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Author Topic: Private How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha  (Read 246 times)

Offline B'nyn

How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« on: August 26, 2018, 12:00:56 AM »
The weyr had only been on a skeleton crew for one day. One day of slow hunting, few fishers, and most of the people around the weyr recovering from various degrees of fever. The worst cases were kept in the healer hall so they could be closely monitored. In Velatha’s case, B’nyn had watched over her exclusively for the first day, and then made sure she had plenty of water when he’d had to leave her the days after.

As much as he’d not wanted to, she didn’t seem too bad off and sleep during the day was really what she needed. So long as she’d promised she really wouldn’t do anything other than sleep or small projects in bed, B’nyn had felt comfortable leaving her to her rest.

Every day she seemed to be getting better. More color in her cheeks. Food seemed more appealing. So he didn’t feel the need to haul her down to the Healer’s Hall after the second or so day. Rather, life around the weyr seemed to be resuming back to normal.

B’nyn didn’t bother eating at the weyr hall when he knew Velatha would be up in the weyr waiting for him. Instead, he sent Niskyleth ahead and gathered a tray of food up for both of them. Until Velatha was really feeling better, he’d collected a bowl of soup – which the kitchens still had plenty of for those that were sick – some small rolls, dried meat and fruits, and some fried mushrooms. A nice meal they could share together before he had to tend to his dragon. Niskyleth needed a nice oiling and B’nyn knew his own gear needed tending to since he’d not looked it over since Velatha had gotten sick.

There hadn’t been much of a need since Prairie Wing hadn’t really been doing too much. But now, with things picking back up, he should really get back on track.

He entered his weyr, quiet incase Velatha was resting, and placed the tray on the small table against the wall.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Wren Sorry for the long delay in getting this up. I hope this all works. Lemme know if I need to edit anything. <3
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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2018, 11:42:24 PM »
Since she had been told to rest, all Velatha had been able to think about was when she wouldn't need to continue to do that. As much as she wanted to feel better, Velatha had never enjoyed being inactive, she had always had something to do and now that she was supposed to just sit and rest it was hard to not want to just disobey and push to see how far she might be able to push things; if B'nyn hadn't been watching and taking care of her, then she was entirely sure that was exactly what she would have ended up doing.

It was, therefore, a good thing that he had been around, even if the forced inactivity was making her want to potentially yell, scream or vent in some fashion but was currently the reason she was sewing spare scraps of fabric together in a patchwork material. She needed to do something and as she couldn't - or at least shouldn't - be out and around the other weavers actively engaged in some project or the other but Velatha was determined to feel better, which meant getting better "B'nyn!" she should by now sound better, at least most of the nausea had dizziness had passed mostly and she was determined to be positive.

"You didn't need to bring food..." but it was sweet and exactly what she would have expected, pushing herself off the nest of furs she'd made for her time resting, Velatha left behind her work as well.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2018, 10:26:42 PM »
When he realized she was quite awake, and had apparently been biding her time with working in their bed, he smiled some and moved to pull her close in a tight hug. It hadn’t even occurred to the Rider that he might become ill from proximity to her. If he hadn’t caught it in the initial sweep of the fever across the weyr, B’nyn was pretty certain he wasn’t going to.

So far, so good.

B’nyn held her close for a moment, kissing her temple, before letting some space between them. Just enough that he could look her over. Velatha didn’t feel as hot and she seemed stable on her feet. Far more energetic too. “I thought it’d still be nice for you to eat up here. Besides, I wasn’t sure you’d be awake. Your sleep time has sort of been messed up with you being ill.” Not that he blamed her. The rest might have been driving her stir crazy, but it’d been good for her. Necessary to help her get better.

“But now that you are awake, how about you eat some, hm?” B’nyn had been quite diligent in making sure she had plenty of water to drink and always had some soup in her for each meal. At least this time he’d brought up some dried fruit, rolls, and salted, fried fish. If she could stomach more, there would be something else for her to eat. If not, there was still a bowl of mushroom broth.

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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2018, 09:01:04 AM »
She nodded "I know, I didn't mean to sleep so much or often... I just needed it I guess" Velatha was just as sure that it was all down to the excellent care he'd provided in making sure she remained cared for and supported. Velatha supposed was being a little bit silly about it all but she had really felt terrible and it had been the kind of thing that made you question what you might have otherwise taken for granted in any other circumstances.

Velatha gave him some room for the soup and the tray as she didn't think either of them wanted to end up wearing a bowl of mushroom (from the smell) on either of them "I'm going to need to make more clothes or let out some seams if you keep on feeding me like this" it was sad with a soft kind of teasing as she really didn't mind that B'nyn was taking so much care during this period of illness "You've really been spoiling me, I'm not sure how I'll make it up" but she wanted to, even if she was going to hold off until she'd managed to find just the right kind of thing to pay him back.

"How was your day? And Niskyleth?" Velatha always asked about his dragon, he was just as much a part of everything as the pair of them.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #4 on: August 29, 2018, 11:39:54 AM »
B’nyn shook his head and smiled a little. “The sleep was good for you. I’m just glad you seem to be feeling better. Really. That’s all that matters to me.” Which was really the truth. If it meant she’d had to sleep three days, or even a week, straight he’d take it if it meant Velatha was healthy.

After another parting kiss, this time to the corner of her mouth, he finally pulled away. Reluctantly. He liked being near her. He gestured to the tray of food on the small table. “I brought you some soup, if your stomach is still being sensitive, but there’s other food too. I know you were getting tired of soup.” This time, his smile was a little wider. Mushroom soup for three days was enough to drive anyone crazy. “You don’t need to make up anything to me. I’d do anything for you,” he added. Spoken so casually, but the brown rider meant it.

When she asked about his day, he considered a moment before shrugging some. “It wasn’t so bad. Things are returning to normal as more people are starting to feel better. I think the Mine Hall didn’t want a lot of us making trips down there, in case we brought the fever there... so not a lot of trips back and forth.” He shrugged a shoulder and hung up his rider’s jacket and put up his gloves. “But they still need supplies from us, and vice versa, so there’s not much to be done about it.”

When she asked about Niskyleth, the brown dragon thrummed happily. Nothing bad happened. Just another day of drills, runs, and fishing. A good day, then, he answered her. The brown dragon liked talking to her. Especially since she’d moved into their weyr, he saw no reason not to. Velatha would be a permanent fixture in their lives, ideally. It’d be silly not to.

B’nyn glanced at his dragon, then at the food. “Ah. After we eat, I suppose I’ll take off his straps and set about oiling him. The sand and salt from the ocean tends to dry out some dragons more than others.”
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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #5 on: August 30, 2018, 01:54:16 AM »
Velatha couldn't exactly argue with that comment, even if she had been in a more argumentative frame of mind, the truth was that she was the kind of woman who really didn't do that sort of thing unless there was a very good reason. As had been the case when it came to her relationship with B'nyn in the first place "I guess so but I don't want to sleep anymore" she was pretty much all slept out right now and that made her resistant to any further naps.

"How about we pretend it's not mushroom soup, I think I may actually end up turning into one if this goes on much longer - not that I'm ungrateful I just would really like ...well, anything that isn't mushroom soup" Velatha explained, pretty sure that B'nyn was in the same position, as was the rest of the weyr and it made it easier to accept from a logical point of view but that didn't mean that her stomach or heart was on board with being able to accept what was going on. It wanted more or indeed anything else. But she would need to wait, just like everyone else. Which would be fine because Velatha things would eventually change.

That was how she felt about everything, even when it came to things like her sickness and always when she was thinking about B'nyn "I'm glad to hear that; would you mind if I helped B'nyn, I'd like to learn how to oil and pamper you properly" it was still strange to have a dragon talking to her but she wouldn't change her mind about replying to him and learning not have that twist of her stomach with excited awe about all of her life no.

"Can I help?" she asked, repeating the question to B'nyn and giving him a pouting face as she waited for the reply.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #6 on: August 30, 2018, 02:05:34 AM »
He chuckled a little at her response to the soup and nodded a little. “There are a couple of other things I’d brought along, in case you wanted to try a small bite of something different. If only for a change of pace. If you feel like your stomach is up for it.” B’nyn didn’t want her pushing herself, of course, but he didn’t think there would be much harm in a bite or two of something different. Not if she really was feeling better.

B’nyn took a seat at the table and pulled a plate close to him. It was always nice to be back in their weyr, to be able to share this time with her. Just the two of them and his dragon.

Just as he took a bite of a roll with mushrooms on it, she’d asked both him and Niskyleth if she could help. B’nyn had never asked before because, well, it had never occurred to him that anyone else would want to help him tend to his dragon. Niskyleth was his responsibility, his dragon, and he wouldn’t expect anyone else to care for him, just as he wouldn’t expect any other dragon to carry him about.

He glanced at the Brown, who was thrumming with contentment and watching them with bright green eyes. I don’t mind, so long as you’re feeling well, he answered so both could hear.

B’nyn eventually nodded, watching her. “If you really are feeling better, then I don’t mind you helping. I can show you how... But, after we eat.” He wanted to make sure she did get something in her first.

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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #7 on: August 30, 2018, 03:14:38 AM »
Any chance or belief that he would just give up on her eating or allow a distraction to change his mind faded away as she settled down next to him, close enough that she could touch.

If she wanted to do that or he did. Velatha liked these times together, she liked this one most of all because she no longer looked or smelled the food and wanted to head off to empty her stomach as soon as she could.

Velatha picked up some of the dried fruit, apparently, a signal to Quill to make an appearance and settle nearby in an effort to garner some of the fruit as well but Velatha was really good and only passed over some once she had taken a few bites and then started on the soup. It was easier on her stomach and filling it was just boring. However, boring was not the worst thing right at the moment "Thank you for all of this" reaching to touch his arm for a moment smiling "I'm glad my appetite seems to be coming back again so I can really appreciate it" it was impossible for her not to be happy right now.

"I really am and I want to learn" she replied, answering both of them.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #8 on: August 30, 2018, 08:58:27 AM »
B’nyn smiled a little when she settled next to him. Reflexively, one of his arms casually wrapped around her shoulders. Not necessarily hugging her close, but just so he could have her there. Touching her opposite shoulder while he ate with the other hand. It was the small gestures that B’nyn was quite fond of. He could still become a little tongue tied around her, but he would always do small things to show he cared. That he was very much in love with her.

That she could manage to stomach something other than the soup was a good sign.

At the thank, B’nyn leaned to kiss her shoulder. “You don’t have to thank me. I enjoy taking care of you.” Which was the truth. He’d have done anything she needed, whatever the case may be. That she’d been sick had just been unfortunate. Thankfully, it’d not been fatally serious.

His smile remained as he added, “So long as you don’t feel obligated. I’m capable of tending to Niskyleth.” B’nyn didn’t want Velatha to think just because she was with a dragon rider, she had to do anything for his dragon. Not that was the vibe he was getting from her, he just wanted to make sure.

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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #9 on: August 30, 2018, 09:20:45 AM »
The little things, the small gestures and the ways he just did a thing without making them into a big deal, all of it said I love you without the need for any of those words being used. Velatha knew in her heart how much he cared for her and part of that was about being able to do the same in return but it was because their affection for each other was loud and explosive made it hard for her to show others - particularly her family - how much he mattered and cared.

Velatha knew that no matter how long they were together or how the future unfolded, no one in her family seemed to what to take that chance and bend a little bit to hear what she had to say and finally understand what was going on but that was for another time.

Having just gotten over this sickness, well, at least to be on the side of things that seemed to suggest that it was finally on the mend. She was excited about that but it being able to snuggle a little bit with B'nyn now that he had been the one to reach around and hold her close to him "I really want to and besides I'm smaller I can reach all the difficult places you might miss" now she was definitely teasing him some of her normal humor starting to come back through once more.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #10 on: August 30, 2018, 09:40:51 AM »
Niskyleth rumbled amusement when she suggested B’nyn might miss spots on him. The brown wasn’t going to suggest otherwise, though. It was good for his Rider to be teased. If anyone else had suggested something so outlandish for B’nyn, he would have said as much. Jokes were sometimes lost on the brownpair.

With Velatha, B’nyn found it easier to relax and was a little more susceptible to being teased. He chuckled a little and shook his head. “I’m sure Niskyleth will appreciate the attention, too.” The Brown wasn’t a needy creature, but he liked Velatha. It pleased them both that she seemed to like him too given that he was literally and figuratively a large part of B’nyn’s life. No one could really be with a rider and not be with their dragon too.

He lightly kissed her temple. “So long as you don’t strain yourself too much, then I’ll be happy to have your help.” Then, murmuring a little, “And I won’t complain getting to see you covered in oil.”

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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #11 on: August 30, 2018, 10:07:02 AM »
Being that she had known fully what getting involved with a rider was going to mean, at least when it came to the importance of his dragon, not that Velatha believed that she was sidelined or less but accepting that she was going to be around and in a relationship that wasn't going to be all about the two of them all of the time had been something she'd needed to embrace and B'nyn had been open with her from the beginning. That had made her happier about everything.

"I promise no climbing on top of him and jumping off, or anything like that" which was an amusing kind of image and one that she had been happy to share as B'nyn opened up and accepted her humor and light teasing. She'd never be anything special with all of that but it didn't stop her from having fun because B'nyn wasn't looking for some smokey eyed vixen. All he saw or wanted was her with the same being true in her own case "Oiled up, hmm? I guess that might mean helping me down to bathe. I would want to go to bed all clean and fresh" Velatha wouldn't mind being able to both help and then have a chance to splash B'nyn a little bit.

It would be good to celebrate her own return to health.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #12 on: August 30, 2018, 10:37:05 AM »
The brown rider wasn’t the sort to be excitable or moved to exclamations, but he really was very happy to see she was feeling better. Enough to tease and be teased in return. There was certainly more energy to Velatha today than since she’d been sick, so he wasn’t nervous at all about having her climb around on Niskyleth. He’d only want her to be careful because she just wasn’t used to it and he was a big dragon.

He’d always want her to be careful. That was just his nature.

Though the image of her playing around on Niskyleth was an entertaining one. He smiled a little more and lightly combed his fingers through her hair. If for no other reason than to just touch her. B’nyn had though she was the most beautiful woman in the weyr, hands down, from the moment he’d met her. Never mind that she’d had an equally stunning and down to earth personally to match. He didn’t need someone that flounced around. He loved how wholesome, honest, and sweet she was.

Velatha was everything B’nyn could want, and so much more.

“I think that sounds like the perfect evening,” he answered, and he meant it. Spending time with her and eventually getting to share a bath was the very definition of how he’d like to spend his evenings. The brown rider didn’t need excitement and danger in his life to be happy. He just wanted her.

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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #13 on: August 30, 2018, 11:38:05 AM »
She had fallen sick so soon after moving into the weyr that had been almost impossible to have these moments before he had been forced into the role of personal healer. It was actually fortunate it had happened when she'd moved in here, Velatha seriously doubted that any member of her family would have troubled with that much care and definitely not all of that attention.

Velatha snuggled in a little bit closer "I thought you might end up seeing things my way, I mean...it does sound perfect. I don't know how I managed to get so lucky" she murmured. Really happy and that included Niskyleth as well. While Velatha wouldn't try and project her mind at him she didn't hide her emotions from being felt, assuming that it would work. Velatha cared deeply for both of them.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #14 on: August 30, 2018, 11:43:59 AM »
Moments like this were etched into the Rider’s memory. Quiet affection and being close to her were the sort of things that B’nyn would recall throughout the day when he was away from her. The sort of things that he enjoyed doing with Velatha. His fingers combed through her hair, and he kissed the top of her head, before he had to reluctantly break the moment.

As much as he really didn’t want to, time wouldn’t stop for them and he did have a dragon that needed tending. Niskyleth would be an eternally patient creature, but salt and sand were rough on a dragon. “Finish up your meal while I take off his straps,” he suggested softly, watching her a moment before turning to do just as he’d said he would. B’nyn wasn’t about to ask for her help with this. The leather could be heavy and required climbing up on Niskyleth to remove. It was also easier to pull off the dragon when he was standing, which made it that much of a higher fall if someone slipped.

B’nyn climbed up the side of his dragon with the ease of someone who had done it hundreds of times. He could crawl all over Niskyleth easily enough. Especially since the Brown just naturally adjusted his weight and shifted in whatever manner was needed to help B’nyn do whatever was needed. In this instance, it was remove the strap harness and saddle that held his rider in place throughout the day. Some sand actually fell on the weyr ledge where it had been caught in the leather creases.

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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #15 on: September 08, 2018, 09:29:37 AM »
While her appetite was improving by leaps and bounds she wasn't quite up to eating a full meal and all of the little additions that B'nyn had so carefully taken the time to gather for her before returning home to their weyr. It still made her stomach do little somersaults when she thought about all of that but Velatha cherished that she could think about it and them in that way.

"...alright, I won't be much longer. This is really a lot" she hoped that B'nyn wouldn't mind her leaving some behind, some was a result of her own shrunken stomach but also excitement at getting to be included as well. She wasn't sure that approaching another dragon in such a way would ever have occurred to her but then Velatha wasn't afraid of Niskyleth even if he was a large dragon and it should probably have made her anxious - and it would have done before but not she knew better and had a lot of reasons to want to spend time with him.

She didn't take long at all, though B'nyn was already well up and working on those straps by the time she arrived "So what do I do first?" she asked, looking toward B'nyn but also at Niskyleth as well, sure that the dragon knew what to do as well.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #16 on: September 13, 2018, 10:02:04 PM »
He supposed he had grabbed a bunch, but he had wanted to make sure she had a variety of things if she was getting tired of soup. If the event her stomach could handle it and the mood struck.  B’nyn wasn’t exactly expecting her to eat all of it. He’d pick at whatever was left over when they were done tending to Niskyleth.

When she was done, he had most of the leather straps coiled in front of Niskyleth. He’d look at the straps later on. For now, his dragon was the priority. I don’t mind the work on the beach, but the sand is a nightmare, he remarked, allowing Velatha to hear too. The brown dragon liked to include her in the conversation if it wasn’t something that needed to be private. Helped her feel included rather than the quiet lull of B’nyn and him talking.

B’nyn gave his dragon a pat as he slid down his side. “If you want to grab the large pot of oil on the shelf, and the rags. I can show you some of his dry spots, and how to rub it in.”

Spoiler for OOC:
Sorry about the delay. I don't know how I missed this one. ._.

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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #17 on: September 14, 2018, 09:48:37 AM »
Velatha reached out a hand in order to touch Niskyleth "That is because you're a very strong and kind dragon but ...I agree with the sand. I hate getting it between my toes" obviously there was a whole lot more of Niskyleth than in comparison to her own slight frame.

"...large pot...large pot?" she mumbled under her breath as she looked at the shelf contents and attempted to figure out which one he meant, however, it soon became obvious and taking care in case of it being heavier than it looked Velatha lifted it down and headed back towards B'nyn "You make that look really easy, climbing all over - is it hard to learn to do?" she questioned. Velatha wasn't jealous about those who had impressed dragons but she couldn't avoid the sense of wonder and awe as well as her own curious urges to ask more questions about it all.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #18 on: September 14, 2018, 10:12:12 AM »
Niskyleth wasn’t expressly a proud dragon, but he liked that Velatha thought well of him. It was important that someone B’nyn cared about liked him. Their life would’ve been rather complicated were that not the case. It didn’t occur to the brown that his Rider would pick anyone over him, but he also didn’t want B’nyn to ever be in that sort of situation. He much preferred that she liked him. It gets caught between the leather and my skin. It’s the worst, he commiserated. It didn’t sound like he was complaining, more like he was just informing. The brown dragon didn’t really complain.

Not unless he was doing so playfully to B’nyn.

B’nyn actually blushed a little at the compliment as he moved to take the large pot of oil from Velatha. “Ah. Well. I think it just comes with time. It also helps that he sort of knows what I want him to do, and how to move, without me having to say anything. A lot of that coordination comes from weyrling training. Getting used to one another and all that. With tons and tons of practice.” He set the oil down, near the dragon, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before offering her a soft, though large, leather hide rag. “Don’t be afraid to get some on you. It’s inevitable.” B’nyn smiled a little and doused his own, wringing out some of the excess. The soft hide rag did catch a lot of the oil, though, and he carried it over to Niskyleth’s extended foreleg. “I’ll have you do his lower spots. Between his... toes... You can sort of see where the skin has dried out.” He let her see, where the brown skin had turned faintly ashen. “Just apply some pressure as you rub the oil in.” B’nyn glanced at her. “If you get tired, promise me you’ll stop though. I can take care of all of him.”

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Offline Velatha

Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #19 on: September 14, 2018, 10:30:28 AM »
She was really not someone who needed to steal away any affections, Velatha had learned - but had already been willing  - to accept that B'nyn cared for Niskyleth and that his attention would have to be divided as a result of that being the case. Not that she even minded.

Velatha couldn't help but be glad that she got to be part of their lives; even these mundane tasks, which while hard work was among the most essential and important aspects. Velatha was reminded of the time it took when carding wool or even weaving the threads to make a grand design and image that captured some moment. It was comparable but hardly the same in its entirety as she knew that those were inanimate objects, which could be admired and cherished but could never compare to a dragon "That sounds terrible, it makes me wonder about making you little socks or something..." would that work, it was an idea, although seeing a dragon wearing them might not be the best thing all around but it could help, maybe?

"So, like this?" she questioned, wringing her own out and then kneeling down to start working on his feet. She wouldn't be fast but it was determined and patient with all of her concentration on the task at hand.

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Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
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Niskyleth and B’nyn were rather amused at the idea that Velatha suggested socks. It was sweet. The thought behind it anyways. The idea of the Brown dragon parading around in socks was just entertaining. The amount of material, let alone how realistic... But still. I would be the fanciest dragon, he decreed, watching Velatha.

Unable to help the smile that crossed his face, he watched Velatha as she settled next to the Brown dragon’s large feet. Niskyleth flexed his toes and spread them to make it easier for her. Walking around in the sand all day did a number on the skin there and, sure enough, was where he was mostly dry.

“Perfect,” he praised before leaving her to her work. There were a couple of places along his dragon’s side, where the straps had rubbed him, that B’nyn would do. Crawling around on a strapless dragon was an art in and of itself, requiring a bit of Niskyleth’s assistance but they’d been doing this for a long time. I dare say she’s better at it than you are, he crooned while watching the smaller lady. He was teasing B’nyn, of course, but he also wanted Velatha to know he did appreciate what she was doing.

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Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
« Reply #21 on: September 15, 2018, 11:14:00 AM »
Velatha smiled at his comment, working patiently and with care between his toes "You're already the fanciest dragon that I know" the sincerity touched with a trace of amusement as obviously she didn't really go around and meet a lot of other dragons on a regular bias.

"Although I would probably need to work on it for the next Turn or five to really do you justice" it was an interesting idea albeit one that was very much in the relation of being far more about pipedreams and idle fancy. However, Velatha had always liked to pass her time when she was working, chatting, sharing ideas and random thoughts, some good, and others just random. Velatha was glad that she had the chance to do this with both B'nyn and Niskyleth.

Sticking her tongue out from between her lips, she worked a little harder, not perhaps with the same force as B'nyn would manage but her zeal was there "I don't think I could ever try this with Quill, I'd probably squeeze her toes too hard" she admitted, watching as the small creature appeared and settled down at her side watching this rather strange new activity.

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Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
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It didn’t matter to Niskyleth if he was the only dragon she really knew. He liked that she thought he was fancy at all. It was a nice sentiment and he appreciated even the teasing thought behind it. It meant a lot to the Brown that she did think highly of him, or was at least comfortable enough to joke with him. They were both important in B’nyn’s life, after all. Probably couldn’t get away with it though. Then all the dragons of the weyr would want some, he remarked, lowering his head to the cool stone so he could better watch Velatha and relax while doing so.

B’nyn did chuckle when she mentioned her fire lizard and the Brown rumbled his amusement, the sound reverberating through the stone. “No, you probably wouldn’t. Or shouldn’t. I suspect she would be very cross with you.” He rubbed at one of the spots on his dragon’s side. “Though since you’ve helped me with Niskyleth, I should help you should she need oiled.” It was a teasing offer, obviously. It’d take both of them less than a breath if they were both to descend on the little green should she actually need it. Even so, B’nyn wouldn’t have minded. Doing anything with Velatha was better than not.

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Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
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Velatha looked up at Niskyleth and started to chuckle out loud before it became a full-blown laugh "Really? You might be right, though maybe a line of dragon inspired fashion would be fun and I am sure it wouldn't be the worst idea. You're all very inspiring" at least as far as she was concerned, then again she could be a little bit biased when it came to dragons, well, this particular one.

"I don't think we would need to do more than see about dipping her in the jar and leaving her to paddle around" even if it wasn't a sensible idea, the laughter remained in her eyes and voice and it was why she was still smiling when she looked over at B'nyn "...I'm sure you could make sure I did it really well but Quill doesn't need that much attention. She isn't nearly as hardworking as you and Niskyleth - not that I mind at all" she really didn't as Quill wasn't at all about anything like that. She was a friend and a good one, because before coming to be with B'nyn the small firelizard and had been the only one she could afford to talk to about how she felt.

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Re: How are you feeling, love? [ 32.03.2591 / 7PM ] Velatha
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B’nyn slid down the side of his dragon and stretched once he was on his own feet. It was nice to see so much energy and humor return to Velatha after she’d been sick. While the Healers had said it wasn’t a fatal concern, it’d still made him fret to see her so ill. Now he could relax a little. Breathe easier.

The idea of dipping her tiny flit in a jar was amusing. “It would be the quickest way, yeah,” he conceded. Of course they wouldn’t but Quill didn’t have to know that.

With Velatha working on Niskyleth’s front feet, B’nyn shifted his attention to his dragon’s rear paws. It wouldn’t take too long with both of them doing the work. “It’s still nice to know that even when I’m not around, there is someone looking after you.” Which was certainly the truth. A fire lizard wasn’t a dragon, of course, but they were still useful and generally intelligent creatures. Most would depend their bonded and let someone know if something had happened.

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