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Author Topic: Open A Relaxing Jaunt [32.04.2590 | 5:05pm] Beachwing  (Read 327 times)

Offline Z'nel

A Relaxing Jaunt [32.04.2590 | 5:05pm] Beachwing
« on: August 17, 2018, 08:20:04 AM »
You did remember your extra jacket?

Z'nel chuckled, her laughter echoing round the bowl. “Yes. I've got my extra jacket on love.” It was looking to be a cooler evening, despite being quite nice at the moment. Being out to sea could get chilly though, especially once the sun really started to dip towards the horizon. “Who put you up to asking that?”

Allieth was silent for a long moment. I am not to tell you.

Z'nel tried to huff but it changed into another snort of laughter. Probably one of her wingmates. Or her brother. Who knows. Just because she forgot it that one time in the cold season and had given herself a lovely trip to the Healers for a few days.

She double checked the harness, making sure all the fishing gear was securely attached. “Alright love, lets go.” It was a quick hop between, just far enough beyond the cove that they could still see the island, but far enough out that they should get a good haul. Smaller stuff would be alright, but if they could haul in a few bigger sharpfish she'd be much happier. Restocking the supplies they'd lost last month would take time and the more they hauled in the faster the new barrels could be filled.

Z'nel took a moment to look around, the sea, beach and even the jungle looked so inviting from up here. Empty even, just inviting you to go lay down and relax - and then you'd likely get eaten. A sad thought that being out fishing with the wing was actually more relaxing than beach duty despite the hauling. And she was wasting time, Allieth was amused as they dove down to where the rest of the wing were gathering and she waved to the nearest riders as they waited for the last few to arrive and form up.

“What's the plan? One big group or are we splitting up?” She yelled at the closest pair.

Spoiler for ooc:
I did it! @SanctifiedSavage I hope this is okay? If not let me know to tweak things
« Last Edit: September 05, 2018, 02:09:03 PM by SirAlahn »

Allieth is 20.2M Long, 3.8M Tall and has a 32M Wingspan.

Offline K'eeda

Re: A Relaxing Jaunt [32.04.2590 | 5:05pm] Beachwing
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2018, 03:29:29 PM »
K’eeda didn’t mind fishing. Quite the opposite, really, when they could turn loose and really go out in the water. The blue rider loved water. Cold water, hot springs, rain – she didn’t care. It was all good fun and she’d have been born a fish otherwise.

When M’rek decided that she’d be going out with a handful of others to see if they could hunt down some of the oftentimes aggressive sharpfish, K’eeda could’ve kissed him then and there. Though that probably would’ve earned her a bit of a scolding, so she didn’t. Instead, she flashed her Wingleader a wink and skipped off to her bulky blue to make sure all was set. Hauling sharpfish was a little different than net hauling fish from boats. There were extra hooks on the dragon straps to carry their haul and they were equipped with bigger blades themselves with which to defend themselves.

K’eeda heard the sharpfish were prone to biting.

With everything set up and ready to go, K’eeda climbed up on Aeleroth and they popped out of Between. Not everyone from Beach Wing would be going out on this hunting foray, of course, but just a handful of them leaving the island to be a small dot on the horizon. It didn’t make K’eeda anxious at all. She loved the open sky, the endless sea around them… They could fly forever, were they so inclined.

Aeleroth trilled a greeting to the other dragons they’d be hunting with.

Spoiler for OOC:
Post is great. 8D The only thing I’d adjust is the time. Set it to 5pm, mayhaps? Beach Wing’s schedule for fishing starts about there. <3

« Last Edit: August 17, 2018, 10:06:11 PM by K'eeda »

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20 weeks pregnant as of 1.3.2590 // Powerplay allowed by K'rez

Offline Qirelai

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Re: A Relaxing Jaunt [32.04.2590 | 5:05pm] Beachwing
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2018, 09:34:55 PM »
Now this was the kind of task that really got Qirelai to be excited in Beach Wing. She enjoyed the people in the wing, and she definitely never disliked being in Beach, Qire just sometimes wished that she was allowed to do something other than just... sit and stare at the waves all day. It was likely that wings acted more efficiently when they were allowed to becomes experts in one task, hence why each wing pretty much stuck to their lane. But sometimes Qirelai wished there was a little more... variety in her day to day schedule. Which today was certainly granting her.

M'rek had told her this morning that a handful of their wing would be going to to hunt down some sharpfish. Whether it was solely for food, Qirelai wasn't quite sure, in fact, she was almost positive some of the fishers would be happy that someone was exacting some revenge on the things. Vaguely Qire had been aware that discussions had occurred comparing these new creatures to the mysterious shipfish. But as a native Nabolese, she'd had no real life experience with them, nor the education to understand the potential. So to Qire, it was just a really big, sharp-toothed fish. And they were goin' fishin'.

Is the equipment ready to go? The big blue asked Qirelai, who was making sure that his altered hauling straps were secure. In response, Qirelai leapt onto Perrikoth's back, tapping him on the side with her calf. Quickly betweening to their location they hovered, waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Qirelai waved to Z'nel, even as Perrikoth hummed back to Aeleroth.

"Reckon we scout as a group, and split up once we've found some." She shouted back to the green rider. Qirelai was more than happy to be overruled by someone more senior if it came to it, but she didn't think coming up with an idea was out of line.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Let me know if this doesn't work, didn't know who else was going to get thrown in <3
Also may throw Inanna in cause I think she'd enjoy these peeps.

Offline Phaedralena

Re: A Relaxing Jaunt [32.04.2590 | 5:05pm] Beachwing
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2018, 01:46:16 PM »
We finally must be proving ourselves, Del. M’rek personally asked us to join this special hunting mission.

Lena settled herself on Deliorath, making sure she was secured in now that all of their equipment had been tightened to the straps in preparation for the hunt. She’d been in Beach Wing for just over a Turn now, and this was the first time she was part of a small Beach party sent specifically to try and scout out the sharpfish to try and eliminate the threat before they could attack their Wing and the fishers again. Of course, she had no idea how many other of these parties went out before today and if she was just invited at this point or if it was the first one.

It is more likely he feels we need extra practice working as a team and listening to others than sending us here as praise. Phaedralena lightly smacked the green’s hide. Don’t be so negative. We have improved. We must have after all this time. Time to go.

The rest of the group had already begun to disappear Between, leaving them behind as they’d gone on about their conversation. Showing up as one of the last ones. Again. Well, she wasn’t going to let this get her down so early on. They were still just after the others, as they reappeared over the water with the rest of them. Hardly noticeable. Not unless others paid attention to that sort of thing of who was always last to appear.

They moved up to the other side of Z’nel and Allieth. Deliorath hummed a greeting to the others in response to Aeleroth’s, just as Lena leaned toward Z’nel to shout, “Let’s catch some sharpfish!”

Offline Z'nel

Re: A Relaxing Jaunt [32.04.2590 | 5:05pm] Beachwing
« Reply #4 on: August 24, 2018, 06:05:25 AM »

“Sounds like a good plan Qire.” She said to the older blue rider before she turned round and grinned back at Lena. “The biggest ones.”

Lets do a full circle of the deeper water just outside of the cove and work out from there. She heard Allieth passing that along and shrugged lightly at managing to somehow end up giving the orders. But then, M'rek wasn't with them, nor were the seconds, so whatever. Not as if Qire or Keeda wouldn't hesitate to say something if needed and Lena seemed to be getting used to working with the wing.

Lets see what we can find then. She said, Allieth picking out her intentions and happily diving to be a little closer to the water so they could see any signs of sharpfish.

Allieth is 20.2M Long, 3.8M Tall and has a 32M Wingspan.

Offline K'eeda

Re: A Relaxing Jaunt [32.04.2590 | 5:05pm] Beachwing
« Reply #5 on: August 24, 2018, 10:06:06 AM »
K’eeda was pretty relaxed around her own wingmates. She never felt like she had something to prove, especially when she was flying around with other blue and green riders. So, when Qire was the one to suggest something, K’eeda went with the flow. She didn’t have a better suggestion and she was quite content to let someone else direct. They were fishing, after all. Nothing complicated and no reason to overthink anything so long as it was getting done.

Aeleroth was just happy to be over the water too. They both had so much fun being out over the ocean that this felt less like work and more like a delightful outing. A break from what they usually did and an opportunity to just... splash about.

Granted, they couldn’t just do that. They should try to bring back some fish.

“Be mindful they hunt as a group too, eh?” K’eeda called before she directed Aeleroth to begin a low, slow glide over the deep water. The sharpfish didn’t always have to come to the surface, and didn’t unless they were drawn to something. Perhaps the shadow of a dragon?

//If a couple of low flying passes don’t pull anything up, we’ll have one of the smaller dragons be bait,// K’eeda thought. Aeleroth dutifully passed it along.

Length: 30M || Height: 5M || Wingspan: 51M
20 weeks pregnant as of 1.3.2590 // Powerplay allowed by K'rez

Offline Z'nel

Re: A Relaxing Jaunt [32.04.2590 | 5:05pm] Beachwing
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2018, 05:41:26 AM »
“Woah, pull up!” Allieth went nearly vertical at the sudden panic in Z'nel's voice and they levelled off several dragonlengths above where they'd just been.

Tell them I think we found them. Z'nel said with delight now that the sudden fear she'd felt upon seeing a darker shadow in the water and the fin that broke the surface for a moment was abating.

We have? He dragon shifted angles, wings beating in a steady pattern to hold her position as she scanned for the shadows in the water before setting herself to follow them. Z'nel reaching down to make sure all her hunting gear was in easy reach.

We found the fish! Allieth broadcast to the rest of the wing, excitement and just a hint of pride clear in her voice.

Allieth is 20.2M Long, 3.8M Tall and has a 32M Wingspan.

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