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Author Topic: Event The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching  (Read 1571 times)

Offline R'ghal

Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #50 on: September 14, 2018, 07:27:41 AM »
Ren settled the last folded piece of laundry from his pile onto the table with the rest of it. The cloth was neatly folded with precise corners and creases that almost perfectly matched the lines of the stack below it. With a satisfied nod, he turned to check on the status of the other candidate he’d been paired with for this particular chore today. His mood quickly soured at the sight of a measly couple of sheets haphazardly folded into what looked like a poor attempt at a square, followed by the exceedingly slow pace of the candidate. He didn’t care if the other’s mind was off in la-la-land, but there should at least be better folds if only two were completed so far. Either than or more sloppy ones done.

Annoyed that he’d be stuck here until the slacker was finished making them both look bad, Rendaghal crossed to the other table. “Move aside,” he growled at the same time as shoving the other candidate over. He grabbed the topmost “folded” sheet and held one corner to watch how easily it unraveled, before proceeding to fold it the right way. Even doing the few over again, he would still be done sooner than if he’d waited for the other candidate. He couldn’t quite recall the boy’s name. He could use the excuse of him being on the newer side of candidacy, but that didn’t always make a difference where Ren was concerned. He didn’t make it a point to remember names.

Fortunately, for both of them, the hatching was announced. Ren finished the sheet he was on and then hurried from the room without bothering to see if the other candidate was following behind. He wasn’t his problem anymore. At least, not if he Impressed. If he didn’t, well he’d likely end up back there in a few candlemarks to finish the dimglows’ work.

Ren snatched the robe he’d already left hanging over his bed post and threw it around himself so he could begin working his arms through while already striding purposefully to the Sands. He didn’t have the patience, or friends really, to bother waiting for anyone else. He wanted to be on the Sands before any of them hatched to make sure he had every opportunity to find his dragon. Those thoughts were quickly dashed, however, when he walked onto the Sands and saw the four red dragons playing already before hardly any candidates or viewers had arrived.

Well, they weren’t his concern. As other candidates filed in, he moved himself further away from them. He didn’t care how obviously distant he was from the rest of the pack. Let them all tumble into one another if a hatchling went their way. He wanted space between him and them. This way, if a dragonet happened in his direction, it would likely be more intentional. Rendaghal spread his feet into a wide stance, as if ready to fight any dragon who might approach him. His arms crossed against his chest as he settled in to wait for the one he wanted.

It took forever, but finally the loud and obnoxious red dragons had all Impressed and released his mind from their torment. “Thank Faranth,” he muttered as the last one stepped off the sands. If they could have no more reds for the rest of the clutch, it would be a blessing. Nine was far too many already. A loud roar snapped his attention back to the eggs, and to the first black dragon. Ren had never been particular between black or bronze. Both were strong, ferocious warriors. But there was always something about the entrance of the black dragons that drew—no, demanded—his attention. And they certainly had it.

But this black dragon gracefully moved across the Sands in a direction not toward him, and Impressed another. Well, aside from his initial entrance, there hadn’t been anything else that stood out to Rendaghal. Not that he was sure exactly what else he was looking for, but surely he’d know? The next dragon his attention turned to was the first bronze of the clutch. He wasn’t exactly sure what to make of the helpful bronze, who seemed more like a loveable playmate at the moment than a fierce dragon.

There was no more time to worry about that, though, as a second black dragon burst through his egg in an instant. This dragon was…well, large. Not in terms of length, but in sheer bulk that might make anyone think twice before tangling with him. Ren watched him, his eyes fixed on him and the pure animosity that radiated from him. Without any real warning, the black had charged the bronze.

He didn’t know when he’d stepped forward. All he knew was that he wanted to get closer; to see the tangle from a better angle. It was then that the black dragon seemed to look away from the fight and in his direction. Rendaghal stepped forward again. You’re mine, Rintoth, he thought to himself. He paused. Rintoth? I’m hungry. Stop staring and feed me, R’ghal. I need my strength if I’m to fight anymore of my brothers.

R’ghal? Sweet Faranth, he’d Impressed! He finished making his way across the sands to where Rintoth waited for him. You let a bronze get the better of you, he remarked pointedly. Rintoth made a low hissing noise and swatted at him with his tail. Give me some food and I’ll take on any of my brothers. R’ghal side-stepped to avoid the tail and grinned. He helped his injured bonded from the Sands, as much as the young and proud black would let him help.

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Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #51 on: September 14, 2018, 07:54:11 AM »
Technically, this was supposed to be a serious business. However, like so many things in life that didn't mean humor needed or was absent. Far from it, as Sionann got her own legs back underneath her own body so she was no longer in danger of accidental trampling by either candidate or hatchling. It allowed her to catch sight of the blue untangling himself, Sionann knew it would have been easy to miss the arrival but it made her smile given the comparison to her own recent state.

Not that she imagined a blue would come for her, although as usual Sionann would make every effort to take advantage of being able to reach and touch any passing hatchling "Oh! Careful..." the two green girls tangled and attempting to sort themselves was also amusing and perhaps it was good that she had this moment and chance to actually smile. It had been hard to watch their brothers and sisters seek out someone else but Sionann was starting to settle down into that quasi-contentment as they passed the point where half the eggs had cracked open and the odds were narrowing swiftly down toward zero when it came to her own chances.

It was looking more likely that it would be another period of waiting. Another time of standing on the Sands but as one of the older candidates it would be necessary for someone to help with the others who left (some for the first time) without a partner joining them.

Realizing some sand lingered on her hands she rubbed them together, watching the second Bronze and the greens pairing themselves up as well. Who would be next? There had been a bumper crop of reds, could there be any more left?

Offline Oskendar

Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #52 on: September 14, 2018, 05:15:59 PM »
Halfway through, and his chances of impression were slowly slipping away. It didn't make him feel as panicked as it may have however. He hadn't been a candidate for overly long, he'd heard horror stories of others who had been searched at 12 and had stood all the way until they got kicked out for being too old. As it was he simply enjoyed each experience for what it was, whether he impressed or not.

The fight between black and bronze was certainly the most interesting occurrence of the night however. Clearly showing the antagonism between both colours from day dot. Everyone in the Weyr had vaguely noted that the end of this turn would see the first official clutch of blacks graduate (even if one had jumped the gun by catching Imyth). Oskendar for his part, was very curious to see what became of them in the Wings. He hoped that their obvious predilection towards violence would be turned towards the betterment of the Weyr as a whole, instead of just being shoved in a corner and locked away, marked as 'too difficult to deal with'.

Watching the little greens find their bondeds also held a special place in his heart, the variety of personalities in their colour evident even in the short amount of time he got to watch them. Breathing a silent sigh of relief when one bypassed Kharismene. Whether it was because she wanted a red and he was happy on her behalf, or whether it was because she would have likely continued on to Weyrlinghood without him. Osken wasn't sure.

Offline Saviavi

Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #53 on: September 14, 2018, 06:58:23 PM »
Patience paid off for the Bronze.. almost. No good deed goes unpunished, wasn’t that the saying? The sudden, startling challenge from the Black followed through just as abruptly. They fought, brutal and vicious as any creature she’d seen, and then it was done just as quickly. The ichor leaking from both of them was alarming but the fact that they could still walk and Impress seemed like a good sign. Perhaps they couldn’t resist the fight, but whatever innate dragonsense within them prevented the fatal blow. Savi wasn’t surprised to find her hands shaking when she took inventory of herself.

The Green that came next was heartbreaking in her obvious fear. She wanted to run forward and bury the gore beneath the sand but in the long run, that wouldn’t help. This island had a way of whittling out the weak, and starting on day one of a new creature’s life seemed more merciful than keeping them blind to the danger.

Saviavi was glad, nonetheless, when this dragon Impressed.

Another break between hatchings arrived. Her robes were drier now, but that meant she could feel the creep of sweat gathering at her neck and back and under her arms. It wasn’t uncomfortable yet, but she knew that it would be soon.

She used to hate this waiting time but now it was like a silver lining. Her nerves settled and her brain was able to slow down, to recount all of the positives and gloss over the negatives. Surely later when she was in the dark of her rooms she’d remember the negatives, but it was good to pretend all was well in this moment.

The next four dragons came in a batch. A Blue teased Oarlen with his tail and the second Bronze of the day had her hoping that no Blacks would emerge alongside it. The two Greens that followed were a relief and she exhaled the breath she’d been holding onto when they all Impressed quickly.

More broken shells than whole ones littered the sands now and Saviavi felt that familiar, depressing ache start in her stomach. There was a kind of desperation to it and again she recalled all of the various candidates that she’d come before, but hadn’t Impressed before. Weyrleaders, two of them now, and those lucky enough to get snatched up into the higher value wings. She wondered if they even cared to remember people like her, people that might as well be drudges for all their usefulness to the Weyr.

Offline Oarlen

Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #54 on: September 14, 2018, 10:27:24 PM »
Oarlen didn't stop watching the bronze as he picked his way forward, unable to stop himself from hoping he might be searching fir him. He knew he'd be pleased with any dragon that chose him, but those dreams of riding a bronze dragon through the sky made his heart beat faster. He shpuld have noticed the black, but he didn't until he'd collided with his brother.

Oarlen flinched at the sound the bronze made, and given the chance to consider how he felt later, would realise it was more about the violence than any understanding of the bronze's pain. The bronze fought back though, and Oarlen heeded the candidatemasters advice, not going forward as some may have been inclined to do lest he himself get hurt. Kalestath was not intervening, and though he did not like it, he wasn't being drawn to either one... which meant they weren't his... or hadn't found him yet.

It ended in a stalemate, with bith wandering off in opposite directions, though neither seeming to head to him... and then they were being taken off the sands by their new riders, neither one someone Oarlen knew very well.

He did feel for the green who hatched just after, her behaviour so unlike her brothers though she made her choice quickly enough. The lull that came directly after gave him enough time to start feeling fidgety again, and he played with the material of his robe absently. He knew there'd been lots of dragonets hatched, but was disinclined to count, enjoying the hatching for what it was despite the... dangers so far. Each egg meant he had a chance to impress this time, and until they were all gone, he wouldn't give in to the dark voice telling him they weren't for him.

No point hastening it with an actual count.

The next few hatched quickly, though the blue caught Oarlen's attention, its tail wrapping around his leg briefly and earning himself a low "Hello." from the young candidate. But it was a physical thing only, and Oarlen was disheartened as he wandered away, finding his nearby and being moved off the sand after a brief interaction.

Three more hatched and impressed without fanfare, and despite himself Oarlen flicked a glance over the remaining eggs, biting at his lip before he shifted once again to watching the candidates instead.

They were doing well. He was sure O'sir would be proud of their behaviour, though he didn't have the last turns hatching to compare. He was sure most of the danger had passed when the last red impressed... so long as the second black proved to be the most aggressive of the lot.

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Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #55 on: September 14, 2018, 10:29:02 PM »
Not long after the pair of Greens found their way off the Sands, another egg at the front of the clutch rocked and wiggled with the movements of the dragon within [20]. With so few eggs left near it, at the very least it wasn’t in much danger of knocking others over—as it tipped onto its side and spun on the ground, sending a spray of grains flying.

The baby within finally broke free as the spin rolled to a stop, butting their head through the shell and forcing their way out with use of their headknobs. Some of the sharp edges of the shell scraped against their hide, but it was hard to see the scratches against her already green self. As gentle and soft a shade as the green egg behind her, she yawned hugely and then licked at the clear fluid on her forepaws. After a few moments, she actually seemed to judge they were mostly clean—or else give up on getting clean at all—and then made her way toward the Candidates.

But she was perhaps the most graceless hatchling yet to emerge from the clutch, careening from side to side and eventually tumbling and sitting down hard on her rear midway between the rest of her unhatched siblings and the Candidates. Come get me, she whined, reaching out to the rider she was meant for. Walking is difficult.

At least she was small enough to carry.

As her bonded stepped forward to claim her, another of the few remaining eggs cracked open at the crown of its dusty green shell [25]. From the opening popped the shiny head of another Blue, gleaming in the light and with his eyes whirling a quick orange. Nosing at the remaining bits of egg with his snout, he broke off progressively larger portions until he was finally able to step out of the husk.

Much more put together than his Green sister, he picked his way carefully through shards of egg after taking a moment to sort out his legs and get his balance. Large wings dragging on the sand, he wasted little time in heading toward the Candidates. Blinking slowly, he simply made his way over to the one whose mind had called out to him, and bumped his nose against their leg. The bond made as rainbows bloomed in his faceted eyes, that pair soon followed the previous ones out to the Pavilion.

No sooner had they done so than two eggs hatched simultaneously, bursting open almost as though the dragonets within had planned it that way. Sitting next to each other on the right hand side of the clutch, the two shells gave up their contents in a shower of fluid and glossy dark bodies [7 and 8].

Far bigger than what seemed reasonable for being curled up in the eggs, the two Blacks practically fell over one another, and snarled at each other as they tangled together in limbs, tails, and wings. Get off, one of them hissed at the other, flaring his wings to make himself look bigger and inadvertently whapping the other in the face. Quit crowding me.

You’re the one that ran into me! He snapped at the wing in his face, but his brother pulled the sail away just in time to avoid his teeth.

You’re too fat. The narrower of the two pushed at his fellow and managed to extract himself from their jumble of grey and black hide. Baring his teeth again, the larger Black growled, Am not.

Are too. Now go away. I’m hungry. Striking off across the Sands, the narrower proved faster too, gaining his balance before his larger brother and bounding over to his future rider.

Lumbering after him with a more rollicking gait, wings flopping along at his sides, the second Black claimed a boy nearby—but made a point to glare at his sibling and give him a wide berth.

Spoiler for OOC:
Egg 20 – Green 005 to NPC
Egg 25 – Blue 003 to NPC
Egg 7 – Black 003 to NPC
Egg 8 – Black 004 to NPC

Some more mutations and the like for your apping pleasure. <3 Only two more admin posts and we’ll be done with this Hatching. If you still have yet to snag the “Attend a Hatching” egg, you still have some time to post in it with a character watching the goings-on. :3
This is an NPC account acting on behalf of said terrible beasties of Southern Winds Weyr and the other natural disasters.

Southern Winds Staff
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Offline Oarlen

Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #56 on: September 15, 2018, 09:10:32 PM »
The next hatching wasn't too much of a wait, and Oarlen focussed on the egg as it rocked over, spinning around with the force of the dragonet's attempts to escape. He was happy Kalestath stopped them getting much closer to the eggs, as the movements flung sand around, knowing full well the scorching sting that it could cause to bare flesh.

The egg finally stopped, and a bulge gave way to the green within, clawing her way out rather than the almost explosion of eggshells that happened to many, and in no great rush to impress it seemed. She started moving after a while, though she didn't seem to have any ability to coordinate her feet at wall, swaying this way and that as if unable to support herself.

Had her eyes been grey or her hide dull, Oarlen may have worried that she hadn't properly developed, but clumsy dragonets weren't unusual, despite her being a mark above the rest for her own clumsiness, and she simply refused to move any further after a particularly bad stumble that had her onnher rump and glaring in their direction.

Still nothing touched his mind, and another candidate moved forward to scoop her up, Kalestath not appearing to mind the approach, though he would not want to go any closer to the eggs than the green herself was.

Distracted, he missed yet again another blue entering the sands, this one having an easier time of getting his limbs under control and picking his way forward. Oarlen wondered at the wings dragging in the sand, but like with the greens lack of grace it wasn't an unseen thing... and the dragons certainly tolerated the scorching sands better than they did.

Another successful impression followed by a louder cracking sound as two eggs split apart in unison, a tangled mass of claws and teeth bursting out of them along with another foreign voice in his head, the slight headache that had been caused by the exuberant reds blooming up again at the intrusion.

The sounds of snarling babies was perhaps not as heartstopping as their adult counterparts, but it was no less worrying. The hatchlings were quick, however, and it was almost... friendly compared to the attack on the bronze earlier. Like siblings shoving eachother as opposed to a proper fight. The fact they didn't seem to hold back on their actions was hard to miss... had either one been caught off guard there would have probably been more ichor staining the sands.

The did break apart and stream towards the candidates, though Oarlen couldn't say he was disappointed they didn't head his way. He didn't want to get caught underneath either of them, and he didn't think they'd be inclined to worry about whether or not he got out of their way.

As they nimpressed, Oarlen turned to the eggs, a resigned happiness in his chest at just how few eggs there were now. Not so many chances for him now, but he'd lasted almost the whole thing. So that was nice.

Now he just wanted to anticipate the next one, curious to see how they made their way into the world this time. 

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Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #57 on: September 15, 2018, 09:36:58 PM »
In the wake of the two Black dragonets, the next to hatch was another milder, easier one. The pale green egg right near the middle of the clutch was broken open from the side, a Brown forepaw chipping away at the shell [16]. But he seemed to be taking his time, in no particular hurry despite the degree of hunger he surely must feel.

Behind him, another of the dragonets was not so patient—at least to hatch. His dark blue tail smashed through the bottom of his egg, crumbling it from within, and he nosed his way out of the rest of the cap that remained behind [17]. He was a stunning Blue, as dark as the night sky but with patches so light they looked like snow and frost. And as he spread his wings to let the sails dry, no longer pressed so tight against his body, the membranes seemed reminiscent of powdery flakes in a snow storm.

Now that he was out of his egg, though, he scarcely seemed in as much of a rush as the Brown. Allowing himself to dry as he passed by his hatching brother, his progress across the sand was stately and slow, but purposeful.

A forward egg to his right—the last one—broke apart in a number of pieces all at once, the dragon within having been working at weakening it as his siblings hatched [13]. The tell-tale shine to his hide, though he was dark, made it clear that he was the clutch’s third Bronze rather than another Brown. The dark Blue paused to watch, eyes wide and observant, and chirped a crisp, polite greeting.

Behind them, one of their sisters was in no mood to wait for them. Her dark grey egg fell apart around her, and she crowed a happy salutation to those still on the Sands. The energetic Green didn’t seem perturbed at all that so many of the rest of the clutch had already hatched. She’d arrived exactly when she was meant too, and darted forward without even having to sort out her legs or her balance. Running excitedly around the others, including the Brown that had finally fully hatched—and blinked at her owlishly—she trilled at them and then raced straight for her rider, knocking them over as she jumped at the ex-Candidate like an excited puppy. Thankfully, though, none of her sharp claws snagged anything more than her bonded’s white robe.

The Blue picked up some speed as he neared the Candidates, trotting along properly with his wings held aloft over the sand to avoid spraying it on himself. His pale feet were still covered, but he seemed to gleam under the light.

When he reached out to Ysveta’s mind, eyes blooming in rainbows, his voice was as precise and measured as the rest of him. I don’t mean to rush you, he said, with an air of formality, but I am quite hungry, if you don’t mind.

No doubt, to her, the subsequent Impressions of Brown and Bronze would go unnoticed, though the four Candidates exited at largely the same time.

Spoiler for OOC:
Egg 16 – Brown 003 to NPC
Egg 17 – Oskith to Ysveta
Egg 13 – Bronze 003 to NPC
Egg 10 – Green 006 to NPC

Congratulations, Inki! :excited: One more post tomorrow and the Hatching will be closed!
This is an NPC account acting on behalf of said terrible beasties of Southern Winds Weyr and the other natural disasters.

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Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #58 on: September 16, 2018, 03:08:32 AM »
Ysveta stared attentively out over the sands, the eggs were slowly but surely whittling down to only a few remaining. But she refused to panic. She'd survived the reds attempts just last turn, she'd survive waiting a little longer it she had to. Ysveta knew with her whole heart that she was meant to be on these sands. It would have been foolish of her to give up everything she'd worked for if she hadn't been so... faithful. An obscure concept that she'd eventually just given up and accepted.

It helped that she was getting to know her mother a little bit more. Seen what being a dragonrider was actually like, and cement that it wasn't just some foreign concept meant for everyone else. What hadn't helped was how she still kept herself a little removed from the rest of her class. She'd never seen someone she really cared about walk off the sands.

Regardless, she couldn't spend her whole life worrying. This is what she was going to do until she couldn't do it anymore.

Each dragonet made it's way into the world in it's own unique way. Whether it was being ejected by their siblings, or chipping slowly, or even smashing it's way out like the beautiful blue which was making his way forcibly into the world. Ysveta was expecting him to be a little more rushed, given how quickly he'd decided to get out of his shell. But the dark blues movements were anything but rushed, and instead he took his time, spreading his wings to dry them so that the whole of the hatching grounds could see his beautiful colouration.

He was even polite too, and Ysveta smiled when he chirped his greeting to the bronze that had hatched before him.

Ysveta was distracted momentarily from the blue, bronze, and the slowly hatching brown, by the green which sped her way around her clutchmates, apparently trilling them a greeting although she didn't stop to give them the time of day. There was a slight flinch of remembrance of going down underneath a dragon's claws, but the green and her new bonded seemed completely fine. And so Ysveta turned back to the dragons looking to impress.

I don't mean to rush you, but I am quite hungry, if you don't mind.

If Ysveta's eyes could bloom rainbow in impression they would have, instead they filled with such awe and happiness that tunnelled her vision right down towards the blue still walking towards her, wings held aloft, fanning out from him like the night sky.

"Of course you are." She said with a smile, reaching her hand out to take his cheek in her palm, "We shall have to get you some food presently, Oskith." Because of course, it was Oskith, it would be nothing else.

And they walked from the sands.

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Yinaya

Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #59 on: September 16, 2018, 09:01:28 AM »
This was a wonderful reason to miss drills. Getting to see all the little dragons breaking into the world and pairing up with future riders. She couldn’t really remember what it was like to be a candidate, but Yinaya would always remember the day she’d impressed to Rantasyth. It was a darker time to be a Candidate during the Pass, but she was no less thrilled or in awe of what it felt like to have another mind touch her own. The significance, the realization, that no matter what they were in this together.

Always, her dragon agreed, humming into her mind.

While Yinaya would’ve been happy for Ysveta either way, and she intended to be there for her should she not impress, she did hold her breath every time one of the tiny creatures even got close. Maybe that one? Or the other? A green? What color would suit Ysveta the most? Maybe Yinaya was biased, but she did happen to think that Green was the best.

When it did happen though, there was no mistaking it. Yinaya grabbed ahold of Yisk and near shook him, wanting him to see. “That Blue, that one there!” There could be no doubt! She was too far to hear what Ysveta said, but she was among those that did cheer that another impression had been made. She was certainly the loudest.

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Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #60 on: September 16, 2018, 06:13:53 PM »
The clumsy Green was comedic in a different way, compared to the Reds. Where they had been all energy and unpredictability, this one was the opposite. Stumbling and uncoordinated, she nonetheless collapsed in a similar fashion to her sibling before her. Savi kept her eyes trained on it, still but straining internally. If she tried hard enough, maybe she’d hear it, right?

Another candidate stepped forward to answer the call and she visibly slumped. Eight more. And the next two that hatched, more magnificent Blacks, they wouldn’t be hers, either.

Their antics were less amusing but it seemed their natural urge to fight was reserved only for their Bronze kin. Though they tangled, they came apart no worse for wear and seemed more keen to avoid each other than continue that path. They reminded her of crechelings with their back and forth and she realized she wouldn’t enjoy Impressing a Black if they were all so childish.

She felt leagues away from the girl she’d once been, and especially distant from that obedient child she had tried so hard to be. Maybe that was her issue, she was no longer the same girl that had been Searched all of those turns ago. Maybe the new her wasn’t compatible.

The next dragonet arrived quickly after the twin Blacks. The Brown was as he should be, steadfast and self assured but without ego. A Blue followed and Savi, while appreciative of pretty things, didn’t quite enjoy the snow-capped pattern to his hide like some might. She didn’t miss the cold halls at Fort, nor the snow that brought chill to the furthest recesses of the tunnels.

While the two of them stretched their limbs and walked where they must, another egg revealed a Bronze and then an exuberant Green. The four of them were a rainbow of whirring eyes and hides, a miniature collection of what Pern once was. It was nice, in a way, to see these predictable colors all assembled. Still, Savi could no longer think of a weyr without the shadow of Neisoth beside Kalestath, nor the multitude of Reds that were steadily dominating the ranks of weyrlings.

Things were certainly different now.

And maybe, these ever evolving differences meant that there was hope for her changed self, too.

The Green ushered in the slew of Impressions and Saviavi clapped softly when the Blue went to Ysveta. She didn’t watch the new weyrlings exit the sands but instead moved her head from egg to egg, counting the last three. These weren’t odds she favored, but she’d take them nonetheless.

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Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #61 on: September 16, 2018, 09:46:07 PM »
Three eggs left. Even with all the other dragonets hatched, the remaining few didn’t seem to be in a rush. Rather, they were taking their time—with enough movement to make it clear they weren’t duds, but surely long enough to make the Candidates (and potentially everyone else) impatient. Nearly a quarter of a mark passed before the first of them showed signs of actually cracking, putting the end of the Hatching even later in the afternoon.

Far to the right-hand side, the last egg of what had once been a crowded cluster tipped over, crushing more bits of shell beneath its green-and-grey weight [31]. Bludgeoning through the forward side, the dragonet that emerged from it was yet another Black, glossy and dark with attractive markings in a far more silver shade.

He surveyed the Candidates for a moment, calm and collected, before his head lifted and his nostrils flared—scenting something that piqued his interest. He cast a glance back at the Candidates again, and then simply struck off toward the exit toward the Pavilion, with his future rider hurried, stumbling, to catch up.

Behind, the second of the last eggs had been picked apart from the inside, leaving its softly yellow shell crumbling away when the dragonet pushed against it. A shimmering but pale Green, she flicked some fluid and bits of shell from her feet and snout. But unlike her brother, she made for the Candidates rather than the exit to the Bowl, her gait prim and wings held aloft for balance.

She did take her time, weaving among the Candidates and seeming to inspect them, the brush of her mind as gentle as a feather against Oskendar, Saviavi, Harsaia. In the end, though, she chose none of those, but trilled sweetly to the one she’d been looking for and practically leaping into their arms to be carried from the Sands.

One egg. Almost meekly in the wake of everything else, it finally hatched—soft grey shell falling away without fanfare [18]. A bright Blue, this one peered at the many, many faces watching him, and then up at Kalestath. For a few moments he seemed reluctant to leave her proximity, slowly testing his narrow legs as he rose. Still, he was careful as he picked his way through the remnants of his siblings’ eggs and his own.

In the end, he bumped against the legs of the one he was meant for, looking up almost in surprise to find the Impression being made. And with it, the last of Kalestath’s clutch had bonded and hatched.

Spoiler for OOC:
Egg 31 – Black 005 to NPC
Egg 11 – Green 007 to NPC
Egg 18 – Blue 005 to NPC

And with that, all the eggs have hatched! :happy: We’ll leave the thread itself open for a little bit in case anyone wants to get final responses in with their Candidates or anyone else. And now that it’s over, we’ll be working to tally up your OOC bets. Once they’re done, we’ll post the results in the OOC Rider’s Bet thread and disperse award eggs accordingly.

We’ll be returning to our regular event schedule now, meaning the next one will be posted this Thursday, September 20 (at least according to American time). Now… be free!
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Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #62 on: September 17, 2018, 10:09:41 AM »
The wait for the final three was anxiety inducing. She fidgeted and let her hair down once more until her neck became intolerably hot, and then dithered between the bun as before or perhaps just a ponytail. She didn’t think dragons even took notice of human appearances, but maybe if she looked a little less severe that would help.

Eventually, and truly it had felt like ages to her, an egg began to show promising signs. Then the dragonet appeared and it was large and dark and Savi’s hands loosened from the fists they’d clenched into. Five Black dragons to three Bronze, but altogether they’d be an impressive show of force as adults. Again, however, she knew this dragon couldn’t be hers and so she looked to the final two eggs.

This one, though, this one looked promising. The Green wasn’t the greenest but her hide was nonetheless lovely. She approached the group and Savi felt her heart rate increase. The ponytail had been a good idea, she told herself. A feeling, dissimilar to the invasive prying of the Reds but.. still disappointing. It was there for a breath and then gone, a little like passing nausea or the itch before needing to sneeze without the followup. The Green chose another.

One more chance, one more dragon.

The final egg revealed a Blue. Maybe, like Ysveta, she could still Impress this one. He appeared meek but she thought that was okay, she’d be able to coax him along. He didn’t come her way though, not like the Green had. He moved toward his chosen until he was physically unable to walk further and that was that.

There was a familiarity about not Impressing that was both welcome and alienating. She stood there for a little longer than some and did not hasten her walk when she finally turned to leave. Her routine would go back to normal after today and, likely, her firelizards would be relieved to find her whole and well and their lives unchanged. Those that Impressed were given mental farewells for she knew they’d be too busy for a long while to continue casual friendships. Karou’s death still hovered in the air but soon she’d be known as the single casualty in an otherwise successful clutch. A necessary evil, and weren’t they so lucky it was just one this time?

Her robes were wrinkled and stiff in places where sweat had intermingled with sand. A bath, yes, she wanted a bath. Walking after standing in place for the duration of the hatching had her legs tingly and the desire to stretch making her pause and do so. Her joints popped in a satisfying way and rolling her neck felt gloriously freeing. The tension in her shoulders lessened and a smile graced her lips. Returning to her routine was fine, she decided.

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Re: The New Normal [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Hatching
« Reply #63 on: October 05, 2018, 05:17:57 PM »
It had been an interesting hatching, and Whevaaryk couldn't quite help noticing the scrutiny with which their parents watched each dragon that came close to them. They weren't disapproving persay, traditional or not, they knew that the dragon's choice remained largely a mystery, and a rider in the family was nothing to be ashamed about. It was something of a task to try and keep their attention on the eggs though, and a soft smile curved their lips at the exclamations of their children, and the hushed, less invasive tone of their ex wife calming them back down.

They weren't making a scene, and catching Khybeiara's eyes proved quickly enough that it was a half-arsed attempt. Hatchings were exciting, and Whevaaryk knew, no matter the result, that their children would not be left wanting if they did impress. Perhaps they'd even be inclined (and able) to follow in their footsteps. It was just a choice really, and there was no taboo associated with it. Even disolving their marriage had been a simple affair.

Ahh but that was for future thought. Eggs weren't going to stop hatching just because they were occupied in the what ifs of past and future. This was about them and the potential partner that would reveal themselves. Perhaps one of the greens? Or maybe a blue? If there were truth in the stereotypes, Bronze was the only dragon they'd be unable to impress, though they'd never really gotten a clear answer on whether it was simply a wives tale, though theunmistakable truth was that to date, there hadn't been much varience at all to the pattern. They really didn't mind the dragon that chose them, so long as one did. They didn't look forward to returning to a holders life, and resuming their apprenticeship in the face of failure.

The simultaneous hatching of two eggs, to reveal two glistening bundles of black hide was enough of an oddity to pull Whevaaryk's attention away from their thoughts. It was difficult to distinguish one from the other at first, the hatchlings almost immediately falling over one another in a mass of wings and legs and tails.

Get off, quit crowding me! one of them hissed, the lack of restraint so far as who heard him not unfamiliar since the reds had done the same earlier.  They had fully expected the headache that the reds had so graciously gifted them with would reignite in light of yet another unfamiliar voice in their head, and were mildly surprised to find no such thing had happened.

Their surprise... and puzxlement to a lesser extent increased as the second black's voice wormed its way into their mind, the comparative calm that had followed the first dragonet making the next voice comparitively harsher in a stark contrast.... only to have the pain fade instantly as the first dragon spoke once more.

The narrower of the two, now that Whevaaryk could properly see him seemed to extricate itself fully by then, huffing at the other and declaring to everyone within range that they were hungry, thiugh one could tell it was directed at the other dragonet and not their bonded.

The situation just seemed to escalate from there, and a rather unflattering frown was planted on Whevaaryk's face as they contemplated the sudden pang of hunger that had momentarily reared its head at mention of the word. They knew Golds could project feelings onto others, and even those without a dragon could pick up on the heftier pushes... that's what flight lust was all about after all. But they'd never been informed of a hatchling doing such a thing.


Figured it out yet, genius?

Bigger than the majority of hatchlings, but not quite as large as his brother, Whevaaryk looked down to find the narrower black staring right back up at them eyes swirling with rainbows and accompannied by an unmistakeable sense of amusement... And a slightly more prominant need to eat.

I said I'm hungry. Karrimuth repeated, the bubble of amusement taking on a slightly harsher note that just made Whevaaryk's smile change to a proper grin.

"I couldn't tell." they murmured in response, their own tone laced with a bubbly humour. "I guess we can find some food for you." they added, the disinterest in their voice in stark contrast with the elation and rightness of the blacks presence.

The exasperated huff that followed belonged to the dragon, but it was completely in his head, the dragon himself remaining outwardly calm and silent... though the hunger got worse.

Unable to properly hide their amusement at that Whevaaryk laughed, indicating the entrance to the feeding pavillion with a tilt of their head and starting towards it, not doubting at all that Karrimuth would be in tow. If there was any delay in the applause that followed the successful impression, particularly from the section where Whevaaryk's family were located, they didn't notice. 

Spoiler for OOC:
I've assumed that because Karrimuth hatched and started broadcasting so early, that Veryk starts feeling the niggling connection from the get go. But I'll adjust however you'd like me to if it doesn't work. I hope I've made it a reasonable thing as opposed to a godmoding thing. Also hurried uo the end because I can't post on the plane and wanted it done before I got home!


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