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Author Topic: Tracker Bee's Journal and Tracker  (Read 77 times)

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Bee's Journal and Tracker
« on: September 10, 2018, 02:23:11 PM »
The unkempt hive in which I will hopefully nurture character ideas
what is the holiness of empire? it is to know collapse. everything can collapse. houses, bodies and enemies collapse when their rhythm becomes deranged.

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Re: Bee's Journal and Tracker
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2018, 06:10:10 PM »

what is the holiness of empire? it is to know collapse. everything can collapse. houses, bodies and enemies collapse when their rhythm becomes deranged.

Offline Bee

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Re: Bee's Journal and Tracker
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2018, 06:38:34 PM »

Play By:
Nadia Esra

Keer-see-vuh-kee-luh, and Kee-kee
Usually just Kiki.
Date of Birth:
27.05.2577 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
None at this time.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: When she is training, Kiki keeps her hair in a rough bun or ponytail, but on her free time it’s a wild unkempt mess. She has a small but pronounced nick of a scar on her upper lip, from when she slammed her face into a plough as a child. Frequently sports skinned knees and elbows, and a rotating stable of scars and bruises. She loves bugs and frequently keeps them in her pockets or otherwise on her person. Dresses mostly for practicality/comfort, with tunics and sturdy pants/shorts, but loves adornment and will often doll herself up with somewhat unconventional means. She freckles in the summer. Has a very unabashed and friendly grin, which she is usually wearing.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: She lost a good deal of her family to the final years and relocations of the 9th Pass. She found solace and purpose in keeping up the spirits of her remaining family, and bringing friends and neighbors into the fold. In many ways she hasn’t processed much of the trauma; she’s very resilient by nature, was very young when everything was happening, and deals with negative emotions through positive action. Impressing young has kept her flying just ahead of her own grief, and she’s pretty sure she can outrun it.

Response to dragon color mutations: Kiki actually takes great solace in their appearance. She views it in a very Life Adapts To Any Circumstances kind of way, and it helps her believe that humanity too will adapt and prosper again.

Who are you...


Nature, especially BUGS! She loves collecting and categorizing them, and as a little kid she loved eating them. She is also very fond of mushrooms. The idea of a barren Pern is pretty devastating to her, and she knows she could never be a member of the Mountain Wing. The sadness would kill her instantly.

People! Kiki is a very outgoing girl, and strives to have adventures with everyone. She has little sense of how intimidating and exhausting she can be.

Competition! She loves to test her mettle against others, and isn’t the type to back down from a dare or a contest, unless her “I’m going to be in deep trouble” sense overrides her drive to throw down.

STRONG GIRLS! Kiki gets along great with boys in her age group, but very easily develops fancies for powerful girls. Thick biceps that could throw you through a wall? Awesome. Graceful archery? Hot. Steely strength of character? More please. Emotionally unavailable princess or dirty hooligan, she would gladly fight or date them all.

Klah: She actually finds its effects rather calming, and has taken it up as a habit. It both helps her focus and makes her feel more adult.


Dithering: Whether their decisions are ultimately good or bad, Kiki has extremely little patience for people who can’t commit.

Boredom: Having nothing to do is intolerable to her. Fortunately, the apocalypse keeps her pretty busy, but Kiki still seeks to cram activity into every part of her day.

Cheaters: In non-survival-related affairs, Kiki would rather plainly lose than cheat to win. This applies to mind-games as well: she loves a good challenge, but she’s at her core a pretty simple farm girl and sours on too much manipulation.


* Determined: Kiki is a very Ride or Die kind of girl; once she commits to something, she’s in for it. This makes for a very loyal friend and mission partner, and a good secret-keeper.

* Transparent : For the most part, what you see is what you get. You never have to wonder if Kiki is talking crap about you behind your back. She’d do it to your face. But mostly she wouldn’t do it at all because being mean on purpose sounds like a lot of wasted effort.

* Civic-minded: She loves to help people, and believes very strongly in the value of all human life. If there’s a way to make life better for someone, she’ll try to do it.

* Friendly: Kiki is very easygoing around other people and loves being social. She is not discriminating in the slightest in her efforts to make friends with everyone on (what’s left of) the planet.

* Athletic: She is always running around testing herself, and was a pretty strong farmgirl before jumping into the candidate training. She hasn’t always been well-fed enough to be at her peak, and she’ll probably never be very big, but she’s nimble, fierce and strong and ready to throw down and prove it.


* Kiki can be very unexpectedly hardline. Sometimes it’s about dumb things, like food preferences, but when it comes to people, it means being completely merciless in meting out justice once she’s determined you’ve crossed the line. Since she’s working with the incredibly nuanced perspective of a fourteen-year-old, this sometimes doesn’t pan out as well as she’d think. Her drive and spirit also mean she can get super intense about her tasks.

* If Kiki is uninterested in something, she becomes genuinely incapable of focusing on it, trying instead to return to the stuff she considers important. This turns some chores into real, well, chores, and has probably been her number one problem in group settings. She’s trying very hard to get better, since she understands intellectually that Every Chore Is Important, it’s just hard.

* Poor sense of her own limitations. Kiki thinks most of her problems can be solved by trying harder, which can mean her overextending herself before she even realizes she’s hit the wall. This also means she goes very hard on berating herself when she can’t do something she thinks she should.

* Trusting. While a pretty good judge of character in general, Kiki tends to see the best in people, and can be pretty sideswiped by people abusing her good nature.

* Being A Lot, and largely unaware that she is A Lot. Kiki has a lot of personality happening all the time, and doesn’t really come with an off button aside from short-circuiting herself. With people who don’t share her energy level or interests, her mere presence can at times feel like a thousand gongs being banged at once.

Describe Yourself:

* LOVING: ----- Kiki’s exuberance is motivated mostly by her zest for life and the people around her. She cares very deeply, and even her most obnoxious decisions usually have this as a base motivation. She has a rather soft heart in general.

* CURIOUS: ----- Kiki always wants more. She wants to learn more, explore more, get to know people better. She wants everything out of life she can get, and wants the people she loves to have it, too.

* DILIGENT: ----- While Kiki loves a spur of the moment challenge, and risk is just a part of life on a Thread-scoured Pern, Kiki was raised by very perseverant folk and believes in the power of hard work. She’s meticulous in her studies and training and puts herself through a lot to be the best she can be. She’s trying to mulishly push through her struggle areas even when her brain refuses to cooperate. Her brain will get in line eventually.

* SPORTING: ----- She tries to be fair in all she does, and is a remarkably graceful loser even as she vows vengeance and prepares to train in a cave for a thousand years to achieve it. She tries to empathize with and love people where they are, and try to see what they want and how they hope to get it even if she doesn’t agree with either of those things. In a more literal sense, she really views beating someone or being bested in combat as a great way to make friends.

* COLORFUL: ----- Kiki takes fun where she can get it, and makes it when she can’t find it.

The Magic Touch:If she can be drinking klah, she WILL be drinking klah. She loves offering small pieces of complete garbage as tokens of friendship. Kiki sometimes gets bored with walking normally and will substitute cartwheels, or similar acrobatics, for steps. She was discouraged very young from doing this is crowded places. She also gets bored with sitting and finds new ways to contort herself.


Mother: Kirvayyat, Farmer.b. 25.02.2537.
Father: Laerit, Farmer. b. 31.10.2535, d. 17.05.2587.

Siblings: Kirvarit, Infant, b. 2551, d. 2551. First child of Kirvayyat and Laerit, born and died in the fall of Telgar Hold.
Laeyyat, b. 2553 in Telgar Weyr. Farmer.
Kiekandra, b. 2554 in Telgar Weyr. d. 2580. AKA Ki’ra, I. 2571. Wing Rider. Green Dragon, Lilyaseth.
Anashka, b. 2555 in Telgar Weyr. d. 2585. Crèche worker.
Mindek. b. 2559 in Telgar Weyr. d. 2562.
Vashkir, b. 2563 in Fort Weyr. Farmer. First child after the evacuation of Telgar Weyr.
Ninet, b. 2567 in Fort Weyr. Kitchen Staff.
Laevira, b. 2572 in Fort Weyr. d. 2577.

Children: No children! She is technically in the age range for starting a family, but she has a lot of other stuff on her plate. And her romantic daydreaming/exploration has entirely featured other girls. She’s fairly confident she’ll want to adopt some spawn some day, and theoretically wouldn’t mind bearing them herself if she could somehow magically get pregnant without having to be intimate with a boy.

Tell us a story...

* 2583, Age 6 Kiki watches her mother have what amounts to a nervous breakdown on Kiki’s sixth birthday. She is quietly made aware by her eldest sister, Laeyyat, that Kiki’s sister Laevira had just barely made it to her sixth birthday before she died, and it had been the same year Kiki was born. Kiki knew in the abstract that she had Sisters-Who-Weren’t, having been around for news of Kiekandra’s death, but she viewed all these people similarly to Ki’ra—people who had lead full lives, not little children that her mother was constantly burying. Kiki was terrified of her mother’s grief, and resolved to help her fix it. She became determined to be the best and most surviving child, to make up for all Sisters-Who-Weren’t, and began a path of extra-devotion to her family, which had suffered enough.

* 2586, Age 8 Kiki makes her first childhood best friend by punching her for stealing a snack from a fellow classmate. Kiki experiences the dual thrill of the fight and justice in one fell swoop, and likes what she feels. She is punished for instigating violence, and apologizes without prompting to the injured Zemma. Kiki is given more structured activity and pointed training to use her physical talents responsibly, and at this time is taken more under her mother’s wing to learn the farming trade. Kiki is delighted by this, as she loves dirt and loves growing things. She greatly looks forward to being an official apprentice in a few years. Despite time constraints, she and Zemma become inseparable.

* 2587, Age 9 Kiki’s father dies after a quick, brutal illness. Kiki is devastated, especially when the 9th Pass ends very shortly afterward, but doesn’t let herself act out the full scope of her sadness, choosing instead to console her mother and siblings. Their move to the Southern Winds Weyr afterward allowed her to distract herself and compartmentalize even further. When she allows herself too much time to think, her mind always wanders back to this point. How could something so pointlessly cruel happen to someone she loved so much? Why would the universe allow a man to reach the very end of a race, and strike him dead before he could cross the finish line? Her father died never knowing if the Thread would ever stop falling. This is the most significant line of thought that has ever broken through Kiki’s generally optimistic mindset.

* 2589, Age 12 Kiki is Searched. This is a complete surprise to Kiki, but less so to her mother, who already saw one of her daughters off to become a Candidate. Kiki experiences the first moment of genuine indecision in her life, which causes her great agony. She is extremely elated at the prospect of being a rider like her much-admired Sister-Who-Wasn’t, Ki’ra, but she’s been committed to being a farmer her whole short life and has difficulty imaging switching tracks. She decides to do it, reasoning that she can still keep up her hobbies and see her family.

* 2590, Age 13 Kiki is having a blast as a Candidate and eagerly awaits the opportunity to Impress a dragon of her own. She has tried her best to juggle all of her responsibilities, but finds that something about her friendship with Zemma has become strange. They miss each other like crazy, have weird jealous fights about their respective lives, and Kiki keeps feeling pangs of guilt whenever she’s enjoying herself too much with the other girls in her crop of Candidates. Kiki realizes her affection for Zemma is romantic, but doesn’t think an actual relationship would be a good idea, since Kiki could Impress and have to end or pause it. She confesses her feelings and concerns to Zemma, who shares both. The two agree to date regardless, and also agree to end things when Kiki Impresses unless they feel their bond is solid enough to want marriage after Kiki’s break from romance.

* 2591, Age 14 Kiki is eligible to stand for a clutch and Impresses a red, her beloved Aellath. She becomes instantly and utterly devoted to her baby dragon, but knows what being a weyrling means for other parts of her life. As she had only been dating Zemma for less than a turn, the two break up on mutual and bittersweet terms, but are trying to remain friends.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.
The urge was upon her.

It always happened like this, when Kiki was assigned kitchen duty as a chore. It rent her spirit like a savage hunter’s claws.

(She fancied riding a hunter, sometimes. They had the reds now, and the blacks, and she had always thought it terribly unfair that she had no chance to Impress a black. Boys! Even at the end of the world, they’re the only ones who really got to have any fun.)

Her hands clenched around the plate. She was doing something with this plate, something suffocatingly unimportant. Was she, perhaps, preparing to hurl it like a disc at her quarry, the elusive beasts of the Jungle?

(Here was the situation with the hunters. Obviously they were a danger. But they were also a perfectly valid part of the great circle of life. The healers had cut into them and poked all around their squishy innards and thought them likely related to their own dragons. No one would have any cause to think of them at all if they weren’t all stuck on this island together.)

Her fingers trailed around the rim of the plate. Any second now, the Headwoman was going to wander over and murder her in one hit. She was washing it. Washing the plates was a vitally important task because there was no use in anyone getting sick eating off filthy flatware. Washing the plates was a vitally important task but it was all that was stopping her hands from reaching into her pockets and—

She triumphantly rinsed the plate, and dried it, and set it aside. She was getting faster, in perhaps much the same sense a severely lamed herdbeast was marginally more ambulatory than a corpse. She grabbed another plate.

(And who’s to say any of this wasn’t fate? What was it the healers thought, that maybe the hunters hated people and did not Impress was because they were all such a tight-knit pack? Here’s a fantasy: Kiki, unreasonably tall and strong, fighting her way through the treacherous jungle. She captures the Alpha, probably using nothing but her own wits and muscles, which in this scenario are huge, and imposing. The wit and muscles alike. She makes the alpha understand that they’re all in this together, and humans and hunters can’t keep fighting over wherries. There’s so little left.)

She direly wished for company. But Kiki knew why she was being assigned this task, and assigned it alone. She was bad at it. She liked the cooking, and she certainly liked the way a nice knife felt sinking into a helpless vegetable. She even liked the organizing. But she didn’t like this. This task was stupid, and when Kiki was given people to commiserate on that stupidity with, the headwoman murdered her. It was just a fact of life. And murder.

(So she gets this hunter to see reason. They probably have to fight at a lot during this initial bonding period, because the alpha doesn’t have her friends, which has to make her sad and angry. Kiki doesn’t have any of her friends right now either. What happens, in all likelihood, is that this alpha, whom Kiki suddenly decides is named Kiekaseth, recognizes Kiki as a fellow alpha. That much is just good storytelling. Alone, aware of each other’s power, Kiki and Kiekaseth bond. She becomes the first candidate to Impress a hunter. The crowd, which has appeared in the jungle, cheers wildly.)

She set the cleaned plate aside, and did not pick up another. This was a mistake. Her hands were suddenly free, soggy and twitching. They had only one mission now. The plates were irrelevant.

She reached down into her pocket, and grasped one of her small chitinous companions.

“It’s been a while,” she told it. She could no longer ignore her heart’s truest desire. “But don’t worry. You die with honor today.”

She popped the bug into her mouth.

Member Info...

Created By:
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It’s taken me seven hundred years to percolate Kiki, WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, some kind of “person” who “does stuff”?
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Rough ‘Em Up!
Anything Else:
Welcome to my garbage pile. It is soft.

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what is the holiness of empire? it is to know collapse. everything can collapse. houses, bodies and enemies collapse when their rhythm becomes deranged.


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