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Author Topic: Approved Pythia [ 13.05.2565 / Greenrider ]  (Read 130 times)

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Pythia [ 13.05.2565 / Greenrider ]
« on: September 01, 2018, 08:30:17 PM »

Play By:
Kaya Scodelario

First Name:
Pythia (PIE-thee-uh)
Py, if anyone gets close enough to use it.
Date of Birth:
13.05.2565 (Age 24), 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Mountain Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Pythia is fairly average in height, standing at five foot six, but the rest of her is on the small side: she's bonier and more fragile-appearing than one might expect from a dragonrider. This doesn't mean to say that she's frail, as she has the layer of muscle anyone would expect from a dragonrider, but she has a thin frame and angles in places where other women would have true curves. She frequently walks on her toes, because she often walks as if she's dancing, just a little. (Funny, because if you ask her, she doesn't dance.)

Her skin is dusted with a light smattering of brown freckles, and her eyes are a strikingly bright grey-blue; while most of her physical form wouldn't be considered anything remarkable by the standards of most people attracted to women, the eyes are her single piece of true beauty. Pythia's hair is dark brown, wavy, and settles just shy of elbow length if kept down, but is normally found in a braid.

She keeps her dress simple, straightforward and neat; while she might look good with adornments, fashion isn't her forté and it would take someone else to talk her into it. Pythia appears to be trying to avoid much showing of skin, tending toward long pants even on the hottest days.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Well, for a start, Pythia doesn't have a good sense of home or ever really feel comfortable settling in one place. This may have contributed to why she joined Mountain; maybe she wants to find someplace that is really and truly hers, or maybe it's just that she knows in her heart nothing lasts forever so she never wants to get too attached to Southern Winds. Consciously, she doesn't so much think about it as exist in a state of low-level alertness -- considering when she was born, it was all she knew, and maybe it's a little hard to believe it won't be coming back.

Response to dragon color mutations: To the dragons themselves? Well, that is what life does, doesn't it? Alter to fit in? The black and red dragons, Pythia assumes, are just that -- Pern has certainly changed, and dragonkind is changing to match it. Her uncertainty about S'bok as Weyrleader has nothing at all to do with the color of his dragon, so much as that he's simultaneously even younger and less experienced as a rider than she is, and Pythia wouldn't consider herself old or experienced enough to lead anything.

Who are you...

Flying: from her first trip on a dragon, Pythia fell in love with the air, and since her own Impression it's been pretty hard to get her down. If she can't be in flight, she likes to be up high and able to see down, as in a cliffside or a tall tree. 

Adventure: Discovering new places and old, partaking in activities that may be considered mildly dangerous, or just running off and letting go for a bit ... if it can be construed as an adventure, Pythia is probably there.

Music: Her weakness, in a way. Dancing is something that's far too revealing or intimate for her, but she does do it when in private (keeping a song in her head), and greatly enjoys listening to music. Even if she'll try to keep her face neutral, not to show herself enjoying something too much. People don't expect that much outward emotion.

Praise: Specifically for things she's actually done well. Compliments that seem insincere or relating to how she looks, for instance -- that's the opposite of a "like," but when her work is praised, she basks in it ... secretly. It's impossible for most people to tell any outward difference, as all she really does is nod, but it means a lot for this middle child.

Old stuff: Relics, as she calls them, from past Pern; what she scavenges on trips to various parts of Pern that aren't really important for the public to have, she keeps. Which turns into having a pile of what most people would call a pile of mostly-metal junk.

People: in general, not in specific; Pythia isn't against the idea of having friends, but she doesn't consider herself someone who wants to be "around people" or in crowds or big events.

Downtime: This she has in common with her firelizard, not so much her dragon. Pythia wants to be doing. Pythia wants to be going. Yes, the Weyr's pretty and it's nice and all, but she'd rather not hang around as much as possible. She hates taking time off. She hates resting. Being injured and grounded is a worse fate than being dead.

Silence: Not quiet. Quiet is a thing that happens when people aren't talking, but there's background noise. Pythia appreciates the noise of her environment -- what she doesn't like is the ultimate quiet that is complete silence. It scares her. It's like the noise in her head gone quiet, too.

Noise: Pythia manages to go both ways on this! While silence frightens her, a cacophany of sound that can just be narrowed down to being called noise isn't going to be something she tolerates well either. This is another reason why she avoids parties and crowds, and why during events she has to be present for she stays to the outskirts. Lots of talking, or firelizards and birds chirping, or anything, is a bit much.

Politics: Keep her out of it. She doesn't want leadership, she doesn't want to be involved in leadership, she doesn't want to hear about what's going on between the Weyrleaders and the Craftmasters and the Lord(s) Holder. It's not interesting and it's not worth her time.

* CLEVER: She has a sharp mind on her, and is a quick thinker. Paired with Miravith's natural agility this made them formidable against Thread, with Pythia's quick planning and her dragon's instantaneous response. Some of her witty ideas may seem ridiculous at first blush, but they more often work out than not.

* ILLUSTRATOR: She has some Harper training in drawing and handwriting, as much as she could get her hands on, and is highly practiced. Pythia's drawing skills are therefore quite good, and while she was never formally apprenticed, it's an asset that keeps her amongst Mountain Wing's cartographers.

* HARDWORKING : Pythia is super-dedicated to any task given. Even if it's a task she doesn't like. She might grumble about it under her breath to her dragon, to a friend, whoever -- but she's still going to do it as best she possibly can.

* CURIOUS : Her love for exploration and general wondering about things she had nothing to do with -- not in a sense that makes her nosy, because she cares a lot more about places than people -- can be seen as a strength, as she doesn't take it too far.

* PERSISTENCE : This could be taken as the positive side of her stubbornness, but there are times it is truly a strength; Pythia sticks to a plan and tries every way to make it work before admitting defeat. She's determined and driven to accomplish whatever goal she set out for.


* RECKLESS: That love for adventure, and that tendency to have ideas? They combine badly. Sometimes Pythia doesn't think the idea through all the way. Sometimes she doesn't think about what she's doing at all, and just does it ... not always checking with her wingleader first, either. Since she often works her way back out of the scrapes she's worked herself into, it has yet to lead to major reprimands in her tenure in Mountain. Yet.

* INSECURE: Sometimes the recklessness is born out of bravado, the same way that her natural distance from people and appearance of not caring whether or not she has any deep connections to anyone but Miravith is because of an assumption that no one likes her anyway. Being weyrmated challenged this, and becoming un-weyrmated set it right back where it was, no matter how casual a weyrmating it had been.

* BLUNT : Or you could call it harsh, or you could just call it rude. If the words are coming out of her mouth, you can pretty much expect that they're exactly what she thinks, and at least half the time they are unkind. Not because she's unkind, necessarily, but because often the words she bothers to say tend to be critical.

* IMPATIENT : Don't keep her waiting, you'll never hear the end of it. Pythia's impatience shows, very obviously. She twirls her hair around her finger; she paces. She wants people to know how done she is with waiting.

* STUBBORN : Set in her ways, it's hard to get Pythia to change her mind about anything. Hard to talk her into doing something she doesn't want to. She'll sway for the right people -- mostly her wing leadership or her family -- but it's rare and difficult for anyone she doesn't professionally answer to.

Describe Yourself:

* Quiet: Pointedly quiet and not shy. It isn't at all that Pythia is afraid of interaction, or anything that could be construed as 'shyness,' she's just one of few words in groups, and only truly opens up in one-on-one situations. This is because she's generally inclined to only respond to words addressed directly to her. She'll watch situations unfold in front of her with nothing but a grunt and a shrug, most of the time.

* Snarky: ... most of the time. Sometimes she has a playfully caustic interjection. "Playfully caustic interjection" is a lot of the way she interacts with people at all, really. 

* Unaffected: This really isn't bravado to mask her insecurity; there's a lot that Pythia really does just let roll off her. Sure, she believes that very few people care if she lives or dies, but that's just the way things ARE. She doesn't expect to ever find True Love, or a Proper Home, and those are just ... facts. They're things that aren't super great, but they aren't things that are  praying at her any more than simply acknowledging that they aren't the best. She can live without a place that feels like home, and she doesn't need an undying romance. Nor does she need a bosom friend or the answers to everything she asks. Her natural distance gets her by just fine most of the time ... though she would probably be happier if she were less disconnected, it's not something she's yet willing to attempt.

* Stoic: Going hand-in-hand with the above, she appears about as chill about most things as she actually is, and if she has strong feelings about something odds are those around her can't easily tell. Pythia does not even come close to wearing one single emotion on her sleeve (except when proddy, and then very little of this applies).

* Loyal: Once you have Pythia's trust, you might lose it again. But what you won't lose is her loyalty. She has people whose backs she will always have, once she's had them to start. Even if someone has lost her favor (and that's easy, she's a little bit fickle) they'd really have had to outright betray her to get her to betray them. It makes her a good person to confide in if wanting to divest of a particularly unpleasant secret. She's not going to tell anyone, and she probably doesn't care much, either. Her wing, especially, have her loyalties; they come even before her family.

The Magic Touch: Despite having a family who are all at Southern Winds and alive, and knowing she's lucky for it, Pythia is relatively distant. She doesn't consider herself of the Weyr, exactly. She doesn't belong to it. She just resides there when she isn't out exploring the rest of Pern. G'drik tied her to the Weyr a little more, when they were together, but her distance was a lot of what pushed their romance back into the zone of friendship. Pythia just prefers to be herself, and her dragon, and her firelizard -- her loyalty is to them, and to her Wingleader, more than it is to the Weyr. She cares less than she should about its leadership and what's going on there.

A tough nut to crack, socially speaking. It sometimes draws more people to her than she likes.


Mother: Piarlen,  cotholder. Born 2562.
Father: Yathonis, cotholder. Born 2560.

Older sister, Priya of Caedmith. Born 2562. Impressed 2580 at Fort Weyr.
Younger brother, Arlenis. Candidate. Born 2570.

Children: None.

This is a personal choice on Pythia's part, though it didn't begin that way, and she doesn't advertise it. While she engaged in just enough sexual activity as a Candidate to not be chastised, she kept it limited and brief, and never managed to conceive during that time. Weyr culture was new to her and loose sexuality never really sat well with how she handled people. Becoming pregnant just out of weyrlinghood, she miscarried due to frequent Betweening before she'd even known she was expecting; it happened again a few months later. Considering the idea of being pregnant has never appealed to her, Pythia has begun to do this deliberately and take several longer-than-normal trips between after each of Miravith's flights.

Others: G'drik and his Chernuth were a mated pair to Pythia and Miravith for some time. While they no longer live together and are no longer romantically involved they are still close enough to consider each other some form of family for all that they very rarely speak or see each other (Pythia rarely sees anyone). Pythia also has a small army of nieces and nephews (four or five) through Priya.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

* 2565, 0 Pythia's birth is into a small family adjusting from a terrible loss, but wasn't every family at the time? Her mother's two brothers were killed mere months before, leading to her being named in homage of them both.

* 2568, 3 The closure of High Reaches Hold due to lack of resources as a result of isolation. Pythia, parents and sister relocate to Tillek, where Pythia's brother is born a turn and a half later (early 2570).

* 2571, 6 Not long after the little family began to feel truly settled, further destruction requires having to pick up and move yet again, this time to Fort Hold. They're not comfortable calling themselves Weyr people, and so they aren't about to try to go there instead, despite the crowding.

* 2575, 10 Having always enjoyed writing and drawing, and basically anything that involved putting a shape onto a surface, Pythia is started out copying records in the Hold's archives, her first job. She's not bad at it, despite having a tendency to doodle that is quickly trained out by other members of the lower caverns staff.

* 2580, 15 Dragons riding Search select Pythia's sister Priya out of the crowded population as a Candidate for Kalestath and Leremith's clutch on the sands. After some discussion, Priya accepts the offer, but insists on bringing her younger siblings to the Weyr as well. The Hold, after all, is even more overcrowded than the Weyr might be, and maybe there are more opportunities for them there. The Weyr agrees to the addition of two more young bodies with lots of potential, and Pythia and Arlenis also relocate to Fort Weyr.

* 2580, 15 All three children are given firelizard eggs before leaving; hard-won gifts from concerned parents who don't know if they'll see their young ones again. Pythia's hatches into a blue shortly after she's settled in -- she has continued her work as a records-keeper and due to the hatching upsetting some inkwells, he is named Inkspot.

* 2580, 15 Priya is the second to Impress (and mere minutes after the egg hatches) at the hatching of Kalestath's clutch, to blue Caedmith. As far as Pythia is concerned, the dragon is just another sibling to her -- which suits him just fine as soon as they properly meet. She and her younger brother both adore her sister's dragon, and that's when Pythia starts to realize that she might really like a dragon of her own ... but a couple of clutches go by before anything is done about it.

* 2581, 16 Pythia is finally -- finally! -- asked to Stand shortly after Turnover. Promptly fails to Impress. Doesn't matter. It's a sign that she could be as good and as important to Pern as Priya, and for a middle child, that's certainly an important thing to know. During what time she can, she sets to learning to really train Inkspot. (It's kind of like practice for weyrlinghood, maybe?) For a blue he proves to be remarkably smart and manageable.

* 2582, 17 She gets the one hatching to herself before little brother Arlenis, only 12, is also asked to Stand. One would suppose it makes sense, as dragonriding seems to run in families, but that doesn't help any of her middle-child-syndrome. Of course the perfect youngest has to come along and make her look relatively unexceptional next to Priya-the-Immediately-Chosen and their parents' long-wanted son. While Pythia generally isn't too competitive, and really does love her siblings, she mostly expects Arlenis to Impress on his first try too, and leave her standing again.

* 2582, 17 Which doesn't happen. At the hatching of Tremath and Jenrath's clutch, Pythia finds her dragon ... or you could say Miravith finds her. It's a mixed-blessing of happy and tragic affairs, for Tremath betweens after the last hatchling finds his lifemate. To reflect on it later, Pythia might find it sad that Miravith grows up without her dam in her life, but it was also just as happy that Tremath and her rider weren't apart anymore as it was to see the eggs hatch.

* 2584, 19 At the end of Weyrlinghood, after a mandated amount of time in their own space to try to figure out where they stand, Pythia weyrmates clutchmate G'drik. Miravith repeatedly allows his brown to catch her because it seems to be what suits the situation best.

* 2585, 20 Pythia suffers a miscarriage before she even finds out she was pregnant. Upon finding out it was due to betweening, and not liking the idea of pregnancy or children, this turns into a tendency to make sure she takes long trips between anytime she has sex. Considering Pern's population problems, it also remains a secret.

* 2587, 22 The move to Fort Island and Southern Winds Weyr. Pythia's an enthusiastic founding member, as she gets to explore this whole mostly uncharted island. Some of the early maps are her aerial sketches, which manages to get her assigned to Mountain Wing after its formation. Shortly after -- or perhaps during -- the move, she and G'drik split up; no longer living together, they remain friends.


Pythia paced back and forth like a caged animal, hair wrapped around her finger in a way that looked almost painful, and nearly growled in frustration.  It was not odd to see her impatient when waiting on others to show up on time.  It was even more common when the time had clearly been told to the offending member.  Inkspot, sensing her annoyance, sent images of him going to search for said person.  He needed something to do other than sit on her shoulder after all.  He was a good finder!

Internally smiling she sent an image of the person and urged the firelizard to rush them along.
 With a cheap and a pop the blue creature went about his very important mission.  Pythia couldn't help but love the creature even if she wanted to kick whoever was keeping her waiting.  The young woman was rarely seen with anything other than a straight face and now was no real exception.
 Her pacing and hair twirling were her give aways though.  She just couldn't understand why people did not appreciate someone else's time.  She may be a green rider, often handed the stupid transport and messenger jobs, but she valued speed and time frames. 

This was to be a simple pick up and drop off mission and to be kept waiting for more than a few minutes was just not acceptable.  She nearly breathed a sigh of relief when Inkspot popped back in and imaged her a rather flustered looking man coming her way.  Taking a deep breath she let her hair go and waited.  When he showed up, huffing about being rushed, she looked down her nose at him and with a straight face replied, "It must be hard rushing to be half an hour late."

The complete lack of emotion on her face was the sticking point of her barb and she wasted no time taking his parcel and putting it in her pack.  Miravith did her best to look proper but she too hated these jobs and had a much harder time hiding it.  Eyes whirling she looked at her rider and huffed herself.  It was simply silly that she would have to do such a boring job when she could be flying for pleasure or lounging with some of her friends.  It was a blessing that the weather was lovely or she would have been hard pressed to fly.  It must suit her preferences, as everyone clearly knew.
Pythia I really don't like doing these sort of jobs.  Couldn't they find a green who likes this sort of thing?  Or a blue?  Blues are soo much better at dealing with THIS sort of thing.  I want to go lay in the sun. the green complained to her as she climbed up into her flight straps.  "Sorry dear but we have a job to do and, even if we don't like it, we have to do it the best possible.  It's bad enough the huffy little man kept us.  I like to deliver on time.  I guess we will have to settle with semi on time.  It seems to be the mode of professionalism some people expect."

Looking pointedly down at the man who was now practically purple with outrage.  What did she care though?  It wasn't like anyone really liked her much any way right?  Besides she was supremely annoyed with the whole thing as it was.  Why shouldn't she say exactly what she was thinking when it was simply the truth.  With a shrug she turned back to her dragon and sent her the mental image of their destination.  At least they would get to fly a little with this.   Flying was always a bright spot, even for less than appealing reasons.

Member Info...

Created By: Teak
Original profile by Aster
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable (because she's fitting into someone else's story), NPCed or killed depending on what works best for the site's story at the time. She would probably prefer to go out in a blaze of glory.
Mauling Permissions:
Look here for the different options!
 Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Lineart by Chantalcloud
Colors by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Color:  Green
Date of Birth:
2582, 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Gold Tremath
Clutch Father:
Bronze Jenrath
Mature Length: 21
Mature Height: 4.2
Mature Wingspan: 31.86

General Appearance...

As a hatchling, Miravith looked almost like a child's drawing of a hatchling, rather than an actual baby dragon -- big paws, big headknobs, scraggly wings, and a whippy tail, with a body that was clearly an afterthought, all painted a bright and bold green, with a few scribbles here and there of a much darker green, and a few spots that looked almost like white space, where the crayon had missed coloring her in.

That hasn't changed, but her general shape has definitely filled out. Her wings aren't as scraggly, more suiting of her form. The white spots are sleeker and look more like a distant glow or sheen of paleness than a messy spot. Her headknobs have also become proportional ... but the whippy tail and big paws remain. 


Mind Voice: Ocean tides, washing up on the sand. Bubbly ripples of tiny little waves. Her actual voice is a little sing-song and smooth, accompanied always by at least a faint water-like soundtrack.

Likes: Naps: what dragon doesn't appreciate a nice rest in the sun?

Nice Things in general: where Pythia cares not at all about prettiness and baubles, Miravith cares a lot. She just loves pretty things. She wishes Pythia wore pretty things. Their weyr has pretty things in it, just because they're Miravith's.

Flying: Really, it's hard to keep her on the ground.

Other dragons: Miravith is the social butterfly that Pythia isn't. So it's a good thing her communication can go across long distances! She has lots more friends than her rider, and does her best to keep in touch with all of them. (She doesn't have many bronze friends; see below.)

Dislikes: Bronzes: Not every single one, she'll make some exceptions, but generally she considers them big bossy blowhards. She hasn't spoken to enough blacks to determine if they make the big bossy blowhard cut yet.

Mating flights: Okay, so DURING them she likes them okay. Before, and after, Miravith is perpetually uncomfortable. Being proddy's an itch she can't scratch and she hates it. Afterward she's usually a little embarrassed by how she might have behaved.


* AGILITY : Miravith isn't a large green, and therefore definitely isn't a large dragon: she has the gift of being a fast dragon, but also an acrobatic one. There's an elegance to the way she flies and a gentle cautiousness to the way she lands ... but most importantly to her wing is the way that she can fit places that other dragons, even other greens, might not. She's good at tight landings and weird takeoffs, and squeezing into spots that one wouldn't expect to find a dragon.

* MEMORY : For a dragon she's got remarkable recall. Especially for a green, when they're known for having the smallest brains (at least before the reds were around), whether or not it's actually true. Her memory for specific locations is especially sharp, and she's also got good recall for people and (strangely) types of plants. She does a good job of weeding through Pythia's memory when she knows she doesn't know something, too.


* PICKINESS : Oh boy, is she a fussy one. This dragon is outrageously particular about so many things -- from her sleeping spots and landing spots to her suitors to who her rider talks to to what sort of weather she's willing to fly in (which can change depending on the day) -- that it can be a detriment to wing duties at times. It's definitely a detriment to restdays, as Miravith will move about and re-settle a thousand times before figuring out where, how and when to take her nap. She only pushes against Pythia directly, never to her wingleader, but her demands that things are just-so can definitely be a setback and a slowdown.

(Though it's probably also become something of a joke across the wing, maybe an order good-naturedly given with "so long as Miravith doesn't have any objections today" tacked onto the end.)

* LAZINESS : Miravith's also a little bit of a bum at times. She likes just hanging out. She'll whine about long trips, and take long, leisurely, sunny soaks in the nearest body of water after a harrowing flight or other duty -- even though she also complains about not getting to fly most of the time! Consistency definitely isn't one of her strong points. It's nigh impossible to get her to do anything that isn't specifically her duty, either. Don't expect her to play courier unless it's to somewhere far off!

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #a9c9a4; Text: #0a5210

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flight dates, courtesy an Excel function:

Miravith is not a force-catch; she's quick, lithe and picky. 

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Lineart by VagabondSentinel
Colors by SirAlahn
Flit Details

As the two words would be pronounced
Date of Birth:
2580, 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Inkspot's look actually doesn't much suit his name, as one would associate ink with darkness and he's quite the opposite: a pale powder blue with some brighter spots in a blaze along his snout and dappled on his paws and tail. His wings are abnormally large for his size and color and will drag on the ground a little if he walks.   


Mind Voice: Inkspot's communication method tends to be about 98% imagery. Words have never been something he's got, though if you repeat one to him enough he can respond with the corresponding picture, so it seems more that he understands them but has zero interest in attempting to use them. He also responds better to mental pictures from Pythia than any sort of word ... but it makes him pretty good at reporting back what he sees when searching in caves for her. 

* Finding things. He worked out to be a great fit for Mountain Wing, but this started out as being trained to locate people's lost socks in the candidate quarters. Inkspot enjoys it when Pythia (or Miravith) gives him a mental picture and sets him in the direction of whatever's missing.

* Games. Playing with someone is a fantastic display of affection, and he appreciates that; he also is a firelizard who likes a bit of a mental challenge, so a game with a goal is a good way to entertain him. Whether his small brain actually comprehends the correct goal or not is a different question.

* Sudden loud noises. They startle him to a point where he decides to make loud noises right back - lots of shrieks and squawks. (He is Pern's angry parrot.) This isn't fun for anyone else involved.

* Idle ... claws? Not working, essentially. Inkspot is very energetic and defies the lazy lizard stereotype; he never wants to settle down, but he also generally wants a task or a challenge. No matter how good he may or may not be at meeting the goals set for him, he's usually harassing Pythia to give him some kind of order.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
In case they are ever picked up and played (by me or anyone else, let's be real), Inkspot is brother to Priya's green firelizard and Arlenis' bronze.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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