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Author Topic: Event Canít You Tell Iím Starving? [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Feeding  (Read 1307 times)

Offline J'ken

Re: Canít You Tell Iím Starving? [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Feeding
« Reply #50 on: October 06, 2018, 03:15:54 PM »
He'd barely finished making sure Thane didn't appear to have any questions when he spotted another that was looking like he might be near done. At the least he had oil and meat already beside him so chances are he was nearly done. Even now the black's were still rather startling. it was like looking out over the weyr at dusk and seeing the brown and bronzes in shades of grey - and then realising its the middle of the day still. He couldn't deny though that when you stopped thinking of them in terms of mutations and not right, they were very handsome in their own right with their variations and patterns just like all the others.

"Hello. And you are? And how do I address you now?" He said, directing the first question towards the black dragon and the second towards the rider. Although he was less sure about the black answering him than the reds did. Either way he'd find out in a moment.

Spoiler for ooc:
@Kyya One weyrlingmaster as requested who may even have a room assignment if you're lucky. Also J'ken secretly apologises for assuming Veryk's chosen gender :P
Length: 28.2M, Height: 5.7M, Wingspan: 47M

Offline Veryk

Re: Canít You Tell Iím Starving? [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Feeding
« Reply #51 on: October 07, 2018, 12:19:52 AM »
After something akin to a slight scolding for not chewing, to be countered without hesitation with Give me bigger chunks and I will. Veryk and Karrimuth found an easy rhythm in the feeding process. It was strange to feel the hunger that they coukd feel but which was certainly not theirs start to decrease as Karrimuth ate, though the sheer amount the black had downed so far leant Veryk to think he'd grossly underestimated how much meat to grab.

It was good timing that they were approached then, Karrimuth still sharing his hunger with Veryk, though it was far more subdued than the pangs they'd felt on impression. The bowl had only a few more chunks, and they suspected it wouldn't quite suffice... a feeling that was backed up by the way Karrimuth glanced at each remaining chunk while he ate with an almost irritated disdain.

J'ken's approach had gone unnoticed by the black, though Veryk immediately went to speak when Karrimuth did instead. And you are? he countered, mimicking the blueriders tone though with an emphasis on "you" that wasn't perhaps as polit as it could be. ... Neither Veryk or the black were concerned though. This was all new, and Karrimuth's preferences were just as important as their own.

"A weyrlingmaster..." Veryk confirmed with a glance to J'ken's shoulderknot. "... assistant it seems." they added, though the words were directed to the dragon and not the rider.

"This is Karrimuth." they answered, scooping up another chunk and offering it to the black as they turned to give J'ken their attention. "I think we need another bowl." They added with a nod to the dwindling supply. Their name wasn't quite as important as establishing that Karrimuth needed to eat still. They were sure the hatchlings were meant to get sleepy when they were done eating, but at the moment Veryk felt no change except for the slightly less nagging hunger.

"I'm Veryk." They finished, not stumbling over the name Karrimuth had given them like others might do. It implied their mame hadn't changed, or hadn't changed much once they impressed, though should J'ken be familiar with the lists of candidates it may have caused slight confusion instead. Veryk had already come to terms with it being simply the black dragons perrogative not to give them an honorific, just as other dragons chose to give on to theirs.

Offline J'ken

Re: Canít You Tell Iím Starving? [ 24.6.2591; 2 PM ] || Feeding
« Reply #52 on: October 07, 2018, 10:20:19 AM »
He didn't twitch at the question that was presented back to him. It wouldn't do to laugh at the newly hatched dragon, but that was just as adorable as the reds. No wonder the blacks seemed to be doing so well if that was how they met the world. Only just out of the egg and already mastering the art of not quite stepping over the line into full on insolence. No wonder they rubbed so many bronzers the wrong way. There were times J'ken was so glad Tadriath was a blue so he didn't have to deal with politics.

ďI'm J'ken, Tadriath's rider.Ē He said to Karrimuth, ďand yes, I'm the assistant for your clutch.Ē

He nodded at Veryk's comment and went to grab another bowl, happy to see that there was yet another weyrling who was already on top of his dragons meat intake requirements.

Veryk, that was an interesting name. He'd have to double check the candidate list to see what it was made from as he was sure there wasn't a Veryk on there before the hatching. Still, with a name he could find a placement, Tadriath helpfully forwarding the information. ďAs long as you and Karrimuth aren't injured just head on over to room four when you're done.Ē
Length: 28.2M, Height: 5.7M, Wingspan: 47M


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