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Author Topic: Approved P'ar [ 02.02.2562 / Blue Rider ]  (Read 1096 times)

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P'ar [ 02.02.2562 / Blue Rider ]
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:13:05 AM »

Play By:
Sunny Wang
Par, like Parr for the course. 8D
Prae, when he was growing up. But his name is already sorta short so…
Date of Birth:
02.02.2562 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
2575 / 13
Wing Rank:
Mountain Wingrider

Your Reflection

 P’ar is a neat, organized individual and it usually reflects in his clothes and how he takes care of himself. He keeps his riding leathers well oiled and tends to keep his casual clothes utilitarian, but still well cared for and clean. It’s not so much because he’s overly concerned about being cleanliness, but because he doesn’t like doing nothing in his off time and enjoys spending his quiet time tending to himself, his things, or his dragon. Not based on narcissism so much as a desire to be good to himself.

Standing at a modest 5’5”, he’s built like many a rider. Spending a Pass fighting thread doesn’t lend itself to a slothy lifestyle and habits have already been formed to keep himself fit – even when he’s out and about exploring Pern.

P’ar keeps his hair scruffy, to about the top of his ear length, with some dusting of facial hair along his jaw when he’s been away for awhile. He usually shaves once he gets back and grooms himself up, but he thinks the facial hair makes he look a tad rugged.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
P’ar and his family felt like they had to do everything they should toward helping others survive. Born into the crech, he considered his family to be the others he grew up with and those that took care of them. He always felt a sense of duty to the weyr and a desire to give back, whether that meant impressing a dragon as soon as he could to help fight thread, or be one of the many workers in the weyr. He might’ve been among one of the many scared candidates on the sands, but he wanted to face his fears and be brave for all the other riders in the sky.

Response to dragon color mutations:
Politicking was never in P’ar’s wheelhouse and he’s never been an ambitious man, so he doesn’t understand the hubbub. When pressed about his opinion, he’s likely to flash a smile, make some sort of neutral comment, and quickly slink out of the conversation. To P’ar, all dragonriders are brethren to be respected and are bound together by duty. If that means they’re on a different, odd color… well, that’s ok. Or it should be, right?

Who Are You

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Tasks : Be it tending to himself, his dragon, his things, or just being assigned jobs by his Wing, P’ar likes having a sense of purpose and something to do. It’s simply fulfilling for him and gives him a sense of direction. It doesn’t have to be some grand plan, he just likes to have a plan.

+ Alone Time : While he does enjoy being part of the weyr and the sense of comradery that brings, he finds he relishes the quiet the Interval has brought. There’s nothing quite like watching the wind blow across the barren plains of Pern and it tugs at the wanderlust in his heart. It might be depressing to some, but to P’ar, he sees nothing but a canvas of potential and a landscape of possibilies.

+ Quiet Affection : He will never be the sort to sing and dance aloud at a harper festival or declare at the top of his lungs his love for someone. Rather, he would much prefer the early morning words whispered beneath bedfurs and the soft laughs shared in pillowtalk. Some might call him a romantic, he would say he has simple, private pleasures. You won’t catch him messing about in the hotsprings.

- Slackers : A quick way to get on his bad side is not pull your own weight. The world is falling apart and it’s all hands on deck. If you can’t contribute, then what are you really bringing to the world? While he thinks everyone has the potential to be great, he also thinks that there are certainly those that are wasting that potential. He purposefully steers clear of such people.

- Feeling Left Out : While P’ar might like exploring Pern and mapping the world, he doesn’t like being gone for too long. Being away from the weyr for a length of time makes him feel disconnected and, sometimes, left out of his home at large. He spends his days off reconnecting with friends long into the night, if they’ll allow, pestering them during meal times, and in general being quite social to fill the void that has grown in him while he’s away.

- Holders : It’s not that he doesn’t think they don’t contribute to the weyr, but his opinions of them have become jaded. Fort Hold seemed abysmal to him and his opinions didn’t really improve when they all moved together in Southern Winds, where it was all met with complaints about how the Weyr worked. He’s never heard so many people whine about surviving before.

* INDEPENDENT : P’ar can be trusted, and expected, to do what he is told and can handle himself quite well when he is alone. He doesn’t panic easily and finds some solace in the time he is alone – to a point. He’s not about to go start his own weyr.
* PATIENT : P’ar isn’t ever really rushed when it comes to things and even in high stress situations, he keeps a cool head. Nothing tends to faze or annoy him and most insults don’t stick. He can be eternally patient for those that need him to do something, when he is put to a task, or when he is helping someone. He’s got all the time in the world when it comes to being with, or doing things with, people.
* WARM : P’ar can be quite affectionate, to both friends and lovers, and while he might not always express himself verbally, he always tries to let people know when they mean something to him. Either because he makes time for them in his life, he is there for them when he can be ( when he’s at the weyr ), or he enjoys physical contact. If you’re a friend, expect hugs.
* DISCIPLINED : P’ar has grown up in the weyr and had always had a sense of duty in him, even as a little boy. He’s wanted to contribute and has always taken being a Rider seriously. He’s not as strict or stringent as a brown rider, but he steers away from things that might otherwise compromise his desire to be a good rider.
* STRAIGHTFORWARD : He’s not good at mincing words and there isn’t a deceptive bone in his body. He’s just not good at lying, being manipulative, and he’s never seen the reason for it. Rather, he’d much prefer to share a cup of water and have a real conversation. Get to know one another. Be friends. You can’t be friends if you’re not really meeting someone.

* PASSIVE : P’ar takes life in stride and has no ambitions. He likes plans, but he is rarely the one that creates them, and he lets life, and those with rank, direct them as they may. This could be annoying to those that think he should be doing more with his life, or might see his passive nature to mean he doesn’t care about his place in life or what he does with it.
* BLUNT : What friends he does have know he’s not going to mince words and those in authority over him know to expect P’ar is going to tell it as he sees it. That doesn’t mean that’s always the reality of it – it’s just how P’ar sees the situation. He’s not trying to be cruel, but he’s going to be honest. Even if it’s going to be painful.
* DISTANCED : P’ar can be hard to get to know, because he’s frequently away from the weyr, and he doesn’t expect anyone to want to be close to him. He has a lot of ‘surface’ friends. People he is friendly towards and people he wants to see when he’s away from the weyr, but he wouldn’t be able to say he’s ever been in love with someone because he wouldn’t know how to go about explaining it.
* RESTLESS : P’ar doesn’t always know when to quit and when he should allow himself to sleep. This isn’t so bad when he’s away from the weyr and he can roam and he has to hold himself to task, so they don’t lose themselves between, but when he’s back at the weyr he doesn’t want to sleep a miss a moment. He stays up and watches the comings and goings if there isn’t anyone to talk to. So his ‘break’ is usually pretty exhausting and not really restive.
* CRITICAL : Not of everyone else, but of himself, and he takes criticisms of himself very hard. It doesn’t even have to be from someone of authority. He tries very hard to be a good rider and he takes such things to heart. Those are the only insults, even casually spoken, that might get to him. He won’t lash out at whomever is critiquing him, but he’ll spend a lot of time dwelling on it.

Describe Yourself:
* DULL : P’ar is not the most exciting of people and those looking for a wild, good time won’t find it here. He’s a simple man, at heart, and is easily content with simple things in life. This means he misses out on a lot of things and parties just aren’t his forte – neither are harpers. Music doesn’t resonate with him and you won’t catch him tapping his toes to anything. He likes being around people, but he most definitely is not the life of the party. In that, he doesn’t stick out and he is – sadly enough – easy to forget. The friends he has may be hard pressed to remember when he’s gone, or how long he’s been gone for.
* OPTIMIST: He has an eternal hope that the world will eventually be a better place even though he sees barren landscapes frequently. They aren’t a source of distress or melancholy for him, but plains of possibility. He hopes to see the expansion of the people of pern in his lifetime.
* ATTENTIVE: The relationships that P’ar manages to cultivate mean a lot to him, and he treasures them immensely. It chases away the loneliness and he can be, sometimes, clingy without realizing it.
* CONTENT: P’ar is perpetually happy with whatever life gives him. He could have one friend, nothing but strict rations, and work all day in the mines and he’d be thankful for it all. That he has more than that is something to be grateful for, and he very much is. He’s not one that is always seeing -more-, but is always happy with what he has.
* CALM: Anyone could count on one hand the number of times P’ar has been angry. He just doesn’t get mad. Upset, maybe. Disappointed, perhaps. But he doesn’t feel anger. It’s just not in his spectrum of emotions unless it is something… major. The most recent was the riot by the holders, and even that had just been him huffing and scowling a bit afterwards, but it’d blown over rather quickly.

The Magic Touch:
P’ar, like many a Rider from the Pass, has a myriad of threadscores along his torso. Too many to name individually, but he’s not self conscious about them. Being a man of simple pleasures, he doesn’t drink alcohol or klah. About the only flavored drink he does consume is the occasional fruit drink. He largely prefers water though.


Mother: Praellynna. Weyrfolk. B. 2542
Taemmeica. Creche Worker. B. 2530 D. 2583
He was named after his mother and father, but he was raised by creche workers and never had contact with his father and only knew his mother during the first couple turns of his life. Taemmeica was one of the creche workers he was closest to and had the most motherly presence in his life. I've noted her death date, but he didn't know when she passed, nor does he know when his father died. He's not even aware that his mother is still alive, and it's highly unlikely that she knows that he's alive or that they'd recognize one another as family.
Father: R’kar. Brown Rider. B. 2540 D. 2580
Siblings: Innumerable children in the creche. Will allow this to fill up with adoptables.
Children: He probably has a handful, as he’s participated in Flights, but he’s never maintained contact and they’ve been dropped off into the creche, as that’s where he grew up.

Tell Us a Story

* 2562 - 2567 , 0-5
Praekar is born to a weyrfolk woman after a sweet tryst with a brown rider. Praellynna and R'kar had a sweet romance for a little while, but it didn't last though a babe did result of their union. She named her son after both herself and his father, though she help raise him in the creche in his early turns. Praellynna spent a lot of her time working for the weyr outside, so she wasn't always there for her son growing up, but that never really bothered him. He had plenty of 'siblings' growing up and he never held it against his mother, or father, for doing what he was told their duty to the weyr. The various creche workers were sweet and kind to him and easily filled the parental roles he might've been lacking otherwise, just as other children became his surrogate siblings. He had the usual squabbles a little boy might with other children his age, but P'ar would look back on growing up in the creche with extreme fond memories - because of how innocent and sweet a time it was for him.
* 2568 - 2573 , 6 - 11
Praekar's personality begins to really shine through as he grows into a responsible young boy. He wants to help the creche workers with chores more than he wants to play and he takes his harper lessons very seriously. It isn't that the little boy doesn't know how to play, it's just that he wants to help, he wants to give back. Praekar is still prone to bouts of foolishness, as little boys are wont to do, but he's still rather serious for a little boy. The reality and seriousness of the Pass can't be fully comprehended at this age, but he understands that the Weyr is important to him and he does care about everyone in in - even the people that might otherwise want to spend all their time messing around. He's one of those little boys that's apt to tattle tale if someone isn't doing what they're supposed to, which makes him friends with a responsible crowd and keeps him out of a lot of trouble. This is still a sweet part of his life that, while he's beginning to see some of the harsher realities of life, he's not expressly shying away from them. Rather, he's wanting to become a responsible member of the weyr.
* 2574 - 2575, 12 - 13
While it was quite a surprise to Praekar, it wasn't to many that knew him that he was searched shortly after his twelfth name day. As soon as he started taking Candidate lessons, Praekar decided he wanted to be a dragon rider. Exposed to the now very real realities of what was going on, how dire the situation was and what the dragon riders were doing to protect them all, Praekar wanted to be apart of that. He doesn't impress on the first batch of clutches he stands for, and this really helps him grow. Mellow out some and learn to handle some rejection. Of course he's rather disappointed he doesn't impress right away, but he soon finds contentment in doing whatever he can for the weyr. It's a mellowing time for him in that he learns a great deal of patience in a short span and, through candidate lessons, comes to understand that if a dragon is out there for him, he'll impress it when the dragon comes along by being himself, not by somehow willing it to happen. In that, he soon becomes quite happy in the chores and work he's able to do around the weyr as that's his way of contributing while he waits, now patiently, for his dragon. He makes a handful of friends and, oddly enough, quite enjoys life despite how terrible life is on pern. Toward the end of his thirteenth turn, he does impress. To the ponderous Blue Zeketh.
* 2576-2578, 14-16 Weyrlinghood is a trying time for P'ar and Zeketh, and another test of his patience. Zeketh is a sweet and determined blue, but he is also very deliberate and slow in his words. To some, it might seem like the Blue doesn't care about the things he does or what he is saying, but rather, that's just how... He is. In a time of high stress and trying to train weyrlings as quick as possible to survive an admittedly shitty situation, there isn't a lot of patience extended to them, or Zeketh. So while the Blue might be an adept flier, and P'ar a studious and eager Rider, they often find themselves doing errands or doing runner-up tasks in whatever is needed. This doesn't stop them from trying, and practicing, and wanting to prove that they can fly thread with the rest of their classmates. None of this upsets P'ar, but rather makes him determined to do his best. This is a very self critical time for P'ar, and it still resonates really hard for him even now. While Zeketh never feels the same as his Rider, and never did, P'ar strove to show others that he and his dragon weren't somehow lacking.
* 2579 - , 2584, 16 - 21
P'ar and Zeketh are passed for graduation, either because they really proved to the weyrlingmasters they were good enough or because they simply needed every able body in the sky. Whatever the reason, P'ar and Zeketh do take to the sky - though it is always in the tail end of a formation so Zeketh isn't relied upon to relay any information. This placement doesn't bother P'ar or his Blue in the slightest. The pair of them are just happy to be able to do what they've been trained to do, and they do it rather well. Zeketh, for all his failings otherwise, is a remarkable flier and can sustain himself in long threadfalls. There are some injuries during some falls, but it's rather common enough that other riders are too, injured, but there's nothing that is completely debilitating and P'ar heals quick. Every time they are taken out of the sky on injury, they are fast to return as soon as possible. It is a terrible time, in the grand scope, but P'ar finds fulfillment in being able to be a wingrider.
* 2587, 24
The end of the Pass is a welcomed thing to the Blue Rider, who never thought he'd live to see the end of Thread. He's elated even more so when a new, flourishing home is found, and happily spends a lot of time ferrying people and supplies to and from the island. During this time, he pretty much does whatever he can to help out. Being a taxi, helping with manual labor, whatever is required. Eventually, as wing placements are passed out, he's marked to test for Mountain Wing. He doesn't know what that really might be, but he and Zeketh take the test and - since it's a flying test - easily pass. The only stipulation, then, is that they must obtain a flit and train it to communicate with the Wingleader. Obtaining a flit is easy. The egg hatches into a lady green and P'ar promptly names her Meica - after one of the women that raised him in the creche.  She's a tiny creature that he takes to immediately, but training her takes a little time. She's energetic and eager, but easily distracted as a babe flit, but eventually, through patience and time, Meica enables him to officially join Mountain Wing.

The appearance of a Black dragon doesn't particularly upset P'ar and he's rather happy he's in a Wing that doesn't seem to feel a way either.

* 2588 - Present, 25+
P'ar and Zeketh have seemed to find a place, and Wing, that don't mind his dragon's ponderously slow way of speaking and they're able to feel like they really belong. Not as a last place, but as a fully contributing member of a wing. In that, P'ar highly values his place in his Wing and would do nothing to jeopardize that. He loves his time away from the Weyr, as it makes him appreciate the times when he's back even more.

So many of the other eggs had already Impressed and the bonded ushered off the Sands to start their new lives. There was only two eggs left that hadn’t hatched yet, though they shook and cracked with the promise of new life within. The murmuring in the Stands, however, was for the unmoving dragonet who had spilled from his shell some marks ago.
Marks. Had it really been that long? Praekar’s feet felt like they were on fire from standing on he hot sand for so long, but he’d remain as long as he had to. Just like all the other hopeful – or terrified – candidates, they didn’t dare leave while there were still eggs left. Or, in this case, a dragonet that might still impress.
At least, if the dragonet was still alive. The Gold Queen didn’t seem distressed nor did she nose the hatchling in concern. Rather, she remained an ever vigilant presence over the remaining two. Watching, instead, the two eggs that still shook and occasionally peeped. Their dragonets were certainly animated and ready to meet the world. Praekar wasn’t sure... what was going on with the other one. Almost white, the little Blue was so pale. He could tell he was breathing, but the breaths didn’t seem to be quick or struggling.
Was the Blue asleep?
For some reason, that sheer idea actually had Praekar smiling just a little. Then, thinking that might be wildly inappropriate at a hatching, he quickly covered his mouth with both hands. He didn’t want the Queen to think he thought her clutch amusing or accidentally insult her. One of the candidates next to him cast a glance his way and frowned, but Praekar intentionally didn’t look at him.
Then, in a rush of activity, one of the other eggs cracked open and spilled forth a peeping, flailing baby dragon. No matter the fuss its sibling was causing, the pale little blue didn’t move. Didn’t even look. His eyes were open, though, and he seemed to be aware. Praekar didn’t know what he was doing, but he decided the pale blue must be tired from all that hatching he’d done before.
It had to have been another mark or a mark and a half – Praekar’s feet were going to melt – when the other egg started to really crack open. Still the Queen didn’t seem concerned about her unmoving blue hatchling, but watching the splitting egg with interest. Just as Praekar was shifting his weight to his toes, trying to peer around some shell remains to see what might be coming out of the new egg, did he feel some sort of weight settle on his head.
Like a headache that didn’t hurt or a sinus congestion, but the pressure was everywhere. I’m covered in sand. I don’t like it over here. The voice was soft and murmured slowly. Enough so that Praekar almost thought he’d thought it. Even though it made absolutely no sense. Then he thought maybe one of the candidates near him had said it under their breath and the odd headache was affecting his sense of hearing. Instead, his confused looking about had the other candidates looking at him like he’d been the weird one saying odd things.
P’ar... get the sand off... Again, the voice. Not more insistent or even louder, but he knew the thoughts weren’t his. Instead, he looked back to the pale blue whose head had lifted and was now looking at him. How Praekar knew the little blue was looking expressly at him, he wasn’t... entirely... sure, but he knew. As though to confirm, and emphasize the thoughts, the pale blue lifted his wings in what had to be a comical parody of a shrug and let out a low trill. I don’t like the sand. And I’m hungry.
Praekar, now P’ar, smiled with the corner of his mouth and purposefully made his way toward the little blue. He didn’t run – he didn’t want the Queen to be upset – while he picked his way through the shards of shell so he could go dust off the now mostly dried off blue and, only once he was satisfied, lead him to where the food was.

Created By:
Other Characters:
All of them.
Inactivity Preference:
Kill me
Mauling Permissions:
Rough’em Up
Anything Else:
Happy Birthday Alahn
My boring, sweet Blue Rider


Dragon Details
Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 28M
Mature Height: 4M
Mature Wingspan: 53M

General Appearance

Zeketh hatched a very pale blue with absolutely no color variation. At first, he looked almost white and certainly unhealthy. He was small, a little disproportionate with a short neck, quite a long tail, and gangly wings. He didn't even move for the longest time after he'd struggled out of his egg. It was only after he'd dried out considerably that he cried out for Praekar, now P'ar, to come clean him off and feed him. As Zeketh grew, he eventually took on a lot of darker blue highlights and darker wings. While he's never really became a well-proportioned dragons, his larger wings have served him well.


Mind Voice:
Zeketh’s voice is slow, low, and ponderous. If you’re not used to it, he could probably talk you to sleep. He doesn’t say anything quickly and when he does talk, it is after deliberation and with purpose. There isn’t a lot of inflection and there isn’t ever any excitement to his tone.

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Sunbathing : He is a relaxed dragon and if there’s time, he absolutely adores being able to nap in the sun. He’s not lazy, mind, but he does enjoy getting to sun himself when they’re back at the weyr on their days off.

+ Long Flights : Rather than go between, Zeketh would much rather fly there. With his large wings, for his size, he can glide for days ( an exaggeration ) but he can glide and fly for a long time. The best thing is the slow, lazy flights he can take around the weyr.

- Water : He doesn’t swim and he doesn’t want to know how. He detests the cove, the sand, and everything having to do with it except the fish. He’ll eat those. The salt dries him out terribly.

- Sharing his ledge : Zeketh really likes his ledge to be his own. He’s not normally a picky dragon when it comes to personal space, but he is about his ledge. Given that he’s not overly social anyways, he likes to keep his ledge to himself.

* STAMINA : One of Zeketh’s favorite things to do is flying and he excels at it. He’ll never be the fastest dragon, or the strongest, but he’ll be one of the last blues in the sky.

* SPATIAL ORIENTATION : Zeketh isn’t easily confused in the air and maintains formations and his place among other dragons easily. He’s a very self possessed creature in the sky – not exactly nimble but able to perceive how he needs to naturally move to not be in the way.

* NONCOMMUNICATIVE : Zeketh speaks slowly and is slow to translate orders to other dragons. This makes him terrible in being a key member in anything relating to relaying information.

* UNINTERESTED : Zeketh seems largely disinterested in other dragons and Flights. He occasionally participates, but most of the time he watches them with a sort of curious detachment. This makes him a bit of an oddity to other dragons, particularly females because he just doesn’t seem to care about them.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #32505c; Text: #e0fbfc

Anything Else:
He's adorable


Flit Details
Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Date of Birth:
2587 9th interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance

Flits are small from the beginning, but they do grow a bit. Tell us about yours. Any special markings?


Empathic Connection:  Meica is a very adept communicator and does so with trained thoroughness. Coupled with her perfect memory, she's able to convey whatever it is she needs to, or wants to, so long as it can be done with images.

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Playing : Particularly catch. She likes when P'ar will throw small things up in the air for her to catch before they hit the ground.

+ Hunting : Spinners in particular. They're her favorite snack.

- Eggs : Meica frequently eats her own clutch and has to be chased away from her own eggs if they are to be salvaged.

- Long flights : She can't keep up with Zeketh, so she doesn't even try. She's more apt to sit on the Blue then even bother.

Anything Else:
02.02 - Not a force

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