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Author Topic: Approved Rossed [ 19.09.2555 ] / Holder & Peacekeeper  (Read 300 times)

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Rossed [ 19.09.2555 ] / Holder & Peacekeeper
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:46:48 AM »

Play By:

[ Row-iss-ed ]
Date of Birth:
19.09.2555 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Nabol Hold
Spouse or Weyrmate:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: That first impression is a good one, he is a solidly built man. One that gives the phrase one to walk mountains with a solid and enduring form. Rossed is the kind of individual that can often be assumed to brood - not inaccurate a lot of the time - but when he chooses to unwind and smile that means that generally there is a shift of perception as you notice the line of the jaw and the twinkle in his gray eyes, softening at that point to a pale and cool blue shading that could almost be mistaken for something warm.

Rossed has scarring on his arms and chest, nothing that stands out overmuch given that he works with the Peacekeepers and also has to handle the whers they often use. It isn't really anything he flaunts but outside of the leather worn as part of the uniform of his role, this is something he is proud of having, and he will definitely be the kind of man who will walk with more of a swagger and a skip in his step when he is taking part of that role and fulfilling his purpose. He has occasion to sneer and snarl and even bark at those beneath him (often and usually including his wife) but that doesn't mean his temper his fixed on the negative. Far from it.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: While he was a child during many of the events of that final Pass and the cascading horror that came as a result, it only reinforced the more vicious and vindictive qualities of his own nature. Rossed had to survive and being soft or easygoing was just not going to cut it at all. At least that is how he often validates himself when it comes to those still, quiet portions of the night when he cannot manage to find sleep. As much as Rossed understands that they all needed to come here, that everyone has to rely on each other, the truth is that he doesn't like it. The forced intimacy and interaction doesn't fit into his view and very traditionally minded perspective that is his own.

Response to dragon color mutations: In a single word; Abomination. It isn't right and shouldn't be encouraged and the fact that one of them flew a gold only supports his opinion that they should have been killed as soon as they hatched. It's wrong and nothing will ever change how Rossed feels about that.

Who are you...

- Physical Activity; this doesn't always extend to anything as extreme as fighting but it definitely helps. Rossed isn't able to really manage to sit still although he does achieve this during the necessary periods required by the Peacekeepers during those periods they gather together. As part of this, it extends to sexual congress and he is more than willing to seek other women if he feels the need come upon him.

- Open Spaces; given the events of the last Pass and all that time spent enclosed and cramped with so many others this shouldn't be surprising or shocking. Although it's not always possible for him to have the time outside that he would like.

- Alcohol; when the chance to drink comes, Rossed will take it. While this doesn't manage to improve his mood it does make him feel more relaxed and that counts for something. Rossed isn't one to drink often as he doesn't want to end up lacking a suitable amount of control or coming up short in some way when it comes to his position among the Peacekeepers.

- Being Captain; while he doesn't intend to stop anytime soon, the achievement of being one of the Captains is something that remains of his proudest moments of his life and it is something he is aware will only ever be superseded by him managing to reach an even greater rank.


- Anything related to dragonriders; he can tolerate them for short periods of time but ultimately he sees in them a whole lot of the wrong in the world as resting firmly on their shoulders. Not that Rossed is all that vocal in public settings. Instead, he concentrates on spending time with those who share his views and working on things from within the ranks of the Peacekeepers.

- Drugs; while he appreciates a good drink when the chance comes along he has a different view when it comes to illicit substances. Mostly because he sees it as being a means of avoiding things like duty and responsibility as well as removing anything like common sense.

- Being Denied; Rossed can still display certain childish tendencies and one of them is that he hates to be denied something. Whether it's a treat or just time off, if he has made a decision about something that he wants then he will follow it through. Denying him just makes him angry and that frustration can make him act out negatively.


* INTELLIGENT: Rossed considers himself to be both mature and responsible and capable of handling the duties and responsibilities which come with his title and position in life. Part of this stems from his own intellect and it's hard to miss when you have a conversation with him, as he is immediately one of the more well-spoken individuals who are present.

* AMBITIOUS : While its something that he doesn't need to flaunt, Rossed is not someone who is going to make down from an opportunity or challenge. He sees himself as the person who should be in charge and that is why he has worked hard to make sure that is exactly what happens.

* COURAGE : This is by far one of his best qualities. He is fearless in a lot of things, perfectly determined to make sure he leads the charge and therefore by example and it's why one of the few things that will rile up his anger is when someone fails to display even the smallest measure of courage and fortitude in the tasks ahead.

* DETERMINED : It might be better to describe him as being rather fixated and inflexible but as it's a positive quality when compared to some others he possesses this is the one that makes him believe that in spite of how things are at the moment (even though they are better than before), eventually, everything is going to end up being brought back to where it should be without the Holders having the riders so involved and wrapped up in their lives.

* ARROGANT : It might be better to think of this being a negative but in fact, this is all about how he is able to handle himself wiht such confidence. Rossed know he is the best.


* SLY : It doesn't really fit in either side well, sometimes it helps but often leads him into paranoid behaviors as Rossed tends to imagine that others are just as sly and therefore often cunning and dishonest as he is as well. It does mean that Rossed is the kind of man who is prepared to do whatever it takes but for those who know him best, it can create mean more headaches as he has to overcome that assessment of him.

* ENTITLED : There is little doubt in his mind that Rossed is entitled to whatever he wants, that doesn't always make him secure the best impression when dealing with others. Although, that is usually restricted to those outside of the Holders

* SEXIST & BIGOTED : At least in part due to his upbringing, Rossed has always been extremely limited and opinionated when it comes to the subject of both women and the traditional views that have previously served him and his predecessors so well. Rossed believes women serve only one real purpose, restricted to bearing and rearing children and should be therefore silent in all other matters. As well as respectfully submissive.

* NARROW-MINDED : Rossed is a man of his circumstances. He cannot change now and he doesn't want to be, this can make it difficult for him when it comes to accepting anything that is outside of what he deems to be appropriate and acceptable. It does also make him incredibly capable when it comes to dealing with others who boast the same traits.

* MOOD SWINGS : While he doesn't see the difficulty as he handles the changes in his temper either in alcohol, physical activity or sex. Often a mix of the three. While this is never allowed to affect his work, (for the moment), he aware of the lingering shadow just the same.

Describe Yourself:

* OBSERVANT: He is not one for making gross errors and he works hard to be well informed on the people around himself and their alliances and attitudes. A lot of those who find themselves on the wrong end of this, tend to dismiss him until they find out just how much he learned all about their little habits and weaknesses.

* SENSE OF HUMOR: It should never be denied that he has an incredible sense of humor though, he approaches most things with a smile, charm and a seemingly endless supply of ready and confident wit. At least in the beginning, as it is a method used to distract and undermine the swift assumptions that tend to be applied to his strong frame and Peacekeeper uniform. IT is one of the more effective tools in his arsenal.

* LOYALTY: Rossed is a man who is unfailingly loyal to those who have earned that from him. This loyalty is something that is enduring even if occasionally hard-won, he has learned not to trust too easily as it can have the habit of backfiring on him.

* STUBBORN: He is not one to be frivolous and while often stubborn enough to annoy and irritate, he is respected both because of his experience but because he will stick through the to bitter end even if that means he has to be the one who is swinging that last punch or choosing to make that final comment. Right or wrong? He will never let a matter go until it's resolved in the fashion that he desires.

* PRACTICAL: He is a practical man, not given over to casual emotion or even casual lusts. His passions such as they are consist of securing his position and remaining there against all odds. Proud and determined he will do things others deem impossible to show he has the will to succeed, particularly when the chance comes to show off to his superiors.

The Magic Touch: Rossed has a fondness for the ladies, this ranges from liaisons with women and also whores, as a result, it's possible he has other children but these affairs are handled discretely and without fanfare. In fact, Rossed will end a relationship should the woman push for anything more from him than he is prepared to give.


Mother: Liannalsed // Holder // born. 2545 (died. 2570)
Father: Rosankarin // Holder // born. 2540 (died. 2574)


Liankari // Holder // born. 2557 (died. 2588)
Roganin  // Holder // born. 2558
Sanalsea // Rider of Dragoneth // born. 2560 (twin)
Sankarsed // Harper Journeyman // born. 2560 (twin)
Karinalsed  // Holder //  born. 2561
Rossal  // Holder & Wherhandler // born. 2562
Lisankarin  // Holder // born. 2565
Rosann  // Healer Journeyman // born. 2569
Likarin  // Holder // born. 2570


Rossell [son] b. 2587
Sohred [son] b. 2589

Tell us a story...

* 2555 - 2258, age 0-3 He was the first to arrive and some would suggest that Rossed was determined to make sure no one ever forgot that fact. He was red-faced, squalling and very little changed over the next three years, even with the birth of two younger siblings.

* 2560, age 5 Although Rossed is still too young to understand the entirety of what is going on, he is very disappointed when not one but two new arrivals take away the attention he feels is owed him from his parents. Not even the increased tension in the Hold manages to distract from his own sense of self-importance.

* 2563, age 8 While this is when he should have been looking ahead to the future, instead Rossed and his family are faced with the trauma and devastation of the fall of their home, as Nabol Hold succumbs to the fury of the Thread.

* 2564, age 9 It seems like no time at all before they are packed up again and taken from Ruatha (temporary point of safety) and brought to Fort. He should feel grateful but all that lingers is a sense of resentment at all of these changes affecting his life.

* 2565 -2567, age 10-12 Rossed has to find work where he can, helping out and even stealing when the chance comes in order to avoid the gnawing sense of hunger. His family is not nearly as badly off as others but all that does is remind Rossed that things can still somehow get worse than they are now. He mixes with other boys, some his own age, others older and it is now that he starts to fight, sometimes successfully and other times less so. It is in 2567, that a new influx of refugees arrives, putting an even greater strain on the limited resources, it adds to his own dislike of dragonriders - after all they should be protecting them from something as horrible as possible.

* 2568, age 13 With the fall of High Reaches, Rossed has to struggle to deal with more people. Individuals who don't know he should be respected, he fights more often now and wins regularly as well.

* 2569, age 14 Rossed isn't sure how he ended up with the role but along with some others, he is encouraged to help watch over and protect the others around him, mostly in making sure no one picks fights or steals from their batch of the limited supplies. It's a position that appeals to him greatly. Rossed feels like he is finally doing something useful.

* 2570, age 15 His mother dies, not that he really notices it as he has drifted further and further from his family but he returns and is suitably upset with the loss of his parent before he notices that there is a new sibling - not that it matters and he is sure the others, particularly his sisters who can handle this. At least two of whom are already married now.

* 2571, age 16 They are already overcrowded, but now Tillek is gone and so is the Fisher Halla and even High Reaches Weyr, although he cares less about the dragons or their riders. An irony as it not long after this that his twin siblings would be Searched out. Though only one would go onto Impress later on. For most of the remaining Turn he is distracted by the sickness that rises up and claims many of the people who have been squeezed far too tightly together now.

* 2573, age 18 Rossed is making an impression, he is strong, muscles and he missed the sickness to emerge unscathed by it all. It has earned him looks from some women and Rossed takes advantage of this, earning a reputation that is not always the most flattering but his position and his own easy charm mean he has little trouble in finding a way to warm his bed at night should he wish it.

* 2583, age 21 While the role of Peacekeeper is no longer as present as it once was, he holds to their traditions, following the discipline instilled by an older and former one. He sees the value in their being a force of young men keen to follow orders to maintain some kind of order in the more well-off sections. Faranth knows there is little support from the riders or the rest of the less worthy among them - and there are plenty of both. It is around now that he receives his first wher, a brown called Sedsk as he also gains instruction in training controlling the animal. Just like a true Peacekeeper and Rossed feels an increased sense of pride in this.

* 2580, age 25 Starts the second of series of affairs with some of the available, nothing serious but this lasts for just over half a Turn before she becomes too demanding and starts to make noises about marriage.

* 2581, age 25 Rossed is promoted to Captain. This is exactly what he feels is owed to him, although it is not a sentiment shared by all this will eventually lead to him being noticed and in turn noticing the young woman who would become his wife.

* 2582, age 27 He catches sight of Sohrelle with her family, she is far too young for him to be paying any kind of attention in the matter of marriage but he begins to speak with her parents about the subject, at first gently and then with far more attentiveness as his mind fixes on the idea.

* 2583, age 28 Sedsk is seriously injured and sadly ends up dying as a result of an escalation that Rossed was brought in to handle (along with others), he is disappointment but is able to gain a new egg as a result of his position and this time has a bronze, called Rossk soon afterward.

* 2584, age 29 This is the Turn he begins his true courtship of Sohrelle, at least as far as she is concerned. He is patient and caring, offering sweet gifts and tokens, albeit limited due to the lack of resources which are available at this time.

* 2585, age 30 Rossed and Sohrelle are married. It's a fairly small ceremony but not one that lacks in celebration and excitement. Far from it. This is after all what his entire goal has been since he set his sights on this woman and he feels justifiably proud at having gotten his own way.

* 2587, age 32 His son, Rossell, is born and Sohrelle is settling into her proper place as his submissive wife. She was already waiting with the list after the birthing and Rossed felt suitably pleased that she had done her duty and provided him with a son that he selected one of the first names on the list, assuming it was a favored one. This is also the end of the Pass. It seems auspicious that he should have a son born at this time.

* 2588, age 33 Rossed takes up with a young whore, nothing overt in his manner but preferring to sleep there while his son is fussing instead of with his wife. This is not the last time it will happen.

* 2589, age 34 Sohrelle finally delivers another child, a son that is named Sohred. Much like before Rossed is not around much. He provides a reason for his wife but it not the truth. Once his son ceases the constant crying he is more attentive to his duties as a husband and even father when the mood strikes him. This new arrival does not diminish his disgust at the result of the flight of the gold dragon, caught by one of the black monstrosities. It is a reminder of why no one can stand idle in these times. Although he manages to accept that he cannot make it change on his own. So, he continues to works hard on advancing and building connections among this fellow Peacekeepers.

* 2590, age 35 With the opportunity to see his wife impress a wher, he encouraged her to take advantage of it. The disappointment when she only managed to achieve a green was mollified as he settled into the instruction necessary when training a wher. Sohrelle was slow in the beginning but eventually, she managed to grasp the lessons.

* 2591, age 36 Now that seems increasingly likely that mutations are not going to be culled (as they should be), Rossed has made an increased effort to advance in the ranks of the Peacekeepers in order that he should be able to have that position of respect and authority - at least among his peers.

He rested a hand casually on the shoulder of his wher, the solid muscled weight of the animal a suitable reminder of the present and enough to make sure his mind remained focused on the matter at hand. Not that he could really afford to justify any kind of distraction. Some of the tedium of these meeting made it hard to hold his full attention, but Rosseh had his methods and this was one of the better alternatives. This way he was at least able to be sure he heard the instructions and avoiding ending up yawning. Rossed wanted his superiors to continue to think highly of him, that was the best way to secure his continuing success and advancement.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Sionann, Velatha, and Eimerra
Inactivity Preference:
Make him adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it On
Anything Else:  N/A

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Re: Rossed [ 19.09.2555 ] / Holder & Peacekeeper
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2018, 09:47:18 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

[ Ro-OS-k
Date of Birth:
02.10.2583  9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
As with the majority of wher eggs, Rossk was no different from many others based on that wrinkled and rather battered looking surface of dark brown with splashes of mottled cream across the surface as well. It is what originally set the egg apart.
Mature Length: 3.9M
Mature Height: 1.7M

General Appearance...

As a hatchling, Rossk was much darker than he is now, the burnt shading was closer being almost black for a short while but Rossk soon grew out of that tendency and left him with something far more appealing. He is big for a bronze and much like his handler his one for flaunting his physical strength and build. It's rather hard to miss and Rossk makes an impression that often ensures the rest of the people around him are keen to start behaving before that rusty-copper hide struts in and starts to make the point with tooth and claw. He is hulking, brutish and clearly a creature that is all about physical prowess.


Empathetic: The connection between Rossk and Rossed is basic, even when compared to the rest of the wherhandlers, they don't find a need to stretch the limits and while Rossed has no issue with getting the point across it is often far more brutish than it should possibly need to be with a different person. Rossk, in turn, will best respond in fleeting images but there is nothing complex there, whether it might have appeared is debatable but in short, the pair is well-matched to each other in terms of their characters. There isn't much in the way of balance between the pair, it's about reflections as Rossk is just as capricious as his handler and is definitely not any sweet or fun creature. He packs a lot of cruel in there but that suits everyone just fine. 

- Pampering; while Rossed isn't one for many displays of affection, should Rossk perform well (and with some regularity) he will spend the time on oiling and tending to the wher. This will include dressing injuries as well as bathing. All of which Rossk adores.

- Children; it would see at odds but this applies only to the offspring of his handler. They are allowed to play on him, climb over and generally manhandle him all with an apparent degree of affection and contentment from the massive wher. He doesn't seek the children out but Rossk can be moody if he's not allowed to have some time in his day with the family of his handler.

- Eating; it doesn't really matter what the good is, he loves to do it. Rossk has a voracious appetite and one of the best things is being spoiled with treats in addition to his regular meals.


- Firelizards; they are small and uninteresting along with being very irritating. Rossk isn't willing to resist the urge attack any that might come close unless his handler suggests otherwise, but in the main, he is allowed to swipe or become as aggressive as he likes should the chance arrive.

- Not being allowed to work; much like Rossk he is not able to handle being inactive for long periods and this will make him harder to handle and less likely to listen without some renewed discipline but generally Rossed is a handler who is able to provide exactly and everything that he needs in respect of the physical release and exercise.


* AGGRESSIVE : Although he will allow the children of his handler freedom and the chance to clamber back like monkeys, this relaxed attitude does not extend to being applied against anyone else, in fact, it is quite the opposite. As Rossk is far more aggressive and ill-tempered than the majority of whers even given his color and occupation, he doesn't like or react well to anything that might be perceived as a challenge and he definitely isn't noted for being patient or willing to hold back, not even a little bit.

* CONFIDENT : There is no situation in which he could find himself that Rossk wouldn't be entirely sure of himself, his handler and what to do next. He likes the routine of their lives, the challenge of a fight and above all else has a certain knowledge that there is no one out there who comes close to being as capable as he is. There just isn't a comparison.


* RECKLESS : It is as much about an absence of fear as it is anything else. Rossk arrives in any situation entirely sure that he is going to be the one in charge. He might get it from his handler as much as anything else but they are a matched duo and it makes it harder for him to have the ability to step back and think about his actions before something does happen.

* STUBBORN : Once Rossk is fixed on something it is hard to change his mind, some would argue impossible and only his handler (often with brute force) is able to remind him of the fact that he is in charge and that Rossk has to obey. 

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: Rossed [ 19.09.2555 ] / Holder & Peacekeeper
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2018, 04:26:31 PM »
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If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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