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Author Topic: Approved Vassatiere [ 10.3.2569 / Red Weyrling ]  (Read 1025 times)

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Vassatiere [ 10.3.2569 / Red Weyrling ]
« on: September 09, 2018, 08:18:12 PM »

Play By:
Bae Su-ji

Date of Birth:
10.03.2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Vassatiere is a small, slight girl at 5’1”. She looks sweet, innocent, and when she keeps her mouth shut, she can easily stand out of the way and blend in with just about everyone else. She’s pretty, when she’s cleaned up, but she’s never looking to draw attention to herself. Her clothes are always bland colors and hide any manner of feminine shape, her long hair is frequently pulled up in a tight bun, and she doesn’t frequently meet anyone’s eyes.

There is some wiry strength to her, from turns upon turns of chores and drudge work, and she’s very quick on her feet when she wants to be. Since arriving at SWW, she’s been able to fill out just a little and gain some color in her face. Otherwise, she’s a bit pale and the sun isn’t her friend.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Vassatiere survived staying out of the way, stealing what she could, and making sure whomever touched her when she didn’t want it, paid for it in blood. She’s got a sharp mouth when provoked, but she didn’t really have the bite to back it up. Not upfront, anyways, so she spent a lot of her time running and hiding. Sleeping in dark nooks and occasionally taking advantage of the few good people in Fort.

Response to dragon color mutations:
The more dragons the merrier, right? She’s always liked the unbridled energy of the Reds and the impressive growth of the Blacks in the weyr. She’d never begrudge someone a dragon though – that’s the ticket to the good life, after all.

Who are you...

Independence : Vassatiere will do what she’s supposed to, to get by, to blend in, but she really likes her free time and treasures the ability to decide what to do with it.

Physical Activity : Vassatiere wasn’t ever trained by a harper like some and missed out on those fundamentals – which were supplemented when she became a candidate, but it’s always made her feel inferior to those around her. Thus, she much prefers physical things in which she can be more on par with her peers.

Swimming : In the underground lake, in particular. Getting there might be a little treacherous at times, but it’s always an adventure. The cold water is a reward and the dark tunnels remind her of a safer Fort. She’d never want to go back there, of course, but she likes the sound of water bouncing off of stone and the privacy there. Even better that she frequently swims.

Farming Work : Vassatiere burns easily in the sun. While she won’t complain – aloud – she doesn’t enjoy working on sunny days outside because her fair skin just turns red and hurts.

Gossip : For as opinionated as Vassatiere is, she hates listening to the opinions of other people because she thinks they’re flawed, wrong, or ignorant. She doesn’t have time to listen to hearsay or rumors.

Comments about her height : She knows she’s short. You don’t have to point it out. It ain’t funny or cute.


* FAST : For her size, Vassatiere is quick on her feet and quick with her hands. It’s what kept her alive during the Pass – having relied so much on only herself.

* DETERMINED : There’s a way to get everything done, even if it isn’t obvious at first. If there’s a problem, she’ll figure a way around it. It might not be morally great or honest, but when she wants something, she’s set about getting it.

* ACTIVE : While she’s fully capable of relaxing, Vassatiere entered Candidacy relatively fit. It’s something she honestly enjoys and a wholesome way for her to spend her time – swimming, training, etc. It’s replaced other, less desirable ways of spending her time like drinking or gambling.

* ROUGH : Growing up in the dark tunnels of Fort wouldn’t be complete without knowing how to fight. She can handle anything sharp that she must to defend herself, and she can react well to attacks to her person. She’s not about to overpower anyone and her reach is very short, so she relies on a quick move or two to disable someone and get out of a situation quick.

* ADAPTABLE : She rolls with the situation and doesn’t really plan ahead. She might have vague wants and wishes, but Vassatiere very much lives and reacts in the moment. This means she thinks well on her feet and doesn’t frequently crack under pressure.


* HONEST : Don’t ask her a question you don’t want a jaded, waspish answer to. She’ll be honest, but it’s always from her perspective and she rarely has a good opinion of anyone or any situation.

* DECEPTIVE : Vassatiere looks a lot nicer than she really is. Appearing small, approachable, and even friendly, that immediately changes when she opens her mouth to talk to someone. She doesn’t want anything to do with people unless they have something to offer her.

* ANTISOCIAL : Vassatiere has a hard time working well with other people or even admitting she needs help, especially once she’s impressed to the very willful Ysolth. She’ll need friends, or at least a support system, and learn how to rely on wingmates. It’ll be hard given her past.

* FLUSTERED : When she does become upset or angry, either because she’s frustrated by a particular lesson that isn’t a physical thing ( oral or written lessons ) or an interaction with a person that isn’t going well – and she’s forced to interact with them - she can become easily flustered and frustrated. Her face heats up, her eyes water ( which she absolutely hates ), and it’s hard for her to talk past the lump in her throat. It’s not that she gets sad, it’s more she’s so flustered and upset and becomes further so by her reaction to it.

* PESSIMIST : Life hasn’t been kind to her and she has a difficult time seeing the good in people. Coming out of candidacy with no friends didn’t help ( not that she was friendly >_> ) and she’s always felt like she had to fight against the world. She’s seen too much lying, cheating, stealing, and murder to think the world could ever be a better place.

Describe Yourself:

* SECRETIVE: It is incredibly difficult to get close to Vassatiere. She’s spent a lot of her life keeping to herself and she quite likes it that way. Most don’t know anything about her and when she is approached, what she has to say is to keep people away.

* PROUD: It’s hard for Vassatiere to admit when she’s done something wrong, especially when she’s trying to save face in front of a peer. She’ll come up with excuses, lie, or insult, but she doesn’t want to admit fault.   

* QUIETLY AMBITIOUS: Impressing a dragon was something Vassatiere always hoped for, but wasn’t ever really sure it would happen. She wants to be better. To be more than she is, even if she has no idea how to do that or go about it. Being able to impress Ysolth really made her aware that maybe she’s worth more than she thought.

* ENVIOUS: She believes that there are some people who have just had it better than her, and she hates them for it. This stems from a deep rooted envy, having felt her own life was so much a struggle and not having any family to rely on. She’s particularly envious of people who did have a family and she’ll be quick to lash out at them in particular.

* CLEAN: Now that the choice is hers and the opportunity there, Vassatiere always keeps herself clean. Her clothes might be boring and roll, her hair frequently up and out of the way, but she wants to feel good about herself.

The Magic Touch:
It isn’t that she likes alcohol, but she used it as a method of escape. Gambling was just a way to pass the time. She’s not the best gambler either, nor can she really hold her alcohol.


Mother: Glendrian, drudge, 2554
Father:    Vephan, Journeyman Fisher, b 2548 , d 2578

There are likely siblings, but her mother was never really forthcoming and Vephan was married to another woman, so she never met that side of the family. The only one she’s vaguely aware of is M'kale.

Children: Most of Vassatiere’s sexual relations have been with female whores, when she was at Fort Hold. She’s miscarried once at the weyr, which prevented her from Standing, and since then she’s been a bit physically distant. Thus, no children.

Tell us a story...

* 2569, Birth Vassatiere is born to Glendrian, who is a side mistress to a married Fisher. She hopes that the babe will convince Vephan to either leave his wife or at least provide more so for her and his daughter. The man isn’t really excited about the little girl but, to keep Glendrian quiet, he does provide some extra food and clothes for her and the babe.

* 2572, 3 The arrangement with Vephan from Vassatiere’s birth falls apart when Tillek Hold falls. Glendrian dies from thread and Vephan is left with a little girl he doesn’t want – but still feels responsible for. He ends up dropping her off in one of the orphanages that pop up in Fort as refugees pour into the last remaining Hold. He doesn’t leave his name, but he’s fine leaving her mother’s name with the caretaker of the orphanage.

* 2576, 7 The orphanage falls on hard times and can no longer support itself. The older woman that ran it -Malvynnen – dies and there’s no one willing or able to take over. The children are turned out to the streets and tunnels of Fort. Some are snatched up by gangs, others by brothels, but Vassatiere flees all of that and scrounges for food in the dark. She's too worried about what she's going to do about herself - surviving and not being snatched up by anyone else - that she's never really able to mourn the loss of the woman that had been a motherly figure to her.

* 2579, 10 She gets in her first real fight. Up until now, she’s simply relied on being small and fast to stay out of the way and steal food. Vassatiere finds herself in some other tunnel rat’s territory and the collection of kids tell her to leave the tunnels. Having no where else to really go, she spends weeks evading them until invariably they run into one another stealing from one of the gang’s kitchens. The boy, a little older than her, but just as gaunt and hungry, clearly means to kill her. He chases her down and they scuffle in a small side tunnel, where he draws a sharpened sliver of rock on her – that looks much like a knife – and tries to stab her several times. It’s after many defensive cuts on her hands and arms that she manages to get the rock-knife from the boy and stab him back. The sharp sliver of rock cuts her fingers and palm as she drives it between his ribs. He stops moving, and she leaves him to die in the dark.

* 2581, 12 She learns of another orphanage, this one ran by a lovely couple. Because she’s so small and gaunt, they believe she’s younger than she really is and readily take her in. She’s happy to help around the crowded home, tending to younger children with quiet stoicism. She might come across as harsh, but life isn’t exactly fair. Even so, she finds a relatively peaceful life at the orphanage and considers it, in a way, home.

* 2583, 14 The couple suspect she’s actually an adult now – believing she’s turned twelve – and they start to talk to her about maybe getting married. Moving out and finding her own home. It’s not out of malice or because they don’t care, but because they simply don’t have the space to keep adults with so many needy children. Even so, it feels like rejection and stings. Vassatiere leaves one night without a word and returns to the tunnels she’d left two turns prior.

* 2584, 15 Vassatiere keeps to the shadows and maintains her freedom – but she does run errands for some people. Owing no loyalty to any one gang nor involving herself in those politics, she’s a reliable ‘hired hand’. As reliable as such things are. It’s a way to a better life for her. Newer clothes, better food. Her first taste of alcohol and her first night with a whore. This starts to define her life. Becoming an ‘errand boy’, doing simplified tasks people might otherwise not want to, cleaning rooms in brothels, or even playing lookout. It’s not a great life, but it adds a little more flavor and entertainment into her life. Vassatiere isn’t happy but she wouldn’t have been able to tell anyone what that really meant.

* 2588, 19 Life hasn’t been kind, but she’s not as bad off as some. She’s largely kept to herself and she’d have said she was lonely if she’d ever had anyone close enough to know she was alone. Spending all of her time either taking care of her basic needs, doing the odd jobs to sustain herself, losing herself in drink, or spending nights with whores, the turns blend into a dull shade of gray in her mind. One of the rare days she’s outside and carrying a package of wherskins to a family, a Rider stops her. Seemingly out of nowhere, the woman asks Vassatiere if she’d like to be a Candidate. The rider looks tired, bone weary, and a little rough around the edges, but to Vassatiere, she could’ve been dressed like a proper Lady for how new her leathers seemed and how clean she was. Vassatiere left the package on the street and left with the Rider. Any life had to be better than the one she’d been living.

The weyr is a drastically different change of pace and she becomes quite withdrawn, observing, doing as she’s told, but quietly grateful to be away from the Hold. The only way she knows how to show that gratitude is to do the chores she’s assigned. When the Candidate Master finds out she never had any proper schooling, she’s enrolled in classes along with others, but she struggles through these and is frequently frustrated at her seeming inability to learn math, reading, and writing as well as she did so many hands on tasks.

Vassatiere seeks solace in some of the other candidates in the lessons, and a rider here or there during a flight, and she lands herself pregnant. The experience is awful, she’s miserable, and she ends up in the Healer Hall for a month before she’s eventually told the babe was lost early. That’s surprisingly hard for her to hear and she vows to be more careful so she doesn’t hurt herself in such a way again.

* 2587, 20 The end of the Pass and Vassatiere is quite excited, though ever the one to keep to herself. She helps as much as a Candidate might. A new place seems like a new start, and she’s hopeful – even if she’s not sure what she’s hopeful for. The black mutation is a curiosity, but she’s not as worried as so many.

* 2591, 22 Vassatiere is a little worried about her age and, given how long she’s been standing, she’s still hopeful. Not desperately so, but she holds the hope quiet and intensely close to her heart. Afraid to give voice to her fears, she seems much the same as she always is. Stoic, dutiful, stand offish, and probably a bit snappy when people actually talk to her. Actually impressing is just mindblowing.

Another Hatching. Vassatiere made her way quickly to her room and tried not to listen to the drum of her heart in her ears. This happened every time. The excitement, the rush, the hope. This could be it. This clutch might be the one. It didn’t matter how long she’d been Standing, how many times she pulled on the robes.

Every opportunity on the Sands was a chance for her life to be different.

Arriving wasn’t quite the same as before, since there were Reds already out and they were so… so loud. It made her flinch, upon arrival, but she otherwise tolerated it. In a way, it was… lovely. She was hearing dragons. Excitable, free, cheery creatures without a care in the world. Loud, yes, but there was a strong allure to that sort of careless freedom.

Vassatiere had never been able to just play. Had never had such instant comraderie with anyone, or anything, and she watched them with a sense of envious, almost affectionate awe. If she walked away with nothing else, she’d been gifted with a taste of that freedom. Of that joy.

It really was bittersweet. Getting to hear dragons but know they were not your own. That they would Impress to another and forever be closed off to her. Vassatiere’s eyes tracked each Red as they did Impress. The bitter spike of envy speared her belly, but it didn’t reflect on her expression. She didn’t say anything. Just watched.

One dragon. The second. A third.

Vassatiere wasn’t worried when the Reds approached, and watched so she could see who this next one might Impress.

I’m tired now., one announced as it stood in front of the line up. Broadcasting as it had so far. Gracing them all with his snappy voice. Will you feed me?

That actually made Vassatiere pause. Obviously they couldn’t feed the dragonet before it Impressed, and it was such an odd thing to ask of everyone. If it was hungry, then why didn’t it pick someone already…

You. I’m talking to you., he hissed, the sound filling up Vassatiere’s mind in a way the shouting had not. Blanketing her in an odd warmth. Her body moved of its own accord and, like in a dream, she moved forward to pick him up. Had Ysolth been looking at just her the whole time? Was she actually dreaming?

She wasn’t even aware that the little Red in her arms was telling off his siblings. You have to find yours. Get away. We’re busy.


She’d Impressed.

Move along now. There’s food you are to feed me, he reminded, this time his voice a little quieter, but no less sharp.

Vassatiere held him close and wandered off to the feeding pavilion.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
All dem on my profile
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Roug’em up
Anything Else:
Woop woop woop

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 20M
Mature Height: 5M
Mature Wingspan: 36M

General Appearance...

From the moment Ysolth burst from his egg, he was fully in control of his appendages and ready to play. Rough and tumble, the color of deep red wine, there was absolutely no variance in his coloration. He was just a dark dragonet chasing his siblings. As he gets older, he'll lighten up and taken on a richer hue in his wings.


Mind Voice:
Ysolth sounds like he's always telling you a secret that you shouldn’t share, and you're both about to get in some wicked fun trouble. There's still a roughness to the sound, some untamable wilderness lingering in the sound of him that could grate on some people's nerves.

He's nosy : He wants to know things. Everything, but mostly pointless things. Things people don't usually want to share. Secrets are the best, and he wants to know everyone's. Things that are well known around the weyr have little interest to him.

Chasing things : Ysolth is an active dragon, and has been from the moment he hatched. While his wings are quite proportioned for his body, he still likes to dash about. Flits are his favorite to chase. He promises not to eat them.

Fighting : He calls it wrestling. Others would call him a bully. He doesn't say mean things, but this Red likes to put his claws and mouth to good use.

Gold's Command : It's a good thing that a dragon's memory isn't too long. He doesn't exactly remember Kalestath's hold on him from birth, but it's left a lasting disdain for being forced into anything - he doesn't like not having a choice.

Whining : Ysolth doesn't have time to listen to anyone complain, and he definitely doesn't care to hear it. He loses interest and will simply exit the conversation.


* SCRAPPY : Ysolth isn't afraid of much. Bigger dragons? Being hurt? Monsters in the jungle? Crazy Golds? Nope. He'll charge head long into all of it with an eagerness bordering on suicidal. He doesn't really have a sense of fear or self-preservation, but he's quite willing to do just about anything that sounds fun or dangerous.

* ENERGETIC : Ysolth has the stamina of a dragon much larger than him. When his wings wear out, he'll be quick to transfer to the ground and keep going. He wants to show that he can keep up with the best of them - and he will be able to do well for a dragon his size when he gets older.


* WILLFUL : Ysolth has a real problem with authority. Whether it's outright disobedience or taking it all a joke. He really doesn't like being told what to do and it's like trying to hold onto sand sometimes.

* WASPISH : Ysolth has a temper, for a dragon, and he can be snappy to those that annoy or bother him - which can be easy to do if you're trying to strong-arm him into doing anything he doesn't want to or whining about him trying to play.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #2e060d; Text: #ff220c

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He's so chipper. I’d like him to be Red001 plz.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Vassatiere [ 10.3.2569 / Red Weyrling ]
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