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Author Topic: Open Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing  (Read 439 times)

Offline Z'tai

Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« on: August 24, 2018, 06:39:43 AM »
Hello Prairie! Please meet promptly in the Weyr Bowl at 5:45 AM to meet the new Weyrsecond who will be working with Prairie Wing! Any latecomers will be assigned helping candidates with cleaning latrines tonight.

The walk to the Weyr Bowl wasn’t long, and Z’tai made sure to fill their time with casual conversation, bringing him and T’veck back from the Weyr-business sort of talk just before. While he was usually fun and laid back when it came to conversations with others, only those who really saw Z’tai in his role as Prairie’s Wingleader, such as Weyrleadership and his Wing, understood how easily he could transition from friend to Wingleader. He’d mastered the exchange so well that he could switch roles mid-sentence, and everyone who knew him could see it. The way he held himself, the air around him that demanded perfection and wouldn’t cave to excuses.

As they approached the Bowl, he cast a cursory glance at the candles along the wall just before they reached fresh air. They were a bit early for the requested time, so they could relax a bit in the Bowl while waiting for everyone to arrive. He would be surprised to find many there, since he guessed most would be trying to finish their breakfast or klah and would plan to arrive just before the dictated meeting time rather than wait out there.

“After I introduce you, you can say a few words. Try to keep it short—they don’t have much of an attention span first thing in the morning for speeches.” He smiled reassuringly to T’veck, knowing what it must be like to feel like you were walking into a hunter’s den. “If they do say anything, I’ll rein them in. Just don’t react too much and try not to take offense. You’re new and they’re nervous. I’m sure you’ll prove yourself to them in no time.” He patted the new Weyrsecond good naturedly on the back.

There were a few early birds, to whom Z’tai smiled and greeted. Unfortunately, it was bright and early in the morning and already hot—leading to what would likely be a sweltering day of heat and short tempers by the end of it. There wasn’t much for shade here in the grassy field of the Bowl, but the sun hadn’t risen much past the horizon at least. Hopefully the weather wouldn’t play any part on moods or temperament first thing this morning. It would certainly add to the incentive of arriving on time, though, because cleaning a latrine in this heat would be possibly the most miserable task.

Spoiler for tags:
@Jarakrisafis @SirAlahn @SanctifiedSavage @Inki @Kyya @RaynePOTM @Red @Aster @Dove
I think that's everyone with someone in Prairie
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Offline B'nyn

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2018, 09:35:40 AM »
B’nyn was never late. If anything, he was frequently early. That was just how he and Niskyleth operated. He couldn’t conceive of a world where he would show up when he wasn’t supposed to. So, when Z’tai and the new Weyrsecond were making their way out, he was idly rechecking the straps on his Brown, who was laying down so B’nyn could easily climb on him to do so.

Niskyleth watched passively. The brown dragon didn’t feel any particular way about the mutations, or about T’veck winning, at all. Neither pair were ambitious at all and quite happy with their place in Prairie Wing. If anything, B’nyn preferred it. He might not be the most social of people, but he liked helping. He and Niskyleth were a competent dragonpair that would offer their time, and aide, to anyone that needed it. He’d also been through weyrling training with S’bok and considered the man a friend. Of sorts.

B’nyn didn’t make friends so easily, even if he was friendly.

When Z’tai and the Weyrsecond took up their place, B’nyn slid off of his dragon and nodded his greeting in kind. Niskyleth stood, shook himself some, and moved back so he wouldn’t be in the way. Think he’s nervous? the brown asked.

B’nyn clasped his hands behind his back after opening his rider’s jacket. It was going to be a warm day and he was already feeling the heat. //Probably. We’ll be on our best behavior.//

That brought a snort of amusement into B’nyn’s mind and prompted a small smile. When are we not? His rider quite agreed.

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Offline Bl'yx

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2018, 10:07:55 PM »
Bl’yx wasn’t usually early just for the sake of it. While he wasn’t one of the Wing’s problem riders in that he was always late either, it just wasn’t high on his list of priorities. So long as he arrived when he was meant to, he saw no reason to rush about. Often, he had other, more important things to do instead. Such as staying in bed with Faytona for as long as possible in the morning. It was just inevitable that he’d always have to get up before she did, being a rider, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to snag every extra moment that he could.

But he hadn’t appreciated being threatened with latrine duty just because some weyrling had succeeded in catching a Gold and Z’tai wanted to make sure they were respectful. And Bl’yx would rather be dead than having to pull that kind of chore. So though he hadn’t been thrilled by it in the slightest, he’d dragged himself out of bed early to grab food and klah and then make his way out to the Weyr Bowl.

Faytona herself, he would let sleep in. Keeper would rouse her on time no matter what, and he had no doubt she’d be visiting P’run before the day in her Crafthall really started. Idly, Bl’yx wondered what the other man thought of yet another Black dragon like his own succeeding in securing a Queen.

More than that, though, it worried him. Black dragons were proving they could compete with even the biggest Bronzes for the dominant place in the Weyr—which on its own didn’t bother him—but to imagine Salnoth catching a Gold… that made him feel like he was going to be sick. P’run was ambitious, he knew. Always wanting to be the best. There was no rank higher than that of Weyrleader or Weyrsecond, and now it seemed that he was poised to be able to claim it in a few turns if that’s what he wanted.

Would he decide that was more appealing than staying with Bl’yx and Faytona?

Suffice to say, Bl’yx wasn’t in the best mood as he leaned against Zuraneth’s foreleg, waiting and then watching as Z’tai led the new Weyrsecond out into the Bowl. He had no prejudice against the color the man rode, but what he represented made Bl’yx hate him. Not only was he so much vastly younger, and now in charge of what was supposedly the ‘easiest’ or ‘lazy’ Wing. His age wasn’t winning him any respect from the Blue rider, nor was his inexperience. The man hadn’t even graduated weyrlinghood, for Faranth’s sake!

But it was the unspoken threat that one day, he might be staring down P’run’s own rise to prominence that really made him sour.

Zuraneth himself wasn’t exactly impressed either, both because of the rider’s age and the fact that his win was upsetting Bl’yx. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll listen to Z’tai, the Blue commented in his smooth voice. And things for our Wing will not change.

They might not be the ones to actively rock the boat or defy him, but they both knew there were others in Prairie that would. Bl’yx couldn’t help but agree with his dragon’s assessment.

All powerplay by P'run and Faytona is allowed. <3
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Offline Z'ryr

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Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2018, 02:55:54 AM »
Z'ryr felt like he should care. But he really didn't.

It was too early to get annoyed about something that he had no intention, nor an avenue of changing. He was a wingrider, and he had no intention of being anything else, who or what decided to catch Golds had nothing to do with his every day life. Rhymoth (and he) liked Greens, and so they'd only ever had to chase senior queens. Who won those flights had nothing to do with him.

Sure, it might have been nice if someone he knew and respected, like Z'tai or the Wingseconds, had won the flight. Then it would've meant something different for Prairie Wing, but as it was, whichever Weyrsecond oversaw their Wing had rarely been much of presence in Z'ryr's life personally. The chain was long between them still.

Z'tai would have made a great Weysecond.. Rhymoth for his part, liked when things when the "proper" way. And in their experience, those bronzes who had shown themselves as leaders or seconds of Wings, had likely caught golds. Blacks were still... an unknown. Rhymoth was coming to terms with their position in the hierarchy as much as the rest of the Weyr was. But with Neisoth catching Kalestath again, it was hard to dispute the niche blacks were creating for themselves.

Regardless, Z'ryr was interested to see if this was going to be anything more than simple courtesy. 'This is your new wingleader. You may not have seen him before, because technically he hasn't graduated yet. But I guess now he has. *insert the name of the blackrider here*' The name of which Z'ryr couldn't exactly remember considering it was earlier than their usual starting time. Z'ryr brain usually didn't wake up until it absolutely had to.

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Offline Yinaya

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2018, 08:57:04 AM »
Yinaya was annoyed. Not just at the threat Z’tai put out, but at the entire thing. It’d taken some serious convincing from Fisk for her to even show up. That she should go. She didn’t like being threatened with meaningless chores and she certainly didn’t give a damn about some child who had won because his freshly shelled dragon had caught a Gold.

None of that mattered to Yinay. None of it. She’d flown Thread for too damn long to be told what to do by anyone, let alone someone whose dragon had yet to see any proper flying.

Fisk had been listening to her rant about this very thing since the day before. Hearing her out, letting her – in essence bitch – and hopefully get it all out.

What it really came down to was that Yinaya was just... really, really annoyed. She wanted to tell Z’tai to go fuck himself and the little weyrling to fly off into the ocean.

Fisk was a better person than Yinaya would ever be, though, and let her get it all out before trying to be... fair about it all. It wasn’t like the Gold had picked the weyrling, he’d just won. Z’tai was probably being particularly shitty because he wanted to make sure everyone was on time for the first day the baby was to be present for the wing. Not all of those were his words, exactly, but the sentiment was the same.

Leave it to the ranked crafter to try and spin it in a different way so she’d understand.

Yinaya still didn’t like it.

But she showed up. Dressed, with her dragon ready to go, but she stood off to the side with her arms crossed. Yinaya was there, but if that child thought to issue one order to her, Z’tai was going to have to lash her because both of them could eat runnershit.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Inki  That seeeeemed right. Lemme know if I should adjust. <3

Also. She was more upset than I thought she’d be. But. It was fun to see her temper.

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Offline Seaphonellqua

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #5 on: August 26, 2018, 09:06:51 AM »
Se’qua didn’t show up on time on the best of days. Z’tai’s thread didn’t change that. If he thought it would, he was sorely mistaken. Se’qua would take lashings over cleaning up any latrine. She still took her time waking up, getting dressed, and getting the straps on Tinth. Not necessarily because there was a new person that was Weyrsecond, but that certainly didn’t help.

If anything, Se’qua had been telling her brothering how hilarious that entire situation was. That it seemed like the weyr was going to tear itself apart without the help of the Holders or the Crafters. Their damn dragons were doing it for them. It’d been a dark, bittersweet thought that lingered well into the morning as Tinth and her Rider eventually arrived.

Se’qua didn’t bother sliding off her dragon. She didn’t really care what the man had to say. There wasn’t anything he could say that would really change her opinion of him, unless he started talking about how he was going to run off with Eimerra and find a different weyr somewhere else.

That would at least be funny.

Instead, she leaned forward on Tinth and relaxed. Watched the scene unfold while still idly wondering if the dragons really were trying to destroy the weyr from the inside.

Tinth, to her rider’s amusement, didn’t really have any thoughts on that. The Green notoriously didn’t like other female dragons overly much but neither was she going to openly start hating on the Queens either. Rather, the Green was watching the new Weyrsecond and forming her own opinions of him. As she was wont to do. Then her and Se’qua could chat about him later.

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Offline T'veck

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #6 on: August 26, 2018, 11:14:16 AM »
T'veck wasn't reassured by the friendly clap on the back. He didn't think many of Prairie Wing would warm up to him at all, let alone in a while.

However the strategy he used with the rest of the leadership was probably best. Say little, remain polite. Don't be the one to start arguments. He made sure that thought was directed at Baleth as they exited into the bowl. His dragon was off to one side, tail still twitching irritably and he was eyeing the wing riders that had already arrived with a slightly red tinged gaze.

I will not. If they start anything, I will end it. Baleth swung his head round to eye T'veck and Z'tai, his gaze lingering on the Wingleader to make sure T'veck was truly safe with him.

If they use words, you use words, if they physically attack you, just defend yourself, nothing more.

I understand. They are looking for a reason to prove that I am not good enough. I must not give them a reason. Frustration laced his tone as he swung his head back to looking at any new arrivals.

He waited till there appeared to be no one else arriving and stepped forward, hands clasped behind his back, easier to hide any shaking because this was suddenly a lot harder. A lot of these riders would have fought thread. For all he knows, some of them might have been fighting thread for as long as he's been alive. He's not been a child to be patted on the back for a while, not like some of the candidates and weyrlings who are still very young. Compared to some of these riders though, he feels young again.

He ignored the last green that joined them, her rider not even bothering to get down and took a last calming breath. “Good morning. I'm T'veck, new weyrsecond. Currently I'll be helping with reports and organising supplies. Otherwise I'll be continuing Weyrling training so I will not be involved in any wing duties that could clash with that.” There we go, hopefully short enough and making clear that he's not going to be ordering them about. Because that, given Z'tai's insistence on that point, was most likely where he'd have gotten a lot of problems.
Baleth is 19 months old.
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Offline Faennilin

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #7 on: August 26, 2018, 05:29:32 PM »
Fae had left the Junior Weyrwoman’s weyr long before the young Black had won the flight. Her little Blue wasn’t built for that kind of endurance, but she was proud of him for trying never the less. She had felt his ire as soon as the Gold had been claimed, though. He was still mad about it. Blah, blah, something about too young and ‘should not’ and rant, rant, rant. Fae had a hard time believing any of the reasons given they were… clearly not true. He won. That’s how dragons work.

She wasn’t happy with the early morning, however. She was usually an early arrival to meetings and the like, as long as they weren’t at 5 fucking am. Still, the hate of confrontation in her made her get up, pull on clothes enough to be decent, and snuggle into Voyith’s warm hide while they awaited the arrival of their new Weyrsecond. They weren’t the earliest, in fact they may have been one of the latest, but they were there at least.

Voyith practically vibrated with his disgruntlement, but at least he knew his place in this Wing and the Weyr. So he simply simmered on the side, eyes swirling and alert. Taking in the people around, and hyperfocussing on the new Black and his rider. Which was necessary given Fae’s lack of focus.

At least the young Bluerider would give their new Weyrsecond a tired grin if he ever looked her way. She didn’t care about his age or his colour, he won fair and square. And as long as he wasn’t planning on making them get up any earlier, she could forgive this morning’s transgression. Plus, as he said, sorta, if he was still in Weyrling training, there wasn’t much he was going to have to do with them for a while. At least, from what she remembered of the last few months of her training, there was hardly time to think. Let alone order an entire Wing of apparently grumpy dragonriders.

When he finished his little speech, short and sweet thankfully given Fae wouldn't have been able to concentrate on much more than that, she just gave a double handed thumbs up to him and Z'tai.

Hasn't even passed training.

Psh, half of us barely passed. He'll fit right in! She said with a cheeky smile up at her unimpressed Blue. 

Spoiler for Hidden:
Sorry for my lateness to the thread, if you want me to change it so Fae was also late to reflect this, I'll understand. My bad

Offline K'zaya

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #8 on: August 26, 2018, 08:46:58 PM »
Spoiler for OOC:
It's OK @RaynePOTM K'zaya will be late :D I haven't figured out how injured hewas though. So I'mma assume he's healed <_<; aaaand the rambling

Oh! Oh. Also Fyenoruth speaks to any dragon that would have been nearby >_> If you want that. Except for Baleth and Jenrath. 'Cause that would be stupid.

I for one, welcome our new black overlords Fyenoruth rumbled into the mind of the dragon nearest to him, his tone snippy though whether it was because of the new weyrsecond or just a general irritation would be unclear. He was quoting verbatim something K'zaya had said the day before, and the irritation was more the sullen sting of defeat at having lost yet another gold flight... though perhaps less so than the previous turn when a dragon smaller than he had won. At least Baleth was somewhat closer to his own size. It wasn't that he held any ill-will towards other dragons... just that he felt that he'd do a far better job of leading the weyr than any other dragon. Though catching Imyth would be a junior position. He'd still do a good job of it... Better, he felt, than a brown or black dragon in any case.

So long as he could make K'zaya present himself accordingly.

The rider in question was nowhere to be seen, despite Fyenoruth's presence in the bowl, and though the bronze made a show of trying to pretend that the young man was standing just out of sight, it would be apparent through the lack of any tack on the dragon that Z'tai's warning had fallen on deaf ears.

Kzaya was in fact, lingering in the dining hall, savouring his final mug of klah while Fyenoruth, exasperated went to join his wing on the 'bowl. It was far too early for anyone in their right mind to be up and well, and he'd managed to sleep in far too long to have his Klah and drink it too... So while the threat of Latrine duty might have been enough to rouse him... It wasn't quite enough to have him keep time as he'd wanted to... And Fyenoruth was less tolerant than usual in the wake of his own loss. Faranth knew hed regret not hurrying that morning shortly.

The new weyrsecond is addressing us. Best you hurry along before you find more than latrine duty thrown your way. Fyenoruth added for his rider alone, the sulking irritation easy to identify this time... and somewhat less able to be ignored with the annoyed push to hurry him up that came with it. K'zaya might brush aside the punishments that came with his lackadaisical attitude, but Fyenoruth knew they could do better, and the critique stung all the more for that fact.

//OK. OK. I'm done. I've just gotta grab- //

My gear can wait until after we're done here. You're already late. Let's not snub the new weyrsecond - and our weyrleader hung unspoken as the bronze continued to scold his bonded, - More than we have already. I should be thankful you found the time to oil me after Imyth's flight else I'd be making our first impression even worse than it is already. He continued with all the ire of a woman scorned. Following K'zaya's progress as he made his way out to the weyrbowl and attempted to sneak into the ranks of riders to stand where Fyenoruth had been implying he had been the whole time.

Sometimes I wonder what went through my mind when I chose you. Fyenoruth lamented, though the irritation had bled from his tone now that K'zaya had joined him. It was altogether uncomfortable to be present with the wing without his rider, particularly during moments of importance such as this one.

//Come on buddy? We'll just tell ém I'm still healing and it slowed me down more than I would have liked. They can't argue with a wounded soldier right?// A tease is all that was, K'zaya not stupid enough to outright lie. He wasn't exactly looking forward to the conversation he'd need to have with the weyrleader after they were dismissed... And the detour here to listen to.... Shardit. He'd missed the weyrsecond's name. Well. It was going to make him late for ferrying duties as well. Fyenoruth did look lovely though.

Just stand still. Fyenoruth growled, and while some of the exasperation still laced his tone, there was no doubt the affection towards his bonded that underlay all their interactions was present too. His K'zaya would stop being such a wherry brain one day... And had he a mind for such things, he would have hoped the hunter attack may have been the catalyst needed. As it was he just needed to keep pushing him to do better.

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Offline Yinaya

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #9 on: August 28, 2018, 10:38:26 PM »
Yinaya was not encouraged by how tense and angry the black dragon seemed to be. Like he was ready to pounce on any of them if they spoke out of turn or stepped out of line. Already acting the part of upstart Weyrsecond even though he’d never flown thread, or had passed any manner of training.

The green rider stood next to her dragon with her arms cross, all but glaring at T’veck as he stepped forward to speak. It wouldn’t have really mattered much what he had to say. Yinaya was already upset with the entire situation. At Z’tai. At T’veck. At his stupid, angry dragon. That he said he was going to continue training only seemed to further speak of how everything was going to sharding garbage in the weyr. Their Weyrsecond was going to be in Weyrling training. There surely had to be some sort of law, or precedent, or something in place should this sort of stupidity happen.

Surely Halirina or... well, not S’bok, but maybe B’ron could just demote him to some sort of figure-head position and someone far more qualified could just do his job. Then he could resume being the glorified mate to the Gold while someone with some age and experience worked with Z’tai, and their Wing.

Because this was stupid. Just stupid. All the better he wasn’t going to try and order them about, because Yinaya’s quick response to that was he could shove his black dragon up his ass.

You’re in a mood, her dragon remarked, though the Green was likewise watching Baleth.

//I hate this.// Yinaya said in response.

Rantasyth thrummed in reply. She knew her rider and could only echo her sentiment, even if she didn’t necessarily agree. Rantasyth just wanted to have a nice day, but that didn’t seem to be writ for them. If anything, her rider’s mindset felt so much like the Pass that it had cowed Rantasyth’s usually playful demeanor and had likewise put her in a muted, serious mood.

It’d taken her a long moment to process Fyenoruth’s statement. She could be a playful, chatty dragon when her mood soared high, but that was not this morning. Rather, the Bronze’s remark seemed off kilter and so far from her own bonded’s mindset that it actually made her glance at him, after a length, and ask instead, You think they should replace the bronzes who wish to fly the Queens? That was an odd thought to come from a bronze.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Kyya because Rantasyth is chatting at Fyenoruth >:3

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Offline B'nyn

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #10 on: August 28, 2018, 10:44:06 PM »
B’nyn remained passive next to his brown, who likewise didn’t move. Niskyleth remained on his belly, relaxing. Since they weren’t about to run off while it seemed both Z’tai and their new Weyrsecond wanted to say something, there was no reason to seem in a rush.

What T’veck had to say seemed pretty straightforward to the brown rider. Ultimately, though, he’d do whatever he was ordered to do. He trusted both Z’tai and the Leadership to make the correct calls in these matters. So did his Brown. It didn’t occur to either of them to question or pick apart anything that was happening – it just wasn’t their place. Nothing about T’veck winning was problematic to them either.

If Baleth seemed tense and edgy, it didn’t bother Niskyleth. The brown dragon was relaxed, his wings loosely folded along his back while he surveyed the field, other dragons, and invariably the Wingleader. He wasn’t even really paying attention to Baleth, because the Black wasn’t particularly important at the moment. His mood didn’t affect the Brown, nor did his tension rub off on him. Z’tai, and for the moment T’veck spoke, were the important ones so they had most of Niskyleth’s attention.

B’nyn’s, as well.

As far as the brown pair were concerned, it seemed business as usual and there wasn’t anything to be upset about.

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Offline Z'tai

Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #11 on: August 29, 2018, 08:59:32 AM »
Great introduction, Wingleader, the bronze thought to Z’tai sarcastically.

While he agreed that his instructions hadn’t been followed, he didn’t appreciate the comment from Jenrath. He’s likely nervous and just wanted to get this part over with. He wanted to believe that was the case; that he hadn’t consciously disobeyed Z’tai’s instruction and decided he could stand for himself. It was far more likely that this moment was not one he had looked forward to, and he’d forgotten that tidbit of information after seeing the crowd of riders gathering before them. If he already had the arrogance of a Weyrsecond, well then. That would be another story. And only time would tell at this point which was the case.

There would have been no place for nervousness or carrying out instructions improperly if this were still the Pass. As Weyrseconds then, we had our own Wings to command during Thread. And such things as that were likely to get us and our riders killed. If Z’tai wasn’t standing before his Wing with T’veck talking a step in front of him, he’d have rolled his eyes at Jenrath.

Instead, he countered, And none of those Weyrseconds were ever weyrlings or recent graduates.
As it should have remained.
Times are changing, Jenrath. Either you learn to work with the change or you fall behind. The change will come regardless of how you feel about it.

Z’tai watched as one if his riders tried to slip into the group during the middle of T’veck’s introduction. They’d have to deal with that after this. There was a momentary quiet after the new Weyrsecond finished. When no questions were raised, Z’tai cleared his throat. “You will be seeing T’veck quite frequently over the next Turn as he works double duty in absorbing his new position as Weyrsecond while completing the last six months of weyrling training. If you see him around or end up working with him on anything, make sure to introduce yourself if you haven’t already. There’s far more of you than him, after all. Aside from that, I’m here to remind you that nothing here has changed. We will continue to complete our jobs as usual and our drills will be the same. Thank you all for coming here a few minutes earlier than usual. Let’s start loading up supplies.”

It was as much a dismissal as any, though he wouldn’t be surprised if any individuals chose to approach him with any questions. He didn’t want to leave room for questions considering this was quite simple to understand. Nothing was changing for them right now, so it should be business as usual. Z’tai looked over at Jenrath, who hadn’t said anything to him since his remark of change. Change also meant that bronzes may no longer be the ones to typically win Gold Flights as well, and that was something Jenrath would refuse to accept for a long time. Even so, they had work to do, and the large bronze was well aware of it.

Please inform Fyenoruth that K’zaya is to report to the Candidate Master after fishing tonight to complete his share of latrine duty. I will be letting O’sir know to expect him, he instructed the large bronze, knowing it would be done. The Prairie Wingleader stepped forward so he was beside T’veck again and he could speak with a lowered voice. “You did well. We’ll go over supplies next.”

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Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #12 on: August 30, 2018, 03:40:22 AM »
He let out the breath he'd been unconsciously been holding when Z'tai told him he'd done well. That was another hurdle passed and none of the Prairie wing riders had said anything. Maybe it was just Z'tai's presence. He wouldn't be sure for a while, but no outright mutiny was a good start. He'd settle for not caring either way if he's honest with himself, those that don't have an opinion either way don't tend to cause trouble.

Of course you did well. I would not have chosen you if you could not do well. The black lowered his head as he moved closer, eyes settling into more relaxed colours as he nosed at his rider, making him stumble slightly.

“I'm glad you think so Baleth.” He said with an affectionate scratch on the nearest eyeridge. “Try and keep out of the way, I'm sure Jenrath will let you know if you have to do anything.”

The black head swung upwards to regard the bronze for a moment. Very well. It was the same grudging tone he gave Vicith and Rohbarth, which meant he isn't happy about it but would do as he is told. Good enough in the scheme of black resistance to authority.

“My apologies.” He muttered to Z'tai as he gave him his attention again. “Where do we start?”
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Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #13 on: August 30, 2018, 03:55:35 AM »
Does that mean others will have to take up extra duties? Rhymoth spoke to Z'ryr after T'veck announced that he would still be undergoing Weyrling training.

Seems like. It might be a little disappointing for his wingleaders, maybe the other Weyrleadership, but it didn't really affect Z. In fact, knowing that the black rider would be fulfilling his duties even less than a Weyrsecond usually would, meant that Z'ryr would see him even less.

It did seem like a flaw in the system. Someone who hadn't even finished their training for becoming a rider, was somehow supposed to be overseeing fully fledged riders. Well... overseeing their paperwork. So maybe it was better after all. Better riders in Wings rather than stuck in offices for all hours of the day, doing Faranth knows what.

Regardless, Z'tai's statement left no room for any more questioning from him. The bronze rider had said business as usual, and worrying about whether or not T'veck, a complete stranger to him, would succeed in his role, was not something that interested him. There were far too many people in the Weyr to be a bleeding heart about every single one of them.

Come Rhy. Z'tai said to get to work.

Will the new Weyrsecond be joining us? Rhymoth asked curiously, apparently still unsure whether or not he was allowed to approve or disapprove.

I suppose we'll find out. He quipped, as he stepped away from the slowly dispersing group of Prairie Riders to start their duties for the day.

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Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #14 on: September 10, 2018, 01:01:19 AM »
Fyenoruth turned to regard Rantasyth with interest, the swirling greens and blues of his eyes slowing as he mulled over the question. He'd not thought too hard about what K'zaya's statement had meant, though he knew his bonded had an aversion to him chasing, and actually catching one of the weyr's gold dragons. He thrummed a soft note, so the green would not think he'd be so rude as to ignore her question before he properly responded.

No... no. They shouldn't replace us. That would be a rather difficult task... I don't think I would like that. He mused, his mind voice almost too loud for the softer, thoughtful feeling he projected alongside them. I think we just need to accept their role now, and try harder when the golds rise again. They're different. Yet they claim the same mates we do. So we need to accept it... and until the queens stop letting them chase, we will just have to do better. He finished with a determined snort. He'd have to convince K'zaya to pick up his feet whenever a gold actually rose to achieve it himself, but he was certain it could be done. More certain than Kalestath not letting every dragon chase her.

He did give the green another searching glance, amused more than annoyed at her addressing him. He rather enjoyed a bit of a chat, and it helped distract him from the fact K'zaya was in trouble... again.

Do you not enjoy the additional males to choose from? Fyenoruth asked, genuinely curious to hear the answer. It wasn't something he could really ask of a gold dragon, mostly because he'd never actually had the pleasure of talking to one in a relaxed light. Perhaps she would be able to tell him why blacks, particularly when they were younger and less experienced, had managed to out-fly bronzes in a chase.

He kept his attention on the green though a touch of annoyance coloured his eyes as Jenrath addressed him. Passing the message onto K'zaya with a hiss of reproach that didn't really give much room for argument.

K'zaya remained unphased by Fyenoruth's irritation, knowing full well he was preoccupied and just letting out a soft groan that was hopefully drowned out by the low murmur as the wing prepared to attend to the days duties. "Could have at least gotten me out of drills... but nooooo. Has to be on top of everything else. Should'a just slept in." He continued to grumble, though he had turned to face Fyenoruth as he did so, running hi shands along the dragon's hide as if checking for any cracks before giving him a thump.

"Meet me at the weyr, and we'll get you strapped up." he said, louder this time before he was trotting off. He'd already gotten into trouble for being late, what more could Z'tai possibly do? Besides. Wasn't it worse to ride a dragon without having the proper gear on? He was doing the responsible thing, and was in no way trying to lengthen the down time that followed the early wake up before they started ferrying holder's back and forth.

Spoiler for OOC:
>_> @SanctifiedSavage aaand might as well tag you too @Lyndi in case you wanted to notice K'zaya being a mop.

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Re: Changes [ 08.04.2591 / 5:45 AM ] || Prairie Wing
« Reply #15 on: September 10, 2018, 09:27:37 AM »
Yinaya wasn’t privy to the conversation between her dragon or the bronze, and that was fine. She wasn’t particularly in the mood to be social anyways. This entire morning was shaping up to be stupid so when they were dismissed for their morning load up, she was quite happy to turn away from it all and walk away.

Rantasyth watched Fyenoruth while he answered her. When he turned the question back to her, she actually snorted her derision and took a step away, to follow after Yinaya. I am the wrong dragon to ask after Flights. Me and my Rider have... I’ve had trouble in Flights before, so I do not Rise as much as I might. She knew why – because it was an old injury, because it’d almost cost them their life during the Pass. She also wasn’t about to just drop that on another dragon. So I do not need all to chase. Just a couple. She did reluctantly add, It must be different for the Golds.

At that, she did turn to go after Yinaya. It wasn’t an end to the conversation, since dragons could easily continue to talk to one another over distance, but she hadn’t wanted him to think she was upset with him either. It was just a curious way for him to be.

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