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Author Topic: Private There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace  (Read 177 times)

Offline Zarenaak

There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« on: September 10, 2018, 07:01:12 PM »
Zarenaak was weeding the vegetable beds; he didn’t mind the work compared to others (it wasn’t the compost cave by lengths) and it was a task that he was largely left alone for, which he appreciated. He did, however, mind the heat. He sat back on his haunches and reached for his waterskin. Everyone else was hard at work, and while he couldn’t afford much of a break without drawing attention, a moment or two should be safe enough.

He looked out across the bowl as he took a swig. The crops were coming along nicely, but Zarenaak didn’t feel any kind of pride when he looked at them, just a rolling sort of resentment that was harder to ignore with each passing day. It didn’t help that Belara was working with shouting distance. She’d been purposely snubbing him the last few weeks and while he appreciated the reprieve, he still couldn’t help a shiver of dread whenever he caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye.

A Wher, and a marriage, that’s what his father thought he needed. It didn’t matter how Zarenaak might feel on the matter (as if he would ever be given a chance to voice his opinion, let enough find the nerve). His father was furious that Zarenaak had managed to upset his prospective wife--a good family, good stock, and such an obedient girl too, you can't do better Zeranaak--but he was sure his father would find a way to sooth Belara (and her parent’s) ruffled feathers despite it all. And if they couldn’t be persuaded, his father would just find someone else; Zarenaak wouldn’t be surprised if he found himself married before the year was out. He'd tried, with Belara, he had, it was just--

He gritted his teeth, and took another swig of water as he glanced elsewhere for a distraction; it never did any good to let his thoughts stray in that direction. There were flits playing off in the distance, and a few dragons wheeling overhead. His father was eager to escape the shadow of the weyr, vehement in his scorn of the riders currently dictating their lives, but Zarenaak honestly hadn’t noticed much of a marked difference: he still had to answer to his father, and he’d come to enjoy watching the comings and goings of the winged beasts. He’d miss it once they moved.

He sighed, shifting his shoulders in annoyance, and upon realizing he’d been lost in thought longer than advisable, returned to his weeding before he drew unwanted attention.

Spoiler for ooc:
@SanctifiedSavage I did the thing! Hopefully it's okay! :faint:

Offline C'ace

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2018, 10:42:53 AM »
Being a Search Rider afforded C’ace and Reesskith some leeway that other Riders might not have. Mostly because at any point in time, his sensitive Blue dragon could quite literally find a candidate. With the need for people on the Sands since there were three clutches a turn, it was pretty much a given that when the mood struck and the time was right, they had to go find whomever it was that called to Reesskith.

Even if that meant it was in the middle of a drill. If it was something he’d done frequently, it’d probably look suspicious and cause M’rek to pull him aside and seriously question just what it was he was doing. Since it didn’t though, C’ace wasn’t exactly surprised when Reesskit actually peeled away from the drill during one of the lulls.

It was between one of their Thread patterns, as everyone was taking a moment to orientate themselves, that Reesskith started walking away. //You should tell Polanth,// C’ace had to remind, leaning back on his dragon and allowing the Blue to go where he would go. It was only polite, though, that they tell his Wingleader.

Oh. Right. I always forget, he answered absently, clearly far more interested in where he was going than where he’d been.

The farmers in the weyrbowl were relatively used to dragons around them. Drills happened alongside where they worked, after all, but some of them made noises of surprised when Reesskith approached far closer than dragons usually did. He didn’t trample the food, of course, nor did he invade anyone’s space, but it was obvious he was looking for someone. His head was lowered and he was eyeing each farmer he came across before moving along. [Reeskith]It’s always harder to pinpoint when they’re in a cluster like this,[/reesskith] he whined a little.

C’ace just chuckled and relaxed on his dragon. His part wouldn’t come until Reesskith actually found who he was looking for.

Spoiler for OOC:
Lovely post. <3 Thought I’d give your boy something to flail about before actually finding him. XD

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Offline Zarenaak

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2018, 01:08:22 PM »
Zarenaak’s mood had not improved--weeding, for all that it could be a bit meditative in the right frame of mind, really wasn’t that distracting--and didn’t glance up until he heard Belara make a shrill noise of discontent, wondering what it was that had upset her and if he were somehow involved. (And praying it wasn’t, because he wasn’t sure how he’d handle it his current frame of mind).

Apparently, though, it was a dragon; a pretty blue, and that coupled with the way it was inspecting everyone so intently, probably Searching. Dragons milling around was something Zarenaak had gotten, not quite used to, but familiar with, in his time living and working in the weyr, but he always felt a rush of nerves when he saw someone Searched.

It wasn’t really anticipatory; except for maybe really late at night, or when he was very young, he’d never entertained for a minute he’d ever actually be Searched. It was more that his father had a lot of unflattering opinions about riders, and in moments like these--especially when people accepted the call, which he very privately thought was rather brave; whatever else might be said about riders, or that it was an Interval at the moment, riders were meant to fight Thread (and now that they had Hunters and Beach Snakes to contend with, all kinds of other dangerous things as well) and that had to count for something--he had to wonder if his father was entirely right in his thinking. And if he wasn't, what if he was wrong about Zarenaak too? It was a stupid and pointless line of thought, though, and he never did himself any favors by dwelling.

Zarenaak tried to turn back to his weeding, pulling out a prickly weed more aggressively than was strictly required; he didn’t need to get reprimanded for gawking at a dragon when he should be working, not after all the trouble he was already in over Belara. (He ruthlessly squished the tiny part of himself that didn't care and wanted to watch anyone, the consequences could get lost between, because maybe, just maybe--) Maybe if he were lucky, Belara would get Searched. That would be--hilarious, honestly--and it would solve his own problems, at least for a little while.

Spoiler for ooc:
*flutters over C'ace and Reesskith* Zarenaak really honestly doesn't expect for it to be him. xD;
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Offline C'ace

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2018, 06:41:43 AM »
While C’ace knew in an abstract sense that not everyone in the Weyr liked the dragon riders, it never really occurred to him that he might meet someone face to face that didn’t like him. He was the most unthreatening nice person he knew. Except maybe all of the children in the creche, but even so. Of all the dragon riders to be carefully milling about the farmers, he was certainly one of the less obnoxious ones.

It was hard not to be intrusive though. Not every day one of the dragons came sniffing about the people. Peering close at them and moving on, like they might have something tasty in their pockets but he just couldn’t pinpoint which one it was.

Until he quite literally stopped behind a boy who, for all the world, seemed disinterested in the fact Reesskith was there at all. The Blue pulled up short and simply stood behind him then, declaring proudly to C’ace, This is him. I found him! It didn’t matter to the Blue whether or not the person accepted the Search, or if they’d be happy he found them at all. His job was to find them, and he did. Thus, he was proud.

C’ace lazily leaned forward, peering over and around his dragon’s neck to look at the farmer still tugging at weeds. Then, with a grace born of turns upon turns of practice, he slid off of his dragon and moved to stand just behind him. Putting the boy in shade. “As fun as weeding looks and all, I think you and I should have a chat,” he said by way of introduction, smiling one of his quirky smiles. “Reesskith, my Blue here, seems to think you’d make an excellent Candidate. If you don’t know what that all entails, I’m willing to give you the brief run down. And not to put you on the spot or anything, but the answer has to come pretty quick.” The smile did fade a little. “Consider your answer seriously though. Once you give it, that’s it.”

No one was Searched a second time, no one could run to the Candidate Master later and plead to be allowed in. Sure, it was a big decision to make all of a sudden, but most who were sought after by a Search dragon were quick to say yes. They were Searched for a reason. It was rare for someone to say no. C’ace just wanted to make it clear the boy did have a choice.

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Offline Zarenaak

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2018, 12:48:24 PM »
There was a dragon behind him, and Zarenaak slowly stalled in his weeding, trying to remember who was working near him over a sudden rush of white noise. His hands were shaking, just a bit, and he flexed them trying to make it stop.

He heard someone dismount, the soft crunch of boots hitting the ground, but couldn’t quite make himself turn around, nearly nauseous with nerves. He hated that no matter what he told himself, he couldn’t help but hope. That he was good enough for something. That he was wanted. But there was no way--

He found himself cast in shadow, and glanced up in startled surprise. The rider was--definitely a rider, there was no mistaking the leathers, or the blue standing behind him--and he was smiling. At Zarenaak. It was--

Zarenaak’s heart stopped, just for a moment, before tripping itself into overtime. Have a chat--with him? There was no sharding way he was actually talking to Zarenaak; he’d obviously been out in the sun too long. But the rider kept talking, and there was no one else in the immediate vicinity.

Zarenaak climbed unsteadily to his feet, expression twisting in disbelief. He glanced at the blue with an incredulous half-smile, before his expression crumbled again and he glanced back at the rider. “Is--is Reesskith sure?” he asked, hating the catch in his voice. If it were true--it this was truly something he could have--but he’d never, ever seriously thought it could be and he was kind of--stalled out, unable to quite believe it was true.

“I know--not specifics, but the basics--” Movement out of the corner of his eye stole his attention, and his breath caught as he glanced towards his father. There was nothing particularly menacing about his expression, it was actually worrisomely blank, and he didn’t make any move to approach the pair. He was just--watching. Zarenaak twitched away, feeling his shoulders creep up towards his ears.

He knew what his father would say; the small, vindictive part of him wanted to say yes just for that reason. He’d known for a long time he’d never meet his father’s expectations, why not completely blast them away with thread, but it was a serious decision, like the rider had said, and those couldn’t be his only reasons.

He bit his lip, glancing back at the blue. Reesskith. He knew candidacy was no guarantee, but--the chance of it. He couldn't help but want that.
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Offline C'ace

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #5 on: September 12, 2018, 03:03:01 PM »
There were a lot of varied responses to being Searched and C’ace, having done this for awhile, liked to think he’d seen just about all of them. Happiness, indignation, outright sobbing... Everyone reacted just a little differently than everyone else, and it usually stemmed from whatever their current life situation was at the time and where they came from. Most weyrfolk were quite happy to be Searched and most thought it either appropriate they were or their duty to Stand if they were called.

Crafters were a little more reluctant, especially if they were well into their lessons and cared about what it was they were doing. More so if it ran in the family. They were the most likely to deny a Search Rider, and C’ace hardly blamed them. Holders were... well, C’ace never knew what to expect from them. Anger, sometimes, or annoyance that he’d even bothered them. Trepidation, because they didn’t really know what being Searched meant, even though they’d been living at the Weyr this whole time.

So, no matter what the response, C’ace simply tried to be patient and answer whatever questions he could. The Blue Rider would never say he was the authority on Candidates – that was O’sir’s job – but he was a Search Rider.

He watched the boy Reesskith had declared a Candidate and offered a casual, friendly smile while his thumbs hooked in the pockets of his pants. It wasn’t the first time someone had suggested his Blue had make a mistake, and it would hardly be the last. “I assure you, Reesskith swears it’s you.” The big blue behind C’ace thrummed as though verifying exactly that, his cool green gaze peering down at Zarenaak. It was probably a bit intimidating to have such a large creature looking down at you, but nothing about Reesskith’s demeanor was threatening. His wings were relaxed along his back and his tail flat on the ground. Just curious and proud of himself.

“If you accept, I’ll take you to the Candidate Master, and we’ll get you set up in the Barracks. You’d be able to bring a couple of personal things, should you like, but it’s important that I take you there to confirm, for the Candidate Master, that you were legitimately Searched. Once I walk away from you, the opportunity is lost.” C’ace wanted to make sure that the boy understood that. While it was certainly a lot to put on someone, on the spot, it was the only way to make sure that real Candidates went to O’sir and not pretenders wasting valuable time and resources. Then, like they might be talking about the chances of rain later on, C’ace asked, “So, what do you say?”

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Offline Zarenaak

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #6 on: September 13, 2018, 11:49:41 AM »
What was he supposed to say? What did he want to say? He’d never been allowed a choice before, not in anything that mattered. He ran a distracted hand through his hair, blindly taking in the fields around him as he tried to force himself to think.

It was like coming up against a stone wall; his thoughts just kept looping back on themselves, not gaining any traction. He stubbornly forced himself to break it down, first into reasons to say yes: it would piss off his father (a terrifying, but thrilling notion), he wouldn’t have to marry Belara, and if he impressed a dragon--he couldn't quite imagine past the thrill of it; and then reasons to say no: he’d probably be disowned, it wouldn’t really change anything, and when he inevitably didn’t impress a dragon, he’d have nowhere left to go. None of which really helped make up his mind.

Zarenaak gritted his teeth in frustration, and made the mistake of glancing back at his father. The man’s gaze was heavy, and a shiver of dread passed over him, struck by the sudden thought that it didn’t actually matter if he said no, because this will have marked him. It would be just one more thing where he hadn’t quite measured up, because what kind of son was dragonrider material. At the same time, though, it settled something in him. Maybe he really was just a terrible farmer; maybe he was meant to be doing something else.

His spine straightened, and he turned back to look the rider square in the face: “Yes. Yes, I accept.”

Reesskith thought he was Candidate material and he was going to cling to that, even though he almost--almost but not quite--regretted the words as soon as he said them. He couldn’t quite believe what he'd agreed to, that he’d had the nerve, and felt a hysterical kind of euphoria. Reesskith thought he had what it took, and he’d said yes. Zarenaak felt a bit like he was going to vibrate out of his skin.
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Offline C'ace

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #7 on: September 13, 2018, 12:31:09 PM »
C’ace didn’t appear to be in a rush, and he wasn’t. Thumbs hooked on his pockets, weight shifted to one foot, he’d have waited as long as the boy needed. It was a big decision and one not to be made lightly if there were things in his life to consider. C’ace had even been hauled around to families before, so the potential Candidate could tell their family and gauge their reactions. All of it was just a part of being a Search Rider.

There had certainly been more sense of urgency during the Pass, but today was a relatively nice day and all he was missing out on were drills. No rush at all.

When the boy did accept, C’ace’s smile crept a little wider and he nodded. “Name’s C’ace. Let’s get you along to O’sir, then, and he can let you know everything else you’ll need to know. You’ll be able to gather anything else you want after all that. For now though...” He extended his hand, offering it to the boy should he want to take it. Sometimes people needed that lifeline. Especially if they were unsure, anxious, or nervous.

Normally, Candidates were loaded up and taken to the Weyr but... they were already there. So all they had to do was walk to the Candidate Master’s office.

Reesskith thrummed his delight when he heard that the boy he’d Searched had said yes and lowered his head to peer closer at him. See. See! I was right. A new Candidate. he gloated, immensely pleased with himself. He was helping the future of the Weyr, after all.

It just made C’ace smile.

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Offline Zarenaak

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #8 on: September 15, 2018, 02:51:50 PM »
“Oh--Zarenaak,” he responded, and reflexively shook the rider’s hand. (C’ace, his name was C’ace). He felt just a bit disconnected from it, like the banal task of introducing themselves didn’t quite belong in a moment where everything had so radically changed--all he'd done was say yes--but he was grateful for it. Without some sort of normalcy he might very well have vibrated out of his skin straight into Between; then again, he still might.

It didn’t feel real--maybe wouldn’t until they talked to O’sir, whom he assumed was the Candidate Master--because in what reality did he of all people get the chance to become a dragonrider? Maybe Reesskith had made a mistake. He was a farmer, his entire family were farmers; and most importantly: dragonriders were supposed to be brave, weren’t they? and that was the last thing Zarenaak associated with himself. (If he were brave, he would have spoken up against his father, against Belara, and he would have never become a farmer in the first place.) But Reesskith thought he had potential, and if the Candidate Master didn’t refute that--

He gave himself a mental shake, trying to ignore his nerves and focus on the foreign sense of elation instead; he was just thinking himself in circles, and if he kept at it he’d implode. He’d deal with the rest later, but for right now:

“So, uhm--O’sir first?” One step at a time.

Spoiler for ooc:
I'm good with stopping at any point after this; we can go up until C'ace leaves him with the Candidate Master, or...whatever you feel up to! :love:
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Offline C'ace

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #9 on: September 15, 2018, 03:42:11 PM »
C’ace took his hand and even used that to pull Zarenaak along. Not quite holding on to the new potential candidate longer than was necessary, but tugging him forward so that his legs would start working. It didn’t even occur to C’ace that anyone around them might try and stop them. No one would interfere with a Search Rider. It was just... it was unheard of. While Reesskith was certainly a passive dragon and couldn’t imagine hurting anyone, his sheer size was likely to deter anyone from approaching them as C’ace started to lead Zarenaak away.

“Yup. O’sir first. He’s the Candidate Master, obviously, and he’ll get you all registered. Take your name down, my name, and what you were before you were selected. Stuff like that. I don’t know why all those records are important, but I guess it’s to keep track of... Well. I don’t really know.” C’ace flashed Zarenaak a playful grin. “Maybe that’s why I’m just here for this portion of the Search, and not that, hm?” He was trying to put the boy at ease with some playful banter. Walking across the weyrbowl with no small amount of attention on them, there was certainly a reason to be anxious. Even other Riders were glancing their way, making note of a Search rider snagging someone new.

That would be the base assumption C’ace was leading someone toward the Weyr entrance with Reesskith closely behind. The Blue was quite pleased with himself and he’d only let Zarenaak out of his sight when he absolutely had to.

“I don’t even remember being a Candidate anymore,” C’ace added. “I sort of envy you that. This’ll be fun.” At least, C’ace was pretty sure it’d been fun for him. He really didn’t remember. It was all buried under a Pass of memories that were full of Thread and fire.

Spoiler for OOC:
He'll get him to the Candidate Master's office <3 Then we can wrap this up. Zarenaak is so cute.

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Offline Zarenaak

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #10 on: September 16, 2018, 04:59:44 PM »
C’ace didn’t hold onto his hand for longer than necessary to get him moving, but Zarenaak was hard pressed to remember anyone just--casually tugging him along--and something about it made him flush. It didn’t help he caught sight of Belara’s expression as he passed, which reminded him suddenly, painfully that everyone was watching. Which--he literally could not think about, because then he might bolt. He bit his lip, hard enough he tasted copper, and tried to focus instead on C’ace and the large, strangely reassuring presence of Reesskith following closely behind.

He’d never had much reason to interact with a rider and their dragon before, and wasn’t sure if they were what he would have imagined or not. C'ace was certainly more personable than what his father had encouraged his family to believe; but then again, how were riders supposed to seduce--and there was a thought he wasn’t going to be examining closely any time soon, or ever; what was wrong with him--impressionable youths into abandoning all rational, respectable behavior if they weren’t at the very least friendly? Plenty of people agreed to being Searched, and he didn’t think the dragons were the only draw.

He smiled wanly at the man’s attempts to distract him--at least he assumed that was what it was, but maybe he was overthinking--it was nice, anyway: “Maybe.” In farming, records were important in tracking where you sourced things, the conditions it was grown in, what succeeded and what--failed. Zarenaak twitched, and tried not to draw any parallels.

He hoped C’ace was right, but he was feeling a whole lot of stress at the moment and wasn’t sure “fun” was a word he’d equate with completely abandoning everything and starting over from scratch, all for a pipedream. In theory, though, it had to be better than farming. He was actually interested in learning about dragons.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said quietly, and it didn’t feel like a complete lie.

Spoiler for ooc:

Offline C'ace

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #11 on: September 16, 2018, 11:39:59 PM »
C’ace didn’t really notice that people were watching. Not in the same way that Zarenaak was likely to feel the attention. Rather, he knew that some Riders would look their way out of curiosity but the rest of them sort of faded to the background, as non-riders were wont to do. It wasn’t because C’ace didn’t care or because he thought less of them, it was just because they generally didn’t play a large part in his life. Children did, and riders did, but he didn’t usually interact with working weyrfolk. Rather, he tried to stay out of the way. He always felt bad about interrupting their work, and a bit awkward.

Not when he was on a Search, of course. This was his job, and while C’ace might be a carefree man, he did take his duties as serious as he might take anything else.

Reesskit thrummed softly for the nervous soon-to-be-Candidate. While he wasn’t about to invade Zarenaak’s mind – he’d found that usually just startled people more than it helped – the purr reverberated in a low, soothing sound. He wanted Zarenaak to feel comfortable and confident in his choice because Reesskith certainly did. It never occurred to the Blue that he’d ever pick someone that wasn’t right. Because that’s not what he did. Everyone he sensed had the potential, depending on their own actions moving forward, to Impress. Depending on their own actions, who they shaped themselves to be during Candidacy, decided it.

C’ace glanced at Zarenaak and offered him a smile of encouragement as they entered the sheltering shadows of the weyr tunnels that would, eventually, lead them to the Candidate Master’s Office. It wasn’t far, but C’ace wasn’t rushed either. “I know it can be scary too. Everything being new and all. But you’re not moving far and you can still see your family. It’s not like being Searched back during the Pass, where you had to uproot and literally leave everything behind. It’s... it’s easier now.” Wasn’t that the truth of it? There wasn’t a shadow of death that lingered over every hatching, the fear that half the clutch wouldn’t survive after graduation. The death keen that sounded even as dragons hatched.

That wouldn’t be happening to Zarenaak.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SirAlahn has offered to bring in O'sir if you wanna continue his interaction with the Candidate Master. Wasn't sure if you thought that'd be fun to play out. <3 C'ace can be the one to help him gather his things and such after too. :3 

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Offline Zarenaak

Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
« Reply #12 on: Yesterday at 02:09:30 PM »
Reesskith began to hum, a low reverberating purr, and Zarenaak glanced back at the blue. It was a soothing sound, and he bemusedly wondered if the dragon had sensed his unease and was trying to comfort him. It was--nice. He murmured a quiet thanks before turning back to C’ace.

Scary didn’t even begin to cover half of it, but Zarenaak appreciated the sentiment. Even if, personally, he wouldn’t have minded some more distance--a couple thousand kilometers sounded about right--between him and his father; a clear separation of Before and After, and no chance of running into a man that would never not be disappointed in him. He’d still uprooted his life, and in making that choice had ensured he wouldn’t be welcome back; he might as well have left everything behind and moved to some distance weyr, for all the difference it would make. Still, he knew that wasn’t the case for everyone, and overall he thought it was nice that families didn’t have to be seperated anymore by answering the call (not by geographic location anyway). He couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to be a candidate during the pass.

He sighed, and risked glancing around once they entered the shelter of the weyr tunnels. People were still looking, but it didn’t seem quite so overwhelming as it had outside. It helped being away from the fields; at this time of day he was unlikely to see anyone he knew inside the tunnels. They had to make the most of the light.

“I doubt I’ll be visiting my family much,” he found himself admitting, and immediately flushed. He didn’t want C’ace to feel sorry for him, or like he just wanted attention, it wasn’t anyone’s problem but his own, and he hated that he’d said anything at all; he was usually much better at catching himself, but everything about today was throwing him off balance. “It’s not...a big deal. My father is just very...traditional,” he explained awkwardly, and hoped he sounded suitably well-adjusted. The last thing he needed was to come across as whiny, or like he'd agreed just to act out, and get kicked out before he’d even been properly registered. If he had the ability to go between, he very well might have out of mortification.

“Are we almost there?” he asked a little desperately, hoping to change the topic.

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Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
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Reesskith escorted them as far as he could go, then he promptly laid in the grass to wait. It wasn’t like he was going to run off to drills alone. He’d have to wait for C’ace anyways.

Once they were in the tunnel, there wasn’t much by way of other people. Most of the Riders were busy at this time of day and weyrfolk were doing various chores or jobs. Even crafters were off in their respective places. The only people they did pass in the short walk toward the Candidate Master’s office were those going from one job to the next. Though they did glance at both C’ace and Zarenaak, it wasn’t immediately obvious he was a soon-to-be-Candidate without the giant Blue dragon following along. It just looked like a Rider leading someone – could be anyone, really.

He glanced at Zarenaak when he confessed his family was traditional. C’ace hadn’t grown up amongst such, but he knew from others what that entailed. He doubted that the boy’s family would be happy with his decision, then, which him all the braver for taking it. “No matter what happens, just remember you aren’t alone. Between O’sir, the other Candidates, and even me... You’ve got a lot of people in the weyr you can talk to now.” C’ace did mean that. When Candidates were pulled from their family, they were brought into the Weyr. C’ace had never felt lost or displaced. Then, after a smile, he added, “Yeah, we’re almost there.”

O’sir’s office was near the large classrooms carved into the mountain, though it was clearly marked as an office. Since the classrooms were empty, and it was the middle of the afternoon, the Blue Rider naturally assumed that O’sir would be in his office. He tapped on the door – one of the few doors in the weyr – before he just walked in. It didn’t occur to C’ace that he should wait to be called in.

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Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
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Drawing to the end of a very busy month, O’sir was glad for a calm afternoon. The first and fifths months of the turn were always more hectic, since they contained the official class blocks for Candidates who had yet to receive the entire formal coursework. It left him with little time to sort through less pressing work or update records; thankfully, there were always a handful of remedial days at the end that were a great relief to both him and the Candidates themselves.

It was on such a day that he found himself now, tucked in behind his desk and making note of which Candidates might need extra tutoring, chore rotations for the next week, if any of his students had now been in Candidacy long enough to qualify for a formal mentor… mostly just tying up loose ends that had been pushed to the end of the month for convenience’s sake. So it wasn’t entirely strange for a visitor to stop by—either a student with a question or someone requesting Candidates be assigned certain areas for chores.

More unusual that they didn’t wait after the knock before simply opening the door, but that had long ago ceased to really bother him.

Seeing C’ace, though… Does that mean what I think it does? Roused from where he was sunning himself on their weyr ledge, Saibrasoth practically purred with excitement when he caught on to his rider’s train of thought. He might not remember everyone’s names, but O’sir knew all the Search Riders in the Weyr, of course. They might not always be visiting to register a new Candidate, but it was a fair guess given the time of day—especially when O’sir caught sight of a second figure behind the man.

He stood then with the ghost of a smile. “Good afternoon, C’ace. What can I do for you?” O’sir heavily suspected he already knew, but it was only polite to actually ask.

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Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
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Zarenaak managed a jerky nod of acknowledgement; he didn’t quite believe strangers would so readily accept him into the fold, no matter what he’d agreed to, but C’ace seemed sincere at least and the sentiment was appreciated. It was just hard to imagine.

He had spent his entire life on the fringe of a community where his inclusion should have been a forgone conclusion. He knew a lot of it had been his father: he was an opinionated man surrounded by like-minded friends, and anyone that didn’t agree steered well clear of them and anyone associated with them. (If he’d just been able to be more like his father wanted--) But even still, he couldn’t help but wonder what it was about him that made it not worth the risk, the effort, afraid that it was a trend that would continue despite a change in location. Not being alone wasn’t quite the same as being accepted, or belonging, and Zarenaak desperately wanted to belong, even if the desire made him feel a little bit pathetic and angry.

They seemed to have finally reached their destination, though, and Zarenaak dragged himself out of his spiraling thoughts to consider the door as C’ace knocked. There weren’t many doors in the weyr, and something about it just seemed--vaguely ominous. It was a very physical, very real divide between everything else--being a farmer, Belara, his father--and becoming a candidate. This was the moment where everything became just a little bit more real, became official, for better or worse.

He took a shaky breath, steeling his nerves, and followed C’ace through the door, taking in the room's sole occupant with no small amount of trepidation. O’sir, he presumed.

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Yes, welcome!  :excited:
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Re: There Will Be New Dreams [32.05.2591 // 2PM] C'ace
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C’ace wouldn’t say that he was the best of friends with O’sir, though he would say he was friendly with the man. Granted, C’ace would say he was friendly with everyone. Even people he hadn’t yet met. They’d certainly had plenty of opportunities to run into one another over the course of the turns though – with C’ace being a Search Rider and O’sir being the Candidate Master. C’ace liked that the Brown Rider seemed to enjoy his job and the Blue Rider certainly did his.

Or rather, his dragon did. C’ace was more a tag-along in that respect.

Rather than have the boy lingering behind C’ace, he hooked an arm around his shoulders and hauled Zarenaak up next to him. With a grin, he announced, “A new Candidate, of course. Just plucked him off the fields just a moment ago. Zarenaak, meet O’sir. Candidate Master and Brown Rider of Saibrasoth.”

Trying to be helpful, Reesskith did add directly to O’sir, He was nervous when we led him to you. While most usually were, the Blue Dragon didn’t always make a point of saying as much to O’sir unless it was particularly noteworthy.

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