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Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: Mature A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca  (Read 489 times)

Offline Jossekayne

A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« on: August 16, 2018, 10:29:25 PM »
The extent to which Jo had worked with plants was solely through the kitchens, where she had prepared meals with other weyrfolk before her Impression. She knew the quickest way to peel a tuber and how long to steam vegetables, the ratio of certain precious seasonings to provide taste while wasting as little as possible—but caring for the things while they were growing? That was as alien to her as land was to a fish.

So she’d been long fascinated by her friend’s work with them. Jossekayne knew that many of the surviving plants were used for medicine if not food, but she knew even less about them. Not being in Jungle, she’d never needed to know in order to help the Healers gather specimens from the rainforest on the island.

It was amusing to her that it had taken her this long to go to Quenneca’s quarters to see her collection. As flirtatious as she had been—wanting to go to the woman’s room under very different circumstances—it seemed Quenneca wasn’t interested. Which Jo could respect, though that didn’t stop her from flirting anyway. That was just her way. She certainly wasn’t going to let it ruin their growing friendship; some things were just more important than sexual gratification.

They’d arranged it a few days prior, when Jo would meet with Quenneca after dinner and a bath. Since they were going to be in close quarters to one another in the woman’s room, Jo didn’t want to stink of dragon hide and sweat. But freshly clean, with her damp hair still hanging down her back, she was thrilled to walk with Quenneca through the tunnels to the residential area of the Weyr where she lived.

As they arrived, Jossekayne commented with a smile, “You’re going to have to tell me what they’re all called and what they’re for. I won’t know what I’m looking at otherwise.”

Seeing any kind of green inside the Weyr, after the desolation of the Ninth Pass, was a miracle to her. But as curious as she was, Jo knew she was out of her element. From here, she intended to absorb whatever information Quenneca did share with her. It would certainly be an interesting look into an aspect of life she knew nothing about.
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Offline Quenneca

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2018, 07:24:55 AM »
Some might not think anything special of Quenneca’s room – or weyr as it was called in the Weyr – or they might think it a drafty, terrible space. When it rained, a lot of the rain came pouring in, when it was windy, there wasn’t much shelter from such things, but at least when it was hot it didn’t hold on to the heat. Quenneca had claimed one of the failed weyr rooms that had been too open for a rider to properly stay in it. The ledge opening was too wide for the room and exposed it, largely, to the elements and weather.

Perfect for someone who wanted to grow things inside a mountain.

Most of her plants, initially, had been transplants from Fort. It’d have been really difficult finding a Rider now and explaining to them what she would want from the jungle, or even expecting them to get it for her. No one’s life was worth that sort of risk.

Even so, she was still pleased with the small garden she had. To the untrained eye, it was a collection of exotic purple and white flowers. Of course there was a small risk in showing Jossekayne, but Quenneca was friends with the rider and she wasn’t going to offer the woman any drugs. She just wanted to show her something pretty. Smokeweed’s small white flowers on the tall green stalks were just that. Nevermind that passion vine’s brilliant purple  flowers were also a thing of stunning color.

On the way to her room – weyr – she linked her arm with Jo’s. She had an easy friendship with the Rider that she quite treasured. It was playful in a way and she simply liked being around the green rider. When she said Quenneca would have to tell her what they’re called and what they’re for, she laughed a little and shook her head. “You make it sound like I’m an expert. I’m just good at growing things. I’d picked them up during my time at Fort.” Not a lie, but a casual deflection. They might be good friends, but she couldn’t rightly tell Jo she was growing drugs in her room either.

The poor Rider would probably be required to turn her in. Quenneca didn’t want to put Jo in that position.

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2018, 08:41:31 PM »
“You’re an expert as far as I’m concerned,” Jo said with a grin. She certainly knew nothing about growing things—could only guess at the different requirements they each might need. Or was that even a concern? She had no idea.

Content to keep her arm linked with Quenneca’s, she waited for the woman to push past the curtained doorway of her own room. She didn’t want to impose by more or less inviting herself into the space when she was being chaperoned. They weren’t close enough for that at present, though Jossekayne certainly wouldn’t mind if that changed, either platonically or in another fashion. Regardless, she could respect the sanctity of someone else’s space that should not be breached.

Curious, she ventured too, “Do they need different… types of dirt?” She smiled again, amused at her own lack of knowledge. “I don’t know one plant from another unless I’m cooking it, so you’ll have to start from the basics. I’ll do my best to be an attentive student.”

This might not be information she would ever need, but she liked learning about other people’s lives. Their professions and passions. It had been that curiosity that had initially gotten her Searched in the first place, so it was with a certain kind of fondness that she’d continued interrogating people about what mattered to them. Not only did it allow her to learn new things, but it was a good way to make friendships too. Other people were usually receptive to those who showed attention to their own interests.
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Offline Quenneca

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2018, 10:43:13 PM »
Quenneca actually blushed prettily at the compliment. She liked being recognized for the things she’d accomplished, even if Jo might not know wholly what she was talking about. To be honest, the green rider didn’t have to know anything about plants to be able to appreciate their beauty. That was one of the lovely thing about flowers. Anyone could marvel at them and know nothing about growing them.

That was the entire reason Quenneca had invited the rider to begin with. Not to gloat about her gardening skills – she just wanted to show her friend something pretty in an often crazy world.

Quenneca pushed aside her cloth door and walked in with Jo. It was a spacious weyr, if it could even be called a weyr. There was certainly a ledge, but it damn near opened up into the entirety of the room. There was a small half-alcove where Quenneca’s bed was mostly sheltered, but it was easy to see that any strong breeze would reach her. It was a good thing that the island never really got cold, otherwise the space would’ve been entirely unlivable.

What that did mean, however, as that the large pots of dirt that surrounded the space got plenty of light and water. The passion vines grew over the large pots and draped across the floor, where the large purple flowers dotted the plant. Mixed in were taller stalks of the smokeweed, peppered with much smaller white flowers. Because it was winter on the island, and cooler, there were not any bees fluttering from bud to bud, but Quenneca resolved to bring Jo back when she had such visitors.

Quenneca stood just inside her room, taking it all in. It’d been a lot of work just getting it this far, but it wasn’t like she had anything else to do with her spare time. “Ah... sort of? The farmers don’t mind sharing some of their soil, after I’ve helped them and I don’t really use all that much. Just a bucket now and then to re-fertilize the pots.” Then, playfully, she added as she smiled at the rider, “These are certainly not for eating. Just... looking at.” Again, not the whole truth, but Quenneca did think they were pretty when they bloomed.

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2018, 01:21:29 PM »
As they stepped inside, it surprised Jo to see the sheer openness of Quenneca’s weyr. Unlike the ones she was accustomed to, this one had a ledge that exposed the room nearly completely, with very little by way of shelter for anything inside.

Had she not known better, she might have thought her friend had gotten cheated of more comfortable quarters. Surely the rain and frequent storms on the island had to be a trial to deal with? Fall must be a nightmare. And if they had still been at Fort, where the winters got bitterly cold, Jossekayne would have thought it an even more serious issue. Even if she trusted Quenneca to be able to take care of herself, this seemed… strange.

She was about to ask, in a more or less teasing fashion, what had possessed the woman to stay there in the first place. But the words died on her lips as she spotted what must be the reason. Pots of plants, sitting where they would get natural water and probably sunlight too, if she didn’t miss her guess about the angle of the opening and how it would let in the light. The fact that those pots were filled with thriving plants—flowering plants—was testament enough to that.

“Oh, Faranth.” It was said in a reverent whisper, and Jo had to tear her eyes away from the purple and white flowers with difficulty to glance at Quenneca again. Absorbing the answer to her previous question in a distant sort of way. “They’re gorgeous, Quen.”

Offline Quenneca

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #5 on: August 18, 2018, 02:35:04 PM »
Obtaining the weyr had been a bit of a chore. No one had wanted her to stay and the space had been writ off as a lost space since too much of the mountain had been chipped away during the construction of it. For her, though, it was perfect. Quenneca didn’t have access to the Healer’s growing alcove and even if she did, it wasn’t like they’d let her grow this sort of thing. So there weren’t a lot of places available to grow things like she did.

The pots themselves had been things she’d obtained over her time at the weyr, helping the smiths so they’d fire up the large clay for her. Now, they were so heavy with dirt that not even a strong wind was going to be moving them. It was a far cry from the crops she’d tended to back at Fort, but at least her plants had survived and she was still able to grow something.

That was the most important thing to her.

Hearing Jo’s response made it all worth it and she smiled more so. “I’m glad you think so. I don’t have many people to really share this with so… It’s.. It means a lot to me that I can with you.”

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #6 on: August 20, 2018, 08:45:41 PM »
Jossekayne noted Quenneca’s smile, and returned it with a light in her eyes. “That just means everyone else is missing out,” she said, dragging Quenneca closer by their hooked arms so that she could move to look at the flowers more closely without pulling away. “I’m honored you wanted to share them with me. They’re…” Chuckling softly, Jo shook her head some. “Really something.”

As they neared, she leaned in closer to the plants to get a better look at them. Some of them had the tiniest white flowers, clustered near the top of the stalk and with thin, narrow leaves. Those were the ones she leaned in toward first, inhaling the sweet scent of the flowers, delicate and subtle though it was.

Next were the brilliantly purple ones, with a crown of darker filaments around the dark center, and underlaid with wider lavender petals. This type appeared to be a vine, growing around some makeshift trellises that had been set in the dirt of their pots. Those had a stronger scent, less sweet but almost fruity in aroma. Looking them over, Jossekayne glanced back at Quenneca after a long moment’s scrutiny. “What are they called?” She was smiling again, softly, and her voice was still borderline reverent.

Offline Quenneca

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #7 on: August 21, 2018, 10:32:17 AM »
Quenneca was watching her friend more than she was the plants. Though she might’ve dealt in substances generally frowned upon, Quenneca would never think of herself as a bad person. Rather, she’d spent so much of the Pass trying to help people. Orphaned children, people hurt that couldn’t, or wouldn’t, go to the Healers. She’d been dismissed from the Healer’s Hall because of her overenthusiastic desire to help.

And maybe because she could be a bit stubborn about it at times.

Ultimately, Quenneca just liked seeing people happy. Now, she was given such rare opportunities to do so.

When Jo asked what they were called, Quenneca looked away from her and to the white  flowers of the smokeweed. A small, self-depreciating smile crossed her face before she shrugged. That would be as much a lie as she would give. It wasn’t like she could outright tell Jo what they were, in the event the dragonrider either knew the plants by name – most would – or mentioned it in passing to anyone else. Best she just think Quenneca was growing pretty, unnamed flowers.

To further steer the conversation away, she laid her head on Jo’s shoulder and simply looked over her collection. Quietly pleased. Right up until she heard some sort of commotion outside the weyrledge.

That did make her frown and look at Jo. “Is that a dragon roaring?”

Spoiler for OOC:
Saved by the Gold

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #8 on: January 11, 2019, 08:29:53 PM »
Jossekayne took it at face value that even Quenneca might not know what the plants were called. With so much knowledge lost during the Pass, even of things that were gravely necessary, it was no surprise to her that things judged ‘less useful’ might have fallen by the wayside to a greater degree. The thought of it made her sad, but at least they had survived in some way:  her friend was growing them, after all, and today Jo was getting to admire them and even smell their sweet perfume. Maybe someday the name of the plants would be rediscovered, or a new one made by someone. Maybe even Quenneca herself.

She enjoyed, too, having her friend’s head resting on her shoulder. As easily physical and affectionate as Jo was, she liked having people she cared for close. And though they might not have known one another long, she already counted Quenneca among those.

Whatever relatively innocent train of thought she’d been intended for next wasn’t meant to be. All of a sudden, a flush of lust suffused her body, bringing color to her cheeks and making her feel abruptly oh so warm and very aware of the presence of the other woman next to her. For a brief, confused moment, she thought Lyrisiveth must be Rising. But the time wasn’t right—she already had at the end of the previous month, and she wasn’t due to do so again until the seventh month of the turn. So what…

One of the Queens, darlin’, her Green supplied, allowing Jo a glimpse of what she could see:  the pale shape of Imyth glittering against the evening sky as she rose after blooding her kill.

The Flight Lust washing over the Weyr might be lesser for Jossekayne than it would be for a rider bonded to a male dragon, but the projection of the Gold’s want still affected her too. “It’s one of the Golds,” she supplied in response to Quenneca’s question, her own voice sounding distant and mechanical to her ears, an echo of Lyrisiveth’s own answer to her unspoken inquiry. “She’s Rising.”

All of that seemed secondary, however, to the hot presence of another body so close to hers, and the shape of Quenneca’s lips as they had curved into a frown of confusion. They looked soft and appealing, and before she really realized what she was doing, she was leaning over to kiss her friend.

Offline Quenneca

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #9 on: January 12, 2019, 01:07:36 AM »
Quenneca had been in the Weyr long enough to know what a Flight was. Shards, everyone in the Weyr did. Green flights were pretty common and Gold flights were usually a special occasion. Not because it made everyone in the Weyr a little hot and bothered – though there was that – but because it did grant a bit of time off.

It was late in the evening, now, so it wouldn’t really be a day off. Just an evening suffused with the wash of want that a Gold projected over the Weyr. Usually, Quenneca spent this time in her room. It wasn’t because she was a prude so much as she felt it was a Weyr event, and she wasn’t exactly a member of the Weyr. Neither did she particularly feel like wandering off to someone’s weyr or tussling around in a stranger’s bed.

So. This was a uniquely new opportunity because someone was in her room. Quenneca fully expected Jo to excuse herself so she might find someone to spend the evening with. That’s what Riders did for Flights, after all. Certainly Gold flights.

She was about to let her friend know she didn’t mind, and that she understood, but then Jo was kissing her. Not a timid press of lips, but a confident kiss of a Rider committing to an act.

Made warm by the lust in the air, Quenneca’s breath caught and her hand settled on Jo’s hip. Not to push her away, but neither was she pulling the other woman closer. There was a bit of hesitation as she tried to process what this might lead to. Was Jo trying to… be with her? It sounded silly that she’d stumble over such a base thought, but it had never occurred to Quenneca that the Green Rider would want to, let alone bother with doing so now when she could go find another Rider.

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #10 on: January 14, 2019, 11:32:38 AM »
The weight and heat of Quenneca’s hand on her hip was encouragement to Jo. It didn’t feel like a gesture meant to push her back, since there was no real pressure applied there—just a touch. But even though the fog of Flight Lust that she could so easily lose herself in if she wanted, Jossekayne recognized that not all was quite right. Her friend wasn’t returning the kiss, and she hadn’t reeled her in either. So reluctant though she was, Jo pulled back to study the other woman.

All she really wanted to do was keep kissing her, not only on her lips but all over her skin, to explore her and learn what sort of sounds she might make when consumed by want. But the Green rider was hardly going to force herself on someone who wasn’t interested. Disappointed she might be by that, but that just wasn’t who she was.

“Do you want me to leave?” she breathed, voice rough but not a growl. They could deal with any awkward fallout of it all later, once the Flight itself was over. Jo wasn’t about to apologize for being attracted to Quenneca, but she would be respectful of any boundaries that needed to be set. And now wasn’t really the time to have a nuanced discussion. For the moment, she only needed to know on thing:  whether or not Quenneca wished for her to stay.

Offline Quenneca

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #11 on: January 14, 2019, 05:55:30 PM »
When Jo pulled back, Quenneca smiled a little. Her cheeks were flushed a pretty pink – not just because of the Gold Flight – and the hand not on Jo’s hip moved to run across the Green Rider’s jaw. Others might easily lose themselves in the lust in the air, but Quenneca sort of floated on it. It all felt good, granted, but Quenneca could still think for herself.

She liked Jo, of course. They were quite good friends, and it had been more surprising than anything that the Green Rider would want to spend the evening with her.

The hand on Jo’s hip slid to the Rider’s lower back, applying some pressure to draw the other woman closer. “No, of course not,” she answered. “I’m just surprised, that’s all,” Quenneca clarified, taking steps back toward her bed and drawing the other woman after her.

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: A Little Spontaneity [ 6.4.2588; 7:40 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #12 on: February 01, 2019, 08:32:49 AM »
She still leaned into the touch to her face, but didn’t initiate anything more while she watched Quenneca. Without knowing whether the affectionate gesture was born of Flight Lust, or wanting to let her down easier, she didn’t want to presume. Not until she got a clear answer.

But when the other woman did reply, hand shifting again to press so warmly against her lower back and tug her not only closer, but toward the bed behind them, Jo’s expression bloomed into a smile. Readily happy to be near, she hooked her arms around Quenneca’s waist and leaned in to kiss her again—though not impeding their trajectory toward her bed. They would need that comfortable surface soon enough, but she couldn’t help but want to keep kissing this woman.

“How could I not want you?” she murmured against her mouth when she drew back slightly for another breath. It was partly teasing, part playful, but sincere nonetheless. “You’re beautiful. And kind.” The latter had as much to do with her attraction to Quenneca as the former.


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