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Author Topic: Private Living Arrangements [33.05.2591 // 8PM] Oarlen  (Read 195 times)

Offline Zarenaak

Living Arrangements [33.05.2591 // 8PM] Oarlen
« on: September 11, 2018, 02:30:23 PM »
Despite the early hour, all Zarenaak really wanted to do was sleep. He’d barely slept the night before, stomach twisting in on itself as he lay awake obsessively going over everything that had happened and what in the blasted between he was going to do; and today had just been an overload of information and people and--getting disowned. He exhaled, running a shaky hand through his hair. He doubted he’d sleep any better tonight, but he headed towards the alcove he’d been assigned.

He needed to sort through his meager possessions before lights out anyway (he’d barely managed a spare set of clothes, let alone anything else, in his haste to escape the heavy gaze of his father). And then he could at least try to get some sleep. He just really needed to--not exist for awhile, if his body would let him.

He glanced around the alcove at he entered; there were six beds in total, but only two others were occupied. He hadn’t met the residents of those other beds yet, and was trying to ignore the burble of anxiety that caused. He didn’t suspect he’d be spending much time in here, but they had to share space all the same and he was hoping they weren’t completely horrible. If they were, though, Zarenaak was used to making himself scarce until lights out. He didn't care much for the pressed-in feeling of the interior caverns anyway.

Tugging at his hair as he looked around, trying to find motivation and failing, he gave up and sprawled backwards onto his bedfurs, scowling up at the ceiling. He'd sort his stuff, just--in a minute. When he didn't feel like screaming.

Spoiler for occ:
@Kyya Let me know if I need to adjust anything! :happy:

Offline Oarlen

Re: Living Arrangements [33.05.2591 // 8PM] Oarlen
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2018, 04:39:18 PM »
It was perhaps a little early for Oarlen to head back to his room. The daily social period was rather entertaining, and while he often did extra chores, he also tried to balance it out by spending time with his fellows... and catching up with his friends. Unfortunately or well. understandably really, he had responsibilities of his own, and today seemed to be one where he'd have to handle those responsibilities on his own.

Which is how he found himself back at the barracks before many of his classmates, Freckles wrapped over his arm, Canopy sweeping back and forth above him, Sweets clinging to the inside of his shirt, head poking out of the top, and back resting against Oarlen's chest, and Queen - since it was a short trip-draped over his back, back claws settling in the clothes at his hip, front gripping his shoulders, tail wrapped loosely around his leg and head resting on top of his own, almost hidden against the blonde.

It wasn't long before he got to his room, eyes sweeping over the beds briefly before settling on the obviously occupied one, tjough apart from the body in the bed, there was no other signs that the candidate had actually settled in.

He frowned, heart dropping for a moment at the stirring memory of who had previously occupied that particular cot. He knew it was going to happen eventually. Kalestath's clutches ate away at a lot of the candidate pool, and searchriders didn't just stop finding people. It had just been a little jarring to see it. Must've moved in while they were doing other things.

"That was C'bryn's spot. D'you know her?" Oarlen had moved to the side of the bed before piping up, surprisingly silent despite the weight of three flits. His voice wasn't accusatory, just curious, and maybe a little quicker than what would have been expected. The fact that everyone wouldn't know Cabryn's rider name was moot. if they knew her as Cabryn. They should know her as C'bryn.

Canopy landed on the bed next to the young man, as Oarlen regarded him announcing her presence with none of the subtlety that he had and causing Oarlen's grin to grow wider. "That's Canopy. She reckons you should have said hello before she did." He chuckled, though her tendancy to broadcast her feelings would have made her irritation behind her gresting apparent.

Scooching up so he was closer to Zarenaak's head, Oarlen added, "Who searched you? You're late. You got any fire lizards?" As with most of his prattle Oarlen spoke quickly until he'd finished. leaving little opportunity to respond until he cocked his head and went silent, waiting to hear what the candidate had to say, and causing a soft chirp as Queen shifted with him. Sweets, unless he'd been noticed before had tucked himself completely into Oarlen's shirt, though the bulk beneath didn't line up to being an actual part of the boy while Freckles trilled softly alongside Oarlen's words, easily noticed in the glowlight because of it.

Spoiler for OOC:
@daemillia there you go. Hope it's alright ^^

Offline Zarenaak

Re: Living Arrangements [33.05.2591 // 8PM] Oarlen
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2018, 11:28:38 AM »
Zarenaak jerked in surprise as his space was suddenly invaded by a flit-encrusted boy, and felt himself begin to flush in a mixture of embarrassment and discomfort. He hadn’t heard him approach at all, and to suddenly have him practically looming over him immediately put up Zarenaak’s guard. He started to sit up so he was at least facing him directly, rather than staring up at him, but was derailed by a tiny green firelizard landing on the bed next to him and broadcasting her displeasure.

His attention was immediately caught. Oh, there were firelizards everywhere on the island and he’d seen plenty of people about that had one or more trailing in their wake, but he’d never actually been this close to one before, not close enough to reach out and touch. His fingers twitched with longing; he’d always wanted one, but his father would never have allowed it.

“Hello, Canopy,” he greeted quietly, and made himself sit up the rest of the way (slowly and carefully lest he disturb his bedfellow). It took an inordinate amount of effort to wrench his attention away from the little green and filter through what all the boy had said. He spoke quickly, without much pause for interjection, and it was kind of overwhelming to parse.

“I don’t know C’bryn,” he replied with a frown, a little discomforted that the boy felt the need to point out this had been their spot, even if he didn’t exactly seem confrontational about it. And for that matter, he didn’t know who this guy was either. For all they’d been living in Southern Winds for nearly three turns, Zarenaak really hadn’t been afforded much opportunity to get to know anyone from the weyr-proper; he knew some of the kitchen staff, and he knew those of rank on sight, but he didn’t know anyone personally.

Late? because of course he couldn’t do anything in the expected time of things. He was still half-convinced this was all some horrible mistake, that Reesskith had been wrong, and someone would be showing up any minute to send him packing; or just a cruel dream, and soon he’d wake up to his father gruffly telling him to get a move on.

“It was--Reesskith and C’ace,” he muttered, tracking the movement of the other flits with interest, “And I don’t have any firelizards.”

“Who are you?” he finally asked, hoping he didn’t sound too rude, but he couldn’t quite even out his expression into something pleasant, still faintly frowning.

Spoiler for ooc:
Is lovely! *squishes Oarlen*

Offline Oarlen

Re: Living Arrangements [33.05.2591 // 8PM] Oarlen
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2018, 05:36:22 PM »
"Oarlen." He stated with another grin, unphased by the xandidate's expression. "Who are you?" he countered instead, though there was no malice in his voice, only a hint of laughter.

"C'bryn impressed at the last hatching. She's a brownrider." He straightened up as he said so, as proud of his friend as if he'd been the one to impress. He was silent for a breath or two as he mulled over what else had been said, gaze shifting to the candidate's belongings that remained, for the moment, packed.

"Didya like 'em? Reesskith and C'ace? The seem nice." He mused, unable to say much more beyond that since he'd yet to properly meet the rider pair... he'd seen him enough though, and there were a fair few candidates each turn that were a product of Reeskith's efforts.

Canopy had shuffled a little closer as Oarlen talked, only the faintest hint of red swirling in her otherwise blue-green eyes. She was wary, but so far had been paid the proper respect. Do she was inclined to see just how much she'd be able to get out of the newcomer.

"Is she alright there? I can ask her away." Oarlen frowned with a nod to the firelizard, not entirely certain that Canopy would continue to behave if simply left alone. He'd seemed interested enough innher that he thought it would be OK, seitching his attention once again to the other person's belongings.

"Wannahand?" He asked, adding "O'sir won't let you stand until you do all the classes, so you'll be here until Oriath's clutch hatches at least. Might as well put your things out."
« Last Edit: September 25, 2018, 04:35:27 PM by Oarlen »

Offline Zarenaak

Re: Living Arrangements [33.05.2591 // 8PM] Oarlen
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2018, 03:55:39 PM »
Of the three most likely reasons the bed might have been vacated--death, aging out, or impression--the latter was, obviously, the best one. (It probably said something terrible that the other two options were weighted pretty much evenly in his mind). Oarlen seemed proud of her, but Zarenaak had to wonder what it was like to have the people around you Impress when you--didn’t. He’d know soon enough, though, with Kalestath’s hatching on the horizon and not being able to stand. There was a small part of him that was disappointed--it was the senior queen’s clutch, after all--but mostly he was just glad to have a little more time before he had to start worrying about whether or not he’d actually Impress. (He was already worried).

“I’m Zarenaak,” he remembered to reply, a little embarrassed he hadn’t thought to pin that on to his original question.

“They were--nice, yes.” His feelings about being Searched were a complicated mess, and Reesskith and C’ace were wrapped up in that. Reesskith had been--intent--and C’ace had been--nothing Zarenaak was willing to consider closely, though it made his heart beat a little faster. So yes, they had been nice, but beyond that Zarenaak didn’t know them, probably any better than Oarlen did from the sounds of it. And he was probably always going to be wondering if they’d made the right call, probably right up until he Impressed (or didn’t). So: complicated.

He looked down at Canopy as she crept closer, eyes swirling in lingering censure, and waved away Oarlen’s concern, “I don’t mind.” As long as she didn’t decide to maul him or anything, he was content to leave her be; he’d have lots more opportunity to watch firelizards up close he imagined, since he and Oarlen would be sharing a room, but he wasn’t over the novelty of it yet.

“Oh!” Zarenaak flushed when Oarlen offered him help unpacking, reminded of the meager belongings he’d been ignoring. “No--I wasn’t able--I didn’t bring much,” Zarenaak muttered, hunching in on himself at the slip; he didn’t want to think about his brief venture ho--to where he used to live. “Thanks, though,” he muttered quietly.

“How, uh...long have you been a candidate?” Was that a polite thing to ask? Zarenaak wasn’t sure, and bit his lip.

Offline Oarlen

Re: Living Arrangements [33.05.2591 // 8PM] Oarlen
« Reply #5 on: September 25, 2018, 04:52:57 PM »
Oarlen tilted his head a moment, for all appearances seeming to weigh the question in his head before he answered. Except he didn't actually answer, instead he dropped to the ground with enough speed to aplear as though he was collapsing. "Alright then." he said as he crossed his legs, the air full of bright wings as all three flits separated themselves from him, the gold and brown flicking between almost as soon as they were noticed, but returning a few heartbeats later with oil and a rag.

"Help me Oil her? She prefers one on one interaction, but all of 'em are due, so it'll be easier with an extra pair of hands." He asked, holding one if the rags Queen brought out for him to take. "She'll tell you how she likes it." He added as further reassurance, just in case Zarenaak didn't know any firelizards himself.

He waoted only so long as to see if the candidate would oblige him, Canopy regarding him with curiosity and the faintest bit of irritation that he was so comparitively slow before returning his attention to the other three flits, waving aside Queen and Freckles to work on Sweets first, preferring to work from smallest to largest.

"I got searched when I was twelve... And have stood for most of the clutches... I missed Oriath's last turn though. I'm... Fifteen now." Oarlen didn't bother with the math of it, it shpuld be easy enough to figure out, surely. It wasn't said rudely however, just stated as if it were completely normal... and truth be told it was. Most candidates didn't luck out by impressing at the first clutch they stand for... and with O'sir's reassurances the previous turn, he couldn't help but be that little bit patient.

"I don't think I know of an unlikeable searchrider... Do you wan a be one? Not all blue rider's are but no other colour can..." He paused in his efforts with sweets, musing for a moment before adding, "Unless the reds or blacks change that... But I don't think so. Search Dragons are always a little..." his voice faded away, gesturing to try and encompass what he'd meant. It was hard to wherry-hole dragon colours, but reds and blacks didn't appear to have the same... feel as the searchdragon pairs Oarlen had been able to meet.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@daemillia Sorry mate. I'm rather slow. But I try to keep a somewhat reasonable pace ^^

Offline Zarenaak

Re: Living Arrangements [33.05.2591 // 8PM] Oarlen
« Reply #6 on: September 27, 2018, 12:50:05 PM »
Zarenaak took the rag with some hesitance, staring at Canopy with what he hoped wasn’t a complete look of panic. It was an excuse to touch, of sorts, which he desperately wanted, but he also had no idea what he was doing. He dipped a corner of the rag in oil, and feeling incredibly awkward, glanced at Oarlen for clues as he started the task he’d been appointed. “What do you prefer?” he murmured at Canopy, not wanting to upset her as he began to cautiously oil her, ready to adjust what he was doing based on her input.

It was mesmerizing, watching her hide gleam with the addition of the oil, and he got a tiny thrill from being allowed to touch. (There was a tiny part of him that was disgusted with himself for feeling so pathetically grateful that Oarlen had decided to include him, and that Canopy hadn't decided to maul him thus far, but he was determinedly ignoring it). It seemed like a day for impossible things--be searched, accept, become acquainted with a firelizard--but having something physical to occupy himself with made it--not quite real--but closer, and did a lot to quiet the noise in his head.

He nodded to show he’d heard Oarlen. Personally, Zarenaak probably would have imploded from nerves after three turns of nothing, but he knew it was common to stand turns and turns before impressing (if at all) and he appreciated Oarlen's matter-of-fact tone. Maybe it was something you got used to; he couldn’t quite imagine it, but he supposed anything was possible. (He just really, really doubted it).

“I’m not sure I can see myself as a search rider,” he replied after a moment. He was having a hard time seeing himself as any kind of rider; the possibility just seemed so remote he hadn’t even thought to think about specifics. He didn't know he cared, as long as he eventually did impress; his dragon could be purple for all it mattered, as long as he wasn't left on the sands for turns and turns waiting for someone that was never coming.

“What about you?”

Spoiler for ooc:
Hehe no worries! :3
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