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Author Topic: Approved Harsaia [10.07.2570/ Candidate]  (Read 243 times)

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Harsaia [10.07.2570/ Candidate]
« on: September 04, 2018, 09:59:23 PM »

Play By:
Eleanor Tomlinson

Sigh, Har
Date of Birth:
10.07.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Healer Hall
Job Before Search:
Healer Apprentice
Color Preference:
Harsaia is like most girls on Pern and wants a gold but truthfully she would be happy on any female dragon.  She has never been terrible fond of the idea of flying a bronze or brown as she is a bit of a traditionalist.  So Red, Green, Gold.  Whichever suits her or your plot like purposes. 
Future Rider Name:
She will keep her full name Harsaia
Spouse or Weyrmate:
None at this time

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Harsaia is a rather average looking woman and she knows it.  She stands at a decent 5'7", has a healthy figure, and skin that reflects her habit of being in doors helping stitch people up.   Big blue eyes and red hair may be her only stand out features to most.  Her hair is wild and curly like a mane and therefore she must braid it back in order to work or do anything useful or risk it in everything.   When braided it falls to mid back in a thick rope that weighs heavily on her head.  She has often joked about chopping it off but loves her locks a bit too much to follow through. 
More on the conservative side, Harsaia tends to wear long skirts, pants, and dresses.  She isn't one for running around with too much skin visable.  This is also a result of working with healers who tend to be too busy to be frivolous.  When she does dress up she prefers lovely dresses sewn by someone with skill and fashion sense.  Harsaia will be the first to admit that she loves pretty things.  While she may not want extravagance that did not mean she refused small luxuries when they were appropriate. 
As a woman who grew up with sharp objects it is really no suprise that she has ended up with a few scars over the years.  The most notice worthy being a harsh slash through the side of her right foot.  Dropping a sharp surgical implement on your foot, while wearing soft leather was not smart.  The resulting scar has left her with a bit of a complex about going barefooted like some.  There are also small knicks and cut scars all over her hands. 

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Being rather young during the end of the pass has been a benefit to Harsaia in a lot of ways.  She was not old enough for most of the fall but was still alive to see the very end and feel the fear and panic most, including herself, felt when they realized there was nothing left.  The loss of life alone was enough to stagger the mind.  As she became old enough to understand what was happening she slowly developed a determination to help those that did survive in any way she could.  Healing, at the time, seemed the best thing she could do.  When the new home was discovered the sense of relief and hope bloomed in her.  She could take her skills to help them as they settled.  There were bound to be an over whelming need for healers as they set up a new life.

Response to dragon color mutations: How do they feel about the new Black Rider Weyrleader and the mutations in the clutches?  A trandionalist by nature, it was hard for Harsaia to come to terms with the new mutations at first.  What had happened to the lovely dragons they had come to rely on?  Was it an illness?  Her first response was to ask a Master if they should start testing the dragons for a new illness.  Was it a result of messing with the red star?  The pull of moons had an odd biological effect on life why wouldn't that?  Finally she came to accept it.  Dragons were what they were and they were what the planet needed to survive.  If they weren't crazy, sick, or a threat then really they must just learn to live with them.  Besides they were awfully pretty weren't they?

Who are you...

Pretty things:  Harsaia loves pretty things.  Not flashy but delicate, colorful things.  With the world falling apart around you and resources slim it was rare to find such things.  For this reason, Harsaia, has an unbridled love for the rare pretty.
Anatomy:  The way a body, human, animal, dragon is put together makes her oddly happy.  It all makes sense when you can follow each part and how it connects to the next.  If only other things in life were that easy.
Music:  If she hadn't taken up with Healing, Harsaia would have loved to be a Harper.  The ability to pass on knowledge to the next generation has always appealed to her.  Plus Harpers have access to vast records through music and other mediums.  Music can calm, excite, ignite, and comfort.  It is beautiful and inviting. 
Firelizards: They are such pretty, intelligent creatures.  If she can't have a dragon she would surely love a few of these little beauties.  A constant companion is an idea she has held close to her heart since she was young. 
Drawing: Unlike some, Harsaia does not draw pretty landscapes but the insides of dragons, humans, and all creatures as she can.  Her love of anatomy has led to her love of realistic drawing.  Not to mention she hopes to some day use her own diagrams and work to teach youngsters.
Cleanliness:  Harsaia loves things to be clean and well maintained.  Whether it be storage caverns, kitchens, or her own personal space.  The feeling of a well cleaned space is satisfying in more ways than she could say. 

Mess/Disorderly: As the opposite to her love of all things clean it is no surprise that she hates the messy.  How hard is it to simply clean up after yourself?  Chores and other such duties are there for a reason.  If things are messy or disorderly it sends her into a fit.  Dirt in general will cause her to immediately start cleaning.  Being a healer apprentice has also instilled in her the need for things to be clean as it is a safety issue.  If you ever want to set her into a panic drop her in some mud.
Rudeness:  There is no excuse for rude behavior.  If you can't say something nice or polite then darn well keep your thoughts to yourself.  Harsaia has been known to glare down anyone who can't be civil. 
Cooking:  While she appreciates others for cooking, Harsaia hates the task herself.  She is terrible at it and knows it.  The need to chop, stir, and sprinkle things is an art but one she does not understand well.  She loves to eat the fruits of kitchen staff labor but woe to those who are forced to sample her attempts.
Useless Conflict:  Are you fighting over a woman/man?  Do you have the bigger whatever?  Well, Harsaia could care less.  Fighting should be reserved for thread, protection, and that is about it.  Petty fights were the root of too many injuries.  Frankly she did not understand why people couldn't just talk thing out more like reasonable humans.  Given permission, Harsaia would take a broom to each and every person who did such stupid things.


* Reason : Harsaia is a firm believer in using your brain before your fists.  She is very good at using reason to cool situations and to figure out simple/er solutions to problems.  Most things in life have an easy solution if you just use your brain to figure it out.

* Delicate Hand Work : Working with her hands has always been a strength for Harsaia.  Doing delicate stitching and or drawings is made easier by her steady hands and attention to detail.  It helps that she has very nimble fingers.

* Taking Control : Have things descended into chaos?  Call Harsaia to save the day.  She is quite good at coming into a situation, assessing it, and then organizing those around into getting crap done.  No none sense, and no arguments should be added to this.  She wouldn't call herself a leader but when she has to be you better believe she will be.

* Impartiality/Mediation : Following the same vein of traits and you have a great mediator in Harsaia as well.  She is a no-nonesense girl but she will listen to both sides and take into consideration all angles before coming to a conclusion.  If you just need a third party to sit there and listen and keep the peace for a debate she is also good for this. 

* Quick Witted: Coming into a situation, be it dangerous or just plain messy, and she will quickly come up with a game plan to resolve the situation.  Your orginal plan didn't work?  Well then let her hop in and come up with a back up!

Weaknesses: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Pig Headed : When Harsaia believes in something she really believes in it!  This has often led to confrontation she did not wish to have.  As a mostly traditional girl she has often clashed opinions with those who think that being too rooted to how things were is wrong.  Harsaia likes to stick to her guns on her own beliefs and will openly defy anyone who tries to force her to do other wise.

* Stand Offish : Harsaia doesn't let others get to close  to her easily.  She is a good listener because she is able to remain impartial with most people.  This is accomplished by not being too close with others.  Her inability to be immediatly warm with others has left her rather lonely and gives others the impression that she is uppity.

* Fighting : Because she believes in using her sharp wit and sharp tongue to fight her battles, Harsaia has never really learned much about fighting.  If it were to come down to physical blows she knows she would lose.  She would like to remedy this but who has the time?

* Tunnel Vision : It is not uncommon for Harsaia to miss a dinner, meeting, or other important event due to the fact that she is too focused on some other activity.  If she is studying you have to prod her.  If she is working on salves you have to drag her away or remind her of the time.  Once she is set to a task she is all focus on that task.

* Naive : Harsaia is, by no means, unintelligent but she does have a tendency to believe in others.   She grew up hearing that girls road gold boys road all else, and she believed it.  Someone swears they will do such and such and she will believe them till they do not.  Others have often found this trait and used it against her.  If not for her ability to adapt to change in plans she would have been in a lot of trouble.   Despite this she still ends up hurt and or used for a lot of things.

Describe Yourself:

* Honest: ----- Harsaia will always tell you the truth even if that truth gets her in trouble.  Lies and deceit have never been something she found much store in and telling them has always made her a bit sick.  It doesn't help that her face always gives her away.

* Expressive: ----- As stated above, her face always gives her away.  If you have made her angry you will know.  Is she happy?  Oh you will know!  Her face is a moving picture of her emotions and openness.

* Vengeful: ----- Have you ever heard the saying, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."?  Harsaia lives by a similar policy.  Be polite and kind but if someone uses you then you get even.  She doesn't believe in physical altercation but you better believe that she is smart and will come up with a way to let you know her displeasure.

* Loving: ----- Though she may not have many people who are close to her, those that are she treats like precious metal.   She is kind and thoughtful of most people but if she truly cares for you she will go out of her way to make you feel wanted and appreciated.  The same goes for anyone she is told to care for or nuture.  When she helped in the creche as a kid she would lovingly coddle the little ones in her care.  It is not a quality many see but those that do know it to be pretty all encompasing.

* Thoughtful: ----- Harsaia is often trapped in her own mind and thoughts.  Most think of thoughtful people as those who care for others but in Harsaia's case it is used in the sense that she is constantly thinking.  Her mind very rarely shuts off and she is often lost to her own thoughts.  There are so many interesting things in the world and new problems are constantly popping up and Harsaia would like to solve them.

The Magic Touch: Harsaia has a tendency to stand at the back of a crowd, not because she is shy, but because she likes to watch people and take the measure of a situation.  If you see everything that is going on you are more able to make a plan based on the facts.
She also has the habit of wandering late at night.  Due to her mind being consistantly active she also has trouble sleeping.  If you see her wandering this is probably because she can't get something off her mind.


Mother: Saiagn, 45, Journeyman Healer.
Father: Harfellin, 46, Journeyman Healer

Siblings: None

Children: None

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life, a small description of what happened, and their emotional reaction to the event with no more than 5 turns between each event.

* 2570, 0 Harsaia was born to two healer apprentices who then proceeded to marry on the demands of their families.  She wasn't a sought after pregnancy but she was well loved and her parents were happy.  Being the only child she was the first grandbaby to both families as well.  This, fortunately, was only fact for about a half turn.  Her uncle soon provided another not 6 months later.

* 2575, 5 Harsaia drops scaple on her foot and soon learns to be careful around sharp objects.  Living with Healers she was well cared for but the resulting scar left her self conscious of her feet.  This is also one of the events that made her want to be a healer.  Seeing how her mother was able to fix her was highly fascinating to the young girl once the pain was eased.

* 2579, 9 Harsaia begins studying as a healer unofficially with her parents.  Her goal to be a great healer one day is supported by both parents.  It is also this turn that her parents finally give up on having another child.  After many turns of trying they come to the conclusion that if it is meant to be it will be.  Though she would have liked a sibling it is not one of the main worries the young girl has.  Being her parent's only child has been nice as well.

* 2581, 12 Is allowed to help deliver a baby.  The shock is soon out weighed by the interest she takes in reproductive behaviours.  Her amazement at the human body and what it is capable of is only maginified.  One of the few young ones there that did not get sick she is soon brought in to another proceedure.  A man who fell on a sharp object and cut his stomach open needs stitching.  Seeing the muscles and the way they lay and are put back together further shoves her down the road of interest and discovery of anatomy.   This also marks her official start as an apprentice.

* 2583, 13 Kisses her first boy.  She wanted to know what it was like and decided that any boy was as good as another.  With this in mind she grabbed the first one of her age group to cross her path one day and kissed him in a rush.  It was not as impressive as she would have liked but she was not repulsed either.  She proceeded to have an admirer for the next 2 turns.

 * 2585, 15 Agrees to study under the healer in charge of most surgical proceedures.  Her steady hand and delicate fingers making her an ideal candidate for his craft.  She is beyond happy and proud to be so.

* 2587, 17 Harsaia is pulled in search to stand for the eggs on the sand of the new Weyr.  This is done before she can become a journeywoman.  At first she is disappointed but knows that it is her duty to stand.  This is also the turn she loses her virginity as a requirement to stand.  Once again she is not impressed with her first experience but not disgusted either.  She is there for the hatching of the first mutated dragon and this sends her on a quest to find out if it is a healthy mutation or an illness.  Completely fascinated by dragons and how they work she begins to document their anatomy and to bug healers about how they function and are healed.

* 2588,  18 After failing to impress again, Harsaia accepts the attentions of a brown rider.  The relationship lasts for three months before it is broken by his finding another woman to weyrmate with.  Harsaia, hurt and feeling lied to, proceeds to work on a plan of vengence.  She does not want him back but she does wish for revenge in the way he went about it.  With no children yet she was free to behave as she wished.

* 2589, 19 The brown rider is killed while out, she was told it was a Hunter attack, and she is robbed of her chance at revenge.  Harsaia also now struggles with the guilt of having wanted revenge on someone who was meant to die for the weyr.  She contemplates befriending his weyrmate so they might grieve together. 

*Special Note: As it is common for most girls to have been married by the age of 13-14 it may be viewed as odd that Harsaia is not married or without children.  As her parents were forced into a marriage before they were ready they tried to be kinder to their daughter.  Waiting till she was 15 before they attempted to make matches.  The first turned out to be a poor match.  Harsaia and the boy fought from the second they met, he was a bully, and therefore it was called off.  The second ended up getting another girl pregnant, so that wouldn't work.  There was a young healer she fancied but when they tried to set the two up he was found to prefer a different kind of partner.  Despite this Harsaia held out hope till she was searched that she would find a match.  When she was searched and had her first sexual experience she thought she would be pregnant and find a match that way, but for some reason she did not grow with child.  All of this is partially why she felt so betrayed by the rider she had a fling with.  She had hoped to find a partner in him but he betrayed her for another.  No children were forth coming from this as he convinced her to ride between with him as she couldn't "risk" pregnancy till after she impressed.  Soon after he told  her of the other woman.    Harsaia secretly fears she will forever be alone and childless and it is a very touchy subject for her. 

Rolling her eyes as she watched the two men, bloody and bruised from fighting, Harsaia slowly pulled out the materials she would need to patch them up.  She truly hated senseless fighting and this was yet another case of that.  The move to a new Weyr and land had taken it's toll on everyone's patience  but this was just silly.  To hurt each other when there were already so many things that were willing do to that for you was stupidity.  With a narrowing of eyes and a pulsing vein in her neck she walked to the first.
Leveling a dissatisfied look on the two she shook her head.  "Fighting like two little boys over a silly disagreement while drinking.  How you are not embarrassed beyond reason eludes me.  You better be glad they have me on healer duty today or I would take a broom to the both of you fools." she grumbled to them as she cleaned their cuts, set the one man's nose, and slapped a bandage harshly on the other's cut wrist.
"If it were up to me I would let the two of you sit and stew a bit.  Sadly it is not and I am not really built for leaving others to suffer." she sighed softly.  She talked harshly but softly.  She hated this sort of violence but she also hated to see others in pain.  "Now both of you better patch things up or avoid each other.  If I see you in here again for something so silly I will sew you up without numbweed." she smiled sweetly with an evil glint in her eyes. 
Both men nodded sheepishly to her as they took her instructions and she went to the next patient of the day.  It had been a relatively quiet day despite this and she was hoping she could escape to her most recent dragon drawing.  She wanted to make notes on the wings and ask the Master Healer when she next saw them.  It was her hope, if she impressed or not, to be a dragon healer.   Humans were fine and dandy but dragons were so much better.   They were also less likely to tear each other apart because of a mild disagreement.  Their anatomy was vastly more interesting as well.  The current drawing was of a particularly beautiful blue that she wished to measure and examine.
Sighing again she looked at the little girl in front of her.  She was feverish but cheerful.  "Ok little one lets get that fever down and rest hmm?" she smiled kindly as she gently stroked her head.  This was one patient she was more than happy to work on.  Children, while sometimes difficult, were so fresh and new to most things.  It was refreshing and made her feel like she was doing real good.

Member Info...

Created By: Teak
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable or NPC would be prefered.  You may kill them if it helps make a plot super spiffy
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:
Have fun with her!  If you need me for any plots let me know!  I am down for whatever and don't really have boundaries :D

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Re: Harsaia [10.07.2570/ Candidate]
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Re: Harsaia [10.07.2570/ Candidate]
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2018, 11:31:57 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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