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Author Topic: Approved Soliana [10.06.2573 || Candidate]  (Read 265 times)

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Soliana [10.06.2573 || Candidate]
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:49:26 PM »

Play By:
Xenia Kokoreva

Date of Birth:
10.06.2573 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Job Before Search:
Color Preference:
As someone raised in a more traditional family, Soliana will most often think of golds and greens as her best options for impression. There is a part of her that quietly appreciates the responsibility and gravity of impressing to a gold, though she is not sure if she would be best suited. In her mind, the best match is any one that a dragon finds her worthy of, and she will make it work regardless. She'd be just as happy on a green as she would be a gold, and in some ways questions if she would be happier on a smaller female because of the change it would bring to her life, despite also wondering if she'd be up for the stereotypical flirtation most greens are known for. She's curious about the reds as well, although she doesn't think she knows enough about them yet to really say for sure or not if she would be a good match for one. In the end, as long as it is a female mind attached to her own, Soliana will be happy to develop alongside them in whatever way she needs to. OoC I have no preference between the three colors.
Future Rider Name:
Spouse or Weyrmate:

Your Reflection...


Little about Soliana's appearance relays a sense of 'wild' and instead there is something demure and poised about the girl. Her hair is a silken veil that darkens to a chestnut brown in the colder months when the sun drapes it in warmth and light less often, but during those spring and summer months, it can seem nearly wheat-blonde in places. This waterfall of hair often is pulled up into some array of braids, twists, or tails however, kept out of her face and usually pinned behind wooden sticks or pieces of cord she has on hand. More telling than anything else, and despite her mother's best efforts to teach her otherwise, Soliana's always found it difficult to mask her expressions. There is the mirth of laughter hidden among the faint crinkles of hazel eyes and thick lashes. You may see the pout of dusty rose lips, full on both the top and bottom with only a slight cupid's bow to curve the space between. Then, perhaps changing her expression once again, a wrinkle of distaste is made with a rounded nose and its bridge spread between angled brows. And of course, there is the playful and impish twist of all these features when combined with amusement, or the gentler and more common look of serenity when all else fails. She comes out at 5'6" with a willowy figure that still has a telltale sign of fragility. It's something that will grow fit and athletic with time and the proper conditioning, though her slight curves will never be anything more than the hinted suggestion of an hourglass.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:

Like with many things in her life, Soliana has learned to deal with the trials Pern has faced "one step at a time." Her optimism and hope is not without careful observation of the details and a grain of salt, but the girl tends to look toward the ways that Pern has been able to survive and stay together rather than how it has fallen apart. Where her family has turned toward their traditional ideals and kept to them strictly over the passing turns, Soliana has felt that restriction and looked to more progressive ideas wondering if it is better to embrace the future and all of its changes rather than hold on so tightly to a past that is all but dead. There is a part of her that wants to keep a hold of traditions regardless, treasuring the bits of information and culture that have been saved, but it is the struggle between past, present, and future that makes her pause and question what she believes is right, and who she ultimately wants to be.

Response to dragon color mutations:

Soliana has grown up with parents and siblings who feel very, very strongly about the color mutations and what they have led to. They think that blacks are too violent, reds are too unpredictable and dangerous, especially at hatching, and that S'bok should never have been allowed to rise to the rank of Weyrleader. Soliana, however, has a different response that she's kept quiet in the past few turns. She's not sure what to make of them, but she does know that Pern needs all of the dragons it can keep, and she doesn't think that anyone should make a judgment yet about where the new colors should fit into Pernese society - they've only been here for a few turns after all. The possibility of impressing a red is something she has started to consider now that she's been searched, but it's something she is content to leave up to her future dragon, whoever that may be. Ultimately, there was a reason why the new colors appeared, and Soliana doesn't think she understands enough about dragons or Weyrlife yet to say how she feels for certain. Usually she remains quiet and watchful of how others depict their feelings instead, curious about what side of the argument her peers land on.

Who are you...


* MUSIC : Despite Soliana's stage fright and usual fear of singing in front of others, she absolutely adores music. It is hard for her to be without it for long, and it brings out a more adventurous and even playful side to her whenever she's listening. She's easily moved by the feeling of each song as well and wants the same for others.

* PEOPLE : There's something about being around others, helping them, knowing she is part of a larger whole that is exhilarating and soothing to Soliana all at once. She could never be the sort that is a loner, even though she does sometimes place herself at the edges of a group. In those moments it's always to watch and try to better understand the people she is around, happy to join them again when she's ready.

* FRUIT : It's something small and perhaps insignificant in comparison to the great many things that she could like, but fruit is something that Soliana has grown to cherish since she's come to Fort Island. After so long of having few options and tasteless meals, she loves the sweet and sometimes bitter flavors that accompany them.

* STARLIGHT : Similar to how being around people can make Soliana remember that she's a part of something much larger than herself, something that still continues to live despite all that Pern has thrown at them, so does looking up at the stars. She enjoys laying out and seeking their familiar patterns until she has to turn in for bed.

* RAINFALL : There are few things quite as soothing, or as loving, as the sound of rain for Soliana. She even takes joy in the rolling thunder and the streaks of lightning, but it's the rain itself that she wants to hear and touch. Even if it leaves her soaked and chilly, it's all worth it to feel it washing away her doubts and concerns.


* SILENCE : Soliana doesn't mind quiet. In fact, she actually enjoys some peace and quiet when the bustling Weyr becomes a little too much. Silence is a different story. She doesn't like how uncomfortable it settles or how it makes her doubt what was said or done previous to it.

* CONFUSION : Not only does Soliana dislike being confused, she also finds confusing situations or people who purposefully try to confuse others particularly irksome. Things should be understandable and precise when and where possible, especially in situations where confusion can mean danger.

* TARDINESS : Far past being a dislike, Soliana absolutely hates being late. She's not exactly appreciative of others being late either, or if they fall behind on something that needs to be finished by a certain time. She's far too dedicated and meticulous for that.

* INTERRUPTIONS : Having someone interrupt her, or others, for a good reason is one thing. She doesn't mind if it's important or if it has purpose, but interruptions for the sake of interrupting, or because someone is unable to wait, tend to bother her. Similarly, it also bothers her that she doesn't always feel comfortable interrupting others for the same reasons, even when she knows she really needs to.

* "PERFORMING" : Different from her fear of singing in front of others, Soliana dislikes having to put on a "performance" to adhere to a specific image or expectation. She's played various parts throughout her life, usually of someone more willing to put their wants aside than she actually felt comfortable with. Despite this, Soliana's rather adept at putting up a front or placing a mask over her true feelings. She just doesn't like it.


* MUSIC & SINGING : Although she isn't particularly inclined to singing in front of others, or making music in any other capacity due to fear of being heard, Soliana is gifted in this talent. It's a raw potential more than the trained voices you would hear among Harpers, but she matches pitch well and comes up with melodies quickly.

* WELL ORGANIZED : Organization comes easily to the girl, particularly because she hates for things to fall into disarray. It's not uncommon for her to be cleaning things up or helping to organize the spaces she's in, and this skill lends itself well to doing multiple tasks at the same time.

* PERCEPTIVE : As a core part of her personality, Soliana is very perceptive and observant. It's natural for her to want to watch the other people in a room, and she picks up on things quickly, especially the small changes in tone or body language that others might miss.

* TOLERANT : Soliana has always had a level of acceptance in her communication with others, but as time went on and her family's traditional mindset grew even more strict, the girl found herself growing more tolerant of opinions and situations outside of those views. Partly as a form of quiet rebellion and partly her own nature.

* INQUISITIVE : There is little that Soliana can do to keep herself from questioning things or musing about her life. She has an insatiable curiosity at times that wants to understand and know more, whether it be what is left of Pern's culture, or the situations that take place around her.


* STAGE FRIGHT : Trying to sing in front of others often leads to stage fright for Soliana. Even the idea of being caught singing can result in the same anxiety induced state. There are few times when she feels comfortable enough to do so anyway, either because of feeling safe around an individual, or in the case that she's been drinking.

* LOST IN THOUGHTS : Although this can be a case of Soliana overthinking things, it usually refers to her habit of getting caught up in the many thoughts she entertains during the day. It's not quite as fanciful as daydreaming either, instead being a byproduct of her observatory nature and all the things she grows curious about as she tries to fit together pieces of a larger puzzle.

* AVERSION TO MESSINESS : Two sided in how it shows itself, Soliana finds it difficult to not only stay in situations that produce an actual mess, but also ones that can become entangled by emotions or social conflict. She'll handle both for as long as possible, yet will always prefer to skirt around them altogether or clean them up quickly and as neatly as possible.

* UNCERTAIN : It's not uncommon for the girl to doubt herself right now. She knows that in many things she is still inexperienced and naive. Although she's heard of some of the worst things that happened in Fort Hold, she has been rather sheltered and untested when it comes to her own confidence and capabilities. In time it is a fault that may work itself out, but that depends entirely on how she handles failure when her decisions go awry.

* RESTRAINED : Being sheltered and raised by traditionalists has lent itself to Soliana straining against everything she has been warned off of, as well as wary of it. She's not sure of what to trust or what to allow herself, and she's slow to branch out toward things that were deemed unfit for a young lady, especially one who wasn't married.

Describe Yourself:

* VULNERABLE: ----- Soliana doesn't wish to be as vulnerable as she is. She wishes that she didn't second guess or question her own decisions, tearing herself apart in the process with doubt, or that she didn't seem as inexperienced as she does. In the end, however, one of Soliana's best traits is also one of her biggest fears. She is vulnerable when it counts, when she needs to step around the walls that others have put up or to help mediate a situation, but she also pulls herself back and restrains herself from being vulnerable in other ways. Love. Dear friendship. Someone to see all of her and let her explore and experience the person she wishes she could be beneath the things she was taught. These are the vulnerable parts of herself that she shares only when necessary, and usually with difficulty attached if the person hasn't somehow earned it. Besides this, she isn't nearly so thick skinned as she appears to be, and despite the skill she might take in remaining aloof or unfeeling at someone else's attempt to hurt her, the tells are there for anyone perceptive enough to pick up on how deeply emotional wounds cut.

* SENTIMENTAL: ----- Prompted by feelings of tenderness, sadness, and nostalgia. This is certainly one way to describe what most easily moves Soliana to accept others despite their situation or opinion. She's swayed by the plights of others, and she is a bit of a romantic at heart even though she fears her heart running away with her. Gifts are the most widely appreciated part of her life, even if it is something small and seemingly insignificant. A smile. A flower. A hand reaching out to brush her shoulder, or her own hand given for another to take. These things mean the world to Soliana, and they are also the sort of interactions that she loves seeing when she watches the people around her. They make her curious about the stories behind each gesture, each gift. The quickest way to Soliana's heart, and the fastest way to earn her trust, is to appeal to this side of her, though she will always appreciate the small gestures more than any lavish gift or praise.

* EMPATHETIC: ----- Sometimes completely out of her own control, Soliana finds herself moved by others. She's highly empathetic, and it's a large part of why she cannot bring herself to be as strict, unfeeling, or judgmental as her family is. The girl sees shades of gray where others see only black and white, and at times this scares her. After a lifetime of being told that certain things were simply unacceptable, especially in regards to the Weyr and the lives of those who live there, her acceptance for their ways comes at the price of her own confusion. She cannot seem to blame them for their odd ways, at least odd to traditional hold and craft folk, and instead she finds herself wanting to understand the reasons behind their choices and their lifestyle. In other ways, she shows herself to be a nurturing and loving individual as well, extending parts of herself to others when she least expects it. Always because she has been moved by the story they tell or the situation she finds them in.

* HESITANT: ----- Unsurprisingly, Soliana is hesitant when deciding on a course of action or what is right or wrong. She's neither impulsive enough, nor confident enough in her own judgment to say something without thinking it over first, and at times this is for the benefit to whoever she is helping or whatever she is trying to explain. However, there are plenty of times when her hesitancy can make her seem withdrawn, nervous, or even uncaring depending on the situation and how she plays off her discomfort at not knowing what choice to make. It's not a part of her personality that she appreciates in any sense of the word except for those times where she knows patience is crucial to keeping a clear mind. There is a rather stark line between patience and hesitancy though, and it is one that she cringes at whenever she finds herself slipping to the side she'd rather not find herself on.

* SEEKING: ----- A more abstract and obscure part of Soliana's personality is the deep-seated need to seek out something in her life. It's not something she fully understands either. Right now it has come together as a desire to find a purpose that she can call her own, and a life that is free from the expectations that her family had previously set for her. There are quite a few things that Soliana finds herself seeking though, from conceptual truths to an answer for some of the most quintessential questions of life itself. For the most part though, it's a desire to seek something within herself. A strength. A purpose. A desire. She wants to understand who she is meant to be, even if the manner can be frightening and the journey uncertain.

The Magic Touch: At the core of her character, Soliana is someone who is caught at the crossroads between what they want to believe in themselves and who they were told to be by others. She is accustomed to playing the dutiful child, and the idea of taking opportunities for herself and staking a claim on her life is a novelty that scares her as often as it excites her. She's still getting used to the idea of candidacy, let alone everything that comes with it, and is thankful that she can go at it at her own pace, though she doesn't wish to spend too much time preparing herself for the actual duty of Standing.


Mother: Saelia, Seamstress, 08.07.2551
Father: Torian, Peacekeeper, 24.04.2543, Brown Torisk {01.08.2573}

Older Sister Holder's Wife, 15.03.2567
Older Brother Journeyman Healer, 06.01.2569
Younger Brother 20.10.2575 - 12.08.2580 {dec.}

Children: n/a

Tell us a story...

* 2573, 0 Soliana is born the third child to a pair of holders in Fort. Where they came from before that isn't spoken of save for a few minor references to other places on Pern that could not stand the test of time and the onslaught of Thread, but as anyone well knows, that could be anywhere. One thing was clear though, neither Torian or Saelia looked toward the remaining Weyr as their savior, siding instead with all the people who felt their misfortune was caused by riders.

* 2575, 2 She was only two turns old, barely getting used to the feeling of her own two feet under her, toddling around after an older brother and sister when Soliana was joined by another young life. This time it was a boy, and it was the last that their mother would give birth to successfully.

* 2576, 3 A turn later came a newly hatched brown that her father introduced to the family as Torisk. The pair were now bonded, that too was explained, as well as a gruff reminder directed toward Soliana's older siblings that being attached to a wher was not the same thing as handing one's life away to a dragon. A wher was more suitable to a holder or crafter, or in their father's case, a Peacekeeper. The man took the new position with an air of importance, and never again would things be quite the same among the family. They no longer had to worry quite as much about their share of food or what they could bargain for trade, but if their parents had held strict views before, then it was nearly insufferable now.

* 2580, 7 Turns passed by as Soliana grew older and she watched her siblings grow ever closer to starting their own lives. Her sister had never joined a craft, learning instead a few basic skills to continue their mother's trade as a seamstress, but that didn't seem to bother their parents. She could always marry someone of importance, and Soliana, well the younger of the two would surely learn a thing or two from watching her older siblings succeed in life. Unfortunately, however, tragedy would strike first and harden her family's hearts even further - the death of their youngest child. He had never been a healthy boy, even from the start, and time took its toll until there was nothing left to give.

* 2581, 8 She was eight when her older brother was accepted by the Healers to become an apprentice. It was such a great and proud moment. Look at their family. Look at their son! Soliana watched the way her parents cooed over the boy who wore his new knots and duties with a sort of joy she hadn't yet felt, and a part of her envied him the praise. That envy didn't last long though. She was happy. She was also content in the knowledge that this probably wasn't meant to be for her - the healer thing, that is. Although she took to caring about others and helping around the Hold plenty, she couldn't imagine doing some of the things that her brother would have to learn, or making some of the choices he'd have to make between life and death.

* 2584, 11 A few more turns. A little bit longer for her to grow into herself, and for her parents' ideals to wrap themselves around her and slowly grow tighter around her neck. A noose tightening despite how she played into it and pretended to be okay. Her sister married when Soliana was eleven, and there was nearly as much talk about her own potential wedding day as there was about her parents' pride and joy, their first born, successfully wed to a Harper. Soliana wasn't sure if she liked all of the importance that was put on the affair, but she nodded when appropriate and was happy for the smiles her sister showed, at least until she saw those smiles falter and began to question why.

* 2585, 12 She was twelve, the normal age for children to suddenly become adults and consider taking up a craft, when Soliana had to make the first of many hard decisions in her life. The girl was gifted at song and music, had the voice of a sweet summer's wind as far as her parents' were concerned, and the Harpers who came to visit might have agreed had she not frozen up in front of them and furiously shaken her head. What had seemed easy in front of her family, people she trusted, was suddenly impossible in front of others who would judge her for what she loved most. In the end, Soliana didn't become an apprentice, and she turned towards the Hold to do the jobs that she could.

* 2587, 14 The relocation to Fort Island a month after she turned fourteen was as much of an adventure as it was terrifying. No one knew exactly what it would bring, or how the move would effect them all. Her parents and older siblings were uptight and rigid about having to move into the same space as Weyrfolk, and at first Soliana shared these concerns knowing little else but the opinions they had whispered to her. She had heard of things in Fort Hold, things her father had had to deal with as a Peacekeeper, but she had seen so little of it, and the Weyr's acceptance of sexuality and community raised children versus those handled by family seemed uncomfortably odd. They wouldn't always be that way. In the same turn Black Neisoth hatched and caused quite the commotion, and Soliana got the first taste of disagreement as she found herself unable to agree with her family when they hissed in quiet murmurs about how 'wrong' the dark hatchling was.

* 2589, 16 In her sixteenth turn, S'bok of Black Neisoth becomes Weyrleader, red dragons hatch, and a new hold site is announced. The last of those three things is the sole reminder that her family might eventually settle and stop their grumbling complaints barely out of the ears of the riders and Weyrfolk that they lived near. Soliana learns to bite her tongue and becomes more skilled in playing the part she was born to, but the more she has to the worse it feels. There is something about it that bothers her, that nags at her at night and makes her doubt herself when others agree with her family's beliefs. She just can't put her finger on it yet. That turn she finds that boys, and a few young men as well, have finally seen her as more adult than child. She entertains their flirtations with an awkwardness that speaks of her sheltered upbringing and a reminder from mother and sister both that 'certain things' shouldn't be explored before she's married.

* 2590, 16 Before she can even see her seventeenth turn, Black Neisoth catches Kalestath again causing her parents to become more unhappy about new colors and the tension between the Weyr and Hold. When the Weyr goes on lockdown, Soliana fears the worst and that those tensions would finally come to the surface, but things move on and somehow it settles back to the uneasiness it was before. By now she's begun to struggle against her family's ideals though, and finds herself yearning to understand the Weyrfolk that they ridicule. The image of dragon wings starts to catch her fancy more than usual.

* 2590, 17 The Peacekeepers are reformed and Soliana's father takes up his old position with Torisk. They seem happy to be back at work, and for a time the girl is happy for them as well. That is until she begins to realize how dangerous their job might be now in this new place, even more so than it once was.

* 2591, 17 T'vek of Black Baleth becomes Weyrsecond, the food stores start to dwindle, and her parents start hinting at an arranged marriage by the time most of her seventeenth turn is finished. Soliana knew it was coming. All of it. The Blacks were said to contend with the Bronzes for their positions of power. Food could only last so long under their conditions. Then there was the matter of her engagement. She wasn't sure who it was that had caught her parents' eye, but she supposed it must have been some crafter or perhaps another Peacekeeper that her father knew. Someone that they respected and could use to knit back together their pride after her older sister's husband is rumored to be involved with the gambling ring that may or may not have sprung up in the mines. Regardless, Soliana doesn't see it as the opportunity that her parents do. She sees it as the chains being clasped around her wrists and the remnants of that question she's asked herself fading away before she's even had the chance to find an answer.

* 2591, 18 Desiring a life of her own with more purpose, Soliana seeks out the search riders and is successfully searched. Being sheltered in the ways that most weyrbred children are normally encouraged to explore, however, the girl is unprepared for candidacy and the changes it requires. Still, she knows that it is a change she would have had to go through regardless. A part of her is almost curious and eager to explore her sexuality and the limits of her own capabilities as a person, all the things that had been set out for her before now. The rest of her remains shy and uncertain. One step at a time, that's what she tells herself and others, and she hopes to Stand at the next hatching, knowing that she won't be ready in time for Kalestath's.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.

There was a soft buzz of people talking around the clatter of dishes and the ringing of utensils against plates, and in the midst of that din, Soliana felt almost at home. It felt silly to think that it somehow wasn't. It was the same place. The same tables stretched out further than her arms could reach, even if her fingertips were as pointed outward as possible. Holders, Weyrfolk, Crafters, they all stayed at the tables shoulder to shoulder and elbow to elbow. Even if there were sometimes pockets of one or the other. Even if she looked around and saw the brief glances for what they were - people who were not altogether happy.

It felt different now than it had only a couple of days ago, but then again, Soliana hadn't been a candidate a couple of days ago either. She was now. Her fingertips danced along the edge of her plate, suddenly disinterested in her food and the way it sat tasteless against her tongue. It hurt her stomach to swallow it down and make it stay there. Was this guilt? Probably. She had felt guilty often enough to know what it felt like, though the little flutters in her chest every time she whispered the word 'candidate' in her mind felt like a secret too good to be true. It wasn't what her family wanted. It wasn't what they had approved of, and leaving them with those disbelieving stares filled with hatred had been the second hardest thing she had ever done.

Strange how it was only second to another difficult memory that she put behind her because of how often it had played in her mind. She was used to displacing it now with the sounds of her surroundings instead, and she found herself humming under her breath to settle her nerves until she forgot the looks her parents and siblings had given her too. Eventually she would feel at home here. She would make friends. Perhaps she would even find love here in her own time. They were all possibilities that were hers to discover, and that thought helped to make the burden a little bit lighter and a little bit more bearable. The girl's tongue flicked along the edge of her bottom lip, capturing a few crumbs of the roll she had eaten in the process, and finally parted in a heavy sigh.

One thing was for certain. She couldn't go back now.

Member Info...

Created By:
Nymphali (Nym)
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
NPC unless needing to adopt out
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'em Up
Anything Else:

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