, grounded and unable to between, carried to full term the first and only pregnancy she'd been aware of. She hated it. Fat and awkward and sore, and on bedrest from threadscore she couldn't imagine it could get any worse. But even as the Healers permitted her leave from her threadscore healing, she suffered complications in her pregnancy, and ended up on bedrest for that. She briefly considered saying screw it and jumping on Perrikoth's back to hopefully get rid of the parasite once and for all. But the blue had calmly informed her that would not be happening. And so she didn't consider that again, instead, carrying about the pregnancy, and giving birth in a long, difficult labour to an undersized baby. She lost a lot of blood the healers told her when she woke a few days after. She'd almost died. But the baby was hale and hearty, nursing on a milk mother in the creche.

L'ok became an annoyance this turn, treating her more like a fragile women than he ever had, even when she was a frightened slip of a thing, so unaware of how the world worked. He just kept hovering, and she couldn't help but feel like it was just because she was a damn woman and he'd just figured out that pregnancy sucked. It wasn't... true persay. L'ok wasn't any differently concerned than when it had been threadscore to worry about, but Qirelai hated feeling weak and womanish. Hating feeling like she conformed to the Holder ideal that had been beaten into her all those turn ago. She didn't want to be pregnant, didn't want to be sick, didn't want to be in the stupid hall, and didn't want him there. So they fight, he leaves, and they spend the rest of the turn skirting around each other in hallways not sure how to fix it...

It was after almost dying for the babe the Qirelai decided to be in his life. Not a constant figure, but he did at least know her name, and her face. After seeing her babe for the first time, a New Turns resolution for her. She realises... belatedly, that she did almost die on L'ok, and Perrikoth calmly reminded her that their situations had been reversed before. Seeking him out, she apologises, not very eloquently, but enough so that they pick up where they left off, but with a better understanding of each other before. 

When [{Tandelai}] grew older, they occassionally shared stories of their sevendays over a meal, before returning to their seperate lives again. She's aware that [{Tandelai}]'s father took on a more significant presence in the child's life, but it doesn't change her decision to carry out their relationship in the rider way.

* 2581, 30 Perrikoth rose to chase when six of the Golds of Pern rose simultaneous. He was among the male chasers who tried in vain to stop any of the six from going between and leaving the Weyr bereft of so many clutching dragons. He was fortunate not to have been injured in the fray, many a dragon, including L'ok's Iskelaith not being so lucky when they faced up against a raging Gold. It was another reminder to Perrikoth and Qirelai that the Pass had taken from them in many ways, and death was but one of them, as the ripple effect of so many dragons involved in such a distressing event was felt throughout the Weyr for a long time after.

* 2587, 36 Qirelai didn't get attached to Fort Weyr after leaving High Reaches, and so the move from Fort to Southern Winds was easy enough for her. She wished she'd played a more vital role in the discovery, feeling a little left out of the crazy adventure. But like most dragonriders, her involvement consisted of the move and naught else. She loved the island, fresh and green, and spent the next fews turn trying to bring that wildness into her Weyr.

* 2588, 37 Her son Tandelai is searched, and Qirelai is happy for him. She doesn't have the maternal instinct to really be proud of him in the way other parents may be. But he'd wanted to be searched since he'd first learned what it really meant, and so she was content that he was happy. Tandelai's father expresses some concern about the appearance of Neisoth on the sands the turn prior, but Qire doesn't see any need to worry about it yet. After all, what on Pern could she do about it?

* 2591, 40 Perrikoth is injured in the Hunter attack at the Minehall in the second month, not greatly, but enough so that the call of Oriath in the next month was unable to be answered, despite his usual tendency towards chasing in Gold flights. L'ok's Iskelaith, however, refuses no such call, and after Iskelaith's loss, L'ok and Qirelai spend their first night together where one party was not wholly under the influence of dragon lust. She's still... unsure what it means to her. Sex between them has never been anything more than a necessary expenditure of energy in the past, but Qire couldn't help but feel that a tiny door may have been opened inside her.

Qirelai actually quite enjoyed the assignment for the afternoon. For her part this time, they were guarding the Weyrlings, placed closer to the shore of the cove, that were washing their dragonets. She much preferred playing lookout than playing fisherman. If she'd wanted to be a fisher she would've gone into that craft.

Which wasn't entirely true, even if she had wanted to be a fisher, she likely would have taken the search over it anyways. Always taking the risk than the easy option in her mind. But she wasn't really a fan of having the whole weight of the Weyr's food needs sitting on their shoulders. Beach wasn't a bad wing, but it had been the one that'd made sense for her when she'd first arrived at Southern Winds Weyr. A few turns later though, perhaps she'd apply somewhere else. Regardless, her dislike for fishing duty didn't prevent her from doing it well.

Lyrisiveth's call broke through her thoughts at that moment and 'shit shit shit shit shit' was all Qire could think of. Even as Perrikoth swerved from the water to climb higher, not knowing really where the threat was coming from and getting himself and Qirelai out of harms way before taking a wide glide over the water.

The Weyrlings! The Weyrlings! Both minds spoke at the same time even though Qirelai's was loud and brash, where Perrikoth's was low and urgent. They darted across the water, both scanning across the water even as they headed back towards the shore.

They needed to both know where the snakes were and be able to provide a distraction to get the Weyrlings out of the water. Perrikoth might be able to fight off a Beach Snake, but a few month old dragonet would have no chance.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
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Inactivity Preference:
SirAlahn's choice
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Bring It On
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Re: Qirelai [ 16.02.2551 Blue Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2018, 02:26:25 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2564 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 29m
Mature Height: 6m
Mature Wingspan: 52m

General Appearance...

Perri hatched a startlingly pale blue, so pale and greyish that some wondered if the blue was not transparent in some places. He was gangling and awkward, and on the thinner side from hatching. However, he filled out significantly as he grew, and his transformation was quite impressive. His first turn of growth came quickly, and he was larger than the other blues of the clutch for several months, before his growth slowed down and steadied out. In his last few months before maturity, that was when his colour truly came in. His shoulders brightening first in patches, followed by the rest of his. His wingsails still maintain some of the greyish blue of his hatching, but has darkened and textured over the turn with thread injuries and other wear and tear.


Mind Voice: Slow and low, Perrikoth doesn't have what one would say was a particularly beautiful voice, but it's soothing. Think Jorah Mormont.

[ FIRELIZARDS ] Since coming to the island he's been trying to convince Qirelai to get one, but she keeps insisting that they don't have time for a pet.
[ L'OK ] It would be a strain on his relationship with Qire if he didn't like her best friend. As it stands however, he likes L'ok of the dragonriders own merit.

[ AGGRESSION ] As much as he likes L'ok, he doesn't particularly enjoy the company of Iskelaith when the dragon is in one of his pushy moods. However, he's far too calm (and smart) to ever fight the other blue on it.
[ BEING DIRTY ] Maybe it came from not being a particularly attractive dragon in his weyrlinghood, or because his quick growth cause both he and Qire to scramble for more time in their schedules to clean him, Perrikoth doesn't enjoy being dirty if he can help it. A significant amount of their bonding time is spent bathing.


* CALM : It takes a lot to rile up Perrikoth, and he's always been the port in a storm for Qirelai. When everything gets too much for her, he's a steadying force.

* EMPATHETIC : Despite being a naturally empathetic creature when it comes to Qirelai, Perrikoth is also really good at understanding other people's struggles. He doesn't have to experience something himself in order to empathise, unlike his rider.

* ENDURANCE : He was always an asset in threadfall, able to last much longer shifts than other green and blue riders.


* PASSIVE : Perrikoth doesn't have the same drive that Qirelai has. Instead, he's quite happy to be content with his lot and has no aspirations of his own.

* SPEED : Along with some unfortunately placed thread scars, Perrikoth has never been very speedy. He's built to be strong, not sleek.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what Perrikoth's voice will look like.  Background: #A1A9D1; Text: #3052E8

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Perrikoth and Qirelai are currently Beach Riders, but are not against the possibility of transferring to another wing should it make sense for them.

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Re: Qirelai [ 16.02.2551 Blue Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2018, 09:39:07 PM »
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