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Author Topic: Approved Zarenaak (14.09.2576) Candidate  (Read 232 times)

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Zarenaak (14.09.2576) Candidate
« on: September 09, 2018, 03:09:16 PM »

Play By:
Nick Robinson

Date of Birth:
14.09.2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Job Before Search:
Farmhall Apprentice
Color Preference:
He needs someone in his corner, someone who is going to support him, but also give him the push he needs to grow into himself: daring when it counts, willing to stand up for what he believes in, and also really really gay. He doesn’t really care about what color he Impresses as long as he does, but the little prejudiced part of him is kind of hoping it’s not a green because he’s heard what the Holders whisper about green riders. Conversely, I could see a green being very good for him, forcing him out of his shell (and, ya know, green riders~). But really, any color besides bronze could work for one facet of his personality or another, I think, and I'd love to develop him around whatever color you think best.
Future Rider Name:
Spouse or Weyrmate:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Zarenaak doesn't think he's that remarkable looking: he's got brown eyes and brown hair, and while he's not exactly unattractive, there's nothing really special about him either. He's completely unaware how charming his (very rare) crooked smile can be, or how when the light hits his eyes just right they go a bit gold. He's still growing, but his lean frame promises to be over 6' when it’s done.

He dresses in simple, functional clothing partially because he prefers comfort over style, but mostly he just doesn't want to stand out. He keeps his clothing is good condition, and himself clean outside of working, but doesn't take any special care with his appearance, and his hair is generally mussed from running his hands through it.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: By the time Zarenaak was born, Fort Hold and Fort Weyr were the only things left standing; he listens to the stories of what it was like before, but it's an abstract. While his parents’ affluence saved him from much of the horror of Fort Hold, he was an observant and empathetic child and was aware, if not intimately involved, in what was going on and that, coupled with his father's behavior, made him close himself off from others. He's glad for the move to Fort Island; he thinks they all need a fresh start.

Response to dragon color mutations: Everyone seems to have an opinion about it, but what does he know about dragons? He’s reserving judgement. He definitely thinks it's unwise, if not downright foolhardy, to let such a young and untested person be in charge, though, just because their dragon won a Flight; it's nothing against S'bok personally, it's just completely antithesis to the structure he was raised in.

Who are you...


Quiet: not complete silence--with so many people crammed together that’s a pipedream--but those moments when everything is calm, the hum of people is a low din in the background, and no one is demanding anything from him.

Klah: everything else just fades away for a moment (it's pretty much the only thing he loves with his whole being, which...probably says something).

Firelizards: he's always enjoyed watching their antics, and would secretly love to have one of his own; his father, however, thought they were nuisances and a waste of resources besides.

Sorrah: his grandmother; she was a fierce, vibrant crafter who knew what she was doing and took grief from no one; she was the only one who stood up to his father. While not an overly affectionate woman, she was always kind to Zarenaak, and he was devastated when she died.


Bigots: they make him deeply uncomfortable, angry, and at a subconscious level, threatened. Everyone is doing their best, and just because it might not be right for you personally, doesn't mean it's wrong. Right?

Arrogance/Entitlement: no one is better than anyone else just because of their station, their wealth, what dragon they Impressed, or who they Flew. It's a pretty sure fire way to piss him off.

Mornings: he’s an early riser born of necessity, but he doesn’t enjoy it; it always takes an inordinate amount of effort to get moving, and that first cup of klah is essential.


* Loyal: He hasn’t had a lot of people (or anyone) in his life worth his loyalty, but he’s always going to go to bat for his chosen few, regardless of opposition, difficulty, or odds. He might not be able to stand up for himself, but he can stand up for them.

* Resourceful: Whatever else might be said about his father, the man instilled in his children a kind of ruthless resourcefulness; he knows how to stretch supplies, improvise and re-purpose materials, and problem solve.

* Reflexes: He has quick reflexes and excellent balance.

* Stubborn: Once he (finally) works up the nerve to do something, he does it, regardless of obstacles. If he comes up against something he can’t do the first time, he’ll keep working at it until he gets it right.

* Brave: He might not think so, but it was brave to go against his father and become a Candidate, and he’s got more bravery lurking for when it really counts.


* Self Doubt/Image: He’s his own worst enemy; he doesn’t trust his own capabilities and is constantly second-guessing and undermining himself because of it. He just doesn't feel like he belongs in his own skin; he's internalized a lot of toxic, untrue things about himself, and even though on some level he recognizes that, he still feels completely devalued as a person. He doesn't know how to be himself, because he's never been allowed, and he doesn't know how to connect with other people when he’s spent so long purposely distancing himself.

* People: There’s a lot of self-doubt and internalized garbage going on in his head, on top of being innately a bit shy, and it can make interacting with people really stressful. Large groups of people just make it worse.

* Avoidance: He tends to avoid his problems, rather than deal with them, which is...not a real solution.

* Criticism: Despite his attempts to distance himself, any kind of criticism tends to echo with and reinforce his internalized failings and hits harder then he's willing to admit.

* Kindness: He has a hard time believing it, or feeling like he deserves it; has a horrible time accepting compliments (which are nice, but he doesn’t really believe) or help (which plays into all of his insecurities of not being enough).

Describe Yourself:

* Withdrawn: Zarenaak was an observant and empathetic child, but both the atmosphere in Fort Hold and his father's own domineering, deeply traditional attitude, turned him into a withdrawn and moody teenager.

* Observant: He’s always been very in-tune with what’s going on around him, and good at recognizing that actions have consequence. While he recognizes that terrible things have happened in the past and everyone is just doing their best to survive, in his mind it doesn’t ever excuse being short-sighted, selfish, or cruel.

* Angry: He doesn't like to acknowledge it, because then he would actually have to address the reasons why he’s angry and it might all boil over, but it's always there simmering in the background.

* Kind: Regardless of how prickly he acts, he’s never going to be purposefully cruel; he really doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, even though he sometimes wishes he did. Not to to say he won't fight you if he gets sufficiently pissed off, but he's always going to be that person who shares the last sweetroll with you (even though he loves them) if he thinks it will help and/or go out of his way to help.

* Romantic: Not something he’d ever admit to, but he just...really loves happy endings, even if they're not realistic.

The Magic Touch: Zarenaak is starved of affection. He’s like a really cranky, standoffish cat that needs to be lured with cheesy treats and careful ear-scritches. It’s no guarantee he’ll let his guard down, but it’s definitely the way to get closer to his soft underbelly.


Mother: Zhearai [Holder] b. 2549
Father: Sornnak [Farmcraft] b. 2544

Sornnal; brother [Farmcraft] b. 2564 d. 2577
Sairraek; brother [Farmcraft] b. 2566
Zhearain; sister. [Farmcraft] b. 2568
Saiaak; brother [Farmcraft] b. 2572
Aornn; brother b. 2586

Children: None.

Other: Sorrah; grandmother [Farmcraft] b. d.2582

Tell us a story...

* 2576, 0 Zarenaak is born at Fort Hold, the fourth of his parent's children.

*2577, 1 His eldest brother is killed by Threadfall. He’s too young to remember.

* 2580, 5 Zarenaak sees his father hit his mother; it's not the first time, but for some reason that's the moment that really stuck. None of his older siblings seem to think it's a problem, but they've all been disciplined by their father at one time or another; it's just the way things are. He can't articulate why it doesn't feel quite right, yet, but it does.

* 2582, 7 His grandmother, Sorrah, dies. He's devastated by her death and really starts to close himself off at this point. No matter how much he tries, it's never enough; he'll never live up to his father's expectations, and the only person who ever championed him is gone. He starts to feel deeply inadequate, and begins to internalize his perceived failings.

* 2586, 10 His youngest brother is born. The pregnancy had been a complete surprise, but both his parents are thrilled, and the boy is completely spoiled. Zarenaak tries not to resent his newest sibling, but doesn't completely succeed.

* 2587, 11 The Pass has ended and the Interval begun. The survivors move into Southern Winds Weyr. He's not sad to see Fort Hold go, but everyone living together in the Weyr leads to quite a bit of culture shock.

* 2590, 13 His parents start to talk about marriage, and Zarenaak, who has up until this point dealt with things by not dealing with them, starts to panic.

* 2591, 14 Loses his virginity to Belara, whom his parents are pressuring him to marry. He can't think about it afterwards without extreme anxiety, and is intensely relieved when she doesn't fall pregnant. He makes sure they're never left alone again.

* 2591, 15 Zarenaak is Searched. He feels both disbelieving elation over being selected and acute fear over what his father will say (which is a firm, uncompromising no). He accepts anyway and is promptly disowned, which he was expecting, but hurts more than he was thought it would.


”Oh, none of that. You know I’m an ugly crier,” his grandmother chided, and Zarenaak hastily scrubbed at his face. She always said seeing him cry made her want to join in, and while he didn’t quite believe her--he’d never seen her cry--he didn’t want to upset her if it were actually true.

His father was in the other room, talking with the Healer. He couldn’t hear what was being said, but it didn’t really matter. He already knew the prognosis would just confirm what everyone had been thinking for days: she was dying.

“There’s a good lad." His grandmother always smiled like she was sharing a secret, inviting you to join in, and he managed a shaky smile in return, even though it was the last thing he felt like doing. Any minute his father was going to come back in and this would all become too real.

“I’ve lived a long life,” she said after a moment, and then surprised him by reaching up to run a hand through his hair and cup his cheek for just a moment before her hand fluttered back down to the bedfurs. He wasn't quite sure what to make of her expression, and it looked like she might say something more but visibly changed her mind and settled on: "You'll be alright without me."

Zarenaak wished he could believe her, and even more that he had the courage to ask what she meant to say. He felt like it was something important, but he couldn't quite work up the nerve.

She glanced up as his father entered a moment later, and Zarenaak dug his fingers into his trousers in an effort not to curl in on himself, waiting for the man to speak. The moment seemed to stretch for a small eternity: “...You’ve got chores that need doing.” And there is was.

“Yes, sir." He stood, but couldn’t quite turn away. He didn't know what he was going to do once she was--

“We’ll talk later,” his grandmother assured, shooing him. He bit his lip, nodding in acquiescence, and slipped past his father.

They never did talk later.

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Re: Zarenaak (14.09.2576) Candidate
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