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Author Topic: Closed Event [ 24.6.2591 ] Kalestath's Hatching  (Read 219 times)

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[ 24.6.2591 ] Kalestath's Hatching
« on: September 05, 2018, 11:05:40 PM »

Kalestath’s Hatching

24.6.2590 / 2pm

This time, Kalestath’s clutch hatches in the early afternoon—but still under rather inauspicious circumstances. A storm rolled in over Fort Island the evening before and has parked itself there for the time being. Things are damp, sticky with humidity, and hot, and the storm is oppressive, darkening the afternoon with thick clouds, loud thunder, plentiful lightning, and warm rain. But at least there isn’t a lot of wind to drive it beneath the Feeding Pavilion.

All Candidates are expected to be dressed in their ceremonial white robes, and any flits must be sent away, or the Candidate in question will not be allowed onto the Sands. Those who ICly are not able to Stand—such as due to disciplinary issues, remaining virginity, or pregnancy—will know this ahead of time; and while still expected to be dressed appropriately and attend, they will be positioned further back, closer to the tiered seating.

Only Candidates that have stood for one or more IC clutches prior to this one will be eligible to Impress. Furthermore, any who did not check in, whether IC or OOC, to the Touching will not be eligible.

Once the first PC has Impressed, a dragonet feeding thread will be posted and linked here. If and when your Candidate Impresses, you may add them to that thread to interact with the other newly Impressed weyrlings and associated staff.

Admin-posted IC updates will go up roughly every 12 hours so that everyone knows when to expect the next post.

Apping Weyrlings
Don’t forget that, per this process, you can directly app a weyrling if you like. Please refrain from posting applications for a color prior to it becoming available—for example, if a Black dragonet has hatched but not Impressed, please do not post a weyrling app intending to claim it until the dragonet has Impressed to an NPC. This in the interest of fairness for all, and to prevent issues between PC and NPC Impressions.

All Hatchings are open events, meaning that even those not actively Standing are welcome to come sit in the amphitheater in the Sands and watch the proceedings. Just remember to be respectful—it’s common knowledge that Kalestath doesn’t like fire lizards on the Sands, and the same goes for whers. Woe to those who attempt to interfere with her hatchlings as well.

1 - Brown 001 to NPC12 - Blue 001 to NPC23 - Black 001 to NPC
2 - Anedaith to D'via13 - Bronze 003 to NPC24 - Blue 002 to NPC
3 - Ysolth to Vassatiere14 - Brown 002 to NPC25 - Blue 003 to NPC
4 - Green 001 to NPC15 - Rintoth to R'ghal26 - Hisketh to R'kan
5 - Bronze 001 to NPC16 - Brown 003 to NPC27 - Heppath to D'vik
6 - Bronze 002 to NPC17 - Oskith to Ysveta28 - Red 005 to NPC
7 - Black 003 to NPC18 - Blue 005 to NPC29 - Green 002 to NPC
8 - Black 004 to NPC19 - Red 006 to NPC30 - Green 003 to NPC
9 - Red 007 to NPC20 - Green 005 to NPC31 - Black 005 to NPC
10 - Green 006 to NPC21 - Derraseth to Na'va32 - Green 004 to NPC
11 - Green 007 to NPC22 - Red 009 to NPC

IC ThreadFeeding Thread

O'sir || R'kan
Oskendar || Ysveta || Fisk || W'um || Na'va
Halirina || P'ar || Sethunya || Niema || Yinaya
D'zel || Karowen || D'via || J'ken

Checked In
Sokon || K'zaya || Nycolus || Tayvelle || T'vye || W'thir || Wa'by || Nalata || M'lan || X'kis || Berlya || D'mir || H'riel || Vickmarra || Testhinia

Standard event participation practice applies. Post in the event thread or here giving us a sentence or two as to what your character might be doing at this time. If you are posting elsewhere but skipping the events, remember:  we do not require IC participation. Simply post here under your Player account and let us know what’s going on with your character.
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Re: [ 24.6.2591 ] Kalestath's Hatching
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2018, 06:13:51 AM »
Ok. So.

Sokon Will come to watch, and doesn't mind helping with the new weyrlings if needbe.
K'zaya is happy for the excuse to stop drills and will also watch. He wouldn't miss the first hatching of the season.
Nycolus Is staying at the Hold proper.
Tayvelle Is curious... but not enough to watch without Tavlesk present at least. So will instead keep an eye on her woolbeast.
T'vye Doesn't care about hatchings anymore
W'thir Wants to watch. But doesn't want to leave his bonded... so he comes to help out in the pavillion if he's able
Wa'by Will be helping D'zel and the weyrlingmaster for the new hatchlings in the pavilion.
Nalata Will be helping in the pavillion... With Minath a reasonably respectful distance AWAY from the sands in case Kalestath gets. well... Bitey.
M'lan will be watching. And might move to the feeding pavillion if he feels the need
X'kis Has made it back to watch, curious about how this hatching is run and ever vigilant to step in of he may be needed or asked for. He's pleased to see healers on the sand, however, and trusts he will not need to assist at all.
Berlya Will come... and sit with B'lye so he can tell her who's doing what and why as is the way with her wonderful, gossipy child.
D'mir Is away. Doing mountain things though will hopefully be back soon to catch up.
H'riel Will be watching. He still has much interest in the behaviour of the clutchfather and his bonded as X'kis catching Imyth the previous turn set a precedent, which while not necessarily repeated, he doesn't want to be blindsided in case Dwalath manages the feat himself.
Oarlen Is there
Vickmarra Will also come watch. It's always lovely to see the new generation come along.
Testhinia Is going to watch... From a healthy distance away and hopes her flit listens and stays away.

Added : SirAlahn
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Re: [ 24.6.2591 ] Kalestath's Hatching
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2018, 02:19:23 AM »
Giving people a heads up because it's gonna be longer than I'd anticipated before the next post. Like another 6-8 hours because I need to sleep. 8D But this'll give y'all more time to respond and get up to mischief. :para:
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