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Author Topic: Approved D'vik [04.01.2575] Red Weyrling  (Read 433 times)

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D'vik [04.01.2575] Red Weyrling
« on: September 06, 2018, 10:39:36 PM »

Play By:
Hunter Hayes

Date of Birth:
04.01.2575 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Dara's always been a scrawny little boy, to the point where he and his sister were often hard to tell apart, and hasn't really grown out of it yet. He's at least got shorter hair than she now, though he's gone through stages of having it longer in the past. He's not tall nor will he ever be, topping out at 5'8, only marginally taller than D'via.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: As far as Dara's concerned, there really was no catastrophe. He was born far to late to see any such change. His whole life growing up has been hard, what does it matter to him when old people bitch about how great things used to be, how is that useful to him? Well, it's not. There's absolutely no point in him dwelling on the past that he can't change when he could be looking to the future which he can.

Response to dragon color mutations: He doesn't like how dangerous the reds seem to be, especially with his sister on the sands with him. He's got no problem with them once they've Impressed. So what that there only used to be five dragon colours? There's obviously now seven. The question should be finding them their niche, where they fit in, where they're most useful. They're obviously different in a way, they need to be working out how they can use that to the benefit of Weyr, Hold and Hall.

He's got no great opinions on S'bok or T'veck having gotten their jump to leadership unusually early, as far as he sees it only matters what they choose to make of it, and then what they actually do with it. So far S'bok's not made any particularly sweeping changes, which is fine, but hasn't really done anything particularly worthy of respect either.

Who are you...

Finding out how things work - If left alone with a new toy, Daravik will invariably pull it apart to find out how it works, or if someone presents him with a new concept he'll ask all sorts of questions about what it's for, why, how would it be put together, how would it function, what would you do if this happened, and so on. This applies to concepts and social decisions as well as physical things.

Music - it provides a backing track to his mind. Usually some little tune or ditty he's heard recently will be playing silently in the background and may manifest itself in the tapping of his feet or fingers when not otherwise occupied. Listening to more complex tunes also gives him something to follow, listening to each instrument in the orchestra and how each links in with the others to form the song.

Cuddles - Daravik's a very physical person, and often expresses his affection for others as so. He'll accept a hug from anyone he doesn't consider to be an outright threat and will give one to anyone he doesn't think will hate it. He also likes what cuddles often lead to. He'll be one to watch as far as the sex ban goes when his dragonet gets older.

Sleep - oddly enough for one who likes being active, Daravik is perfectly aware of his body's need to crash once in a while. It helps him function better the next day after all. He hates nothing more than feeling groggy after a sleepless night. Thankfully for him, he's usually a heavy sleeper.

Fire - it's both beautiful and fascinating at the same time.

Having nothing to do - Daravik really isn't comfortable with his own thoughts alone. He needs something to do or someone to talk to. Being a Weyrling has improved his behaviour in class tenfold, as now there's always someone he can talk to when bored without disturbing the rest of his class in the process. Unless his dragonet is asleep, however.

The cold - Daravik much prefers the freedom of movement offered by single layers of loose fitting clothing - or nothing at all. He hates being bundled up in multiple layers of jumpers in order to merely function, it's so ungainly and besides, other people being bundles up in multiple layers makes them all the harder to appreciate too.

Being sick - Daravik's an absolute horror story when he's ill. On the same thread as not enjoying being tired, he hates the grogginess and thick head that comes with being sick and will loudly take it out on others around him. This also applies to being hung-over. He also holds an abiding hatred of infirmaries and the enforced inaction and waiting therein.


* Curious : Daravik's got an endless curiosity for the world around him. Everything can be fascinating if you bother to look close enough. It means that he's got a wealth of stored knowledge about a wide range of random subjects, little tidbits of information from past conversations or investigations that he can draw upon when needed to make conversation with almost everybody. It does, however, mean that he's never been able to settle for just one apprenticeship when the opportunity arose for him to take one.

* Valiant : Daravik has always been a protector, especially of his sister. She's definitely the meeker, quieter one of the two of them, so it's often fallen to Daravik to step up to the plate and defend her, or push himself to the forefront of people's attention so that she can slip away out of a situation that he can see she's uncomfortable with. He knows he's not much of a fighter, but he'd step into one if he felt it would help someone else. If he'd had to stand between his sister and a red at Kalestath's last hatching, he would have, but thankfully the need never really arose and the pair of them got away with just scratches.

* Sharp : Learning has never been a problem for Daravik. He's quick enough on the uptake that he would likely excelled at the theoretical aspects of a craft if he'd ever settled on just one.

* Active : Staying still was never an option for Daravik. He's got a lot of energy and the drive to use it constructively, if there's a constructive option available to him. Even if all that means is that he's running around, dancing, playing with something in his hands, or focussing on an interesting problem or idea.

* Optimistic : Daravik doesn't understand people who wallow in the woes of their past. His mind is firmly set on the future an how they can make use of what they have to make it better for himself, his sister and everyone else too. Challenges are there to be overcome, not insurmountable obstacles in front of which you break down and cry. That solves nothing and the obstacle will still be there when your tears have dried up.


* Disruptive : Daravik needs something to focus on, a challenge to overcome. On earth he would likely have been diagnosed with some sort of hyperactivity disorder in school, as without sufficient outlet he can become destructive. He was a bit of a nightmare for his harper teachers, at least for those classes who couldn't keep up with him or teachers that didn't recognise that he often needed something extra to do between tasks. If there's little enough to do at home during free time, he can get caught up in games and activities that aren't particularly healthy for him, such as gambling or the occasional bit of social drug taking, though he's managed to avoid becoming dependent on the latter so far.

* Gambling : He does however have a bit of a weakness for gabling. He's intelligent enough to play a good game, especially where watching other players is concerned, but his own pokerface is often a bit lacking. He gets too caught up in the challenge of watching everyone else and thinking too much. The idea that real marks or trade items are at stake only makes it more exciting.

* Messy : Daravik's environment is as messy as his mind, his corner of the barracks would ever be filled with half baked projects if his sister weren't there to neaten things up occasionally. There's a few things that he gets very particular about finishing, things that he considers to be of particular importance, such as caring for his dragon, cooking food properly (because food poisoning is a thing), and anything that would otherwise make his sister sad.

* Insecure : He cares more than he'd like to admit about how other people view him and in turn how they view his sister. Sociable by nature, he likes to be liked, even if he knows deep down that it only really matters how his sister sees him. The sensible part of his brain tells him that he's not gonna get anywhere in life without friends and allies, and that worries him.

* Protective : In truth, he's probably a little too protective of his sister. She's his twin after all. What would he be without her? Especially now that they're both getting to an age where they're taking an interest in other people. Woe betide anybody who thinks to mess with Daravia within his earshot. He's going to have a hard time believing that any guy (or girl) who may come into her life would give her the same level of love, care and protection as he does. Likely no-one will be good enough for her and any who try will be under very close scrutiny indeed. He's certainly not above getting involved directly should there be something he's not happy about going on.

Describe Yourself:

* Amicable: ----- Daravik is chatty and usually pretty easy going, making it easy to strike up a friendship with him.

* Gregarious: ----- Daravik likes talking, preferably with other people but he's got no issues carrying on a conversation with somebody who's not putting much back into it if there's nothing more entertaining to be doing. He's not the most comfortable being thrown up into a large group centre stage, as such, because that leaves him with precious few options to back out and escape the situation should he need to. He doesn't always say the right things after all, his brain to mouth connection often ends up running faster than the filter between the two can keep up with, particularly when he gets excited about a subject.

* Interdependent: ----- Though Daravia has always looked to him for guidance, Daravik has always relied on her to ground himself. She's been a solid anchor in his life from the very start when little else has stuck around, and her gentle sensibility has always been there to remind him of the things that actually matter in life, rather than getting too caught up in those that don't.

* Affectionate: ----- Daravik is in no way body-shy and has no problem with physical contact from others. He can be a little handsy himself, but realises that most other people don't really appreciate it so much so he does usually gauge their reaction first before moving in... except when he's had a little too much alcohol.

* Impulsive: ----- Sometimes, Daravik's brain is working faster than his ability to decide whether something is a good idea or not. Thoughts often spill out of his mouth before he's had a chance to assess their impact on his crowd, making him seem insensitive at times. At others, he's started himself on a path before realising its true danger, accepting a dare or making a promise that he later realises it would be difficult to keep.

The Magic Touch: Daravik is a big one for having something to do with his hands at all times, resulting in him fiddling with anything he can get his hands on even while talking.


Mother: Talavia, Holder, B.2552, D.2575.
Father: D'rak (Dirakal), B.2539, Rider of Quorith, I.2554.

Siblings: Daravia (D'via), Twin Sister, B.2575, Weyrling of Anedaith, I.2591.

Mothers side
Talrithin, Half-brother, B.2566, D. 2582, Miner Apprentice
Rivatharin, Half-brother, B.2569, D. 2571
Stillborn, Half-brother, B.2571, D.2571

Fathers side

Children: None.

Tell us a story...

* 2575, 0 Daravik and his sister Daravia are born to Talavia, who dies giving birth to twins. They have one living half-brother Talrithin who blames the babes for the death of his mother, his last surviving immediate family member, the others were lost escaping Tillek in 2571. Nevertheless, all three are fostered by their mother's brother.

* 2576-2579, 1-4 Talrithin's hatred of the twins only grows as they do. He and Daravik fight regularly, usually because Talrithin has said something nasty to Daravia, but being several years older and larger of build Talrithin always wins. Their uncle does his best to mediate, to reassure all children that their mother's death wasn't the fault of any of them, but meets with little success on Talrithin's part. Daravik in his youthful innocence doesn't really understand what's going on at first, except that his brother is being horrible to them, and grows to learn that that's totally unfair because as far as he's aware they didn't do anything wrong. He would never have killed their mother, and nor would Ravia!

* 2580, 5 Talrithin is packed off to begin an apprenticeship. Daravik is glad that he's mostly gone now, especially when his sister starts to come out of her shell a little now, though at the same time is jealous that Talrithin gets to go off and do cool stuff and he doesn't.

* 2581-2583, Daravik absorbs the lessons that their uncle starts giving him like a sponge, though he doesn't like that Daravia is sent off to learn girls stuff with other family members. Why shouldn't she be learning the same stuff as he was? He was 110% certain that she'd enjoy it too and be just as good at it as he was. The girl stuff sounds dead boring.

* 2584, 9 News of Talrithin's death is met with Dara's response of 'good, he deserved it,' which in turn was swiftly met with a clip round the earholes. Daravik thought this was enormously unfair. Why should he mourn the death of someone he didn't like, just because he'd had to put up with him his whole life? Like Daravia he learns to put on the sad face to please the crowd, though it's not a very convincing effort it's enough not to get him in trouble any more.

* 2585-2586, Things at home calm down a lot with Talrithin gone. Not having to defend his twin from their brother any more, Daravik begins to socialise outside of their family more, playing with the other children of Fort and those from other Holds indiscriminately. He's mature enough to recognise that their cramped conditions aren't the fault of the other kids his age, he figures that as he's not old enough to remember anyone else moving into Fort then they're certainly not old enough to have really done anything to bring it on. From what he's heard from the adults around them, the whole 'catastrophe' happened ages ago and most people blame the dragonriders anyway. Daravik is also encouraged to start thinking of what apprenticeship he might like to try for the next year, but honestly he cannot decide. They all sound so interesting!

* 2587, 12 Rumours of marriage begin to circulate for the twins. Daravik resists all efforts to set the pair of them up with partners. He's not willing to relinquish his sister to anyone else just yet, not least because he can see that the idea of marriage terrifies her. He's of the firm belief that he's all that she needs right now. He's also unwilling to be set up himself and have his attention taken away from her. He doesn't need a wife any more than she needs a husband. Oh he socialises with them as normal, he still enjoys company after all, but he's very firm about it going no further. Thankfully, everybody gets distracted by the end of Thread celebrations and the move to Southern Winds Weyr and the idea of marriage gets forgotten about while people have other priorities.

* 2588, 13 Lingering illness finally steals their uncle away from them too. Shortly before he passes, knowing that the end was nigh, he takes Daravik aside for a serious talk. 'Look after your sister,' he says, 'you're all she has left now. And... find yourself a girl, please. Look after her and she'll look after you,' he added, with a fond look in his eye, obviously remembering his own dear departed wife whom Daravik had not even met. Obviously Dara's going to look after his sister, he'd been doing that his whole life, but he's not so sure of the whole find a girl thing. Yeah, sure, he likes girls, but he's got absolutely no interest of settling for just one at this point and besides, Daravia comes first.

He learns from his sister a short while later that their uncle revealed, at least in part, the identity of their father. It strikes him as odd, but interesting, that the find out that their father was a dragonrider a short while after moving over to the new Weyr. He views the dragonriders all around him differently now, constantly wondering which, if any of them could be his father. The greatest likelihood is that he'll never find out, but at least he can brag about that much now.

* 2589, 14 The twins curiosity quest to find their father among the myriad riders of the Weyr proves fruitless, but does result in them coming into contact with more than a few dragons, one of which searches Daravia and then Daravik shortly afterwards. Daravik is surprised at first, not really having expected to be Searched, but he couldn't say that he hadn't been hoping that such a thing would happen, especially after finding out that he's dragonspawn. He dives into candidacy with a new fervour to learn everything about dragons, particularly how they make fire because that's just fascinating, probably giving the candidatemaster the impression that he's a pyromaniac in the process.

* 2590, 15 He and Daravia have a near miss with one of the red hatchings, coming out with thankfully nothing more than a few scratches to show for it. Though coming out with a dragon would have been nice, with three clutching queens and a fourth to mature shortly Daravik is not worried about their chances. Their father was a dragonrider, after all. Besides, there's so much going on around the candidate barracks and the Weyr that Daravik finds himself enjoying his candidacy. That and the Weyr seems to have a very different attitude to whole sex, sexuality and marriage thing than the Hold did which Daravik is all too happy to embrace. He finds that Weyr life suits him better than the Hold did, though he does end up getting a little overzealous protecting his sister from all the boys who seem on a mission to work their way around the candidate barracks, as it were.

* 2591, 16 Another Kalestath Impression rolls around a year later, Daravik is both shocked and immensely pleased that both he and Daravia Impress at the same hatching, and both to reds no less!

Daravik's foot tapped the ground to a rhythm as he sat going over dragonet anatomy with one of the youngest candidates. Not that Dara himself was one of the older candidates by a long way, but he'd dived right into the learning the first year that he'd been a candidate and now knew his stuff at least well enough to show someone else the basics. He thought it was all incredibly fascinating, and certainly didn't mind going over stuff he already knew if it meant he could jabber on about it for an hour or so. He tried to remember to pause every now and again to make sure that the younger candidates was still following him... tried. He got a bit caught up with interesting tangents a few times.

In fact, he was getting so into one of said tangents that he completely missed O'sir standing up and the rest of the class going quiet, prattling merrily about numbweed before stopping suddenly mid-word when he finally realised his kid was looking away. O'sir was talking.

Did he hear that right? 'Get your robes on' was what he thought he heard. The sudden cacophany of chairs scraping back on the floor and bodies jumping up and dashing out of the room only confirmed his suspicions, Dara quickly following suit. Robes! The hatching! He got sucked into the crowd with the thrumming sense of anticipation that seemed to pass through them all. Hurry, hurry, hurry...

Emerging from the male end of the barracks, he immediately cast about for Ravia. Tempting thought it was to dash off and try to be one of the first to arrive on the sands he'd never forgive himself if, Faranth forbid, he Impressed and had to leave the sands before she even caught up. It was unthinkable, that he would attend without her. He may not have even been searched if she hadn't dragged him back to meet that blue, after all. They were in this together.

Of course there was no more guarantee that he would Impress at this clutch than there was for the last three he'd stood for. Candidacy was a waiting game that you could do absolutely nothing to hurry along. That frustrated him, but at least O'sir knew how to keep his candidates busy between hatchings.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
J'hal, J'thir, Danaera, Arrobella, Thoridan
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On.
Anything Else:

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Re: D'vik [04.01.2575] Red Weyrling
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2018, 04:55:29 PM »

Image Credit:
Senaru's Template
Coloured by SirAlahn <3
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 16m
Mature Height: 3.3m
Mature Wingspan: 26m

General Appearance...

Heppath is altogether decidedly average in terms of size and proportions for her colour. She'll start out being too long for herself as a baby, tripping over herself perhaps a bit more than her other red counterparts, but through stubborn determination if nothing else she'll grow to be a graceful lady in perfect control of herself. She's flexible too, with a bendy spine like a cheetah's that will allow her decidedly average legs to achieve a stride length decidedly longer than she should have otherwise. This makes her very fast and agile on the ground, if not very strong.

Colour wise, Heppath is a mixture of bright scarlet and a deeper, darker maroon. The darker tones predominate on her points and plays across the rest of her in rough patterns, as if dry brushed across a rough surface.


Mind Voice: Heppath's voice sounds like one of a woman with many more years than she actually has. Deep, sultry and undeniably feminine, there's a lilt to it that makes her sound permanently amused. Is that so? and Oh do tell... are her favourite ways of subtly ridiculing someone's claim.

Racing - She is fast on her feet, with a very flexible spine that allows her to squeeze a few more feet out of each stride. The fact that she knows this, combined with her naturally competitive spirit, means that she will take any chance to pit herself against her classmates, get somewhere 210% quicker than strictly necessary, or put on a case of the zoomies just because she's bored and has too much energy. D'vik will quickly learn that it's better to let her have her fun every now and again than to try and restrain her for long periods of time, or her attention span will suffer greatly for it.

Climbing - In the same thread, it will take Heppath a little while to accept that she will never be the biggest. As such, she will quietly develop a love of climbing up other big things so that she can sit at the top and look down on things for once. Once she also discovers that her skills with flying will be somewhat sub-par too, she'll make a point of climbing anywhere she can get to without flying, because that she can excel at... and it'll probably be done at 100 miles an hour too.

Power/Strength - She's not one to way lyrical about nature's beauty, but Heppath does certainly like to admire its wildness every now and again. A dancing flame. Twinkling stars. Lightening. Crashing waves. A big strong male (she has a thing for blacks). Basically anything that is at once pretty, and powerful or vast in scale. A show of strength of feat of physical fitness will command her respect much more than bravado or looking flashy (at least when she's not the one being shown up), and definitely more than being told whom she should respect more (looking at you Weyrlingmasters).

Playing - Initially just innocent games of race or rough and tumble with her siblings and classmates, as she gets older Heppath will become quite the temptress, playing the males off against one another for her own amusement. Her Flights will be a bit difficult to predict, as she'll start showing 'proddy' behaviour long before most would. She'll fly early once she matures too.

Sweet things - Yeah, sure, she likes eating herdbeast, but that won't stop her chewing on a sugar cane or stealing D'vik's sweetroll. She has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Inferiority - Heppath is a bad loser. She'll sulk like a total child if she gets herself into a competition that she doesn't win, and is too stubborn not to get into competitions that she can't win. The sulks don't last long, however, quickly replaced by a drive to get better so that she can win next time.

Sleeping alone - Heppath is a social sleeper. She'd much rather curl up in the company of her own kind for a snooze in the sunshine, or at night, than be spread out alone. She will definitely spend as many nights as possible curled up in bed with D'vik, reluctantly leaving when she's physically too big to do so.

Healers - She doesn't mind getting hurt if it was all fun and games, but getting said injuries fixed up? She'll be a petulant little baby if a healer so much as dares come near her with a needle and thread. Accidents happen, this she understands, but there's no need to purposefully add to her woes.


* Graceful : She has the look of a prowling hunter about her. Each foot is placed with purpose, wings held just so, head at an angle perfect for looking down on those shorter than her or demurely up at those taller. She'll be a bit of a clumsy dragonet to begin with, as she gets used to her bursts of speed, but it won't take her long to figure it out.  She has a habit to twitching her tail back and forth when made to sit still too, to the point where it even twitches whilst she sleeps.

* Fearless: Fight your fully grown black brother? Of course. Run around the Jungle alone? No worries. Dart between a hunter's feet to distract him? Heppath's got you covered. She does have a sense of self-preservation, it's just deeply buried under a layer of bravado and stubbornness, and mostly revolves around her rider anyway. If something nasty need to be done, Heppath will lead the charge from the front.


* Stubborn : Heppath is a sucker for a challenge and will not back down from one, even if the opponent is bigger than her. Heppath must always be the fastest, the strongest, the most agile... generally just the best at whatever she sets her mind to at the time. She doesn't always win, particularly in the strength department, and will sulk for a while if proven inferior in front of her peers. She stubbornly ignores any injuries she may gain through such escapades, pretending as if they never happened, and can take some convincing to accept a trip to the healers. Once she's made up her mind on something, she can be difficult to dissuade.

* Impatient: When Heppath has her mind set on a destination, she doesn't have any sympathy for those who get in her way and little for those who get left behind. There's no space in her life for laziness, not in her friends nor her rider. The only excuse is if they're literally collapsed from exhaustion. She will quite literally walk all over those who are in her way, bonus if they make a good look-out point.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like.Background: #4c0805; Text: #fd2017

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Heppath will first fly on the 25.2 (2593, unless I've got my maths wrong that's almost exactly 16 months old), then also on 21.5 and 2.9. She will be a force catch.

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Re: D'vik [04.01.2575] Red Weyrling
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: D'vik [04.01.2575] Red Weyrling
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2018, 09:29:18 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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