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Author Topic: Event Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event  (Read 494 times)

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Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« on: August 17, 2018, 11:15:04 AM »
It’d taken some bribing of a select group of Peacekeepers and Miners, and several months of work, but it’d all been worth it. To those in the know at the Mine Hall, there were certain activities picking up in popularity. Wher fights, some hidden cavern drinking spots, and even a renewed interest in gambling. Only the most enterprising of individuals were going to be able to capitalize on their newfound freedom now that they were no longer at the Weyr – and hadn’t been for some time.

Progress might moving along outside, in the jungle, and tunnels being expanded ever in the mountain, but the people needed some fun. A release.

Thranne and his group of close friends had orchestrated the construction of the Last Gambit. A cumulation of effort on their part. Bringing the gang back together for a cause they’d all thought worthy. Getting the Miners to carve out a cavern big enough for the gambling hall deep in the mountain, dumping some marks into peacekeepers pockets to keep them from looking into the work or the tunnels that were being expanded for the place.

It might not be as elaborate as anything back at Fort, but the Last Gambit was something for the gang to be proud of. Stone slab tables decorated the interior for dice and card games to be bet on, with an actual bar running across the far end, the opposite of the entrance. With marks having a real value now, with wher fights taking place in the darker corners of the Mine Hall, the gang wanted to invest in a place to spend those marks – and make some for themselves.

Eventually, they’d have some girls to work here too. Holders needed a place to relieve the pressures of their day without their significant other bothering them too. That’d been one of the appeal of the brothels back at Fort Hold, after all.

Now complete, this would be the first night the Last Gambit was officially open. Thranne and his gang had let the news out, through word of mouth to trusted friends and they expected the turn out to be great.

Spoiler for OOC:
Woo! Gambling Den! Now the Mine Hall has their very own. Thranne is going to be an adoptable NPC and anyone is free to make a member of his gang, either MNPC or PC. 8D As always, we have an OOC thread for check in and all the additional info!
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Offline Kyrrin

Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2018, 12:11:58 PM »
She's home.

It's the first thought as she walks in.

Oh, it's not actually the first time she's been down here, but before now it's still had that under construction feeling, like it could become anything if things don't come together. Now the lights are on, the decoration is in place and the very air itself already has a faint tinge of beer settling in it, she's actually missed that. This will also be the first time she has to explore all the different nooks and crannies and see what's on offer.

Tonight she's just another patron. Though she is hoping to change that. She ran a few jobs for the gang here and nobody heard a word from her and she never had to report a failure. If she's lucky they might hire her a little more permanently. She can fight, as can Kyrrinsk, and she can keep her mouth shut. Not much else you ever needed to be an enforcer in the dens like this in Fort. Hopefully it won't be much different here and now.

For now though she winds her way through the crowd that's already gathered, stopping now and then to look over the tables and see what's going on. Her ultimate destination is the bar and she leans against it, idly spinning a mark as she waits for one of the bartenders to look her way. She can continue looking round much better once she has a drink in hand.

Kyrrinsk is 3.0M Long and 1.2M High

Offline Oppesine

Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2018, 02:56:57 PM »
Word traveled fast through select channels and Oppesine was quite excited that morning when she’d taken the hop down to the Mine Hall. While she largely preferred to stay at the Weyr, since it felt safer, she would always be drawn to the fun and excitement that the Hall offered.

People knew how to get ahold of her, of course. Especially for such things like this. If it was worth it, Oppesine was also the person to get select women working in such a place. She’d kept tabs on her ladies and quite a few found the easy sexuality of the weyr, while liberating, also droll. It could get quite boring, she could admit, and for the whores of Fort Hold who liked the attention and taboo of what they’d done, the Last Gambit just might be the sort of prowling ground they needed again.

Oppesine would see if it was worth investing in, herself. She sauntered in wearing one of her tighter dresses and found a large sense of nostalgia hitting her. It was so much like Fort. Tucked away, the bar dimly lit, with tables of games scattered around, and gang members lingering around to both enforce the rules and have some fun.

She, however, was drawn to the bar. Alcohol and Oppesine were old, fine friends and she would be reacquainting herself quite heavily. She usually did when it was available. With marks aplenty left over from Fort, she’d make sure she’d have a nice night. Even if it meant soaking herself in drink.

Offline Ryneppa

Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2018, 10:46:33 PM »
Ryneppa was glad to have another reason to spend her marks. Where usually it would be put on wherfights, or simply used as a paperweight, now they felt like they were weighing down her pocket and begging to be spent. The evergrowing lust of a gambler, to get more marks in order for her to spend more marks.

It felt so... typical. Just like the dingy holes she'd spent most of her adult life. Her siblings would undoubtedly feel at home here as well. Speaking of her siblings, she knew Oppesine was here, spotting her more voluptuous sister over by the bar, Kindolin would probably be making an appearance if she knew her sister at all. And if the Last Gambit looked like it would be going anywhere, Dolynsine would likely also make an appearance. Their family had done quite well towards the end of the pass, all of them finding their own little niche, and it was nice to see that the Mine Hall was fleshing out again. With wher fighting and gambling dens, the Mine Hall was certainly on it's way to becoming usable for them again.

"Strongest thing ya got." Ryn said loudly when she reached the bar, not bothering to wait to see if there was any sort of line... or polite way of requesting her drink. She'd always just yelled at them back at Fort.

She wouldn't be able to get too smashed tonight unfortunately. Ryn did want to win some of the games that came her way, but she enjoyed a state of perpetual buzz.

Offline Arrobella

Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #4 on: August 17, 2018, 11:37:40 PM »
Bella was excited. Finally things at the Hold were starting to pull themselves together in a way that meant people could start having some fun again. First the fighting pit had reopened, underground, in secret (which only added to the attraction in Bella's opinion), and now a gambling den... probably a brothel arrangement would follow. Not that Bella would be making use of those, in all likelihood, she could get her kicks when she needed it, but she would benefit somewhat from how much easier the men of the Hold were to deal with when they were getting sex on the side. Although teasing them could be fun. Maybe she could make the most of tonight in that way, before the brothels did get going again...

But first, she needed a drink. Bella flounced her way happily down the dark tunnels, deeper and deeper, twisting and turning down the path that she'd been told to take, Arrobesk following sullenly behind her growling at anyone they met. It wasn't unusual for Bella to have her wher following her, she appreciated having the big angry looking where as her body guard in situations like this when she didn't know how they would go. Arrobesk was muzzled for the time being. She could be trusted when Bella was there keeping tabs on her, but Bella wanted to have a free and easy night of fun without worrying about Arrobesk eating the people she'd be having fun with.

Plus, she didn't think that Thranne would appreciate her wher eating his paying customers. She didn't know him personally, but that was pretty much a given.

Entering the hall she gave Arrobesk the firm instruction to stay at the edge. The gold would loom over everyone else, But Bella herself was shorter than most and likely wouldn't be able to keep an eye on her over the heads of all the men gathered within, at least not well. The gold was usually well behaved enough if she thought Bella was watching her though.

Hearing a call of "Strongest thing ya got," from one of the other patrons, Bella slipped in between the Ryneppa and Kyrrin and slammed a mark loudly onto the bar.

"I'll match that!" she exclaimed with cheery challenge, eyeing up the women on either side of her. Bot had the look of wherfighters to them, she liked that. "You guys playing tonight?"

She was gonna have fun, scorch it.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Tags for @Jarakrisafis and @Inki! Bella's dragging your ladies into conversation. Feel free to shrug her off, she'll only bitch about them behind her back ;)

Offline Kyrrin

Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #5 on: August 18, 2018, 03:04:54 AM »
While the first woman to sit down was easily ignored beyond the casual murmur of greeting, she was clearly there to get drunk in some amount, ordering the strongest thing at the bar. The second was just as loud, but also determined to be friendly. The sort of friendly that Kyrrin remembered as potentially getting very drunk, maybe starting a fight, but somehow coming out without a scratch while Kyrrin ended up with some new scars.

Maybe another night, not when she needs to get something important done first. It's too early in the night for the strong stuff. She prefers to have a clear head if she's going to finding as job, then gambling, and if they can slink off and find a fighting ring that's open tonight, that'd be a perfect end to the night.

“Later maybe.” She says as she accepts her drink (definitely not the strongest thing they've got) and raises it in a salute to indicate that it was a possibility - it was usually the back up plan if they couldn't find a fight. “Want to have a proper look around first. The night's only just begun.”

She motions behind her to where Kyrrinsk is trying to take up as little space as possible to avoid having her tail stepped on, “If I can I'd prefer to find a fight and I don't do that on strong drink.” Her Wher turns her head from watching the room and rumbles happily before looking back at the rest of the patrons, curiosity and contentment whirling slowly in her eyes.

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Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #6 on: August 18, 2018, 12:14:00 PM »
When they’d left Fort, Kindolin hadn’t been sure that things would ever be the same. As much as she missed it, for a while she’d wondered if that was a good thing. Her family would have to find a new place for themselves, but that was a sacrifice she would take if it meant their more ruthless protection of Beastcraft was no longer necessary. And for a long time, she’d thought that would be the case.

Recent events had changed that. The Holders, it seemed, were unchanged regardless of where they were—the island or the mainland. A certain seedy, unpleasant element to life was rearing its ugly head again. Someone more idealistic might have been disappointed to see it.

For Kindolin, at least it was familiar.

She’d caught Prairie Wing’s second shift of ferrying down to the Mine Hall, finishing up her work for the Herders for the day before bathing and then riding one of the huge dragons down to where her family would be waiting. Eating dinner with them all in one place had felt like old times, when they hadn’t been splitting their time between the Weyr and the Hall. And surrounded by familiar faces and a familiar atmosphere, it almost felt like they really were back at Fort and had never left.

She was still pondering whether that was a good thing or not.

But Kindolin was hardly going to let her personal feelings get in the way of a good opportunity. And there certainly was an appeal to what had been built in the back tunnels of the Hall. She was no gambler, preferring to hoard her marks for when they were really needed, but she could appreciate the way that others readily loosened their purse strings. That, and gambling dens were a good place to gather information.

While she might not be as curvy as Oppesine, she’d still dressed to impress. Her dress was sleeveless with only thin straps, tight at her bust and then flaring out around her narrow hips. It certainly wasn’t long enough to be proper for a Holder lady, but that had never bothered her either. Flashing a little leg could attract attention and make friends that would be valuable later.

Given the limited space in the place, Kindolin left Kindolsk outside the entrance, alongside many other large wher that had been stationed there by their handers. The ones that could be trusted to behave were arrayed in a multicolored line along the walls of the tunnel, watching others come and go and waiting patiently. Many of them were familiar with this from their days at the Hold.

Dolinsk, however, she’d brought in with her. The little Blue was too big to carry everywhere now, but he was still her shadow—just large enough to avoid getting stepped on, but small enough he wouldn’t be too in the way.

She could feel her marks swinging against her thigh from inside the pocket of her dress, sewn in where the fabric flared out so it wouldn’t ruin her silhouette. Kindolin hadn’t brought all of what she owned—just enough to get a few drinks and maybe play a few games if there would be a good reason to. But for now, she made her way over to the bar and sidled up next to Oppesine with a smile. “Does it make you nostalgic?”

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Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #7 on: August 18, 2018, 12:46:54 PM »
It had only been a matter of time before a gambling den opened in Mine Hall. It was the primary reason why he’d elected to move to the Hall over staying at the Weyr. His sort of people were here, not the uptight, controlling dragon riders. With a few stray wher fights successfully in the bag, it was enough testing it seemed for one of the old gangs to revive a gambling den.

Once word had spread to him and his brother, of course his brother had been furious they hadn’t set something up themselves first when the opportunity to be FIRST was right there for them to take. But Sal wasn’t so convinced that being first was as important. If anything, let that group be the ones to test out the mouths of the newly reinstalled Peacekeepers and take the fall first before they determined if bringing their “business” back was viable at this time.

Instead, he and his brother were both here in attendance, his brother doing his part of nothing by wasting away his remaining marks at a table while Saleizo soaked in the nostalgic atmosphere that he’d missed for so long. The bar had been his first stop, filling up with the strongest they had available. Even during these quiet times, he’d found himself a supplier. It was nothing special, nor especially strong, but it had been something at the very least. Tonight, he wanted to have a bit of indulgence. The others indulged by wasting their marks away, likely in a scammed setup by the gang to ensure that no one won too much, but just enough to keep throwing them down on the tables.

He drifted through the room, stopping at a table or person here or there to relay the foundational relationship he had with said person and leave things open for a potential future, before leaving for the next one. Most of the women he’d kept in contact with since the move were here, and he’d offer them brief nods of recognition as they tried to pick up some work again or even a few words if they felt so inclined to talk to him about how they’d been doing over the past few sevendays.

Once his---how many was this now?—drink was empty, his stroll changed course back to the bar, where several women had accumulated since he’d last visited. He couldn’t care less about most of them, but one woman who seemed to have settled in for the night at the bar drew his attention and direction. He didn’t care that one of the other women had sidled up next to her, or that she was one of his woman’s sisters who likely despised him. He was here to see Oppesine, whether Kindolin liked him or not.

He heard the last bit of the sister’s comment to Oppesine just as he stepped between them and slammed his drink down on the bar and asked for another. Ignoring Kindolin initially, he turned his back to her so he could face Oppesine. “Nostalgic over gambling? Or wearing fine dresses and drinking? Because you look right at home, to me.” He accepted the new drink presented to him and turned his head just enough to look at Kindolin. “Or was this more your scene? I forgot, what was your role again?”

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Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #8 on: August 18, 2018, 01:17:24 PM »
At last, life seemed to be returning to normal. There had been a long stretch of time when he’d doubted that would ever be possible again. He’d given this new life a chance when they first moved, just because there seemed no other way they would survive if they hadn’t moved, but as soon as they’d been forced to assimilate into Weyr culture, he knew he wasn’t going to last. There was nothing for him there. His body had fought through withdrawals of the drugs he’d taken at Fort that were no longer available to him. He’d lost his position to try and even seek them out, though he had tried a time or two.

If not for Remira, he doubted he’d have made it this far. And now he was grateful to her all over again. Because of her, he had survived long enough to see the wher fights and gambling dens begin to come back into the fold of life. He’d been rewarded for continuing his loyalty to Notkerric by becoming a Peacekeeper once again. Remira was happy with her beastcraft. There was finally a place for him in this world again. There was just…one thing missing still.

He’d recovered from his history of drug abuse over the Turns enough that his body no longer craved it. Surviving the symptoms of physical withdrawal had been worse than anything he’d ever gone through, even in his Turns working in a gang before he’d become a leader. One might think he would never want to put himself through that torture again. But as soon as he heard of the gambling den opening, his first thought had been to wonder if that sort of gang business would also be returning. That was his gang’s primary business under the façade of their gambling den. It made them far more marks and power than the gambling den itself ever did.

And there was no way he was going to miss finding out just how much progress had been made here.

When it was time, he slid from the bedfurs, careful to keep from disturbing Remira as she slept. He had no intention of telling her where he was off to, or why. As far as she was aware, he was finally on the way up with his position as Peacekeeper. She was happy for him and happy where she was, and he didn’t want her to find out about this and potentially ruin that. If she found out what he was after…no, she couldn’t. Wouldn’t.

He left Aldresk in the room, making sure he would alert him or Rekaysk should she stir. He’d have left the younger, more volatile bronze wher behind, but he’d learned over the past Turn that no matter how much training he’d given the beast, he’d be damned if he’d be left behind. Nothing was safe when he was left alone. He’d rip through leather, even break chains from walls to escape and find his way to Aldrekayn.

No, it was safer for everyone if Rekaysk stayed by Aldrekayn’s side. Once he was there, and as long as no one made any threatening actions toward him, the bronze had finally learned to behave, or at least listen to Kayn’s commands. If not for Kayn’s presence, the bronze wher took pleasure in ripping things—living or not—apart piece by piece. Since the bronze would be by his side, and because of the locale they would be going to, Aldrekayn chose to leave the muzzle off. If someone did make a threatening move toward him for any reason, they would be sorry for it. Otherwise, the bronze wher would keep his jaws shut and everyone else would be none the wiser.

Kayn and Rekaysk moved through the den, his bronze wher almost three quarters of his full size and taking up a bit more room than might be comfortable for others. But leaving him outside of the den like some of the others wasn’t an option for him either. Not unless he got to lay down in the middle of the doorway where he could watch Aldrekayn from any position in the room. He collected a drink from the bar and sat himself at one of the tables in the far back corner of the room, giving him full view to the entrance and everyone else. As a Peacekeeper, it was best to keep to the shadows and not draw too much attention to himself. He’d also want to look for anyone familiar that might give him the answers he was looking for tonight.

Rekaysk laid down behind him and he tossed his first mark onto the table. Maybe he could double his marks by the time he was through tonight and buy a little something for Remira, if nothing else.

Spoiler for ooc:
Anyone want to sell him some drugs?   :bird:
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Offline Oppesine

Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #9 on: August 18, 2018, 01:53:06 PM »
Of course Oppesine’s family was going to show up. Why wouldn’t they? This was the sort of setting they’d spent a lot of their life wandering in. If someone didn’t show up, she’d be surprised. Not like that information would curb the woman’s behavior in the slightest. She had no desire to spend any of her marks on gambling. Not when there was a bar stocked with all manner of alcohol that she must try.

Already, Oppesine had waved off a couple of faceless men who had tried to chat her up. They wouldn’t hold a candle to the drinks that were being put in front of her – men rarely did. Oppesine was generally untouchable. Charming when she wanted to be, flirty when she wanted something, and downright dismissive when she wanted to be left alone.

Her fair of flits had been left back at her room as it would’ve been terribly rude to bring them to such a gathering. Most left their respective bonded at the door, or in the tunnels. No one wanted to kick up too much of a fuss and ruin the first night. Oppesine was sure that the gang’s enforcers would be doubly making sure trouble wasn’t stirred.

At the sight of her sister, Oppesine raised her current glass – number ten? – and smiled smoothly. “It does, I suppose. I’m more grateful for a place to let my hair down, so to speak.” It wasn’t like the weyr was about to set up a bar.

There was one man that would always draw Oppesine’s attention. Her eternal weakness, even if she fought with him, sometimes hated him, and spent a portion of her life trying not to be around him. Tonight, though, with the drink making her body warm and her mood already high, she smiled smoothly at him and didn’t really care that Sal both cut her sister off and idly insulted Kindolin. Kindolin was a big girl and could take care of herself.

Oppesine looked Sal over, like she hadn’t seen him in turns even though that was hardly true, before she invariably answered him, “I don’t gamble. I don’t like leaving things to chance. But I do like a nice, strong drink. Want to buy me one?” She was being playful, and would remain so unless her mood was ruined. Oppesine didn’t need Sal to buy her a drink, but she was testing to see if he was going to play nice.

Offline Ryneppa

Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #10 on: August 18, 2018, 02:48:26 PM »
Ryneppa derisively snorted aloud at the other woman's words. Far too serious, too boring, not drinking on the job sounded like it was coming from someone who either lost a lot, or not enough and was afraid of doing so. It was bad to lose sure, but Ryneppa had never been afraid of a damn thing in her life. Either way, not the company Ryn wanted to be spending her time with tonight.

Instead, she simply shrugged and turned to the dark haired one, "Yeah, I'm playin'." She flicked one of her quarter mark pieces into the air and caught it again, grinning wickedly at the idea of just how fun this night was going to be. Sure beat sneaking around the Mine Hall on tiptoes trying not to be caught doing anything untowards. The Peacekeeper schedule was annoyingly variable, meaning that you could never predict who was... an easy target at a particular corridor. It seemed this new Commander had learnt something from his predecessors at least. Something like tonight would have been interesting to co-ordinate, she mused, perhaps it was time she paid Thranne a little visit. Out of curiosity and old times sake of course.

She chugged her drink down in one go, waited for the bar to filled her back up again, and gestured with the cup towards a currently empty table. "Shall we be gettin' started?"

When the attention of those around her followed her drink to look at the table, Ryn quickly glanced towards the whers lined up against the wall, making sure Eppask was keeping Ynesk out of trouble. She'd decided to bring them both down here, Ynesk needed to get comfortable with dingy rooms, and Eppask was completely familiar with the idea. Besides, you never knew when you could throw your hat in for a good fight. Although she supposed Thranne might not appreciate her derailing his calm gambling den and turning it into a raucous pit. But the night was still young.

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Offline Kyrrin

Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #11 on: October 07, 2018, 11:01:14 AM »
Kyrrin ignores the rude sound, it'll take a lot more than that to rile her up. She's always been on her own and ignoring insults comes in useful when you really can't afford to stab the person currently employing you. Though there were a few times she was honestly tempted back in Fort. And besides, she'd here to find work - it aint gonna be a good impression to leave with a potential employer if she's roaring drunk.

She slips off the stool with her drink, motioning Kyrrinsk to follow as she weaves through the growing crowd, looking for anyone who looks to be employed here rather than sampling the new wares and sights.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #12 on: October 13, 2018, 01:56:24 AM »
Meyelthra had really debated whether or not she’d bother to show up. Gambling just for the sake of it wasn’t really her thing. It was a droll affair, really. It lacked the rush, the violence, of a wher fight. And, as far as she knew, there wasn’t going to be any wher fights at the gambling den.

Which didn’t surprise her, but it did disappoint her. X’hos had been a bit leery about leaving her there overnight since the last time she’d come home with an injured wher, but she’d just waved it off as a run fight. A locked run, so he had nothing to fret over. She always explained that she just got drunk and had a good time with her friends for the run which wasn’t always a lie. Meyelthra didn’t run off to the Hall just so she could sleep around. She was quite fulfilled in the sex department and wasn’t some thrill seeking holder wife who needed to sleep with strangers to feel better about herself.

But, she felt a certain sense of nostalgic obligation to go. People she knew would be there. It’d be like witnessing a part of her past coming to life. If nothing else, she’d grab drinks with friends then be on her way. Find a friend’s bed she could pass out on eventually until morning, when her dutiful green rider would come scoop her up and she could spend the entire day in her bed.

What a plan.

Arriving at the Gambit felt like taking a step into the past. The dark, quiet tunnel that led to the din of conversation. The steadily rising noise, the brightened glow that revealed the door. It was all so... It really was like Fort. Meyelthra might as well have never left.

She waved at the ‘doorman’ and just sauntered in. A woman like Meyelthra clearly belonged. After a quick survey of the place, she actually threw her arms up and loudly, happily shouted, “Heey! My favorite drinkin’ buddy! Kyrrin!” She actually meant it too.

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Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #13 on: October 13, 2018, 02:16:01 PM »
There are lots of people yelling, the sounds mingling with the laughter and curses at the tables and Kyrrin is happily tuning it all out until her name is shouted. She has a brief moment of panic as her hand drops to her knife, shoulders tensing. Her name being shouted is not usually a good thing.

Yet a moment later she relaxes, shaking her head as she recognises Meyelthra. Now that was a good chance meeting back at the fighting pits, Kyrrin doesn't have many people she can call friends rather than employers or workmates.

Kyrrinsk settles down again at the steadying hand on her shoulder, -curiousity- pushing at Kyrrins thoughts and she pushes back a happy feeling. -Safe-. Kyrrinsk huffs and folds her wings back in from where she'd used them to balance as she got ready to defend them both, the green Wher is almost disappointed at the lack of a fight and she follows with a huff of expelled air.

“Meyelthra! Found your way here at last.” Kyrrin says, almost pulling Meyelthra into a rough hug before thinking better of it at the last moment. She doesn't want to get a knife stuck into her for taking liberties. “Bar's decent, though I'm not on the strong stuff tonight, trying to see if I can get a job” She confides quietly, though it's likely not a secret. Talk to the right people and the ones who do the hiring will hear about it eventually.

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Re: Marks are worth something here [ 32.05.2591 / 11PM ] Event
« Reply #14 on: October 13, 2018, 05:47:09 PM »
As if sensing Meyelthar’s blast from the past attitude, Snap appeared after she’d made it a couple of steps in. The blue flit, with his perfect memory, knew what that time had been like. What that might mean. He had ever been his bonded’s eyes when she couldn’t always watch her own back, and he’d do so here. Even if the atmosphere was lively, and largely friendly, that didn’t mean it couldn’t turn ugly.

Meyelthra largely suspected that the people who owned the Den were going to try very hard to make sure the first night went on without any problems, but one could never be too careful and Snap liked her too much to leave her alone in such a place. How sweet.

When Kyrrin seemed equally as excited to see her as Meyelthra was, she did pull the other into a rough friendly, one armed hug. Leaving them both a bit of freedom, but still a largely friendly gesture. When Kyrrin clarified that the bar wasn’t bad, but there was a reason she’d not be drinking, Meyelthra gave a mock salute and a wider grin. “I think that means, more for me? Come on then, show me around? I did just walk in and, if you wanna work here, show me some hospitality.” Meyelthra was playing it up a little, but it’d probably be in Kyrrin’s favor to do just that. Since Meyelthra was drawing some attention, it would likely rub off on Kyrrin – which was good, if it was a job she wanted.

So long as Meyelthra behaved, of course. And she had no plans of doing anything other than that. Trashing gambling dens weren’t Meyelthra’s idea of a good time.


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