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Author Topic: Approved Weyrlingmaster D'zel [20.09.2533 / Blue Rider]  (Read 297 times)

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Weyrlingmaster D'zel [20.09.2533 / Blue Rider]
« on: August 24, 2018, 05:29:43 AM »

Play By:
Kevin Spacey

First Name:
None that he wishes to remember
Date of Birth:
20.09.2533 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Ista Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Weyrling Master

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Despite all the scars and his tough guy look, the first thing everyone sees is his missing left arm. But past that, he stands tall at 6' 00", but not tall enough to tower over everyone around. What gives him his look of authority to everyone is the mass of muscle that he has going all over his body. You can nearly feel the ground vibrate with the force of his walk as he passes. Accenting his toned muscles, thread score and other scars cross his body like an odd patchwork gone wrong. Dark green eyes never stay looking at one thing, gives others the impression that he isn't paying attention to him, which is the most wrong idea they could have. Short grizzled looking hair going gray on the sides and back and encroaching on the black hair that remains.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Put his heart, body, and soul into teaching the new weyrlings coming up. If all his time is preoccupied, then no time to think of his past. Only ahead to the future.

Response to dragon color mutations: He is curious on the aggressiveness of the blacks and the randomness of the reds. They are different enough from the normal hierarchy of the weyr that it causes some food for thought. He needs to know what the dragonets will do before they do, so he has some homework to do. He knows S'bok from his training, knows that he hasn't fully matured yet for the stress.

Who are you...


Candidates/weyrlings: future of the dragon riders, while some are screw ups, overall they are a good bunch.

The ocean: A beautiful sight and a good spot for exercise.

Children: though he would never admit it, he is a big softie for little ones, occasionally taking sweets and candy to the creche.

Feasts: if there is food, you better bet D'zel is there.


Disrespect: this grizzled vet has seen more thread than most on the island. Give him shit, he'll make you eat it.

Annoying flits: while he has nothing against the little lizards, if they cause any ruckus, D'zel will let his displeasure be known quite well.

Uppity bronzers: while he understands the color hierarchy and what it is for, if any bronzer gets too big for their britches, D'zel has the size to back him up.


* Supportive: He really does want the weyrlings to succeed. As hard as he drills them, all he wants for them is to survive to see their children grow up. (If that's their thing)
* Unyielding: Even if he wishes to see them live, that gives no leeway for him to be soft and give them a break. Any break he gives them will be him breaking them.
* Physical: The man's a damn rock. He also pretty good at one armed push ups. (Who would've guessed?) While he doesn't bully his students, his strength has helped with keeping the disorderly ones in line.
* Quick thinking: One doesn't live as long as he does without not being able to think on his feet (or wings). Performs well in high pressure situations.
* Faith: Simple. Given enough 'motivation' even the lazy ones will succeed. (And some hope)


* Unsympathetic: He doesn't do well with excuses. Why can't you perform if you are given all the opportunities to succeed?
* Demanding: People don't push themselves with juice and cake. Get back out there and run 3 more laps around the bowl.
* Solemn: Seeing the new weyrlings reminds him of the ones who have fallen. And makes him swear to himself that no others will fall.
* Blunt: Why beat around the bush when you can just tell them they are failing?
* Meticulous: Riders don't survive threadfall without strict formation. Even with the interval, perfection is still required.

Describe Yourself:

* Stoic: ----- D'zel has to be the figurehead to these upcoming riders, so he can't afford to let them see any worry or pain that may be going on to give them the best chance in this world.
* Firm: ----- Future dragon riders will learn to grow and thrive under a solid law. No leeway or quarter given if it will help them survive.
* Perfectionist: ----- See that formation that Jungle is flying? You will spend the next 3 hours trying to do that exact formation. Until I get confused that you are Jungle.
* Encouraging: ----- Good job crew! You almost ran the laps in the speed limit. But you didn't make it, so you get to do it again!! You can do it this time!
* Cutting: ----- Does not sweet talk or sugar coat the news he needs to give you. Gives false hope or takes up too much time.

The Magic Touch: Normally a well spoken man, but develops a bit of a drawl when severely agitated.


Mother: Neypeni, Rider of Oyumuth: 2511, Impressed 2525 Deceased
Father: K'epar of Akituth: 2510, Impressed 2525 Deceased
Sister: Tahesiel of Athith:2528, Impressed 2541 Deceased
Mel, Jr. Miner Apprentice; 2530 Deceased
Horian, weyrfolk; 2537 Deceased

Tell us a story...

* 2533, 0 Dharezel is born to green rider Neypeni and blue rider K'epar
* 2537, 4 Younger brother Horian is born to the same parents as Dharezel.
* 2541, 8 His sister, Tahesiel, Impresses to her green and flares a jealousy in Dharezel to have him want the connection that she has.
* 2541, 8 Dharezel takes on many responsibilities in the Creche looking over the little ones and making sure everyone behaves. At first, he takes it grudgingly, but overtime starts enjoy in helping shape the personalities of the little children.
* 2543, 10 Dharezel is searched by his own father, while looking over the ocean surrounding their island weyr. He is excited that he now gets to follow in his sister's footsteps.
* 2546, 13 Dharezel Stands for his first time on the Sands, but is left there with out a dragon, a bit disappointed at life, but determined to keep at it.
* 2547, 14 D'zel Impresses blue Rohbarth a second time around after a failed Standing, ecstatic at what this means for his life.
* 2549, 16 The weyrling pair graduates middle of their class, right in time for the Threadfall to overwhelm the riders and cause Ista weyr to fall. The newly graduated pair are put immediately to work with transporting goods to Southern Weyr. The pair is torn in emotions between pride of being full fledged riders and losing their home to thread.
* 2551, 19 D'zel's father is dispatched to Telger Hall to assist with their threadfall. Is lost when Telger's Lord Holder delays the evacuation because of his stubbornness. D'zel is frustrated with the Lord Holder who thought that his life was any more important than his father's.
* 2552, 20 D'zel and Rohbarth are attached to Southern Weyr's equivalent to Beach Wing, basic guard duties and food gathering when not fighting off thread. They aren't as happy as they would have been a few turns ago, but it gives them an outlet to put their frustration to good use.
* 2553, 21 Mel is killed in a foraging group when metal supplies ran low and miners were dispatched with riders to a nearby quarry to bring back ore. The group was all but destroyed when the bronze group leader disregarded a suggestion from a brown rider which caused them to be blindsided by a threadfall. The pair are furious at the bronze, even if they can't do anything to him, it forces to them that people need to listen, even to subordinates.
* 2554, 22 D'zel finds solace in a Creche worker, Solel, where he still tries to volunteer his time to get his mind off the destruction happening around him.
*2556, 24 They marry in Holder fashion but find that Solel is infertile. While disappointed at first, the pair turn their energy to the crechlings and adopt them, after a fashion.
*2557, 25 D'zel's mother and sister are sent to Crom Hold to bolster their defenses there. D'zel is a bit worried that they are the ones sent to the sagging Hold.
*2561, 29 Neypeni and Tahesiel as well fall to Thread trying their hardest to save the Hold. The threadfall got especially thick towards the end and was nigh impossible to get all the thread that fell. At this point, their emotions are pretty much dead and muted, so much death is happening around them.
*2562, 30 D'zel and Rohbarth make Wingseconds, doing their best to throw themselves at the duty to the Weyr to distract themselves from the loss of family and friends happening around them.
*2565, 33 The pair start mentoring newly minted weyrlings, in an attempt to keep them from dying so quickly out there, being around so many hopeful recruits starts to pull D'zel out of his slump. Other than his Wingsecond duties, the mentoring becomes his main focus.
* 2567, 35 Southern falls as well. Everyone is bustling around, getting belongings and personnel away from the weyr. D'zel and Rohbarth are split, helping at two different places. Solel gets caught outside shepherding Crechlings to a rider for transportation when a new wave of thread fall. D'zel rushes out to save her, but is too late, managing to catch a large batch on his left arm in the process. He finds out later that his brother Horian was killed as well in this last attack.
* 2567, 35 D'zel is taken to Fort where he is put up in the healer hall. The thread fall served to be a curse and blessing. It mangled and near took off his arm, but it cauterized where it burned, so he wasn't in danger of bleeding out. After a week of care, the healers decided that the arm couldn't be saved and they had it removed. This compounded by his wife and brother cause a deep sense of depression.
*2569, 37 The healers had put D'zel on indefinite grounding per healer's orders to heal and recoop from the loss of a limb. D'zel spends the two turns strengthening his body to compensate for his loss and to mentally get over that lack. Phantom pains can be a bitch.
*2570, 38 D'zel goes to Wingleaders to get a position back in a wing and is put in as a Wingrider of Prairie Wing's equivalent (let's call em Meadow wing) to see if he is ready. While a bit frustrated that they don't trust him back at the helm of the wing, he grudgingly accepts, focused to rise the ranks once again.
*2572, 40 The weyr leadership is impressed with the improvement that Meadow Wing's riders are showing at a young age and the Wingleader puts D'zel in as Wingsecond for his accomplishments. The pair are proud to have made it this far and make it their goal to progress farther.
*2575, 43 After 3 successful turns as Wingsecond, the weyrleader's took notice of D'zel's involvement in the improvement and grant him the position of Weyrling Master to see if he couldn't start that growth off earlier. D'zel takes it as a challenge to make the weyrlings he will instruct the best that Pern as ever seen.
*2577, 45 D'zel's first class graduates Weyrlinghood and he couldn't be prouder of the group that he trained for these past 2 years.
*2580, 48 The loss of nearly the entirety of Pern shows heavy in Fort and D'zel tries what he can to keep the spirits of the weyrlings up so they can assist in their best capacity, but he and Rohbarth are starting to feel the weight of doom upon their shoulders as well.
*2584, 52 The pair occasionally travel back and forth to abandoned weyrs to help gather supplies with the older weyrling classes to bolster the supplies back at Fort in an attempt to ease both Fort's nervousness and their own.
* 2587, 54 D'zel and Rohbarth assist in moving Fort Weyr over to Southern Winds Weyr and establish their new home there. Neisoth hatches and D'zel is caught off guard with this new breed. He struggles to bring S'bok and Neisoth into line and somewhat manages it. He is wary about the aggressiveness of the black dragon and keeps a close eye on them through there training.
*2589, 56 Neisoth catches Kalestath, not to D'zel's surprise. He half expected Neisoth to chase greens several months back before it was allowed with the difference in growth and emotions the black was from bronzes, but the new species followed the general timeline of the dragonets. The blacks are just like Neisoth, but he handled that, another three will not be too bad. The reds are... interesting, if an aggravation at hatching, and he enjoys seeing how they differ from the rest.
*2590, 57 Another year and Neisoth catches Kalestath again. He's primed for more red and black dragons. The hatching doesn't disappoint. There are more than before, which is worrying, the reds seem to bounce off each other at hatching, if this is to become a regular occurrence they'll need to look into this, maybe hide armour under the usual candidate robes? He also intends to keep a close eye on the black that is far outstripping its peers in pure aggression. Otherwise, it's just another year and another set of clutches.


D'zel appears, at first glance to be ignoring the bustle around him as he leans back against the wall, eyes never settling on one particular spot. Anyone who's known him for any length of time will know he's anything but unaware. Each sweep of the room takes in every pair currently in the room, dragon and rider both.

They're learning though, he's not had to make one comment yet today. Three days ago they were having their first meal and he had to be everywhere as no matter how many times you tell a candidate something, it all seems to vanish when they have their dragon in front of them telling them that they are hungry.

His eyes sweep over them again, never lingering any longer on the strange black dragon that is amongst them, than he does on any other. He isn't sure what is to be done with them, there are rumours flying round the weyr faster than a dragon can go between about what the weyrleaders intend to do with them.

D'zel couldn't care one way or another. While they were under his care they would be treated like any other dragon. The shy are encouraged, the fearful are coaxed, the prideful are taught humility and the aggressive are rained in. Oh, he'd keep an eye on one that was clearly already aggressive, but he wouldn't give him any leeway because of his colour, be it in favour or against.

If Neisoth and S'bok intended to succeed they would do so his way, and none would be able to say they had been given any special attention or wanted for it. Green, blue, brown, bronze, black, they were weyrlings. Nothing more, nothing less. For now.

Member Info...

Created By:
Character concept by SirAlahn and SanctifiedSavage; original profile by Asoliel. Edits by Jarakrisafis
Other Characters:
J'ken, T'veck, Z'nel, Kyrrin, Karowen
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough em up.
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Weyrlingmaster D'zel [20.09.2533 / Blue Rider]
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2018, 05:30:53 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
06.02.2547 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Ista Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Gold Sukith
Clutch Father:
Bronze Oratath
Mature Length: 29 meters
Mature Height: 5.2 meters
Mature Wingspan: 48 meters

General Appearance...

Rohbarth is well built for a blue. Muscular wings, truck, and legs, almost like biology knew this dragon was going to be a Weyrling Master and gave him the physique to lead. Countless thread scores marked his back and wings from his turns of burning Threadfall.


Mind Voice: Rather gravelly. Similar to a man who smoked for 20 years before trying to quit.

Long Flights: Gives him an excuse to stretch out over the ocean and enjoy the sun, get away from the bustle of the weyr.

Studious Weyrlings: He enjoys pairs who work hard and tries to improve their skills each and every day.


Annoying flits: Rohbarth shares his riders dislike of flits that seem to get in everyone's way.

Slacking: You were Searched to be a rider, not a dragon baby-sitter


* Rational: Rohbarth is meticulous and straightforward. Not one for over the top plans, and isn't swayed by emotion when logic and reasoning is better suited.
* Forgiving: Double edged sword, if you are one to try hard and never give up, Rohbarth will be a tad more giving and helpful, but is still relentless on those who think they can float through training.


* Harsh: Is probably too hard on those who he thinks is slacking. Might get better results by being a bit more caring, but riders didn't survive the Pass by talking about woes and sharing flowers.
* Socially inept: Doesn't pick up on many metaphors or social cues. D'zel can handle himself in a party, but Rohbarth is content sitting on the sidelines for those.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(000080); Text: #(4682B4)

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Weyrlingmaster D'zel [20.09.2533 / Blue Rider]
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2018, 10:20:41 AM »
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If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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